mental extra, but the attacks effect is physical

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mental extra, but the attacks effect is physical

Post by telekinetic-spiderman » Tue Jul 13, 2004 4:26 pm

ok, i built a character with telekinesis, super wisdom, and transmutation.

i gave the to T's the extra "mental", but when i look at it, it dosent work.

when i throw a car at someone, i use my wisdom mod instead of dex, but when it hits the person, having them take a will save seems stupid as they are being hit with a car, physicly.

so i wanted to know that when using the mental extra, it only forces a will save instead of a dmg save in areas such as say an energy blast, or somthing where the actual power is what is effecting them...

as well, in transmutation, when i roll to his n object carried by someone, does it work the same as with the telekinesis example, or do they use their will save for it, as i am hitting an object carried by them.


next up...
if i wanted to throw a car with telekinesis, must i take the throwing feat (all objects become weapons in your hands) this sounds logical, but i dont want to wast points if i dont have to.


finaly, im plying a game with my freinds, and i told them to build their characters after themselvs, so i was wondering a good way to find what someones super powers would be, like some questions i could ask..

the reason being-ex//

nightcrawler teleports because hes german, and germans used blitzcreig in WWII.
storm is african, the weather their is harsh and uncontrolebel.
st. john/ pyro is an ausi(anymore need said).
rouge is an uncontroled drainer, as shes the "untouchebel southern girl".

any help on this one would be GREATLY welcomed.
all inanimat matter is at my control!!!!!

Steve Kenson
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Post by Steve Kenson » Wed Jul 14, 2004 8:50 am

The Mental extra should probably say the power's saving throw may become a Will save, if appropriate. Naturally, mental powers with a physical effect should probably require a normal Damage, Fortitude, or Reflex save.

It's up to your GM whether or not you need a special feat to throw things telekinetically with accuracy (in other words without an attack roll penalty). The general assumption of improvised weapons (p. 112) is there's no penalty (so no feat is required).
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