All the colors of the Spectrum (Comment ok to get better)

Please, tell us about your character! This section is custom-made just for your heroes (or villains) to hang out in and strut their stuff.
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All the colors of the Spectrum (Comment ok to get better)

Postby Spectrum » Tue Sep 11, 2012 7:26 am

Hi all!

Yep, its finally time for me to start my character thread. I really enjoy the writing part of creating characters, but I need a lot of work to get my mechanical build skills up to speed.

Suggestions/thoughts/random comments/cookie recipes are greatly appreciated so that I can work towards that.


Edit history:
9/11/12 I might need to ask forgiveness for the wall of text on many of these characters. Also, the campaign note reflects where the character has been submitted to, that does NOT mean that the character was accepted.
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Re: All the colors of the Spectrum

Postby Spectrum » Tue Sep 11, 2012 7:48 am

Cold Ethyl
Campaign: Hatters Heroes (Mr.Sandman) viewtopic.php?f=20&t=44459#p1012792
Tone: Black comedy, weird

Cold Ethyl aka Jane Doe #47634 aka Captain Cadaver II
Occupation: Retired superhero, model, charity spokeswoman (PETA, ACLU), actress (nominated several times for Best Actress, twice winner of Best Supporting Actress), singer/songwriter, occult writer

Little is known about Ethyl before Alice Cooper met her. In 1973, he included a love song to her in the release Billion Dollar Babies. From there, she soon became a darling in the public eye propelled by her natural talents. Her career skyrocketed after Alice's second lovesong to her was released in 1975. Since then, she has gone through the cycle of stardom, at times rising and falling, but always remaining beloved by her true fans. Recently, she has come to public attention again due to her torrid love triangle between Voltaire and his sidekick Orville Deadenbocker. She has also written a number of very popular guides to the supernatural (though some argument that she uses a ghost writer).

Enemy: Ethyl has had a number of stalkers over the years, including several super villains.

Fame: Ethyl's fans adore her and she feels the same. She takes every opportunity to show that love in public appearances and returning fan letters. Sadly, her busy schedule doesn't allow her to do as much as she'd like.

Prejudice: While in general the public is supportive towards her, there is a small very vocal minority that is activity trying to remove her from the public spotlight 'for the children' and denigrate her abilities.

Relationship: While there have been a few deep relationships in her life, too many people try to take advantage of Ethyl's easily accepting and loving nature. In many ways, she's just too trusting.
(Original 3rd ed build)

Pl 8
Points 120

Attributes 0
Saves 0
Abilities 20.5
Advantages 17
Powers 82.33
Total 119.83

Left over 0.17

Attributes (0 pp)
INT 10
PRE 10

Saves (0 pp)
Dodge -
Fort -
Parry -
Toughness - (10)
Will 5

Skills (20.5 pp)
Deception 16
Expertise: Magic 16
Expertise: Music 16
Expertise: Pop Culture 16
Insight 16
Persuasion 16

Advantages (17 pp): Animal Empathy, Artificer, Attractive 2, Benefit: Cipher (Only Applies pre1973) 2, Benefit: Entourage, Benefit: Wealth 3, Connected, Daze: Deception, Equipment 3, Fascinate: Persuasion, Skill Mastery: Magic

Powers (82.33)
"Is That A Smile?" Communication (Mystical Sending) Extras: Area, Selective, Subtle +2 (8pp)

"It's Only My Heart Talkin'" Concealment: Total. Flaws: Blending, Passive, Only to appear dead (3.3 pp)

"Immortal Fame" Immortality 11 (22 pp)

"Beauty is Never Tarnished" Immunity: life support + Protection 10 (20 pp)

"The Quick and the Dead" Move Object 8: Extras: Continous, Perception, Precise, Subtle1, Flaws: Cannot be used in view of other characters, can only be used on nonliving material (26 pp)

"A Fan In Every Crowd" Summon 3 (Swarm of Fans): Extras: General Type (Fans), Flaws: Self Powered, Limited to Available Subjects

HQ: Refrigerator Heaven
Size 4
Toughness 6
Features: Dual Size, concealed, sealed, Communications, Living Space, gym, holding cells, laboratory, computer, workshop, personnel

(Mr.Sandman's 2nd ed redo)

Str 0
Dex 0
Con 0
Int 30
Wis 20
Cha 30

AB 0
DB 0
Toughness 0
Fort 0
Ref 0
Will 5
Damage 0

Knowledge Arcane 14
Perform 18
Pop culture 14
Diplomacy 14


Immune Fort Effects

Communications 5 area selective subtle 2

Immune ageing

Regeneration Bonus 14 resurrection 1/ day

Protection 8

Telekinesis 8 perception, precise, continious. Not in sight of others, only nonliving matter

Summon Fans 1 fanatical, progression 4
General notes: Fun but probably too limiting for a campaign.

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Re: All the colors of the Spectrum

Postby Spectrum » Tue Sep 11, 2012 7:58 am

Bad Mother
Campaign: Crinoverse Truckin' Titans (Kreuzritter) viewtopic.php?f=20&t=44720#p1020922
Tone: 1980s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles adventure
General note: Lots of fun, but too complex for a newbie player.

Name: Bad Mother

Occupation: Trucker ("Jack not name! Jack job!")

Tropes: Boisterous Bruiser, Country Mouse, Cute but Caphonic, Amazonian Beauty, One of the Boys

Appearance: 8' tall, beautiful tawny brown anthro mare. White star between her eyes. Tattoo/brands: truck and trailer across one thigh, 'Wide Load' as a tramp stamp, logo for a truck company on her other bicep (Mac? Peterbilt? Volvo?).

Clothing: Really depends on the weather. Most of the time she only wears a pair of daisy dukes and a front-tied flannel shirt. Hard to find nice clothing for a girl her size that'll stand up to the elements.

History: She doesn't talk about her history before two years ago, just shakes her head and refuses- "I'm not that girl anymore." Her 'real life' as she calls it started a few years back when she started hauling cargo for a small shipping company. Since then she's taken to it like a duck to water, running as often as she can, carrying loads big and small. She's made a more than a few friends in the trucker community along the way, that are often shocked that she isn't bigger. She's also made a few enemies with Smokey, getting a bad reputation for speeding and questions of how the road laws really apply to her.

1. Code of the Trucker: She's developed a reputation over the last two years of always getting the load to the destination on time and not being too curious. On the other hand, she refuses to take job too immoral, whether carrying drugs or slaves. So far- she's been lucky in that the two haven't crossed. On the other hand, she's willing to take dangerous loads, if they are properly secured. 'I'm already a walkin, talkin horse, I don't need another head, people'd start to talk!'

2. Ain't too much on book learnin': Outside of the trucking community, a mental map of the US that would be hard to beat and a hearty collection of country songs, she really doesn't care much about the rest of the world.

3. Speakin' of country music, she often sings, to herself and out in public, good old country songs, much to the dismay (and pain) of those around her. While she enjoys it, nobody else around her does. Most of the time they don't say nuthin because she's so sweet and purty (and big!).

4. Friends in low places: People in the truckin' community are about the only people that she calls friends, and she's horribly loyal to em, always tryin' to help them out of a jam if she can.

5. Breakin' the law: On the other hand, she's had some troubles with the law, and well, the law ain't always on her side. She's got a bad habit of havin' a lead foot and just what laws of the road apply to her- whether she's a pedestrian, a commercial vehicle or even the older meanin' of teamster. Things haven't always been pretty, or on her side, but the day'll come.

PL: 8/120 pp
Size: Large
Height 8', space 10 ft, reach 10 ft,
Weight: 1,000 lbs
Movement: 500 mph ~2,500 ft/move action
Lifting: light 16 tons, medium 32 tons, heavy 50 tons, max 100 tons, push/drag 250 tons

Abilities 26 pp
Str 26, Dex 10, Con 24, Int 8, Wis 18, Cha 18

Skills 4pp
KN: Popular Culture +7 (8), Prof: Trucker +12 (8)
Modified by size: Intimidate +6, Stealth -4, Swim Auto Failure

Feats 27 pp

Combat (18pp) Attack Focus: Melee 7, Elusive Target, Fast overrun, Improved Grab, Improved Grapple, Improved overrun, Improved pin, improved throw, improved trip, move by action, redirect, stunning attack

General (6pp) Die Hard, Endurance 2, Equipment 2, interpose

Skill (3pp) Attractive 2, Connected

Powers (42pp)

Density 3, permanent * these are the two that most likely confused the rest of the sheet
[Provides: 6 ranks str, 1 rank protection w/ impervious, 1 rank immovable, 1 rank super strength]

Growth 4, permanent
[Provides: 8 ranks str, 4 ranks con, size becomes large]
[Large: -1 attk/def mod, +4 grapple, -4 stealth, +2 intimidation, Space/reach: 10 ft, carrying capacity: +5 str]

Super Strength 6
[Provides: +30 carrying capacity, +6 bonus on Strength checks involving sustained application of strength or pressure, including grapple and breaking objects, but not Strength based skills or melee or grappling damage]

Immovable 5, Unstoppable

Regeneration: Bruised 3 [Bruised conditions recover automatically each round with no rest]

Speed 6 [rank 8 movement]

Combat (20 pp)
Attack 1, Melee 8, Grapple 18 (?)
Defense 8, Dodge 4

Saves (1 pp)
Tough 8, Impervious 1, Fort 8, Reflex 0, Will 4

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Re: All the colors of the Spectrum

Postby Spectrum » Tue Sep 11, 2012 8:04 am

General notes: Attempt at bringing a table top character into 2nd ed

Boy, "The Arrow Knows the Way"

History: Born a wolven slave, a kind master purchased him to work in his bowyer shop. The old man saw the pitiful creature and simply knew that the young pup was too socially awkward to fit into the strict hierarchical system. The old man's purchased started as a good deed and turned into a prime investment. The young wolven, who only was known as Boy grew skilled as a bowyer and they came to appreciate each other. Unfortunately, as is the way of life, that happiness was not to last. The old man's birth son became increasingly jealous of the relationship. When the son inherited the shop, in his foolishness, he sold Boy to the local military to pay some back taxes. Boy, as the old man feared, soon suffered until the strict discipline. Again, Boy found himself in a lucky position, for Light must favor the fool. Walking the grounds one day, a commander of the Legion saw the young man with a bow- sink five straight bullseye, an unheard of feat. The commander, seeing the potential in Boy ordered that he undergo intensive training and yet he has so far not proven to be overly capable in any other direction. The campaign begins with the situation becoming untenable and Boy soon to be cast to the winds again.

Personality/Appearance: Boy is one of the sweetest, good natured, humble and insanely frustrating most people will ever know. He recognizes that he is the omega of any situation he goes into and is quite happy to go along with that, having very little self importance. The one area that he excels with, anything dealing with a bow, (said in Rainman voice "I'm okay with a boy." Appearance wise, he's gangly, whip thin and unhygienic, with oddly tufted and colored fur. Not that he's intentionally any of those things, rather its the extreme lack of ego that prevents him from considering these things. He is also known for constantly leaving wood shavings everywhere as he is works on some minor project, most often a small toy or a gift for someone that he has just recently met- items that could sell for incredible prices in a market.

Name: Boy
Race: Wolven
PL 8, 114.75 spent

Ability (14 pts)
Str 14
Dex 16
Con 20
Int 12
Wis 6
Cha 6

Combat (20 pts)
Attack 2
Attack: Bows 8
Defense 8
Dodge 0

Saves (12 pts)
Tough 10
Fort 10
Reflex 10
Will -2

Skills (12.75 pts)
Acrobatics 8
Concentration 6
Craft: Woodworking 9
Knowledge: Tactics 9
Notice 5
Search 3
Stealth 11
Survival 5

Feats (21 pts)
Accurate Attack 1
Attack Special: Bows 3
Hide In Plain Sight 1
Improved Aim 1
Improved Crit: Bows 3
Improved Init 3
Power Attack 1
Precise Shot 2
Quick Draw 2
Sneak Attack 4

Powers (35 pts)
Enhanced Wis 10, Only for skills
Sure footed 2, Wall crawling 2
Hearing: Accurate, Extended x3

With bows:
Indirect 3
Precise 1
Subtle 2
Perception range, up to 4 ranks
Autofire, up to 4 ranks

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Re: All the colors of the Spectrum

Postby Spectrum » Tue Sep 11, 2012 8:13 am

Campaign: Emerald City Knights for Newbs (Bad Penny) ... 9#p1022081
General notes: Based on the prepublished campaign of the same name, random roll generation with small adjustments.

Name: Thomas Freeman, Jr. “TJ”
Handle: Silverhawk

Tropes: Academic Athlete, Ambiguously Brown, Bully Hunter, Cool Big Brother, Reluctant Hero

Appearance (preStorm): 18 years old, [Edit based on special request :) extremely tall] with sleek muscle structure. Brown eyes and just barely off black (in the red direction) hair. He often gets comments about just what ethnicity he is. African? Eastern European? Pacific Islander? World wise Heinz? He has supple hands, big feet, and shows signs of having been in a few fights over the years. Image: Dwight Johnson or Vin Diesel with a basketball player’s build.


Appearance (Post storm): Edit: I'm still working on this image, its definitely mirror/liquid silver skin and raptor inspired with no exposed human skin, probably not even a mouth. But beyond that, still sketchy. ... 1#/d1um2ep

History: Dad (Thomas Freeman, Sr.) left the family when TJ was 5 and his mother was very pregnant with his baby brother, Louis. Mom was completely heartbroken and never really recovered. She kept saying about about how their Father was a hero, like a real war hero or something, somebody with valor and honor. More than a few times, TJ has asked, “what kind of ‘hero’ abandons his family anyway?” Shortly after Sr. left the family, Nana came to live with them to ‘take care of the boys’ while Mom got her life back together. Unfortunately, Mom has never quite recovered and has been a living ghost ever since.

As TJ grew up, he found a passion for basketball and has played in several successful teams over the years, most recently the state highschool championship. On the other hand, Nana has often told TJ that he has a good head on his shoulders if he would only use it more. Nanna has become the primary source of income from the family. Both boys try to help out, or at least less of a burden. TJ has had several small jobs over the years trying to help ends meet. Louis on the other hand, has several times taken the quick road out with petty theft and doing errands for the local gang (Red Razors?). TJ has tried to protect his brother from that life but it may be a losing battle.

Very recently, TJ has entered ECU as a freshman on a basketball scholarship. While he hasn’t completely given up on his dreams of going into the NBA, he’s finally taken his Nana’s advice and buckled down and really trying to get the most of his studies. He’s been kept busy between his family, the bus commute to school, classes, his scholarship commitments, his on campus job and Youth Outreach. On this fateful day, he will be on a study/date in Yellow Brick Road with a cute fellow student by the name of Elaine Chao.


Motivation: Doing Good TJ honestly believes that while he has been given some tough luck in life that he needs to make the best of it and encourages people to do the same.

Enemy: Mongoose will end up having a special hate on for him.
Enemy: He has a special hatred in his heart for the gang life that Louis is starting to fall into.

No secret identity: Becoming Silverhawk has left TJ with few options of having a normal life. While he cherishes the opportunity to do more good in the world with his new powers, he is also coming to miss the life that he had dreams for. EDIT: It certainly doesn't help that TJ's new form completely blocks any real contact with the outside world.

Relationship: His family, especially Nana and Louis are the most important people in TJ’s life and he will take foolish chances to protect him. Louis may look for ways to use this relationship to his advantage.

Legacy: Thomas, Sr. was a small time superhero that didn’t choose to leave his family but was taken away. He (or someone posing as him) might try to come back into his family’s life.

Strength 8, Stamina 8, Agility 4, Dexterity 4, Fighting 8, Intellect 1, Awareness 2, Presence 2

Close Attack 4, Extraordinary Effort, , Improved Initiative, Inspire, Power Attack, Takedown 2, Teamwork, Uncanny Dodge

Acrobatics 6 (+10), Athletics 6 (+14), Expertise: Streetwise 4 (+5), Insight 2 (+4), Perception 6 (+8), Persuasion 4 (+6), Ranged Combat: Throw 4 (+8)

Flight 8, Winged (Speed: 500 miles/hour, 1 mile/round)
Immunities: Immunity 10 (Life Support)
Invulnerability: Protection 4 (+4 Toughness; Extras: Impervious 10)
Soldier (Advantages: Close Attack 4)
. . Power-lifting 4 (+4 STR for lifting: 100 tons)

Initiative +8
Grab, +12 (DC Spec 18)
Throw, +8 (DC 23)
Unarmed, +12 (DC 23)

Native Language

Dodge 8, Parry 8, Fortitude 10, Toughness 12, Will 8

Power Points
Abilities 74 + Powers 40 + Advantages 8 + Skills 16 (32 ranks) + Defenses 12 = 150

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Re: All the colors of the Spectrum

Postby Spectrum » Tue Sep 11, 2012 8:19 am


Campaign: Batch 9 (Millennium) viewtopic.php?f=20&t=44868#p1026166
General notes: GM asked for an application that he could easily deny. I provided. If the character was cleaned up some, might be fun to play.

I think that I was someone once. Maybe a long time ago. I.. I don't remember much. I can remember being so many things, so many different people. I used to be able to keep a notebook, I think, but I don't know where it is, or what happened to it. I.. don't remember.


Motivation: Desperate to find a way home and stop the nightmare that is his/her/its life.

Amnesia: Doesn't remember anything past last time slept.. or died.

Expiration date: Has a life span of only 24 hrs at the maximum (before immortality kicks in).

PL 8, 120 pp
Attributes: -64
Saves: 0
Abilities: 0
Advantages: 0
Powers: 181
Remainder: 3

Attributes (0)
STR -4
STA -4
AGL -4
DEX -4
FGT -4
INT -4
AWE -4
PRE -4

Skills (0)

Advantages (0)

Powers (181)
Immortality 6, 1/day
Morph 3 (humanoids), only when immortality kicks in -1, uncontrolled -1 (12)
Variable 32 (160 available pp), slow (only when immortality kicks in) -1, uncontrolled -1 (160)

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Re: All the colors of the Spectrum

Postby Spectrum » Tue Sep 11, 2012 8:27 am

Campaign: WD's Taking Back the Streets (Walking Dad) viewtopic.php?f=20&t=44854&start=0#p1025887
General Notes: Street level campaign. Playing him concerned me several times. Just realized that he's a 'D&D paladin.

Inspirations: Rorschach from Watchmen, Falling Down (, and an alternative character interpretations of George Zimmerman and Anders Behring Breivik- painting them as heroes. Numerous stories of right wing militia/ 'domestic terrorists'.

General background: Very normal family man living a very normal family life until all of that is taken away from him. He is forced to answer the questions: What will you do to protect your family, your way of life and everything that you believe in? Do you just sit back and let Them take it all away from you or do you stand and fight?

The scary man upstairs was screaming again, thrashing against the walls. Still, it was hard to hear him. He had done something to the walls of his apartment that made it hard to hear anything that he did up there, but at least the extra heat helped during the cold winters. We tried to tell the landlord.. once. A note was left on the door with entirely too much information about our lives and a promise to find us if we tried to run.

The man known as D-fens tried to sleep, but the images of the Time Before haunted him. The images seared through his mind like he was on fire.
* A pretty little blonde girl blowing out her birthday cake while a beautiful woman cheered her on and a dog barked around the table SCREAM
* The little girl riding her bicycle in the neighborhood road, trying to run to save her, a wildly weaving Porsche slamming into her, everything going flying.. the little girl on the road, bleeding, dying.. while the car kept going WHIMPER
* A funeral, in the rain, with a tiny casket SNARL
* A man's voice, "Not guilty." the slam of a gavel HOWL
* The smell of urine, fear in a man's voice, "noooooo!" CLICK BOOM


Enemy/Hatred/Obsession: Destroy Them! Freedom to the Individual!

Accident: Too often Innocents are Martyred in the Way of his Righteous Vengeance. They will be Added to the Accounting!

Temper: Mercy upon the Souls of the Innocent!

Trademark: The Public shall Know the Truth despite the Fascist Media Lies!

Poverty: (lives from dumpster diving and from whatever he steals from criminals)

Attributes (40)
PRE -3

Saves (8)
Dodge 6
Fort 6
Parry 6
Toughness 6
Will 6

Skills (28)
Athletics 6
Expertise: Conspiracies 12
Intimidation 12
investigation 8
Perception 8
Ranged Combat: guns 8
Stealth 7
Technology 10

Advantages (14)
Cipher 3
Equipment 5
Great Fortitude
Hide in Plain Sight
Improvised Tools

Equipment (25 points)

"So called car" (0):SUV, str 8, tough 9, defense -4, complication: likely to break down at inopportune moments

Headquarters (6): Apartment (-1), Toughness 10 (2) Features (5, Communications, Defense System, Power System, Security System, Workshop)

Worn (5): Burner cellphone, Night vision goggles, Urban camon, Gas Mask, Multitool
chainmail (3), protection 3 (does not normally add to saves)

Weapons (11)
club, dmg 2 bludgeoning, crit 20, cost: 2
Machine pistol, ranged multiattack, dmg 3, crit 20, cost: 9

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Re: All the colors of the Spectrum

Postby Spectrum » Tue Sep 11, 2012 8:35 am

Sally Salvage/ Salvage Sally
Campaign: Zero Gene (Severance) viewtopic.php?f=20&t=45101#p1034664
General notes: This character would have been a lot of fun. Sadly, she never got to come into play.

History: Not much to say here. The first anyone had ever seen of Sally was her waking up in the debris of a battle against the Phantasms. She didn't seem to have much of a memory of who she was before then other than her name- Sally. People aren't too sure what to make of that. There's some records of a Sally that died in that battle, actually several of them- its not that uncommon of a name. Or maybe it was the name of a secret government program, maybe some kind of nanobot hive doohickey. We're just glad that she's on our side of the war, she's been a real help. Now, if she would just stop stealing pieces off of my car to fix herself up.

Motivation: Acceptance- even though she's a big piece of junk, Sally wants to be accepted. It doesn't hurt that she's a decent solider in the fight against the Phantasms.

Accident/ Addiction/ Weakness: Sally is quite literally made of the refuse of human civilization. Her powers are directly influenced by what she is made of at any time. Also, when she heals, she doesn't have much control over what she uses to repair herself- causing accidental destruction to the environment around her.

Fame: Something about her draws attention, it might be that she's outgoing, it might be because most of the time she looks like a toy from the late 20th century.

Innocence: Sally while charming, is very naive. She rarely considers that humans might sometimes be corrupt or wanting something other than overcoming the Phantasm threat.

Power Loss: Sally is affected by descriptors related to technology and metal as well as those that affect living beings.

Sally Salvage - PL 8

Strength 8, Stamina 5, Agility 5, Dexterity 5, Fighting 5, Intellect 0, Awareness 0, Presence 4

All-out Attack, Fast Grab, Improved Grab, Improved Hold, Improvised Weapon, Interpose, Inventor, Power Attack, Takedown 2

Athletics 3 (+11), Close Combat: Unarmed 3 (+8), Perception 2 (+2), Technology 12 (+12)

Junk Absorption: Regeneration 10 (Every 1 round; Source: man-made materials)

The Sum of Her Parts: Variable 2 (different material properties) (Linked: Junk Absorption; Uncontrolled)

Tough Outer Body: Protection 6 (+6 Toughness; Impervious [11 ranks total])

Initiative +5
Grab, +5 (DC Spec 18)
Throw, +5 (DC 23)
Unarmed, +8 (DC 23)

Dodge 5, Parry 5, Fortitude 5, Toughness 11, Will 2

Power Points
Abilities 64 + Powers 34 + Advantages 10 + Skills 10 (20 ranks) + Defenses 2 = 120

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Re: All the colors of the Spectrum

Postby Spectrum » Tue Sep 11, 2012 8:39 am

Redirected to:

Kirsten Grimm
Campaign: Guild of the Bat (Coyotzin)
General notes: Steampunk version of the DC universe ... 05-962117/

If ten people asked Kerstin about her origins, chances are they'd come back with a dozen answers, each containing a grain of truth.

Some of the more popular:
* She's the last of a long line of monster hunters which includes more than a few monsters itself.

* She's a reincarnating doomed soul, destined to always play out the same endless war against demonkind.

* She was sent to this world as an ambassador from a land of only women.

* She is immortal locked in eternal struggle against others of her kind until there is only one left.

If any of these are the truth- she isn't telling. What is known however is her recent deeds as a monster hunter. She has done battle repeatedly against the creatures that go bump in the night. The line has begun to blur in the last few years though as new Science! villains have started to appear- not all enemies of humanity are spawned from demons.


Motivation: Thrills- nothing like getting face to face with something that could kill you and facing your own death.

Enemy: Supernatural threats know her name, know the danger that she represents and act accordingly- even if they don't know her origin either.

Hatred: Her hatred for supernatural evil threats too often overwhelms her general regard for her own safety.

Relationship: Kerstin really likes bad boys. Its especially hard to resist them when they're 7' tall and all kinds of creepy. Might have something to do with her death wish.

Compulsive Liar: Has an overwhelming need to make stories more interesting and inflating the glory of her own actions. After all, why tell a boring little tale about boring little people when you can make it so more exciting!

Attributes 34
Saves 9
Abilities 21
Advantages 15
Powers 26
Total 105.00


Dodge 7
Fort 4
Parry 7
Toughness 5 (+2 Defensive roll)
Will 6

Acrobatics 10
Athletics 7
Close attack: swords 10
deception 5
Expertise: Occult 8
Intimidation 5
Investigation 7
perception 4

Advantages: Agile Feint, Attractive, Close Attack, Defensive Roll 2, Favored Environment: Concealment, Great Endurance, improved init 2, instant up, move by action, Power attack, skill mastery: acrobatics, Redirect, Uncanny dodge

Speaking in tongues: Comprehend, speak 1 at a time, read, "occult" languages only (3)

Sense Evil: Magical awareness, acute, analytical, accurate, counters concealment, radius, ranged, track 1, noticeable (eyes bleed) (8)


Boots of springing and striding: Leaping 8, requires an acrobatics skill roll (AE Speed 4) + Movement: Safe fall, wall-crawling 2 sure footed 1, trackless removable (9)

Cloak of hiding: Concealment- all sight, hearing, smell, blending, limited (requires existing environmental concealment), removable (1)

Slaying swords (matched swords- need something suitably horror) Damage 4 (str based), variable descriptor 2 (magical), split 1, removable
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Re: All the colors of the Spectrum

Postby Spectrum » Tue Sep 11, 2012 8:46 am

Mother Mind
Campaign: Trinity (BS Digital Q)
General Notes: Had a /ton/ of trouble getting this character to come together, probably better that I pulled out of the submission process. Still.. it was fun trying to put together a deity ranked character.

Mother Mind, Rebekah awoke from her deep slumber with a weak fitful thrashing. How was she alive? Had the human race managed to survive the Invasion? Had she managed to turn the tide of the war? The effort of coordinate the efforts of the Earth’s protectors and disrupting the communications of the battlefleet of alien races who had come to stop the so called Human Threat had exhausted her and left her with only blackness.

She began to hear voices, the voices of her most dear companions. Things were starting to sound more optimistic. Why was she in so much pain? They sounded concerned for her well-being, the murky words of that she was publically dead to hide her from enemies while she recovered from being in a coma. She reached out, gently touching their minds, sending feelings of warmth towards both of them- for they were Trinity, they survived and so the world was safer.

Her mind began to reach further out, weaving through the Universal Unconsciousness. She reacted in shock to what she soon learned. The world was still in mourning a year later after the Invasion. Countless were dead, many of the cities were in ruins, but there was still Hope. She wove deeper, amazed at how much her range had increased, easily enveloping the entire planet in her embrace. A billion lives echoed in a thousand tongues through her head as rejoiced in the realization- I am alive and the world goes on. She began to reach out towards them, to make things better but stopped herself as she always had before. She had no right to profane the holy concept of Free Will. It was a pact that she had made with her boon companions long ago. They were to act as heroes to allow people to lead better lives, but they would not take control. They were protectors, not leaders, and definitely not worthy of worship. It was so easy, she knew instantly what she could do to make the world a paradise, but in that direction rested the eternal foe, The Deceiver.

An unrecognized woman’s voice spoke to her softly, “Child, there is much for you to learn about your new nature. Rest and we shall soon speak of who you now are.” She reached out towards the voice like a new born babe reaching towards a Mother’s finger and was only left with an impression of a warm hearth and a Maternal mind.

These were going to be interesting times indeed.

Primary Enemy: The Deceiver is an enigmatic creature that seeks only pain and suffering for the human race. When she was much younger, the Deceiver took for the form of a horned devil upon her shoulder. As she grew older, he was a devastatingly handsome young man. Again and again, he has tried to tempt her into taking the easy way out, whether was falling into simple temptations or enslaving all of humanity to make it ‘better’. When not tempting her, he has been busy causing every sort of betrayal possible, father against child, brother against brother, ruler against population, nation against nation. He has even hinted that he doesn’t have existence outside of Rebekah- he is her powers without control. Contrary to this, he has been hard at work while Mother Mind has been unconscious.

Rogues Gallery

Aurelius: An ancient dragon that is currently living as a well respected businessman who deals in the dark side of humanity ala Lex Luthor or "Gentleman" Johnny Marcone.

DROPTABLE: Think a hybrid between SkyNet (Terminator) and the machine intelligence from Matrix.

Illuminated Brotherhood: A long standing conspiracy to take over the world (and may have already succeeded) that isn’t about to let this modern generation of so-called heroes stand in their way.

Lords of Chaos: A whole host of chaotic spirits have been thwarted by Mother Mind, including everything from Elder Gods to the Brotherhood of Dada. Eris and Loki are somewhere between here and the next.

Pantheons: Trinity as a whole and Mother Mind in particular have attracted the eyes of humanities old Pantheons as potential threats and allies. Do these ‘new gods’ fall under the old treaties of noninterference in humanity? Will they be invited to join an existing pantheon? Can they form their own?

(Unpronounceable, something similar to Raxacoricofallapatorians or Mr. Mxyzptlk): A jolly little mischievous spirit that shows up every so often to make Mother Mind’s life more interesting!

Complications: Most of these are mentioned above, motivation: protect humanity, addiction: curiosity, enemies, disability: coma (paralyzed condition)

PL 14
(Attributes 44 + Saves 30 + Skills 18 + Advantages 55 + Powers 158= Total 305)

Attributes (44pts)
Physical attributes (str, agl, dex, fgt) are at 0. The character is afflicted with the paralyzed condition.
PRE 10

Saves (30pts)
Dodge and parry are at -5 (paralyzed includes prone)
Fort- 4
Toughness- 4
Will- immune

Skills (18pts)
“The World’s Greatest Minds” variable 2, free action to change, limited to mental skills, limited to highest skill bonus in mental range, two points must be spent on (skill) mastery and ultimate (skill) (18 pts). (Note: There are not any limitations reflected in the purchase price.)
What this means: This is an extended version of the Knowledge Transfer ability from the Mental Power Profile ebook. If an expert in a field of any skill is currently in contact with Mother Mind by either emotional awareness or mind reading, she can use their skill bonus to make a roll (up to PL max of 24). She also has the equivalent of the skill mastery and ultimate skill advantages for that skill. The still cannot have any use of the skill that use requires manipulation of the outside world. For example, she may have Technology and use it to mentally draw up schematics but she would not be able actually build anything with it. Question: I just saw the post regarding not liking variable. Is there a better way to handle this power?

Advantages (55pts):
Animal Empathy, Assessment, Attractive x2, Connected, Contacts, Daze (Deception), Fascinate (Deception, Persuasion), Improved Initiative x5, Inspire x5, Leadership, Luck x7, Setup x5, Taunt, Teamwork, Well-informed

Equipment (20, 100 equipment pts): Sanctum/ Mausoleum. I’d like to work this out with the other players. Where would you put one of your best friends when she’s an incredibly powerful telepath in a coma to keep her safe and help in her recovery? I was thinking of a small shrine either in orbit or in the Earth’s core.

Powers (158pts, and now we get to the tricky part)

“The Hearts of Man” Emotional awareness Extras: accurate, acute, analytical, counters concealment 5, counters illusion, extended, penetrates concealment, radius, ranged (22pts)
What this means: This is an extended version of the Empathy power in the Mental Power Profile ebook. The character can sense the emotions (but not thoughts) of other minds. The range is effectively 5 x the radius of the Earth and has few penalties for any kind of concealment or illusion. It is also the base power for most of the other abilities.

“Faster than Thought” quickness 34, limited to mental effects (17 pts)
What this means: Mother Mind can process an incredible amount of information in a matter of seconds. Two major in game uses. The first is that she can effectively monitor all the minds in the world in real time (paper napkin calculation of 3-4 times the real world Earth’s population as of 2011). The second is that by harnessing “The World’s Greatest Minds” she can accomplishment the work of lifetimes in a matter of mere seconds. Imagine what Stephen Hawking could do if he had 800 years to work- in a second?

“The Tower of Babylon Has Fallen” comprehend, languages 4, spirits 2, affects others, area of effect (perception, mental), selective (30 pts)
What this means: What if you could simultaneously understand (and speak) every language- at the same time? What would it be like if everyone could? Question: Does spirits include ghosts? This would greatly increase the power of World’s Greatest Minds.

“The World Wide Mindweb” communication 4 (mental), area, selective, subtle 2 (26 pts)
What this means: Mother Mind can selectively, on a global scale, communication with everyone in the world. With Tower of Babylon (above), the communication can disregard language barriers. Question: Can multiple separate sets of communication go on at the same time? For example, all of India on one line and a superhero team on another?

“Psychohistory” precognition, unreliable (2 pts)
What this means: A fun little plothook. Ability to predict the future for a general population based on known information. It tends to break down horribly when it comes to individuals. See Asimov’s Foundation for more information.

“The Puppet Master” two 58-point dynamic alternate effect slots, both have: area of effect: perception (mental), selective, cumulative, subtle 2
Slot A: “Puppeteer” Affliction 14 (vs will, dazed, compelled, controlled),
Slot B: “An Open Mind” Mind reading 14, sensory link, limited by language
What this means: Able to selectively control and read the minds of selective minions and most low PL named NPCs

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Re: All the colors of the Spectrum

Postby Spectrum » Tue Sep 11, 2012 8:52 am

Campaign: Sentinels (Millennium) viewtopic.php?f=20&t=44827#p1024646
General notes: Seems that I have a thing for psionicists (and the Manowich) family. Basic concept was reused for Mother Mind (above)

Description: I seriously doubt that I'm going to find a picture that matches the color scheme I'm looking for. Picture a pretty young woman (early 20s) of Jewish descent in these colors with the wings being a long flowing cloak. Later, after watching a lets play of Bayonetta, the appearance (but not color scheme) changed.



Our story starts with the birth of Rebekah Manowich but with the birth of the 20th Century. While The Captain was the first Hero that most people know about, the truth is, he was ‘only’ the first popular Hero with powers above and beyond the normal man in the modern era. There are many arguments that in the ancient times and across history other super powered Heroes have emerged, we’ll leave that discussion for another day. No, our tale will deal with the costumed local community Heroes that are known about by local historians and not many others. Manny Manowich, Rebekah’s great grandfather, was the sidekick to one such hero, the Blue Streak of Chicago. Manny continued to serve as a sidekick, but never fully was a Hero himself, at least not in his own mind. Again, there are disagreements. As with many sidekicks, stories do not focus on him, but with the Heroes that are connected to. If we were to ask the Hero population, they would be able to share more light on the situation. They would say that Manny was a Hero to the Heroes, always there to provide backup or a kind word. He was there when a Hero needed someone to turn to for guidance on what it means to be a human being and not ‘just’ superhuman.

Our story skips up a few decades and picks back up in the early 90s with the birth of Rebekah. Rebekah was a healthy baby but from the start her parents realized that she was a little peculiar. She would have the oddest look on her face sometimes and her screams were all too real as if they skipped the ear and went right to the brain. She was precocious, her body seeming to be the greatest limitation for learning and developing. Her parents soon became concerned about the child, suspecting (correctly) that she was something more than human. They turned to Manny in hopes that he would be able to bring some more light to the situation. The old man, mostly retired by this point, quietly took in young Rebekah and began to work with her to grow not just in terms of power but as a socially aware and responsible human being. He was determined that if Rebekah chose the life of a Hero she would be prepared for it. Growing up, she spent time with her Grandfather’s friends, Uncles Bruce or Steve or Aunts Lois and Diana. Her childhood friends were the same; Franklin Richards was a steady crush while her best friend (and rival) was Katie Powers. At the same time, she was showered with affection by her biological family, never forgetting that she was a Manowich as well as a little girl that could do things that most people couldn’t.

As Rebekah grew older and her powers grew, Manny realized that she would need a special place to start training. Although she was a good girl and never intended to cheat, in normal schools it was too easy to read the seas of minds, pluck knowledge from her teachers, and then lose it again. Manny decided that she would need to attend a special school such as the Claremont Academy or Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. Though she was young for the school, Manny was able to pull his weight and get her to admitted. It didn’t hurt that he offered to come teach at whatever school she was accepted by. Still, she encouraged to walk a careful line between the two worlds, that just because she could do more didn’t mean that she Was more. Even so, her Bat Mitzvah looked like a who’s who of those connected to the Hero community. Understandably, photos of that event are very difficult to come by.

College was a difficult time for her, for the first time in her life, being parted from her grandfather and the stability that he represented. The old temptations were back but she was able to generally resist them. Oddly, computers began to become of more interest to her as they represented a solid wall against her abilities, putting her on more equal footing with her classmates. Graduation came and went again and she was approached by and joined the UN to assist with facilitating communications. This brings us to the current day, overjoyed by her recent invitation to join the brand new Sentinel’s team.

Rebekah rarely completely turns off all of her powers. Most of the time, she has Stunner and Reading the Seas in effect. She gets terribly and painfully lonely if she doesn’t have some kind of constant social connection with someone. Although she doesn’t know it yet, that lack of connection is also one of the few situations where she can truly die. There are also social consequences to her powers: every so often, she will attract unwanted attention. She also tries to stop from being repulsed by the stray thoughts that she hears and hopes are only transitory.

While she doesn’t have a secret identity to protect, she contains a wealth of others peoples’ secrets, some very serious like a secret identity and others more mundane like a crush that nobody is supposed to know about. Everyone has secrets that they would prefer to not know and she has the key to see too many of them. She has been the target of friends’ enemies hoping to strike indirectly. Thankfully, so far she’s been lucky in not having to spill any of them.

She’s a woman, a known mentalist, an American and a Jew. In the difficult political positions of the UN any of those can be bad, together all of them can be an excuse to not deal with her.

Her ties to the Hero community can be a blessing and a curse. On one hand, she has a wealth of knowledge and experience that she can draw upon. On the other hand, growing up as everyone’s nice/granddaughter/sibling can make it very difficult for her to establish herself as an independent person and a Hero in her own right.

PL 10/ PP 210

Attributes 70
Saves 7
Abilities 23.5
Advantages 28
Powers 81.50
Total 210.00
Attributes (70)
PRE 10
Saves (7)
Dodge 3+7 (Crowd Sourcing)
Fort 3+7 (Legionnaire's ring)
Parry 3+7 (Crowd Sourcing)
Toughness 3+7 (Legionnaire's ring)
Will 12
Skills (23.5)
Deception 20
expertise: heroes and villains 9
Insight 10
Persuasion 20

"UN Security Training"
Athletics 6
Close Combat (Unarmed) 6
expertise: politics 6
Investigation 6
Ranged combat (UN Special Issue) 6
Technology 6
Treatment 7
Vehicles 6

Advantages (31)
Animal Empathy
Attractive 2
Benefit: Security Clearance
Benefit: Wealth 2
Improved Initiative 2
Inspire 5
Luck 6
Setup 3
Uncanny Dodge

Powers (81.5)

General powers (15)
"Remember Me", Immortality 6 (1 day), limited: must have had mental contact at time of death -1, revives at that location (6)
"Blessing", Luck Control 4, Resistible (WIL) -1, side effect (weirdness magnet, things go 'oddly' around her) -1 (4)
"First impressions", Quickness 10, interaction tasks only-1 (5)
Legionnaire's ring (7-2 removable=5) A special ring that she received from her grandfather, a memento of another age
Protection 7, visible -1 (3.5)
Fortitude 7, visible -1 (3.5)

Crowd Sourcing (17.5)- Ability to gather information and react at mental perception range
"Knowing who to ask", Investigation 14, limited to gather information (3.5)
Advantages: Eidetic Memory, well informed (2)
Enhanced defenses (dodge 7 and parry 7), quirk (not against opponents immune to mental powers -2) (12)

Influence Others array (21+5 alternate effects, 26 total)
"Stunner", Affliction 10 (vs Wil, entranced, DC 20), area of affect (burst,)+1, sustained+2, only first degree-2 (20)
"Puppetry", Affliction 10 (vs Wil, entranced, compelled, controlled, DC 20), perception+2, limited to minds-1 (20)
"Can't Rest Yet", Healing 5, energizing+1, perception+2, stabilize+1, limited (others only)-1 (21)
"Splitting the Melon", Damage 10, wil based, perception+2, limited to minds-1 (20)
"False Face", Morph 3 (Humanoids), (15)
"Ignore us", Concealment (all senses), Affect Others+1, Area+1, Selective+1, Blending-1, passive-1, Resistible (Wil)-1 (20)

Mind reading array (14+5 alternate effects, 19 total)
"Broad spectrum contact", Communication 4: mental, area+1, selective+1, subtle+2, concentration -1, distracting -1, tiring -1 (14)
"Team switchboard", Communication 2: mental, area+1, selective+1, subtle+2 (14)
"Telepathic Translation", Comprehend, languages 3, affects others +1, perception area (hearing) +1 (12)
"Reading the Seas", Senses, mental awareness, accurate+2, acute+1, analytical+1, counters concealment+2, counters illusion+2, radius+1, range+1, rapid+1; +4 perception (14)
"In your Mind's Eye", Mind reading 6, subtle+2 (14)


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Re: All the colors of the Spectrum

Postby Spectrum » Tue Sep 11, 2012 8:55 am

Campaign: Legacy of Doctor Deathstroke (Blue_Cobalt) viewtopic.php?f=20&t=45375&start=0#p1042681
General notes:

Note: Handle is a mythological reference:
Real name: Ingra Sorland
Type: Chrysalis (was washed overboard when she was on an expedition, thought dead but came back several weeks later dramatically transformed)

Appearance: nearly 7' tall Scandinavian beauty, tall, muscular (real not sculpted), waist length hair pulled back into an ornate pony tail. Piercing green eyes. Uniform tends to be an indecently brief monokini- deep blue? Fingers and toes are webbed either all the time or when she hits the water. The animal shifting makes her take on traits of what shes coming to resemble. I want to work a hammer necklace in, but would need comic book physics to keep it on. Well, the entire costume would need comic book physics..
Model: needs more work, Stacy Kiebler? Fitness (rather than body builder) build, obviously strong without having 'horse face'.

Occupation: Might not have a normal life. One of the more 'reasonable' conservation activists, caring more about small things that people can do rather than the more extreme methods. She's an often felt presence on late night television and in Congress. Steve Irwin/Jack Hannah/Jacques Cousteau would be the inspiration there. She would also be very present in the religious community.

Code of Honor: Nine Noble Virtues

Fame: People know her, whether they like her or not. See occupational inspirations above.

Trouble magnet: paparazzi, Fundamentalist groups (like Westboro Baptist), Greenpeace, Sea Shepherd, PETA, neoNazis and other extreme groups find her an object of focus for their rants, twisting what she says out of context or just treating her as an object of hate/worship.

Enemies: various Lovecraftian influenced races and cults.

Other items:

Fondest memory is of going out with her father on his fishing trawler, feeling the sweet salt air flow over her and hearing of the ancestors.

Pl 10
Points 151

Attributes 22
Saves 28
Abilities 33
Advantages 19
Powers 49
Total 151

Attributes (22 pp)
STR 2 (5 with Growth)
STA 7 (10 with Growth)

Saves (28 pp)
Dodge 9 (with Growth)
Fort 10 (with Growth)
Parry 9 (with Growth)
Toughness 10 (with Growth)
Will 10

Skills (33 pp)
Expertise: Theology 8
Expertise: Science 10
Treatment 10
Close combat: unarmed 10
Ranged attack: hydrokinesis 10
Perception 10
Persuasion 10
Intimidation 1 (with Growth)
Stealth -3 (with Growth)

Advantages (16 pp)
Animal Empathy, Attractive 2, Fame, Favored Environment: Underwater, Great Endurance, Improved Initiative 2, Improvised weapons, Language (German), Luck (Wyrd) 2, Ritualist (Theology based), Skill mastery: Theology, Feature: Animal Harmony, Feature: True Faith

Powers (52 pp)
"Seatongue" Comprehend animals 2, limited to sea creatures (2 pp)
"Giant blooded" growth 3, permanent, innate (7 pp)
"aquatic" immunity (cold, drowning, pressure), environmental adaptation: aquatic, low light vision
"hydrokinesis" create 10, moveable, precise (shame and movement), tether
"speed of the dolphin" swimming 5

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Re: All the colors of the Spectrum

Postby Spectrum » Tue Sep 11, 2012 9:01 am

Lillian Song
Campaign: Cassandra Truth (Blood Queen) viewtopic.php?f=20&t=44260&start=0#p1005605
General notes: A WoD tabletop character made teenaged. I still think that she would be a lot of fun to play in the right campaign.

Lillian Sung carefully placed the much loved, much hated, violin upon her shoulder and carefully began her warmup lessons like a thousand times before. It was easy, it was rote, but it allowed her time to think, but she couldn’t allow herself to get too distracted or Doctor Mother would notice. The bow began to sing, her fingers working on their own to make sure that the precious instrument was properly tuned.
The day had proceeds per the Plan, the constant fixture of her life, the one thing that she knew that she could never escape. Breakfast at 4am with Doctor Mother and Father. Lillian went through the same motions she did every day, the double handful of pills, orange juice, rice. In a nice surprise, Father slipped her a thin folder, “I think that you’ll like this.” Lillian turned to look up towards the stand, a small wistful smile crossing her lips wondering what her father had written and for whom- Disney again? Some small romantic movie? But, it was something that like so many other things, had to wait for the proper time. She could hear the constant words of Doctor Mother, “All things have their time, and now is the time for work.”
When wasn’t it? When was the time for play? For being a teenager? It wasn’t that she hated her life, Lillian just wasn’t sure that she had one. She could even see a certain pleasure in both of her parent’s devotions. The brain was fascinating, the way that it whispered secrets and burbled like a brook, though Doctor Mother always made it seem so malleable, so easily controlled. Music was Lillian’s passion, but it her life it was controlled, the right pieces at the right time, rather than something to be enjoyed.
Lillian’s mind began to drift again over her day. 0 Hour class with dawn, followed by a quick blur of classes, one after another. Lunch was in a quiet corner, working rather than blathering about. Lillian had heard something that made her ears burn bright with embarrassment. It seemed so simple, so juvenile, but being denied it made the differences all the more clear. Someone she didn’t even know was remarking how she was ‘soooo like embarrassed that her Mother spent hours talking about puberty.’ Lillian thought on her own experience- Doctor Mother smelling it in the air and demanding an oral dissertation the next day. Grandmama would have been different, though the chance was denied her. She missed her Grandmother so much, the warmth that she provided with her wrinkled eyes like dark raisins. Lillian’s eyes glanced across the room again at the dusty old tome on her shelf, hidden behind the trophies. “All things have their time, and now is the time for work.”
Mark had smiled at her in study hall, not that Lillian would have time for a boyfriend. Good thing too as when Lillian woke up to the possibility, the far more attractive Kelly was standing behind her. It was worse in chess club. Lillian had won every game today but it was a shallow victory. The boys’ attentions weren’t on the game, but instead on her chest. Weak, simple minded..but maybe, just maybe, it was one of the few shows of honesty that she had seen in the day. Tomorrow would be another club, another class, something more to pad her resume for the colleges when the time came. It was all part of the Plan.
Dinner was with Doctor Mother and Father again. Tonight, they had guests and she was once more a trophy. Shined and polished, presented to the guest as a prize, valued not for who was as a person but such an accomplishment for Doctor Mother. Afterwards, more time for homework and practice and study. It would go late into the night only to be repeated again the next day.

Relationships: Lillian is highly attached to Doctor Mother and Father.
Responsibility: While she lives by the Plan, she also very much wants to be her own person. If given a chance, she is likely to go wild with the new found freedom.
Less Perfect Than You Think: Pretty, smart, musically gifted.. alone and desperate.
Addiction: The pills that Doctor Mother gives her may be something more sinister.
Presuper sheet (30 pts):
Atributes (14): Str 0, Sta 0, Agi 0, Dex 0, Fgt -1, Int 4, Awe 2, Pre 2
Abilities (8): Expertise: Academics 3, Music 3, Games 3, Technology 3, Treatment 3, Vehicles 1
Advantages (4): Attractive, Connected, Eidetic Memory, Great Endurance
Powers (4): immunity: fatigue effects, partial (2.5), quickness 3: schoolwork only (1.5)

Metahuman (75 pts):
Inspiration: Divine awareness within a human skull: “It's all part and partial, the whole Genie gig. Phenomenal cosmic powers...itty-bitty living space.” An unhealthy dose of the Lady of Shalott and Cassandra in there.
New complications:
Shattered Mirror: Lillian is barely able to understand her rapidly changing perceptions of the world much less make sense of them. She uses some of Doctor Mother’s medications to apply the correct ‘lenses’ over her visions so that she can better understand.
Outcast: Lillian’s reactions to her perceptions makes her appear to be mentally unstable. Doctor Mother wants to make sure that her daughter receives the proper treatment.
Super sheet “Spectrum” (30 pts):
Attributes (30): Str 0, Sta 0, Agi 0, Dex 0, Fgt -1, Int 7, Awe 7, Pre 2
Abilities (19): Expertise: Academics 3, Music 3, Magic 7*, Games 3, Investigation 4, Perception 7, Technology 3, Treatment 7, Vehicles 1
Advantages (4): Attractive, Eidetic Memory, Great Endurance, Artificer*, Ritualist*, Improved Init 3 (+12)
* Grandmother’s journal
Powers (4): immunity: fatigue effects, partial (2.5), quickness 3: schoolwork only (1.5), sharing the Vision (2, Affliction 2, will based, dazed, stunned, unaware), synesthesia (2, variable descriptor 2 senses), variable sense powers (25, limited, uncontrolled, 25 points at a time)

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Re: All the colors of the Spectrum

Postby Spectrum » Tue Sep 11, 2012 9:01 am

*pant pant pant* Finished with all the characters I've worked on so far.

Thanks if you've read this far.


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Re: All the colors of the Spectrum

Postby Spectrum » Tue Sep 11, 2012 4:23 pm

Adding this Street level character as a saved seed of a character while I clean up my mailbox:

'Retired' Economic Hit Man

Inspirations: Confessions of an Economic Hit Man ( ... ic_Hit_Man), Michael Westen from Burn Notice (, Amerika from Rammstein ( and numerous espionage movies.

Basic background story: You've heard the story a dozen times, young man goes into the intelligence field to serve the American way, God and Coca Cola. Served as an 'economic adviser' to several developing countries, concentrating what little money was available into a few hands, putting everyone else further into debt and making them even more independent upon First World nations, and America in particular. Very good a his job until a classic story of love, betrayal and revenge ending in his 'retirement' from the service. He has recently come back to the US and is applying his skills as a freelancer as well as trying to make the world a better place.

General build: Very skilled at trade craft, some passing knowledge of small arts, and a very good head for social and economic hacking- knowing just the levers to push to get the results that he wants. Might have some psychic/supercharismatic abilities.

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