Avengers Assemble RPG

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Avengers Assemble RPG

Postby prometheusharpe » Fri Oct 19, 2012 1:55 pm

A couple months ago we started a new RPG based on the Marvel Movie Universe, our specific jumping off point was the Avengers movie (for obvious reasons).

The basic cast includes keeping Bruce Banner, Clint Barton, and Thor around as per the movie-verse, but Iron Man, Captain America, and Black Widow's roles were instead filled by original characters. We picked up pretty much with the destruction of the Pegasus base. Everything before that point was pretty much backstory.

I put together some credits for our game as well as a fanvid featuring the cast that is part of the RPG. You can check them out on YouTube; links to the videos and descriptions of original characters are below :)

Avengers Assemble RPG Credits

Avengers Assemble RPG - This Is War Fanvid

Captain Tristan Black - Valiant

During World War II, the Strategic Scientific Reserve ran a multitude of projects searching for the answer to defeating Hydra and their Nazi allies. Project Thunderchild was the British division's answer to Project Rebirth. Dr. Lachlan Black, a brilliant scientist and engineer, built the perfect soldier, the perfect son, to aid the allies in their fight against the Nazis. A truly living mechanical being whose soul lives in the heart of the Eidilon Matrix that powers him, Tristan led a small group of soldiers through the North African theater and up into Europe. Friends and occasional allies to the Howling Commandos, Tristan and his team, Excalibur, were an elite squad that was tasked with targeting Karl Ruprecht Kroenen, Johann Shmidt's greatest ally in Hydra and an old enemy of Lachlan Black's.

Excalibur caught up with Kroenen's forces as they rallied to send reinforcements to assist with Shmidt's move for global domination. During the fight, the zeppelin that Tristan was fighting Kroenen on was badly damaged. He forced his personal mechanic, Isolde Black (Lachlan's biological daughter and Tristan's lover) aboard a smaller craft on the zeppelin along with the team's pilot, Eric Koenig, and ordered Koenig to leave while he attempted to finish off Kroenen once and for all. The zeppelin crashed deep in the Alps. Though they were successful in cutting off Kroenen's troops from reaching Shmidt, with the enemy fire they were taking, the team was forced to leave Tristan behind and were unable to locate him in subsequent rescue missions.

Tristan lay buried beneath the wreckage of Kroenen's zeppelin and snow and stone from the mountain for over 70 years until an expeditionary team happened upon the wreckage and SHIELD recovered him and brought him in for repairs and reactivation. Now leader of a new team, The Avengers, Tristan is a beacon of hope in the gathering storm.

Mikihito Hikaru - Sakura

Born into the Ao Kiku clan of ninja, Miku was raised with a certain moral flexibility; however one thing was perfectly clear - The Hand, an evil, demon worshipping ninja clan of assassins, were their enemy first and forever. Ao Kiku and The Hand maintained a shadow war that lasted for generations as Ao Kiku attempted to stifle The Hand's efforts at every turn.

When Miku was 18, that all changed. The Hand launched a comprehensive and coordinated strike on every branch of Ao Kiku they could find; a bloody war in the streets that wiped out nearly all of the family, leaving those alive to scatter and regroup elsewhere to try and rebuild.

Grief-stricken and vengeful, Miku cut a swath of destruction through The Hand's ranks, catching the attention of a very powerful man with dark plans of his own. The Mandarin offered Miku the resources he would need to eradicate The Hand once and for all, if in return Miku would first serve him and help The Mandarin to take control of Madripoor. Miku, blinded by his desire for revenge, agreed and became the Azure Dragon, assassin and trusted lieutenant to The Mandrain whom he served faithfully for three years.

As the pair at last launched their assault on Madripoor and victory was in their grasp, Iron Fist attempted to intercede. He bested Miku in single combat after Miku was already injured during the revolt, and mistook him for a member of The Hand. Iron Fist was no so lucky in his fight with The Mandarin, but as his master was about to strike the fatal blow, Miku rose up to Iron Fist's aid and the two were able to bury the Mandarin under a building in the course of their fight. Afterwards, Miku allowed himself to be taken into custody and was bounced from agency to agency as multiple countries around the world demanded jurisdiction; however, Agents Phil Coulson and Clint Barton intercepted Miku during his time with Interpol and offered him a chance for redemption.

For the past three years, Miku has served in SHIELD as Barton's partner, loyally and unwaveringly. Though Miku is still seeking justice for what happened to his family, he now also looks for a way to clear the stain of his actions from their name.

Nym Koenig - SENTINEL

Native of the Bronx, and grandchild of Eric Koenig, Nym was left orphaned after her mother died when she was only 14. She was left to raise her 7 year old sister as their father sunk into an alcohol fueled depression until he was finally killed in a drunk driving accident when Nym was 18. Nym became her sister's legal guardian and fought to repair the damage her father's neglect had done to the bank accounts and the family's auto shop.

Nym, a prodigy with computers and engineering, turned her skills to producing and selling several cutting edge pieces of software and managed to save the house and shop. She attracted the attention of another engineer later as she released several designs free of patents, believing in shared technology. Together the pair founded King Technologies, a now billion dollar research and development company, in New York City. For some time, Nym enjoyed a life where she got to pursue her passion and raise her younger sister in peace.

When the Kingpint began taking over the Bronx however, all that changed. The S.E.N.T.I.N.E.L. armor was built to beat back the iron hold of control that Kingpin had over the Bronx, culminating in a showdown with Kingpin's hired assassin, Bullseye. After conditions began to improve, Nym thought to retire the suit and focus on revitalizing the neighborhood, but she had caught the attention of Justine Hammer, smarter than her father and ten times as cruel. Hammer used Nym's former lover, Skandar, to infiltrate the private base Nym was using and stole enough data for them to build their own version of power armor. Justin Hammer lurks as a threat on the horizon that Nym can't ignore.

Hesitant to join the team when approached by Director Fury, Nym eventually agreed, persuaded partly by her grandfather's involvement in the formation of SHIELD years before. Proud to stand alongside Valiant as Eric Koenig once did, Nym holds the integrity of the Avengers near and dear to her heart.

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