Neutralize and Permanent Powers

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Neutralize and Permanent Powers

Post by Siccus » Mon Aug 15, 2005 11:39 am

In a previous post, you stated that while Neutralize can affect Permanent powers, the Permanent powers turn back on almost immediately, making Neutralize of limited usefulness.

My question is, how immediate is the return of the Permanent powers?

Could a hero with Heroic Surge, for example, Neutralize Permanent powers like Protection and then use the Surge to clock them before the Protection came back on (a half action later)? What if the hero had to move before he could attack with the Surge feat (two half actions later)? What if another hero had readied an action to attack the target when its Permanent powers were Neutralized?

Or could Neutralize with Energy Blast attached to it as an extra affect the target before his Permanent powers turned back on (during the same half action)?

One more question. If Flight has been purchased with the Flaw: Wings, is that considered Permanent or Innate by consequence of the Flaw? How would Neutralize affect a person using wings to fly?

Thanks, Steve! You have an awesome game system here, and I appreciate your regularity in addressing the questions on this forum.

Steve Kenson
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Post by Steve Kenson » Mon Aug 15, 2005 11:44 am

The Neutralized Permanent power turns back on on the owner's next action.

I'd say Wings can be Neutralized unless they are taken as Innate.
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