Mimicing Artist

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Mimicing Artist

Postby Striker » Sun May 22, 2005 12:12 pm

Okay, I saw someting like this in a game and have been wondering if it was actually legal or if the gm just let it slide.

Basically, the character was an artist with teh followijng powers:

extra: Shapeshift
extra: Mimic(Atrributes)
extra: Mimic(Powers)
extra: Continious
flaw: Touch

Now she kept a notebook with tons of sketches of all sorts of people in it, and she would shapeshift into those people to gain teh power she gave them in her drawing. Once she turned into a picture of an angel to gain Flight.

Is that okay? Shapeshifting, and thus mimicing pictures to get the powers you want?
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Steve Kenson
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Postby Steve Kenson » Tue May 31, 2005 6:13 am

Using shapeshift to assume the forms of essentially imaginary subjects is kind of borderline, but it's fair if the GM chooses to allow it, particularly if the character needs to have or make a sketch to assume a new form.
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