Arrays and flaws/extras

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Arrays and flaws/extras

Post by Kuildeous » Thu Mar 13, 2014 7:39 am

I suspect that this has a simple answer, but I just cannot find it in the 2nd Edition book. Maybe it's in Ultimate Powers, but I alas do not have that book.

Do you apply an array's primary power's flaws to each of the array's secondary powers?

For example, I'm taking the Magic power at 8 ranks. It would be 16+ PPs, but I'm taking the Limited flaw that it can only be used at night. So the cost is only 8+ PPs. I then pick alternate powers that cost 16 or fewer.

But am I supposed to apply the Limited flaw to each power in the array? That makes them more powerful, obviously, as I can throw in some extras as well. Seems like it'd be double-dipping to apply Limited to the components as well.

If I look at it the opposite direction, I see a good reason to not allow for the double-dipping. Say I add an extra to the Magic power (I dunno; extended range or something). This makes the power more potent, which is reflected in the cost. Yet, if I apply that extra to the alternate powers, then they won't be as cool, even though you already paid for them. I'm just not sure on this part. I went ahead and built the character with the assumption you cannot double-dip. I can go back and fluff them a bit if it turns out I could.

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Re: Arrays and flaws/extras

Post by digitalangel » Thu Mar 13, 2014 7:52 am

The flaws and extras on the primary power do not automaticall transfer to the alternate effects. Now it may make sense from what you describe that all the powers in that array have the same flaws applied to them.

Remember that the flaws are lowering the PP cost of the primary power, which lowers the PPs that can be spent on the other powers in the array without them becoming the primary. That makes things balance out.

Certain flaws also make sense on some powers but are not allowed on others, noticable is a key example because many powers are noticable by default, so you can't apply the flaw to a power that already has it built in.

If all the flaws and extras are meant to apply to all powers in the array you can (for the sake of readability on your character sheet) list them once at the top of the array instead of on each individual power, but when calculating PPs for each ability in the array treat it like they apply to each individual power.

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Re: Arrays and flaws/extras

Post by FuzzyBoots » Thu Mar 13, 2014 8:10 am

Ultimate Power added the idea of arrays themselves having Flaws and Extras, but frankly, it was poorly implemented and most games around here don't allow their use.

Digitalangel has it aright that you cannot apply a flaw that does not actually impact the power (the common phrase thrown around here is "A Flaw which is not a flaw is not a Flaw") and that a Flaw on the base power also reduces the number of points available for the powers below. It's generally best to think of the base power having a specific number of pp spent (not including Dynamic or Alternate Power points spent) and every alternate power can use that many points, whether or not they incorporate the Flaws and Extras of the base power.

I will note one exception that occasionally gets brought up, Unreliable (Uses). If used on a single power in an array, it can nicely handle the idea that that array slot is limited in usage (say, a Tesla gun in your arsenal which blows a capacitor with each shot and you only have 5 on-hand), but obviously, if every power in the array has this flaw, you're getting a lot of bang for your buck, so to speak. I think that's generally handleable on a case-by-case basis though.