[GGtG] Device Levels - how are they used?

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[GGtG] Device Levels - how are they used?

Postby Dr. Nuncheon » Sat May 07, 2005 5:09 am

I think I'm missing something with Device Levels and how they interact with the two new Gadget powers. Page 19 says that a device gets 5 points to spend per power level.

When does one use a device's "power level"? Scientific Genius, the new Gadgets power, and Spontaneous Inventor all talk about points directly and not a device's power level.

If I have Spontaneous Inventor at +10, I can "duplicate a single gadget or piece of high tech gear with a point cost" of 5. Does that mean I can basically make a level 1 gadget - say, a sonic pistol (Energy Blast +5, Device) or do I get 25 points to spend on a level 5 device?

If it's the former, then as a level 1 device, would I be limited to a EB +1? Also, if it is the former, then would a pen-sized laser (EB 5 = 2/lvl, device -1/lvl, size +2/lvl = 15 points) actually be more expensive than the ability to shoot the same laser beam from my eyes? (EB 5, no modifiers = 10 points).

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Postby Steve Kenson » Mon May 09, 2005 5:17 pm

Device power level is an optional shorthand for describing a device. It's not used in the powers just because it's optional. You can safely ignore it if you don't want the complexity of regulating device power levels alongside character power levels.
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