The ultimate power of team work

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The ultimate power of team work

Post by the_masochist » Sun Jul 03, 2005 7:38 pm

I just want to know what your opinion of this power is, A lot of super hero comics seem to have elements of combined people to make more powerful versions of themselves. cults that sacrifice people to make themselves more powerful, heroes that combine their abilities in order to save the world, even characters that only fight in a fused form. while this all seems to also fall under the Trarnsformation weakness... I guess I like the idea of a fusion power.

action: full round
duration: sustained(special- see below)

you and a fellow player have the ability to fuse together into one more powerful character. You and your friend must have the same number of ranks in the fusion power. This power last one round per rank in fusion, and afterwards both characters are considered fatigued (you may spend a hero point normally to negate this effect). you cannot fuse again for a number of rounds equal to your ranks in fusion.
You and your fusion partner both use the LOWER bonus or ranks of the two fused characters, however, they get a bonus equal to your rank in fusion rank.
They gain benefits of each others feats (owning the same feats don't stack) and even turns. considering that the body is composed of two seperate thinking minds, the players are each allowed to take thier own turn actions. you lose your ranks in fusion while fused, and can't fuse with minions (or duplicates).

for example
Hawk has a str of 19(+4 str bonus), 4 ranks of weapon, and 5 ranks of fusion.
Dove has a str of 14(+2 str bonus), 1 rank of weapon, 3 ranks of healing, and 5 ranks of fusion.
when they fuse together, their str bonus is +7 (2 because of Doves str bonus, and 5 because of their ranks in fusion), their ranks in weapon is 6 (1 for dove rank in weapon and 5 for fusion), 5 ranks in healing, (hawk's 0 ranks in healing and 5 ranks in fusion) and become the Bird of Justice

Power stunts:
Fusion Prowess: you may rearrange your powerpoints spent in fusion anyway you choose, even to put ranks in fusion again. once chosen, you can't arrange them differently. this is decided with a fusion between you and one other person. any other people require their own seperate power stunt.
Fusion Duration: the fusion has concentration duration. this duration cannot be further improved.

Absorbtion: for two extras, you can fuse with other people without the power rank, but only the person with the fusion power controls the character and doesn't get multiple turns in a round. for an additional extra, you may fuse with the body permenently.
Extrodinary power: you apply this power to other powers you have instead of fusion. you use that power rank when you fuse, instead of the lowest power rank for detremaining total fused power rank.
Concert fusion: you may fuse with one extra person each time this extra is taken. fusion amongst multiple people regards the second lowest as the lowest. this is typically used in absorbtion. Again, you do not gain additional turns if you take this extra.

Performance Art:the power requires you to perform in someway, this may be an ancient ritual, reciteing an incantion or even a dance successfully to fuse correctly. this is typically a perform (or knowledge) check of 15 +the ranks in fusion. A failed attempt fuses them together incorrectly and the characters subtract thier rank in fusion instead of adding. They must wait out the duration. It still effects the lowest bonus or rank.
Helpless: after the fusion, you and your partner may be completely helpless instead of simply tired. If you fail a will save (15+ your rank in fusion) you are considered helpless, otherwise you are simply fatigued without the chance to spend a hero point.

I'm open to any critizism you have to offer and feel free to use and/or tweak it anyway you like.

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Post by Steve Kenson » Mon Jul 11, 2005 8:36 am

Sorry but I can't give you any detailed feedback on power builds in this forum.

I can tell you there's a Gestalt power in M&M 2e, however... 8)
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