Those cranky confusing skills...

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Those cranky confusing skills...

Post by Reave » Thu Jul 14, 2005 6:48 pm

So, having not actively looked at an M&M book for over a year, I was very pleased to find all the new material and books available - hats off to you guys at GR. Further proof that you can have a logo the same color as my grandmothers infamous pea soup without causing heaving stomach pains (unlike the soup). Now, after looking through the Gadget's Guide, I have a few questions...

Ok, just the one. Looking over the inventor archetype, and reading up on the impressive Science skill of +27, I have to say... huh? Wait, how did we get here?

Ok, +10 Super-Int bonus. +4 Int bonus. +5 from Genius. +10 *ranks* to two of the subcategories from Spont. +3 from the skill focus.

That's +22 in my eyes, +32 for the two subcategories from Spont.

Power limits are 10, so the extras get nerfed. +10 Super-int, +4 int, +3 skill focus = 17. Erf, wait - 17? But the little note says 14 - does the skill focus not count, or is it just not factored in? Also, the totals at the bottom show that 10 ranks in skills were added. Would the 10 ranks from Spont. then be added, giving two of the science subcategories a +24? (or +27 is skill focus is added).

There's the +27 I see... but from what I can, that should only apply to part of the science skill.

Oi, my poor numbered brain!

Also, in the event that the 10 ranks don't count, or that the skill focus is ignored... wouldn't that be a pretty pointless extra added onto the character? I mean... let's face it, that's 12 points of happiness that are probably better spent elsewhere, like other skills, or a Profession: Costume Design, 'cause Capt. Codpiece in the picture certainly could use a few pointers...

I thank you for your answer in advance

Steve Kenson
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Post by Steve Kenson » Mon Aug 15, 2005 10:29 am

The values for the archetype's bonus may have been calculated incorrectly. I'll see about checking them over, but your supposition about the power level limits is correct.
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