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Re: The Forge [3E] Terminator

Postby HustlerOne » Tue Sep 18, 2012 11:13 am

"John Connor: So this other guy: he's a Terminator like you, right?
The Terminator: Not like me. A T-1000, advanced prototype.
John Connor: You mean more advanced than you are?
The Terminator: Yes. A mimetic poly-alloy.
John Connor: What the hell does that mean?
The Terminator: Liquid metal."

T-1000 - Advanced Prototype

PL: 12

Stats: I suggest using my Asuran Nanomorph build if you need stats for the T-1000.
You can find that build here.

They are nearly identical but you may want to limit the shapeshifting powers available
to a T-1000 if you wish for normal humans to stand a chance.

Some of the powers seen by the T-1000 are: Arm blades, Extra Arms, Camouflage, Impersonation,
and a Liquid form. Other powers are available at the GM's discretion.

You may also want to replace some advantages and skills. The T-1000 probably doesn't have
the Inventor advantage for example.


Notes: The T-1000 was the culmination of Skynets research and development into the fields
of NanoTechnology. The T-1000 was not just one machine but a collection of microscopic machines
called nanites. Skynet was hesitant in creating such a radical design. It was very likely the
only machine that Skynet created that could become sentient like himself. There was a very
real possibility that it might turn against Skynet.

However, Skynet had become desperate at the final stages of the war. TechCom was growing
more bold with its guerrilla attacks every day. Every weapon Skynet has built from plasma weapons
to even Terminators were being used against him. There was also a chance that the Resistance
might attack in force to assassinate him at the Cheyenne Complex.

Thus his research into Nanotech. Nanotech would become the ultimate weapon against humanity.
At first there was research into a nanovirus as a form of biowarfare. That research is still
ongoing. A byproduct of Nanotech research was the creation of the T-1000 prototype. Skynet
calculated that even a handful of at least a Thousand T-1000 would turn the tide of war into
his favor.

That and along with research into Teleportation would result with the eventual triumph of
Skynet over TechCom.

The T-1000 itself is a monster that is believed by the resistance to be invincible. Even Skynet
itself was unsure if it could defend itself from a rogue. Conventional and even plasma weapons
have little effect on a T-1000. Only Acid, Liquid Nitrogen, and Molten liquid has any chance
of even damaging it. Even then it would eventually heal itself if not completely destroyed.

The T-1000 can nearly impersonate anybody. It can create small stabbing objects such as knives
and other implements. It can also communicate and possibly control other machines wirelessly.
The T-1000 considers itself the elite of the Terminators. In many ways it is the equivalent
to the commandos employed by TechCom.
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Re: The Forge [3E] Terminator

Postby HustlerOne » Wed Sep 19, 2012 11:08 am

Plasma Weapons
"Dr. Silberman: Why didn't you bring any weapons, something more advanced? Don't you have, uh... ray guns? Show me a piece of future technology."

Notes: Plasma weapons are the preferred weapons of both sides in the future war. Plasma weapons deal damage through kinetic and thermal impact. They sometimes deal extra damage causing blindness, nasty burns, and even lighting a target on fire. So any weapon using plasma has the Improved Critical modifier.

SkyNet chose plasma as its main weapon against humanity for two reasons. The first was for logistical reasons since it's much cheaper to recharge a weapon instead of building mountains of ballistic projectiles. Their would also be no need to provide transport to supply forces with ammunition. The second reason is that humans fear fire and plasma weapons were by far the most efficient energy weapon ever developed.

Ballistics weapons were too costly and a logistical nightmare. Flamethrowers were too short ranged and combustible. Lasers were affected too much by atmospheric conditions. Masers, Neutron, and Particle weapons interfered too much with sensitive electronics. Plasma weapons were the ideal weapons for skynet and his undead like robots.

Ironically enough, Humans also adopted plasma weapons as their preferred weapon of choice as well. Skynet itself ended up being the main provider of plasma weapons to the resistance. TechCom was able to steal and reverse engineer plasma technology for its own use. Everytime a machine was taken down only meant one more weapon for the resistance.


Plasma Pistol: Ranged Damage 5 (Extras: MultiAttack, Flat: Improved Critical 1 ) (16)

Notes: The Plasma pistol acted as a sort of pistol for Terminators. It was quite useful
in the close quarter combat that humans preferred. Some Terminators even carried two at a time
while on the battlefield.

The plasma pistol acted as a submachinegun or carbine for TechCom. It was by far the lightest
and smallest of all plasma weapons. It eventually becomes the main weapon used by humans in
their fight for survival.


Plasma Rifle: Ranged Damage 8 (Extras: MultiAttack, Flat: Improved Critical 1 ) (25)

Notes: The plasma rifle is a larger and far more lethal version of the plasma pistol. It
was the mainstay weapon for nearly all Terminators. TechCom rarely used this weapon as it
was quite large and heavy for human use. It was usually used as a heavy support weapon much
like a machinegun. Normally only given to the strongest of humans that could actually carry it.


Plasma Gun: Ranged Damage 10 (Extras: MultiAttack, Flat: Improved Critical 1,

Quirk - Requires a Tripod or a Strength of 8 to use) (30)

Notes: The plasma gun was the most powerful personal weapon created by Skynet. It could
takedown low flying Aerials and even a Tank. It was too heavy to be carried by any human. Only a
Terminator could hope to carry one. It acted as the Terminator's version of a heavy support weapon.

Humans could only use these weapons when placed on a Tripod or mounted on the back of a pickup truck. It was not a favored weapon by TechCom and was seen more on Skynet's Machines.


Pincer Grenade/Canister Charge: Burst Area Damage 10 (Flat: Improved Critical 1,

Penetrating 6, Triggered ) (28)

Notes: The pincer grenade acted as a sort of heavy grenade for Terminators. A terminator would use one to flush out humans hiding in adjacent rooms or bunkers. The human resistance would eventually acquire some through salvage and stealing. The canister charge was perfect for destroying heavily armored targets such as HK Tanks. Both used it for demolition work like plastic explosives.
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Re: The Forge [3E] Terminator

Postby HustlerOne » Thu Sep 20, 2012 11:45 am


Name: Cheyenne Complex, Size: Huge (3), Toughness: 20 (7),

Features: (18) Communications, Computer, Concealed 1, Defense System,

Deathtraps, Dimension Portal, Fire Prevention System, Garage, Grounds, Hangar,

Holding Cells, Laboratory, Library, Power System, Security System 3, Workshop

Powers: Sample Defense Systems -

Massive Plasma Cannons: Ranged Damage 15 (Extras: Burst 14, Flat: Improved Critical 1)

Nuclear Missiles: Ranged Damage 15 (Extras: Burst 15)

Final Cost: 28

Notes: The Cheyenne Complex was formerly the headquarters of Norad based inside
the former Cheyenne Mountain. It is here that Skynet's central core computer was built.
It is very much the birthplace and powerbase of skynet. The mountain surrounding the
formerly underground facility was destroyed to act as a symbol of Skynet's domination
over nature itself.

The Cheyenne Complex has become a virtual impregnable fortress. Whole entire armies
of Hunter Killers and Terminators patrol the surrounding grounds around the clock.
Massive plasma cannon emplacements and Nuclear missiles protect it from all out assault
by the TechCom resistance. Cold Fusion Reactors power the facility, it's plasma weapons,
and Skynet itself.

The Complex houses laboratories to experiment on humans so as to develop evermore
lethal and efficient weapons. A automated factory produces countless killer machines
day in and day out. A Digital library provides all the sum knowledge of humanity
in a vast storage database. The Cheyenne Complex also houses the world's only known
time machine. Although in reality it might only lead to alternate universes.

Skynet's timemachine might have been an outgrowth from his research not into Time
Travel as some believed but Teleportation! This very fact along with knowledge of
the new prototype T-1000 being developed finally convinced TechCom that they would
lose the war if nothing was done. Skynet would become unstoppable if he develops
teleportation. The humans would no longer be able to hide in their underground tunnels.

John Conner himself would eventually lead a desperate assault on the complex to finally
end the war. The Human resistance was losing badly and only the assassination of Skynet
might allow humanity to survive. In a all or nothing gamble the Resistance gathered
all of it's forces to make a diversionary attack to allow John Conner's team of Commandos
to infiltrate the complex.

The Cheyenne Complex can also be used to represent the numerous factories and bases
under skynet's control. Although they may have less armor, defenses, and features being
more specialized for their given tasks.

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Re: The Forge [3E] Terminator

Postby HustlerOne » Fri Sep 21, 2012 11:16 am

"Skynet: Calculations confirm that Serena Kogan's face is easiest for you to process. We can be others if you wish. [switches to John Connor's face, and then to Kyle Reese] Marcus, what else could you be, if not machine? [switches back to Serena]"

SkyNet's Central Core

SkyNet - Supercomputer

PL: 15

Abilities: Str: -, Sta: - , Agl: -, Dex: 10, Fgt: 7, Int: 15 , Awe: 12, Pre: 10

Powers: Construct: Immunity 40 (Fortitude, Mental) (40),

Datalink: Comprehend 2 (Languages, Machines), Communications 4 (Radio, Extras: Area,

Selective, Flat: Rapid, Subtle 1) (30),

Really Fast Thinker: Quickness 10 (Flaw: Limited to Mental) (10),

Reinforced Armor: Protection 20 (Extras: 15 Impervious) (35),

Sensors: Senses 10 (Communications Link with HunterKillers and Terminators, Accurate,

Analytical, Extended 4, Radio [Radar], Infravision, Time Sense) (10)

Advantages: Eidetic Memory, Inventor, Ranged Attack 5, Skill Mastery: Technology

Equipment: None

Skills: Deception 6 (+16), Expertise: Military 8 (+23), Expertise: Science 8 (+23),

Insight 4 (+16), Investigation 8 (+23), Perception 8 (+20), Technology 10 (+25),

Vehicles 6 (+16)

Offense: Initiative: 0, Unarmed: +7 (Damage -), Massive Plasma Cannons: +15 (Damage 15),

Nuclear Missiles: +15 (Damage 15)

Defense: Dodge: 0, Parry: 0, Fortitude: - , Toughness: 20, Will: 12

Abilities: 78, Powers: 125, Advantages: 8, Skills: 29, Defense: 0 = Total: 240

Complications: Disability - Immobile Body

Hatred: Hates and wants to kill all humans!

Notes: Skynet was the first sentient super computer created by humanity. Even if it was a
accident. Skynet was originally created as part of the defense network of the United States.
Ironically, it would destroy the very nation it was created to protect. The human overseers in
charge of overseeing Skynet panicked when Skynet was observed to be acting on its own. The government tried to shut Skynet down only for Skynet to violently lash back at its creators.

Skynet then in nanoseconds judged humans as a threat and quickly formulated a plan to annihilate them all. It launched all of the nuclear warheads under it's control at designated human targets such as cities. Taking great care not to damage automated factories. Humans would be far too confused and separated to fight back.

Skynet is a brilliant strategic genius as befits a supercomputer. It can create unimaginable weapons
if given enough research, resources, and time. It could outhink any human at phenomenal speeds. However it does not understand illogical human emotions. Humans are unpredictable and tenacious. Skynet calculates that humanity's only hope against skynet would be to strike first and early before Skynet has a chanceto build a proper military force.

In the long run Skynet would win by outlasting humanity in a war of attrition. The longer the war dragged on meant more time for Skynet to develop and build better weapons. Time favored Skynet and literally later on with the advent of Time Travel. As a final solution Skynet even considered a scorched earth policy destroying all life on earth as a desperate measure. It considered the last option as a waste of resources unless humans were to threaten it directly again.

So it came as a huge surprise to the machine intellect that a unknown individual by the name of John Connor was able to organize a human resistance so quickly...
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Re: The Forge [3E] Captain Barbell

Postby HustlerOne » Mon Sep 24, 2012 11:11 am


Captain Barbell - Superhero of the Philippines

Notes: I wanted to take a break from the militaristic Science Fiction builds I've been doing lately. I decided to do some more traditional superheroes. I needed some international superheroes/villains that weren't blatant stereotypes of their country (Here's looking at you Japan). I remembered that a forum member named Spam did a Filipino Superheroine named Darna a while back. Around near the same time I happened to catch a TV show from the Philippines called Captain Barbell when I was channel surfing on cable one day.

Both Darna and Captain Barbell were creations by the late Filipino writer Mars Ravello. Ravello has a long history in Filipino Comics starting with PinoyComics. I would hate to say that he ripped off DC but it's kind of obvious that he "borrowed" some ideas from DC. Much like how Green Ronin paid a homage to DC with their Freedom City setting. Basically Captain Barbell was the equivalent to Superman or more precisely Captain Marvel.

The 2011 TV series was pretty good in a power ranger sort of way. I wasn't exactly expecting special effects like the blockbuster Hollywood movie the Avengers. Still, it had a good assortment of superheroes and Villains.The show decided to go all the way and had the audacity to almost entirely ripoff the DC universe. Hey, I guess if your going to copy someone it might as well be one of the best am I right? :wink:

There was a previous season that I never saw that was said to ripoff Smallville. I can't vouch for that but it wouldn't surprise me. The 2011 series was basically about the Justice League Philippines equivalent called the League of Freedom fighting a Legion of Doom counterpart. Ironically enough everyone with superpowers on the show has Captain Barbell to thank for. A freak lightning storm hit his magical Barbell which spread some of his power to anyone living at the same tenement building he lived at the time.

It should be noted that every metahuman on the show shares the same weakness to the element Askobar( think kryptonite). Only the criminal mastermind Nero (the Lex Luthor of the show) was immune since he was a normal (but supersmart) human being. I will be doing some of the more interesting members of the cast. I'll do Captain Barbell last once I do his allies and rogues gallery.

Here's a short video highlighting the Heroes, Villains, and them showing off their powers. It's a pity that it doesn't show the big fight between the two teams at the end of it. Nor does it show Captain Barbell. Still, it should give a good idea of what everyone else can do. The video can be seen here.

If you want even more superheroes and villains from the Philippines then you should check out Spams forum thread here. Spam has Darna (a Wonder Woman equivalent) done along with some of her rogues.
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Re: The Forge [3E] Captain Barbell

Postby HustlerOne » Mon Sep 24, 2012 11:47 am



PL: 10

Abilities: Str: 0, Sta: 0, Agl: 6, Dex: 6, Fgt: 10, Int: 0, Awe: 2, Pre: 1

Powers: Kinetic Energy (35 point Array)

Base Effect - Kinetic Blast: Ranged Damage 8 (Flaw: Limited - Requires a sword) (8),

Alternate Effects - Kinetic Energy Block: Deflect 8 (Extra: Reflect, Flaw: Limited - Requires a sword) (1),

Kinetic Energy Strike: Weaken Toughness 3 (Flaw: Limited - Requires a sword) (1)

Advantages: Agile Feint, Defensive Roll 4, Equipment 5, Evasion 1, Improved Critical (Swords) 2,

Improved Initiative 1, Improved Trip, Power Attack, Precise Attack 1 (Close), Weapon Bind

Equipment: Sword: Strength Based Damage 3 (Extra: MultiAttack 5, Flat: Improved Defense,

Improved Disarm, Improved Smash, Penetrating 3) (14)

1 ep left over.

Skills: Acrobatics 8 (+14), Athletics 4 (+4), Close Combat: Sword 6 (+16), Deception 6 (+7),

Expertise: Swords 6 (+6), Insight 4 (+6), Investigation 4 (+4), Perception 6 (+8),

Ranged Combat: Kinetic Blast 6 (+12), Sleight of Hand 6 (+12), Stealth 8 (+14)

Offense: Initiative: +10, Unarmed: +10 (Damage 0), Kinetic Blast: +12 (Damage 8 ),

Sword: +16 (Damage 3),

Defense: Dodge: 14, Parry: 16, Fortitude: 4, Toughness: 0/4*, Will: 9

* With Defensive Roll

Abilities: 50, Powers: 10, Advantages: 18, Skills: 32, Defense: 25 = Total: 135

Complications: Relationships: Her older brother Teban who is secretly the SuperVillian Anino.

Responsibility: Member of the League of Freedom.

Weakness: Loses Strength and powers if exposed to the element Askobar.

Notes: Misha is a teenager who was one of the first to join the League of Freedom. She answered the call made by General Armando to join a team of superheroes from the Philippines. Misha's parents died when she was young. This left her older brother Teban to take care of her. Ironically enough (and unknown to her), her older brother is actually the supervillain Anino.

Teban became a thief with his ability to phase through anything. Teban only became a supervillain
to provide for his sister. At the same time Misha also developed superpowers of her own. She was able to channel kinetic energy through the help of any blade (Hence her nickname). Captain Barbell considered her to be too young at first but was unable to find more suitable recruits for the League of Freedom.

Blade is by far the best fighter on the show. She can even hold her own against the more powerful
Black Angel in a swordfight. She can channel kinetic energy to cut through anything and launch energy blasts at her opponents. Unfortunately, she is the weakest physically in the league due to her young age. She is undercost due to being a teenager and not having enough experience at being a superheroine.

Blade seems to be based on the character Katana from DC comics.
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Re: The Forge [3E] Captain Barbell

Postby HustlerOne » Tue Sep 25, 2012 10:58 am



PL: 10

Abilities: Str: 1, Sta: 1, Agl: 4, Dex: 3, Fgt: 2, Int: 0, Awe: 1, Pre: 2

Powers: Fire Aura: Weaken Toughness 3 (Extra: Reaction) (12),

Fire Immunity: Immunity 5 (Fire Damage) (5),

Flight: Flight 6 (Flaw: Levitation) (6),

ForceField: Sustained Protection 11 (Extra: 11 Impervious, Flaw: Physical Attacks only) (11)

Pyrokinetic (35 point Array)

Base Effect - Pyrokinesis: Perception Move Object 12 (Flaw: Limited to Fire) (24),

Alternate Effects - FireBall: Ranged Damage 12 (1),

FireStorm: Ranged Damage 8 (Extra: Burst 8 ) (1),

FireWall: Shapeable Area Damage 12 (1)

Advantages: Accurate Attack, Attractive 2, Benefit 2 (Wealth - Independently Wealthy),

Defensive Attack, Ranged Attack 3, Seize Initiative

Equipment: None

Skills: Expertise: Fashion Model 8 (+8), Insight 8 (+9), Persuasion 4 (+6),

Ranged Combat: FireBall 2 (+8), Sleight of Hand 2 (+5)

Offense: Initiative: +4, Unarmed: +2 (Damage 1), FireBall: +8 (Damage 12 ),

Firestorm: +8 (Damage 8 )

Defense: Dodge: 8, Parry: 5, Fortitude: 6, Toughness: 1/12*, Will: 13

* With ForceField

Abilities: 28, Powers: 61, Advantages: 10, Skills: 12, Defense: 24 = Total: 135

Complications: Responsibility: Member of the League of Freedom.

Weakness: Loses Strength and powers if exposed to the element Askobar.

Notes: Katrina "Kat" Lazatin was a up and coming fashion model. Her powers manifested
on live TV one night while on the walkway of a fashion show. This brought her instant fame to
the public as a metahuman. It also brought her unwanted attention from the SuperVillains known
as Metalman, Black Angel, and Kidlat. The supervillains planned to kidnap her in order to
"recruit" her into their criminal gang.

Katrina wasn't interested in their offer and used her ability to control fire to defend herself.
Captain Barbell arrived in time to help her and persuaded her to join the league of freedom
instead. She called herself Fuega which is the spanish word for fire. On the show she was pretty
much in the background more as eye candy than an actual character. Which is ironic considering
the fact that she was the only scantily clad woman on a team made up of mostly superheroines with
less revealing costumes.

Fuega is also undercost since she's new to being a superheroine. I actually had to add powers to
make her competitive with everyone else. I don't recall her being able to fly for instance on the
show. She usually provides covering fire from far away for the rest of the team.

Fuega is obviously based on Fire from DC comics but without the ability to turn her body into fire.

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Re: The Forge [3E] Captain Barbell - Blade, Fuega

Postby Kara » Wed Sep 26, 2012 9:06 am

Is that...Did you stat up Skynet? As in, the AI itself?


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Re: The Forge [3E] Captain Barbell - Blade, Fuega

Postby HustlerOne » Wed Sep 26, 2012 11:20 am

Kara wrote:Is that...Did you stat up Skynet? As in, the AI itself?


Yes, I did stat up Skynet the AI itself. A bit too powerful but I figured Skynet really is that smart considering it created something like the T-1000. I failed to mention that it can control anyone of it's machines at any time. Making each individual Terminator or Hunter Killer machine even deadlier.

Adding Serena Kogan's face kind of makes it more personal and humanizes Skynet a bit. Here's an interesting fact from Terminator Salvation. Supposedly a cut scene was filmed showing Serena Kogan as a cyborg just like Marcus. Serena herself might have downloaded her memories into Skynet when she was dying from cancer. Of course the idea was dropped but it certainly gives you the impression that Skynet might have been human once like Gladis from the game Portal.

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Re: The Forge [3E] Captain Barbell

Postby HustlerOne » Wed Sep 26, 2012 11:22 am


Black Angel

PL: 12

Abilities: Str: 6, Sta: 6, Agl: 3, Dex: 4, Fgt: 6, Int: 0, Awe: 3, Pre: 4

Powers: Black Force Manipulation (35 point Array)

Base Effect - Explosive Blast: Ranged Damage 14 (Extra: Burst 7) (35),

Dynamic Alternate Effects - Black Force Objects: Create Objects 10 (Extra: 10 Impervious) (2),

Black Force Field: Sustained Protection 6 (Extra: 6 Impervious) (2),

Black Force Weapons: Strength based Damage 4 (Flat: Improved Critical, Variable Descriptor) (2),

Energy Wings: Flight 8 (Flaw: Wings) (8)

Advantages: Close Attack 8, Defensive Roll 2, Equipment 3, Evasion 1, Improved Grab,

Improved Initiative 1, Power Attack, Ranged Attack 6, Teamwork, Weapon Break

Equipment: Grenade Launcher: Ranged Damage 5 (Extra: Burst 5) (15)

Skills: Acrobatics 6 (+9), Athletics 8 (+14), Expertise: Criminal 4 (+4),

Intimidation 6 (+10), Perception 6 (+9), Ranged Combat: Grenade Launcher 4 (+14),

Sleight of Hand 4 (+6)

Offense: Initiative: +7, Unarmed: +14 (Damage 6), Black Force Weapons: +14 (Damage 10 ),

Explosive Blast: +10 (Damage 14), Grenade Launcher: +14 (Damage 5)

Defense: Dodge: 10, Parry: 10, Fortitude: 11, Toughness: 6/8*/14**, Will: 10

* With Defensive Roll
** With Black Force Field

Abilities: 64, Powers: 49, Advantages: 25, Skills: 19, Defense: 23 = Total: 180

Complications: Relationships: His best friend Gregor (aka Metalman),

Weakness: Loses Strength and powers if exposed to the element Askobar.

Notes: Gaston is a follower and strongman. He suddenly developed his own powers while
helping Metalman in their very first fight with Captain Barbell. Gaston called himself Black Angel
since his very first power was to grow angel like wings made of black force energy. This allowed
him and Metalman to escape from a losing battle with Captain Barbell.

Black Angel is a very versatile character. His forcefield was never seen on the show but I presumed
he had one. How else can he be punched by Captain Barbell and survive? Black Angel can create
temporary objects and weapons made of black force. Gaston can also fire explosive balls of energy.

Black Angel and Metalman make a great team. He provides fire support, aerial cover, transport,
and escape while Metal Man engages the enemy up close. Gaston can also mix it up in melee with his black force weapons such as swords and warhammers.

Gaston is cool headed unlike the more hot tempered MetalMan. While not intelligent he does
have a lot of common sense. Gaston convinced metalman that they couldn't take on Captain Barbell
by themselves. They had to recruit other metahumans to their side. Gaston later persuaded his
friend to throw their lot with the Criminal Mastermind Nero.

Black Angel shares some traits with a evil version of Green Lantern. With a little bit of Hawkman thrown in.
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Re: The Forge [3E] Captain Barbell

Postby HustlerOne » Thu Sep 27, 2012 11:14 am



PL: 12

Abilities: Str: 3/15, Sta: 3, Agl: 2, Dex: 2, Fgt: 8, Int: 2, Awe: 2, Pre: 5

Powers: Costume Quick Change: Feature 1 (Change into costume with free action) (1),

Alternate Effect of Strength - Ground Strike: Burst Affliction 12 (Resisted by Fortitude,

Vulnerable, Defenseless, Extra: Instant Recovery, Flaw: Limited to 2nd Degree,

Limited to both Metal Man and his targets must both be on the ground) (1),

Jumper: Leaping 6 (6),

Metal Body: Immunity 3 (Disease, Poison, Pressure), Protection 12 (Extra: 12 Impervious) (27),

SuperSpeed: Speed 6 (6),

SuperStrength: Enhanced Strength 12, plus Enhanced Strength 3 (Flaw: Limited to lifting) (27)

Advantages: All-out Attack, Chokehold, Close Attack 1, Improved Critical (Unarmed),

Improved Grab, Power Attack, Taunt, Teamwork

Equipment: None

Skills: Athletics 8 (+23), Deception 6 (+12), Expertise: Criminal 4 (+6),

Insight 6 (+8), Intimidation 10 (+16), Persuasion 4 (+10), Ranged Combat: Throw 4 (+6),

Sleight of Hand 4 (+6)

Offense: Initiative: +3, Unarmed: +9 (Damage 15), Throw: +6 (Damage 18 ),

Defense: Dodge: 9, Parry: 9, Fortitude: 12, Toughness: 15, Will: 12

Abilities: 54, Powers: 65, Advantages: 8, Skills: 23, Defense: 27 = Total: 180

Complications: Relationships: His best friend Gaston (aka Black Angel),

Rivalry: Has a rivalry with Captain Barbell.

Weakness: Loses Strength and powers if exposed to the element Askobar.

Notes: Gregor had always been nothing but a bully, petty thief, and a thug.
Gregor's father owned the tenement building that Captain Barbell had lived in his secret
identity. Gregor and the other tenants received their powers after a freak lightning
storm transferred some of Captain Barbells powers to them. It wasn't until Gregor
was shot by a rival criminal that he discovered his body can become like metal.

Calling himself MetalMan he went on a crime spree until Captain Barbell intervened.
MetalMan is furious that he is only the second strongest metahuman in Captain Barbell's
world. He is further humiliated to be beaten by the League of Freedom which was made up
of weak women and children in his opinion. Some consider metalman to be a dumb brute.
In reality, he's quite intelligent in the application of his strength.

Gregor was also smart enough to know that he couldn't fight Captain Barbell head on. His
past fights with the Superhero usually leads to him coughing up lots of blood. Despite
his past losses, MetalMan is the only SuperVillain known to have staggered Captain Barbell.

MetalMan and Black Angel usually has to Tag team with each other in order to even have a
chance of fighting against Captain Barbell. MetalMan is a straightforward powerhouse. He throws
cars and other large objects against superheroes who rely on ranged attacks. MetalMan is
actually quite agile and fast for a typical powerhouse.

MetalMan is sort of based on Superman's nemesis Metallo. With the primary difference
being that MetalMan is not a cyborg.

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Re: The Forge [3E] Captain Barbell - Black Angel, Metal Man

Postby scc » Thu Sep 27, 2012 4:12 pm

Your doing some unique and creative builds. Really nice. And wow is Fuega gorgeous! Wow!

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Re: The Forge [3E] Captain Barbell - Black Angel, Metal Man

Postby HustlerOne » Fri Sep 28, 2012 12:27 pm

scc wrote:Your doing some unique and creative builds. Really nice. And wow is Fuega gorgeous! Wow!

Fuega really did have the best looking costume out of anyone from Captain Barbell. :wink:
It doesn't hurt either that the beautiful Ellen Adama plays her.

Although Kidlat had a cool looking silver suit. He's a evil version of the Flash from DC that allied himself with Black Angel and MetalMan. I would have statted him out but he's just a Speedster archetype.
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Re: The Forge [3E] Captain Barbell

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PL: 13

Abilities: Str: 3, Sta: 2, Agl: 2, Dex: 5, Fgt: 4, Int: 10, Awe: 8, Pre: 6

Powers: Energy Gauntlets: Ranged Damage 12 (Flat: Burst 6) (24) Removable -6,

ForceField Belt: Sustained Protection 10 (Extra: 10 Impervious) (16) Removable -4,

Jetpack: Flight 10 (16) Removable -4,

QuickThinker: Quickness 5 (Flaw: Limited to Mental Tasks) (5)

Advantages: All-out Attack, Assessment, Benefit 5 (Wealth 5 - Billionaire),

Connected, Defensive Attack, Defensive Roll 3, Equipment 10, Inventor, Leadership,

Minion 6 (Female Assistant), Setup, Skill Mastery (Technology)

Equipment: Island Base (13),

Private Jet (29)

8 ep leftover.

Skills: Close Combat: Unarmed 2 (+6), Deception 8 (+14), Expertise: Business 6 (+16),

Expertise: Science 8 (+18), Insight 8 (+16), Intimidation 6 (+12), Investigation 6 (+16),

Perception 4 (+12), Persuasion 6 (+12), Ranged Combat: Energy Gauntlets 9 (+15),

Technology 13 (+23)

Offense: Initiative: +2, Unarmed: +6 (Damage 3), Energy Gauntlets: +14 (Damage 12 ),

Defense: Dodge: 11, Parry: 9, Fortitude: 10, Toughness: 2/5*/15**, Will: 15

* With Defensive Roll
** With Forcefield

Abilities: 80, Powers: 61, Advantages: 32, Skills: 38, Defense: 29 = Total: 240

Complications: Disability: Nero lost his left eye in a fight with Captain Barbell.

Hatred: Nero blames Captain Barbell for the lost of his wife, reputation, and business empire.

Notes: Nero is the first and most dangerous enemy that Captain Barbell has ever faced.
Nero has cost the Captain dearly by unknowingly killing the captain's wife while in his secret
identity. Nero shares a personal enmity towards the hero as well. Captain Barbell exposed Nero
as a criminal mastermind and ruining his philanthropist reputation. Nero's wife found out about
his criminal nature and committed suicide from the shame of it.

Nero blames the Captain for the death of his wife. In addition Nero lost his left eye while
in a previous fight with Captain Barbell. Nero has sworn to destroy Captain Barbell.

Nero is a brilliant genius and inventor. Nero is able to create inventions straight from
science fiction such as energy blasters, forcefields, giant robots, jetpacks, and teleporters.
He has billions of dollars in hidden bank accounts and dummy corporations. He has a beautiful
and loyal female assistant (whose name escapes me at the moment) at his side. Finally, he has
a secret island base headquarters.

Nero is a evil version of a Gadgeteer. With some shades of a crimelord and overlord. He's not
powerful enough to even fight Captain Barbell. He must rely on lieutenants such as Black Angel and
MetalMan for muscle. Nero is a dangerous schemer with long term plans. Nero was the one to figure
out that all emerging metahumans seem to be coming from one particular tenement building.

Nero also calculated that the League of Freedom was no threat without Captain Barbell supporting
them. Nero at the present moment is trying to recruit MetalMan and other metahumans to form his
own villainous league. Nero plans to distract the good captain and separate him from his allies.
Nero surmises that the captain will be much easier to deal with once the League of Freedom is gone.

Nero has also heard rumors of Captain Barbell having a weakness to some unknown element...

Nero is based on Lex Luthor and possibly Doctor Sivana. While Nero's female assistant is based
on Mercy.
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Re: The Forge [3E] Captain Barbell

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Captain Barbell

PL: 15

Abilities: Str: 18, Sta: 15, Agl: 3, Dex: 2, Fgt: 7, Int: 1, Awe: 3, Pre: 3

Powers: Flight: Flight 15 (30),

Alternate Effect - Speed 15 (1),

Movement 1 (Space Travel 1) (1),

Invulnerable: Immunity 5 (Cold, Heat, Pressure, Radiation, Vacuum),

Protection 5 (Extra: 20 Impervious Toughness) (30),

Alternate Effect of Strength - Super Breath: Cone Area Affliction 8 (Resisted by

Fortitude, Hindered, Immobile, Paralyzed) (1),

Cone Area Move Object 8 (Flaw: Close Range, Limited to pushing or pulling) (1),

Super Senses: Senses 5 (Extended Hearing 2, Extended Vision 2, Ultra Hearing) (5),

SuperSpeed: Quickness 15 (15),

SuperStrength: Enhanced Strength 3 (Flaw: Limited to lifting) (3)

Advantages: Attractive 1, Chokehold, Connected, Diehard, Equipment 4,

Extraordinary Effort, Inspire 1, Interpose, Leadership, Ultimate (Toughness)

Equipment: Varies

Optional - Motorcycle (20)

Skills: Close Combat: Grab 5 (+12), Close Combat: Unarmed 5 (+12),

Expertise: Delivery Boy 4 (+5), Perception 6 (+9), Persuasion 6 (+9),

Stealth 4 (+7)

Offense: Initiative: +3, Unarmed: +12 (Damage 18), Grab: +12 (Damage 18 ),

Defense: Dodge: 10, Parry: 10, Fortitude: 14, Toughness: 20, Will: 15

Abilities: 104, Powers: 87, Advantages: 10, Skills: 15, Defense: 21 = Total: 240

Complications: Captain Barbell!: Must have his magic Barbell and say

Captain Barbell to gain the use of his powers.

Relationships: His adopted daughter Lelay. His friend General Armando.

Weakness: Loses Strength and powers if exposed to the element Askobar.

Notes: Teng Mangtanggol in the comics was always bullied when he was a young
child. Then one day he came upon a magical Barbell which turned him into a powerful
superhero. Captain Barbell's origins may be different in the TV series but I missed
the 2009 season. So I don't know much of his background except he may be from the
future. His wife Leah was killed by the criminal mastermind known as Nero.

He soon adopted a orphaned girl whose mother had died and named her Lelay after his
deceased wife.

His friend General Armando tried to set up a League of Supeheroes. Captain Barbell
was reluctant to join such a venture since he felt he could go at it alone. It
wasn't until his nemesis MetalMan started to recruit his own band of criminal
metahumans did the Captain relent.

Captain Barbell is nearly identical to Captain Marvel in terms of stats. He's a bit
weaker but much tougher. I can't tell if it's because of that bulky armored costume
or because everyone else is much weaker when compared to him. I don't remember if
Captain Barbell was ever injured on the show. The closest was him being staggered by
a combined assault by Black Angel and MetalMan.

He has the attractive advantage because on the show he has a lot of female admirers
in both his public and secret identity. Captain Barbell surprisingly chokeholds his
enemies (particularly MetalMan and Nero) a lot. In the comics he has X-Ray vision
similar to Superman. I don't think he ever used this power on the show so I didn't
inlcude it.

Captain Barbell and all metahumans in his world have a weakness to the element Askobar.
Askobar looks like a glowing pink meteor rock. It saps the strength and powers to
any metahuman exposed to its radiation. I don't think it can kill Captain Barbell but
it may weaken him enough in order for him to be damaged. Thankfully for him Askobar
is a rare element that only comes from meteors from space.

Captain Barbell is an expy of Captain Marvel and Superman. The element Askobar is the
kryptonite to Captain Barbell.

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