Mimic Power critique.

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Re: Mimic Power critique.

Postby Greyman » Wed Jul 04, 2012 12:16 am

Losfer_words wrote:Wow Greyman, that's way past my understanding of the game... Is Mimic a variable power structure?
Mimic, by the book, is: Variable (copy another character's traits; 4-8 points per rank), Requires Subject -1, Touch Ranged -2 * 1-5 points per rank.

The Requires Subject flaw means you must be able to perceive the subject, and Touch Range changes that to needing to touch the subject (make an attack roll as a free action).

Patrelli Mimic: Variable (copy a previously encountered character's traits; [4-8 points per rank])

The thing is, there must be some agreeable way to adjudicate the character's experience so that there's a reasonable restriction. Either player and GM keep track of the traits every character the mimic meets, or come up with a memory check based on the rarity of a requested power set, or something.
Losfer_words wrote: Does saying it can only mimic powers which have only the three descriptors of Psychic, Mutant and mutation.

In my game I am using the following sources.

Mystic - which I'm using for innate magical powers
Psionic - I'm using this one for innate mental powers with a mystic origin.
Mutation - I'm using this to describe powers that result from active mutations brought on by trigger events, like toxic waste, radiation and stuff like that.
Mutant - Innate inborn genetic anomaly.
Psychic - which is innate mental powers caused by genetic anomaly.
I don't really see it as that much more limiting, unless mutants, mutated, pychics, are sufficiently rare. The last three source descriptors would allow much the same type of powers as form the others, just with slightly different descriptors.

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