Help me build some odd mind control powers

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Help me build some odd mind control powers

Postby Umbral Reaver » Mon Feb 13, 2012 6:41 am

I am building a collection of powers for hostile aliens in an X-Com style game and would like some help and advice with some of the more complex ones.

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++++Cloak of Awe
    Mind Control X
    Power Feats: Triggered (When being attacked), Mental Link
    Extras: Action (reaction), Duration (sustained), Instant Command
    Flaws: Limited (Used on trigger only), Limited to One Command (Do not attack me)
    Attempting to attack the user of this power provokes a will save. If the save fails, the action is wasted and no attack is made. On each round following the attempt, the attacker makes a new save to break through the effect, regardless whether any further attacks are attempted or not. An attacker that manages to break through the effect cannot be affected by it again in the same encounter.
    2 PP + 5 PP per rank.

The description is of the intent of Cloak of Awe and may not strictly represent how the power works as constructed. As it's an NPC power, it's not absolutely necessary that it is constructed properly but I would like to know how such a thing should be made.

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++++Remote Sensing
    ESP 3 (All senses)
    Flaws: Medium (friendly minds)
    This power allows the user to tap into the mind of an ally within 1,000 feet and see through his or her senses as if they were the user's own. This exerts no control over the subject and the effect is so sensitive that the smallest amount of mental resistance will throw off the power.
    9 PP

I figured it wouldn't matter too much to have a custom quirk that the ESP uses the medium's senses rather than the user's senses at no modifier to the cost. I do have one issue with this: Is it the case that this does not let the user sense through any ally that can't be seen with normal senses? Do I need to make some kind of 'accurate ranged radius detect friends' power to go with it?

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++++Subvert Allegiance
    Mind Control X
    Power Feats: Mental Link
    Extras: Conscious
    Flaws: Limited to One Command (Attack nearest ally)

    The subject of this power immediately perceives the nearest ally as a hostile alien about to attack. In the compromised mental state induced, the subject is compelled to attack regardless whether other actions might be more sensible even if there were an attacking alien right there. If making the attack would harm the subject or other nearby allies (besides the one the subject thinks is an alien), the subject immediately makes a new save with a +2 bonus to break out of the effect.

    1 PP + 2 PP per rank.

The bonus to save for doing something 'out of character' was vague so I left it as a +2. The part that makes the ally look like a hostile is flavour text and not represented mechanically. I'm not sure it needs to be.

Do these powers look on the level? Thanks in advance for advice.

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Re: Help me build some odd mind control powers

Postby FuzzyBoots » Mon Feb 13, 2012 10:19 am

In regards to your first and third power, I'd say look at the Emotion Control powers of Rage and Calm. And yes, the second would require a way to find said friends.

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