All the colors of the Spectrum (Comment ok to get better)

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Re: All the colors of the Spectrum (Comment ok)

Postby Spectrum » Sun Sep 23, 2012 4:04 pm

Sally Salvage
3E, 170 pp

Origin: Sally Salvage is a new hero, quite literally. Extremely recently (may not have even happened yet), during a super battle at a research facility, things went very wrong. Lives were lost and Projects to make for a better future were destroyed. However, like many other situations, this one has a silver lining. A new hero for the people of Freedom City has emerged, Sally Salvage. No one (including herself) is aware of her exact origin. Clues don't seem to lead much of anywhere, there were nanite (and even stranger) experiments going on, there were also several personnel that died with the first name of Sally (or Sal). What is known is that she so far has exhibited an insatiable curiosity and an innocent and infectious love for humanity.

Motivation: Acceptance- even though she's a big piece of junk, Sally wants to be accepted.

Made of Junk: Sally is quite literally made of the refuse of human civilization. Her powers are directly influenced by what she is made of at any time. Also, when she heals, she doesn't have much control over what she uses to repair herself- causing accidental destruction to the environment around her.

'Hermit Crab': Under the layers of refuse, there is a strange gray ooze that shows signs of nanite and DNA activity. Unfortunately, this inner layer is extremely vulnerable to damage and is overall extremely weak.

Power Loss: Sally is affected by descriptors related to technology and metal as well as those that affect living beings. Depending on what she currently has inside of her, she may be ferrous or vulnerable to other material limited effects.

Fame: Something about her draws attention, it might be that she's outgoing, it might be because most of the time she looks like a toy from the late 20th century.

Watched: Because Sally's origins are not known, several organizations have taken an interest in finding out what she is and whether she is a Threat. For not its trust but verify, but may become more active.

Wide Eyes of a Child: Sally is still learning about the world around her but in personal and through being a constant media junkie. She can become distracted if some fascinating new piece of information becomes available.

PL 11
Points 170

Attributes 82
Saves 38
Skills 12
Advantages 17
Powers 18
Total 168

Left over 3

Attributes (82 pp)
STR 15
STA 11
INT 10
PRE -1

Saves (38 pp)
Dodge 6
Fort 11
Parry 6
Toughness 16 Impervious 16
Will 11

Skills (12 pp, 3ranks/pp, right?)
Investigation 15
Perception 15
Persuasion 15
Technology 10

Advantages (17 pp)
Accurate attack, All out attack, Close combat, Defensive attack, Fast grab, Great Endurance, Improved grab, improved hold, Improved init, interpose, Move-by-action, power attack, Precise attack (close, cover), Skill mastery: investigation, Speed of thought, takedown 2,

Powers (18 pp)
"Junk Absorption"- Regeneration 10 (every round), requires man made materials (5pp)

"The Sum Of Her Parts"- Variable (10 pts), (linked: junk absorption, uncontrolled) (10pp) Sometimes Sally picks up useful things, more often not.

"Information Junkie"- Feature: built in smart phone, Contacts, Eidetic memory, Online research, Well Informed- all distracting (3 pp)

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Re: All the colors of the Spectrum (Comment ok)

Postby Spectrum » Sun Sep 23, 2012 4:06 pm

Honesty Jones, "Laughs Twice at the Wyrm"
3E, PL 7, 120 pp

Race: Coyote born Nuwisha


Once upon a time, there was a coyote that was playing with his best friends, a hare and a skunk, when he heard a twolegger's rifle boom and his mother fell over.

Once upon a time, a coyote stole a twolegger's clothes and oooh shiny boots and walked into a town and was greatly loved. He kissed the girls.. and then kissed the boys.. and stole all the pie! Mmmm, I like pie.

Once upon a time, a coyote came across a strange boy sitting on a stump that refused to speak with him. The coyote got so angry at the little boy that he huffed and puffed and punched him! And got stuck. Coyote didn't like this much so punched him again! And got more stuck. Well, Coyote might be wiley, but he wasn't very smart so he kept punching until he got totally trapped by the clever trick of a boy made of tar.

Once upon a time, a coyote (a young horribly curious) coyote came across a tall two legger who spoke to him- in coyote! He learned of many wonderful things and that he was a very special coyote- he could turn into a two legger too! Well, this made the young coyote very happy because that meant that he had thumbs. And the reason that the two leggers were powerful was that they had thumbs, and wanted he wanted to be powerful too. But before the man left, coyote was tasked with a difficult task- he would need to lead a life worth telling stories about.

PL 7, 120 build points
Attributes 38
Saves 11
Abilities 29
Advantages 18
Powers 24
Total 120

Attributes (38)
AGL 11

Saves (11 pp)
Dodge 11
Fort 3
Parry 11
Toughness 3
Will 5

Skills (29+1)
Acrobatics 14
Close Combat: Grappling 7 (Enhanced, subtle applied)
Deception 17
Insight 5
Perception 5
Persuasion 14
Sleight of Hand 14
Stealth 14

Advantages (18+1)
Attractive 2 (+ variable effect 1 "Contrary"), Daze: Deception, Fascinate: Deception, Grabbing Finesse, hide In Plain Sight, Defensive Attack, Improved Hold, Luck 5, Prone Fighting, Redirect, Taunt, Uncanny Dodge, language: Coyote

Powers (24-3)
"Squirmy" Elongation 7

"Mating call" Feature: Mimicry

"Light as a feather" Subtle on grappling

"Where'd he go?" Immunity entrapment, requires free action, side effect: looses clothing/fur

"Belly crawler" Movement: slithering, trackless, wall-crawling

"Form of.. Coyote!" Morph: 1, form: coyote

"Sneak thief" move object 1, perception range, precise, subtle

"Contrary" Variable descriptor on attractive

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Re: All the colors of the Spectrum (Comment ok)

Postby Spectrum » Fri Oct 26, 2012 6:14 pm


History vignettes:

The lights come up, the display platform begins to turn revealing a serious looking solider mounted atop a sleek Ducati styled motorcycle.

Now introducing the Stark Industries Arcee-X!

An experimental project balancing the needs of a human sized force with the manueverability of an Autobot. Using previously undisclosed artificial intelligence technology (JARVIS) the Arcee is the best of both worlds.

The massive (100') screen behind the models displays racetrack and cross country footage.

While in vehicular mode, the Arcee is a cutting edge motorcycle, showing racetrack speed and handling along with the rugedness expected of an ATV.

The model is thrown into the air, with the motorcyle leaping up and the all too familiar sound of a Transformer emitting it as it reaches out, folding around the model and coming down in a three point crouch.

Please see your Stark industries sales representative for more information.
Tony turned his gaze to watch the lovely young women walk across the side of the pool wearing really next to nothing.

"Nono, Carol, I'm still listening to you. Yes, the contract between Stark Industries and Ferris is important to me." he put on his best pouty bad boy smile as he tried to not get distracted by the pretty young things again. "in fact, that's why I called. I'm testing a new.." pause, "Yes, the Arcee system. No! nonono. I did not steal those designs from you." his face slips into a grin as Pepper comes to settle next to him, far more dressed than he would prefer.. but there was always later.

"I need to borrow Jordan for the testing." pause, "What, what do you mean he's away on an extended personal leave.." Tony's frowns as he starts to think. "And no, I'm not trying to get him out of the picture so that we can go on another date." he grins, "But would it work? I'd go myself, but SHIELD is looking for some outside talent."

The call goes on for some time before Stark closes the phone, "Pepper, we've got to find a pilot for the away mission."


Experimental: Not all the systems work as planned, some of them better, some of them much worse.

Trojan Horse: Stark had to pull on some outside contractors to create the Arcee unit, more than he normally does.. someone somewhere along the line may have snuck something in.

Subservient: The Arcee unit was designed to support the pilot and can take limited action without them, including transforming into battle armor mode.

Pl 11
Points 165

Attributes 68
Saves 20
Abilities 18
Advantages 12
Powers 47
Total 165

Left over 0

Attributes (pp 68)
AGL 13

Saves (pp 20)
Dodge 13
Fort 9
Parry 13
Toughness 9
Will 13

Skills (pp 18)
Acrobatics 15
Athletics 15
Ranged Combat: internal systems 13
Stealth 15
Technology 10

Advantages (12 pp)
Agile feint, Assessment, Defensive Attack, hide in plain sight, Improved aim, Improved init 2, improvised tools, move by action, takedown 2, teamwork

Powers (47)
Machine made (10 pp): immunity (life support)

More Than Meets the Eye (6 pp): Morph 1+ metamoprh

WAN (19 pp): Comunication: radio, long range, area, selective, rapid 2, subtle 2, limited: team

Universal Translator (3): Comprehend: language, understand all, read, uncontrolled

Machine Link (4): Comprehend: machines

Speedster (5): speed 5



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