[GGtG] Utility Belt extra of Super Science - cosmic VPP?

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[GGtG] Utility Belt extra of Super Science - cosmic VPP?

Postby arcady » Thu May 05, 2005 10:03 pm

The utility belt extra on super science in GGtG says 'pull an invention from my pool of designs and spend the points from my pool on the fly'.

Does this mean I can invent new gadgets right then and there, skipping the three days to make new ones, or that I can skip the six hours to swap around my pool, or both?

In other words, is this a 'cosmic VPP' giving me every single power in the MnM game system, swapable on the fly without needing Hero Points, as long as the object I put it in is smaller than the size the power specifies in the book? Which, by the way, according to page 24 second sentence, is the default size of gadgets anyway.

From the text, it seems as if I can just rewrite my field of gadgets to have anything, even something I hadn't invented yet, and have it now with no limits other than physical size of the object. That pretty much makes this a possible game breaker, like a Champions Cosmic VPP (Variable Effect without the Hero Point cost) but for no more than a single extra onto the super science power.

Or, if it just lets me skip out on the six hours to change out my devices, it seems reasonable. But that isn't what the text seems to imply.

So...? What should I be interpreting from the text here?

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Postby Steve Kenson » Mon May 09, 2005 5:06 pm

Utility Belt allows you to skip the time usually required to swap out items, you're still restricted to items from the existing pool of inventions that you have.
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