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R's Characters

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Paladin (aka Greg Louden)

Strength 4/8, Stamina 4, Agility 4, Dexterity 1, Fighting 4, Intelligence 0, Awareness 4, Presence 2

Power Attack, Assessment, Skill Mastery (Insight, Deception*), Favored Environment (Fighting Assessed Opponent)*, Improved Critical 4 (Bio Manipulation Array)*, Well-Informed, Contacts

Athletics 12 (+18/20), Close Combat (Unarmed) 12 (+16), Insight 9/15 (+13/19), Deception (Combat Only) 6/18* (+8/20*), Persuasion 6 (+8), Perception 6 (+10)
*Limited: Only against Assessed opponent

(38 Pts) Being of Physical Perfection:
Enhanced Abilities (Strength 4, Stamina 4, Agility 4, Dexterity 1, Fighting 4, Presence 2)

(4 Pts) Olympic Athlete:
Enhanced Skills (Athletics 12)

(6 Pts) Strong Willed:
Enhanced Will 6

(20 Pts) Combat Training:
Power Attack, Enhanced Dodge 6, Enhanced Parry 6, Close Combat (Unarmed) 12, Deception 6 (Combat only)

(7 Pts) Analyze Opponent:
Assessment, Insight (Combat only) 6, Skill Mastery (Insight)
(Limited: Only against Assessed opponent): Favored Environment (Fighting Assessed opponent), Improved Critical 4 (Bio Array), Skill Mastery (Deception), Deception 12 (Combat only)

(7 Pts) Peoples Person:
Enhanced Skill (Persuasion 6, Insight 9), Well-Informed, Contacts

(12 Pts) Flight 6 (120 mph)

(20 Pts) Attuned to Life:
Senses 10 (Detect Life, Ranged, Penetrates Concealment, Analytical, Acute, Accurate)
Enhanced Abilities (Awareness 4, Perception 6)
Feature: You radiate life-force, promoting the health and well-being of living things around you, living beings feel very comfortable around Greg, and recognize him as the source. +2 Circumstance bonus to friendly interactions. Also anything growing or healing in Greg's presence gains a +2 circumstance bonus to any necessary checks.
Quirk: Beings infused with negative energy or attached to the power of death, necromancy or un-death, can sense the presence of Greg, and are in mild pain. Therefore he cannot hide, and they despise him.

(16 Pts) Perfect Health:
Immunity 4 (Disease, Poison & Critical Hits)
Enhanced Abilities (Fortitude 6, Protection 6)

(20 Pts) Bio Manipulation Array:
(17) Vigor: Sustained Enhanced Traits (Strength 2, Damage 2 (Strength based), Extraordinary Effort, Great Endurance, Luck 4 (Recover), Regeneration 5, Speed 2); Reduced Traits (Close Combat 4)
(1) Healing Touch: Healing 10 (Inaccurate 3)
(1) Bio Disruption (Progressive Affliction 10, Living only, Resisted and overcome by Fortitude; 1st Degree: Impaired, 2nd Degree: Disabled, 3rd Degree: Incapacitated, Inaccurate 3)
(1) Cause Seizure (Progressive Affliction 10, Living only; Resisted and overcome by Will; 1st Degree: Dazed, 2nd Degree: Stunned; 3rd Degree: Incapacitated, Inaccurate 3)

Dodge 10, Parry 10, Fortitude 10, Will 10, Toughness 10

Unarmed +16/12, Damage 4/8
Bio Disruption +10, Affliction 10 (Progressive)
Cause Seizure +10, Affliction 10 (Progressive)
Healing Touch +10, Healing 10

Greg: "Your reign of terror ends now. Too many people have suffered at your hands. Do the decent thing and surrender now! Or suffer the consequences of your actions.

Motivation: Justice (Greg has a tendency to divide people into "the good" people, whom he protects and shields vigilantly, and the "evil-doers" whom he fights, and seeks to bring to justice. Greg gets confused when he is operating with people in the "grey" area of morality.)
Goal: Searches for new meaning in his life to replace athletics. Crime fighting and justice seems to be it.

Honor: Greg has a strong personal code of honor. It is very tightly knit to his black/white view of people. He strives towards almost knightly chivalry in his dealings with "good people", while mercilessly bringing the "bad guys" to justice.
Bad Guy: "But I did not mean to hurt anyone. It was an accident. I only wanted to protect my daughter. "
Greg: "You should have thought about the consequence of you actions before you acted. There is no excuse. You belong behind bars."

Obsession: Greg wants nothing more than to find the scientist team from the chemical plant and make the guilty persons answer for their crimes.
Quirk: Greg has an issue with people experimenting on others without their knowledge, which sets him off. To him it's one of the worst crimes possible. As a result of this, he has a mild distrust of scientists he does not know.
Secret: Greg is ashamed of his mother and father, and wants to keep his heritage a secret. Everybody who knows Greg simply know him to have grown up at his uncles house, thinking his parents are dead. Maybe his parents show up and blackmail him to stay quite?
Secret: Unknown to Greg the scientist team from the chemical plant wants to get their hands on his body and/or blood to complete their analysis of how his powers developed. Perhaps they are willing to capture him? How is their research coming along? Have they developed other super humans?
Enemy: One of the other surviving kids from the chemical "accident". Lionel Jensen a.k.a. The Shade was left horrible disfigured and crippled, but has developed the ability to harness the power of darkness and later on mind control/hallucinations. He is jealous of Greg and wants to annoy him and bring him down a notch. He is mostly a behind the scenes kind of guy occasionally throwing obstacles in Greg's way. Perhaps someday the animosity will flare up, and there will be a final showdown between the two?
Relationship: Friend, John Kuhn, Investigative reporter. John is one of Greg's best friends from his college days. John also trained as an athlete, but did not have Greg's potential. No envy either way though. John is very personable and amiable, and admires Greg for his principles, character and devotion. Greg admires Johns amiable nature and ability to socialize. Greg has developed many contacts and friendships through John, and he has helped Greg do a lot of research on the chemical company, but they hid their tracks well. They both are driven by the Justice motive. Where Greg takes physical action. John seeks to discredit and expose shady business to the public attention. They often meet at bars or hangout places for a catch up.
Relationship: Friend/"Little-sister": Mary Ann Halloway: Friend from back home. Knows the truth about Greg's parents. Moved to the big city, and they met by chance in a café one day. They rekindled their friendship and trust each other fiercely. Greg has helped her out of a lot of trouble with her ex-husband, who turned out to be much like Greg's father. Mary Ann and Greg has a little sister - big brother relationship. Mary Ann is now employed in the mayor's office as an office clerk, and wields an impressive sway over many matters, knowing well how to influence and manipulate especially the older men in office with her charm.
Quirk: Even though Greg's constitution is superhuman, he keeps himself "fit" by training and running each morning and evening. It clears his head, and is mostly just a habit. Each morning he buys the a couple of newspapers and reads through them over breakfast.
Power Loss: The exposure to certain chemicals (perhaps known to the scientists from the chemical company) will strip Greg temporarily from his powers.

1) As a young boy. A nearby chemical plant had and "accident" which leaked pollutants into the town water supply. Many were ill and died. But Greg survived and was changed by the chemicals.
2) "Raised" by an alcoholic father and petty thieving mother, struggling to get by in life. Greg defines himself as the opposite. Valuing honesty, helping those deserving and honor as his chief values. After one horrid evening defending his mother from a drunk father, Greg is taken in by his strict disciplinary uncle: Rashard Louden, who is an Army Captain, who trains Greg in boxing.
3) Physical training is everything in Greg's life. Throughout his whole life he is training as an Olympic decathlon athlete, and as a boxer capitalizing on reading his opponent, and exploiting their weaknesses. He finds peace of mind and solace in physical training.
4) Greg earns a full sports scholarship to college and thrives. This was a time of developing many friendships and contacts. Greg studies Sales & Marketing. And as a result is a pretty good persuader and have keen insights into others motives, which is further enhanced by his ability to sense living beings.
5) After Greg's powers manifest to a degree, where he recognizes that he is super-human, he realizes that he is forced to quit competitive sports to his great grief and after a personal crisis decides to devote his life to crime fighting.

Full Background story:
Greg was born in a small town consisting of 1800 souls, who were primarily unskilled workers at the nearby chemical factory. Gregs mother and father struggled in life. Father worked as an unskilled laborer at the chemical factory, and mother worked as a maid for other families.
The Loudens were known for nothing good. Mother was caught petty thieving on a couple of occasions, and father often picked fights and got drunk. Life was hard. But Greg had an uncle who as a strict and disciplinary army officer pulled the Louden family name out of the mud on occasion.

The chemical plant had a huge spill-out accident, and was closed down due to their polluting of the water. Many people, primarily children got sick. Greg got very sick, and almost died a long and agonizing death. Most of the children did. The few children who survived were changed though. Most were disfigured and crippled, but a few seemed to develop special abilities. It took Greg a full year to recover, but when he finally did, he never got sick again and his health only seemed to improved from then on.

Due to the chemical plant closing, the small community died, and the family was forced to move to the big city. Doing so created friction. Father was out of work and turned alcoholic, while mother went from job to job as a house maid.
Greg had difficulty adapting to the city at first, but his physique was slowly improving to perfection. He was taking in by the high school athletics coach, and spent all his time training, mainly to escape from home.
Meanwhile. Fathers temper and alcohol addiction continued to get worse. And when his father drunk one evening decided to smack Gregs mother around. Greg stood up to him, and gave him a bloodied nose. Greg fled from the house, and went to his uncle, who reluctantly allowed him to sleep in his small civil apartment. The uncle was very seldom home though, being mostly at the army base. Greg took care of himself and learned the value of self reliance.

Greg earned a sports scholarship and went to college, where he continued to improved tremendously as an athlete as his physique continued to develop. He studied sales and as a result has excellent persuasion skills and a keen insight check.
Captain Rashard Louden was a harsh and disciplinary man. He was stern but fair. A former price boxer. On the one hand he resents his no good brother, and the fact that he is "stuck" with Greg. But on the other hand he admires Greg for his morals and ethics, being nothing like his father. He never shows this though. Being the tough love, silent type.
When the uncle is home in the weekends, they spend their time training at the boxing arena. And the uncle teaches Greg everything he knows about, hand to hand combat, spotting the opponents weakness, outthinking your opponent, feinting, exploiting own strengths, and taking advantage of opponents vulnerabilities. Greg could have been one of the finest boxers in the world, but in his heart he always wanted to practice Athletics more than anything else.

Greg grew stronger and bigger, and eventually earned a spot on the American Olympic team, to compete in the Decathlon event. One of the youngest on the team, he won a bronze medal.
At this point Greg finds out that he can control his own biology by will. He experiments with his new found powers and pushes himself even beyond human limits, and starts to realize that he is superhuman. Throughout the next couple of years he keeps a low profile. His powers continue to develop and he discovers that he has control of others biology as well (when in physical contact with them). He realizes that he cannot compete on equal terms in athletics, as he has a clear unfair advantage, and realizes that he is forced to give up his athletics career and walk away. This was extremely painful for him, as he has developed many friendships and strong bonds with his fellow college students, who have graduated and have taken up many influential positions in the city.

Heart broken and discontent Gregs life descends into a crisis, where he is forced to find new meaning with his life. He views himself as an abomination of life, and loathes his new found powers, since they forced him to give up this athletics career. He blames the chemical company, and starts to research and ask around, trying to find out what they did to him, and why all those children died back then.
Greg devotes his time to unraveling this mystery. What where they researching? What chemicals did this to him? Who were the chief scientists, and who bore the responsibility?
Though his many contacts from college now graduated and in civil as well as private employment, Greg is able to find out, that the science team from back then was shut down, and the company officially denounced everything.
But where did the scientists go? There were many other like him. Many were crippled and not as lucky as Greg. Did any of them develop special abilities? Are they jealous of Greg, as he was practically the only one escaping with no lasting disfigurement? Did the company move the team of scientist to another shell company and continue their research? Perhaps they are very interesting in capturing Greg (s blood) and running tests to understand what happened?

After hitting rock bottom, and doing some serious soul-searching, he eventually decides to make the best out of his situation, and puts on a costume to fight crime and corrupt corporations and scrupulous scientists.

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