Fiddling with duration and cost

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Fiddling with duration and cost

Post by Asmor » Sun Aug 14, 2005 6:50 pm

Hey, a villain I'm working on right now, The Queen of Pentacles, is a gypsy with an enchanted tarot deck.

Most of her powers are tied to the major arcana, and for some I wanted to use powers that are usually permanent. For example, the strength card grants her Super Strength +5.

My question is, what should I cost it? I've reduced the duration from Permanent to Sustained, and increased the action from none to half. I think it should cost 2 pp per level.

Similarly, The Sun grants her Regeneration +5, with a duration of Concentration and a half-action. I've costed this at 1 pp per level.

One final question. The Hermit will be a dazzle attack which blinds and deafens the victim. I figured given the concept, a will save made more sense than reflex. I couldn't find any information about changing saves, or how to assign them in the first place, so I assumed that the type of save didn't affect the cost at all. Is this correct?

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Post by Steve Kenson » Mon Aug 15, 2005 11:04 am

Just apply the Action and Duration extras and flaws as needed to determine the powers cost: e.g. Permanent to Sustained is a +1 extra, none to half action is a -1 flaw, so the cost remains the same.

Generally changing the save a power requires is a +0 modifier (no change in cost) unless the save in question is Toughness, then it should be a +1 extra.
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