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Ophion's Character Portfolio

Postby Ophion » Thu Mar 24, 2011 6:45 am

This is just me, posting my characters so that I can keep track of them easily. Feel free to browse as you please.

I'll be editing this first post to include links to each character as I add them.

Character List:
Lorelai Yevtushenko
Alice Monahan (aka Cheshire)
Amanda Oshiro (aka Dropkick)

Ramble John Stacey (aka Mindstar)
John Walker
Kazuo Kanai (aka Kurusu)
James Winston (aka Aurelius)
Randall Urianhai (aka The Dragon)

Am I the only one who thinks it's weird how all of my 2e characters are women, while all of my 3e characters are men? :|
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Re: Ophion's Character Portfolio

Postby Ophion » Thu Mar 24, 2011 6:50 am

Ramble John Stacey/Mindstar (Freedom Force Campaign): Yes, that is his real name. :| This game may be defunct already, not sure. It's certainly on hiatus at the moment, but hopefully it'll pick back up again. I'll update this entry if/when the "not sure" status changes to either "back up and running" or "definitely defunct".

EDIT: Yeah, I'd say that this guy's campaign is "definitely defunct" now. Too bad, too. Oh well, maybe I can find another game for him somewhere along the line...

Character Writeup:

Personal Information:
Birth Name: Ramble John Stacey
Aliases: Ramble John, the Rambling Man, Stacey, Stace
Code Name: Mindstar
Identity: secret
Occupation: Information Broker, newly recruited ‘super-hero’
Legal Status: questionable…
Marital Status: single
Known Relatives: Father: Dylan Stacey; Mother: Elizabeth Stacey (deceased)
Concept: Conflicted scoundrel
Allegiances: none

Physical Traits:
Weight: 175 lbs.
Height: 6’1”
Age (apparent age): 42 (late 30’s, early 40’s)
Gender: male
Ethnic Background: Caucasian (English and Irish descent)
Nationality (place of origin): American
Eye Color: green
Hair Color: dark brown
Handedness: left
Appearance: Ramble John Stacey has always been good-looking, but as the years have passed he’s proven to be the sort of man who “ages well, like fine wine”, growing more attractive and sophisticated in appearance with each passing year. Stacey is almost always dressed very well, preferring dress shirts with optional ties over t-shirts and polos, and slacks with Oxford or Italian shoes rather than jeans and sneakers. Add in the cigarette that is frequently dangling from his lips and Ramble John is the virtual definition of the sophisticated rogue.

Powers, Skills, and Personality:
Known Powers: Technically, none of Stacey’s powers are ‘known’ – at least not to the general public, anyway. However, rumors have begun to spread amongst certain circles, and of course those involved with the Albright Institute, where he’s been going for testing and treatment, know most of what there is to know.

Ramble’s powers are all psychokinetic in nature and are already extremely broad in scope, if somewhat limited in application. Though he technically achieves most of the effects of his power through the excitation of atomic or sub-atomic matter, the end result is that Stacey can generate and, to some degree, control various forms of energy with impressive results. At its simplest level, this involves inducing kinetic motion in objects remotely (traditional telekinesis), in order to move or lift them at range. Currently, Stacey finds this ability easiest to use by focusing it through his own physical form as a kind of ‘tactile telekinesis’, which effectively grants him prodigious strength and resistance to physical harm, while more advanced or subtle applications allow such things as flight or increased manual dexterity and the like.

The same basic power, however, can also increase or reduce the kinetic energy of the atoms that make up objects, in effect super-heating objects to the point of ignition or super-cooling them to the point of flash-freezing. Stacey can direct the effects of his psychokinesis below the atomic level, however, allowing him to direct and manipulate photons, electrons and other particles with varying degrees of efficacy and corresponding results. He has shown the ability to both generate and direct powerful electrical currents as well as the ability to generate directed pulses of electromagnetic radiation (essentially lasers), though not the ability to direct their behavior or course beyond this.

It remains to be seen whether or not Stacey’s psychokinetic abilities will extend into more esoteric applications such as teleportation or photo-manipulation, or if his powers will ever extend to cover a broader base of related abilities such as telepathy and the like.

Abilities/Special Skills: Ramble John Stacey’s actual skills (as opposed to his powers) are all directed towards tracking down, acquiring and disseminating the information that flows through the underground networks of every criminal society around the world. He is a master investigator and an expert at the goings-on of various criminal, black-market and gray-market groups, both within Freedom City and elsewhere. Additionally, while his personality does not dominate the room in the way that some might, he nonetheless possesses the skills and finesse to work a client or a crowd with aplomb, whether through persuasion or deception, and his naturally keen mind often picks up on things in his environment that the average man would easily miss.

Personality: If Stacey had only one flaw (which he doesn’t – he’s got loads of ‘em), it would be his general lack of a conscious. As ‘super-villains’ go, he’s not particularly evil, malicious, cruel, or even mean-spirited. He periodically investigates cases pro bono (though, admittedly, this generally only happens when the clients are extremely good-looking damsels in distress, or really hard-luck, low-income types who just want to find a missing child or parent). Hell, he’s even got something of a reputation amongst Freedom City’s homeless for being a man who usually does have change he can spare.

So no, Ramble’s really not all that evil, but he never suffers from a guilty conscious much, either. People hire him to find things out for them and he does, regardless of the client or the nature of the information and regardless of who’s likely to get hurt as a result of what he finds out; then he takes their money and goes his way. The fact that the first half of his clients operate on the wrong side of the law and use his information to further their illegal operations while the second half of his clients are in law enforcement and use the information he sells them to put the first half in prison is not something that Stacey has ever lost any sleep over.

Talking about Stacey’s personal life, away from work, is difficult, because he doesn’t really have much of a personal life to talk about. Stacey doesn’t sleep much (some would say ‘never’), works constantly and almost everyone he knows are either contacts or clients and he makes it a point not to get too close to any of them. He does have something like a professional friendship with a few associates, on both sides of the law, and he enjoys the occasional one night stand with a pretty woman from time to time.

Ramble drinks more than he should, smokes more than he should and sleeps less than he should. He’s always well-dressed (and stylishly so, at that), but with an unshaven and slightly haggard appearance. His keen intelligence and urbane sophistication are readily evident to all who know him, but his tendency to never feel (or at least to deeply repress) any guilt over his actions frequently causes him to be overly blunt or uncaring with his words.

In short, he’s a real jerk. But he’s the kind of jerk who has all the information you’re looking for and somehow manages to make you feel cooler just by having him around. Hating his guts for it is purely optional, and he won’t care either way.

Background: Ramble John Stacey was born in Freedom City’s West End district in 1969, the same year America put a man on the moon. As a child he witnessed the slow descent of the super-heroes’ status in the public eye and, as a teenager in the eighties, he witnessed their further descent as many heroes began using the same brutal, violent and often fatal methods as the super-villains they were supposedly protecting ‘normal folks’ like him from. Perhaps because of this, Ramble has never had much respect for ‘costumed crusaders’ and their ilk – though he’s never cared much for their counterparts, the costumed criminal, either.

Gifted with an extraordinarily intelligent and quick-witted mind, Ramble John largely coasted through school, learning more in his spare time than he ever did during classes. The lack of a challenge from his studies led to his looking elsewhere for something to keep his mind stimulated and by his late teens Stacey had already fallen in with the wrong sorts of crowds and was soon operating on the wrong side of the law as well. He was too smart – and lacking in physical toughness – to be a gangster, lacking in the violent impulses necessary to be much of a mafia-man in the making, and he found selling (or doing) drugs to be too risky, but he was good at keeping his ear to the ground, uncovering secrets, and knowing who was in the market to buy the information he had to sell.

When Stacey graduated from high school he chose to eschew college, as he had no interest in becoming a wage slave, a doctor, or a politician and he’d long since figured out that both cops and criminals like to think they’re smarter and better educated than their sources of information, which made a string of letters before one’s name more of a detriment than not.

By his early twenties, Ramble was the man to see if you wanted to know what was happening in the West End that people weren’t supposed to know about. By his early thirties, he was the man to see for street-level, up-to-the-minute information on what was happening anywhere in Freedom. In the years that followed, Stacey’s reputation for being able to reliably provide even extremely sensitive and hard to come by information – for the right price – brought him into contact with increasingly higher levels of society, both criminal and perfectly legal. By the middle of the first decade of the new millennium he was even doing semi-regular and very lucrative business directly with costumed heroes and villains (though he still didn’t think much of either).

Then came the latest invasion from the Terminus. Though the previous efforts by Omega to invade and destroy Freedom City had been devastating, this time it had hit Ramble John in a way that was personal. The area of the city he was living in at the time played host to some of the fighting, turning his home into a warzone and forcing him to run for his life along with everyone else while superpowered demi-gods and monstrous entities from another dimension battled it out in the skies overhead. For the first time in his life, Stacey was directly exposed to the unnatural energies that such beings are capable of unleashing on the world, and it unleashed something within him, though it would be months before he realized it.

Far worse and infinitely more personal, however, was the death of his mother. The area of the West End where his parents had been living was also hit by the fighting and it had cost his mother her life. Ramble John’s lifestyle and choice of career paths had put a lot of strain on his relationship with his parents and he’d barely spoken with either of them in years. When he did, it was usually with his mother who, like most mothers, refused to completely give up on her ‘little boy’. And now she was dead and gone and there was nothing Stacey could do about it.

The funeral was the first time he and his father had spoken face-to-face in more than five years. The awkwardness was palpable, the experience unpleasant for both.

Within two months of the invasion’s aftermath Stacey began to develop metahuman psychokinetic abilities, usually accompanied by severe headaches. At first, it was little more than occasional bursts of physical strength or small objects flitting across the room and into his hands, followed by a lingering migraine. But his powers grew at a rapid and almost alarming rate until he ran out of things to try and physically lift and even automobiles floated easily into the air when he concentrated on the effort. Simultaneously, the headaches both lessened in severity and increased in duration. At first his newfound talents were entertaining and maybe even a little exciting, but they quickly became frightening in their scope and rapid growth and they were beginning to interfere with his work, so soon enough Stacey found himself being subjected to a battery of tests at the Albright Institute where it was confirmed that he was in fact a psychokinetic of not inconsiderable power.

It seemed that Stacey’ exposure to metahuman powers during the Terminus Invasion had sparked some latent potential within him, awakening psionic abilities that were – the doctors assured him – remarkable. Unfortunately, the tests uncovered more than just the nature of his powers. They also found a mass growing in his forebrain, nestled squarely between the two halves of his brain, at the junction of the frontal and temporal lobes of the cerebral cortex. It is not yet clear if the mass is malignant cancer or some manifestation of his newly metahuman nature, though the doctors have confirmed that it definitely isn’t a secondary tumor (cancer of the brain resulting from malignant cancer originating in some other portion of the body).

Its location makes it inoperable and early attempts at radiation therapy revealed that, unusually, the mass does not appear to be radiosensitive (easily damaged by radiation – normal, healthy tissue is not considered to be radiosensitive, unlike many forms of cancer). This, along with other evidence linking the mass with the first appearance of Ramble’s powers, have caused the doctors working on his case to consider the possibility that the mass is not actually cancerous, but may in fact be a developing metahuman organ that is itself the source of his developing psychokinetic talents. Albright’s doctors feel relatively certain at this point that the organ will eventually stabilize at a manageable size, allowing the brain tissue around it to adapt to the new addition, but they admit to the possibility that it might just continue to grow, putting ever increasing amounts of pressure on Stacey’s brain.

Regardless of the eventual outcome, Stacey’s overall health has suffered as a result of all this and periodic bouts of dizziness, blurred vision, loss of balance and nausea – while never lasting more than a few minutes at a time (so far) – have become almost commonplace over the past few months. This is in addition to the nearly constant headaches he suffers. Not surprisingly, Stacey’s business has suffered as well: between the distractions of his deteriorating health and the chaos the city is still pulling itself out of, Stacey has made some poor decisions of late.

Stacey has always been in the habit of not taking sides and of selling information to whoever was buying, while simultaneously maintaining an appropriate amount of discretion in who he took on as a client. But with the sudden vacuum created by the loss of so many of Freedom’s super-heroes, there are fewer checks on the criminals and super-villains in the city. Stacey has failed to properly take this into account, providing vital information to law enforcement agencies in recent months that has resulted in the arrests of several key criminal figures, mostly among the super-villain community. While this was a coup for the law enforcement agencies involved, it did not change the fact that there were still more criminals and villains left running free than there were superheroes and cops to deal with them. It has also led many within the super-villain community of Freedom City to arrive at the view (rightly or wrongly) that they could now afford to do without the edge that Stacey’s information brokering had provided them over the years. They have the upper hand now and his indiscriminating nature makes him just a liability. One that needs to be dealt with.

This is the position Ramble John Stacey now finds himself in. Business is bad, he feels like crap most days and the bills from the doctors are beginning to stack up, and there are now people – violent and powerful people – out to get him. Sure, he has the power fend most of those people off now, but that doesn’t help him with his health or with the steadily mounting bills and he knows that sooner or later his guard will go down and someone will get him.

Enter Fletcher Beaumont Jr., aka ‘Flintlock’, and his offer to join him on the soon-to-be-formed ‘Freedom Force’. Sure, it’s the most ludicrous-sounding offer Stacey’s been given in decades and it’ll probably mean occasionally having to wear ridiculous outfits in public, but it would also mean a measure of protection from the people out to get him (and possibly even the satisfaction of being one of the ‘heroes’ who gets to put them in prison) and help with paying all those medical bills, along with access to better and more advanced testing and treatment techniques. So while Stacey would rather laugh in Beaumont’s earnest face and loudly refuse his equally earnest offer, it's beginning to look like "the Ramblin’ Man" might just become one of Freedom City’s newest super-heroes…

Character Build

Strength 0 (10), Stamina 0, Agility 2, Dexterity 0, Fighting 0, Intellect 5, Awareness 6, Presence 3

Attractive 2, Connected, Contacts, Great Endurance, Improved Initiative, Well-informed

Close Combat (Unarmed) 6 (+6), Deception 4 (+7), Expertise (AWE) (Streetwise) 4 (+10), Expertise (Criminal) 5 (+10), Expertise (Current Events) 4 (+9), Insight 2 (+8), Intimidation 0 (+3), Investigation 10 (+15), Perception 0 (+6), Persuasion 7 (+10), Sleight of Hand 0 (+0/+9), Stealth 0 (+2/+9), Technology 2 (+7)

. . Dynamic Kinesis
. . . . Enhanced Trait 10 (Traits: Stealth +7 (+9), Sleight of Hand +9 (+9), Advantages: Hide in Plain Sight, Move-by Action; Subtle (subtle))
. . . . Flight 6 (Speed: 120 miles/hour, 1800 feet/round; Subtle (subtle))
. . . . Protection 8 (+8 Toughness; Subtle (subtle), Linked (Enhanced Trait 10))
. . Force Field
. . . . Create 6 (Volume: 60 cft., DC 16; Tether, Subtle 2 (invisible), Selective; Reduced Range (close))
. . . . Strength-based Damage 8 (DC 23; Subtle (subtle))
. . . . Protection 8 (+8 Toughness; Subtle (subtle), Linked (Create 6))
. . Psychokinesis (Energy Control)
. . . . Energy Control 10 (DC 25; Variable Descriptor 2 (broad group - Energy), Accurate 3 (+6); Diminished Range)
. . . . Protection 8 (+8 Toughness; Subtle (subtle))
. . Psychokinesis (Move Object)
. . . . Move Object 7 (3 tons; Increased Range (perception), Subtle (subtle), Variable Descriptor 2 (broad group - Energy))
. . . . Protection 8 (+8 Toughness; Subtle (subtle))
. . Tactile Telekinesis
. . . . Enhanced Strength 12 (Linked; +12 STR; Subtle 2 (undetectable); Limited to Lifting [2 ranks only])
. . . . Protection 8 (Linked (Enhanced Strength 12); +8 Toughness; Subtle (subtle))

**NOTE** Subtle: Most of Stacey's powers have a single rank of the Subtle extra and are only detectable through the use of an Accurate Mental sense. His Enhanced Strength and Create (Force Field) powers are completely undetectable, as noted above.

Initiative +6
Strength-based Damage 8, +6 (DC 23)
Energy Control 10, +6 (DC 25)
Grab, +0 (DC Spec 10)
Move Object 7 (DC 17)
Throw, +0 (DC 15)
Unarmed, +6 (DC 15/25)

Dodge 8
Parry 8
Fortitude 4
Toughness 0 (+8)
Will 10

We Found Something in the Scans... (Disability) Stacey's brain has developed a mass of unknown providence in an area the doctors consider to be inoperable. It has also proven resistant to early attempts to treat it via non-intrusive means and it may even be directly responsible for Stacey's newfound psychokinetic abilities. Regardless of its true nature, this mass puts considerable pressure on Stacey's brain, resulting in periodic bouts of dizziness, nausea, loss of balance and similar symptoms. It also causes him frequent and lingering headaches. Though these symptoms usually pose no obstacle to Ramble's day-to-day activities, he occasionally has "flare-ups" that inflict actual penalties on his actions (usually the Impaired condition on specific checks, but occasionally the Disabled or, rarely, even Debilitated conditions).

With Friends like These... (Responsibilities) Many of Stacey's former super-powered clients no longer do business with him now. The super-heroes because they're dead or gone after the Terminus Invasion; the super-villains because they've recently decided that "ol' Ramble John, over in the West End" is more of a threat these days than he is a help. And they aim to do something about it. The mob and other non-powered criminal elements still feel much the same about him as they always have, as does the city's law enforcement and even a minority of the city's super-villains, but this is small comfort.


Power Points
Abilities 32 + Powers 37 + Advantages 7 + Skills 22 (44 ranks) + Defenses 22 = 120

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Re: Ophion's Character Portfolio

Postby Ophion » Thu Mar 24, 2011 6:58 am

Lorelai Yevtushenko (Coyote Falls campaign): I really like this character; she's so sweet, and fun to write! That may just be me who thinks that, of course, but I'm entitled to my opinion, dangit! :P

Name: Lorelai Yevtushenko (usually called ‘Lori’)
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 685 lbs. (135 lbs. before the “Event”)
DoB: 04/27/1994
Gender: female
Ethnic Background: Caucasian
Nationality: American (family is originally from Czechoslovakia)
Eye Color: dark brown
Hair Color: chestnut
Handedness: right
Appearance (before the “Event”): Though not the bombshell that Katie Shepherd is, Lorelai is nonetheless quite attractive and her dedication to gymnastics and dance has provided her with a physique that only enhances this. Due to her complete obliviousness to this, however, Lori usually misses out on opportunities to maximize on this fact. Her clothing usually consists of loose jeans and blouses and, during the summer months, simple sundresses (which, admittedly, do look very nice on her). While she is proud of her hair, which is long and thick with soft curls and a natural bounce, and meticulous about keeping it clean and brushed, she does not bother to have it styled and usually just lets it hang loosely about her shoulders (the exception being when she is practicing gymnastics, during which times she will tie her hair back in a simple ponytail).

Appearance (after the “Event”): While her general appearance has not changed (people who knew her before the “event” would definitely recognize her afterwards), Lori’s level of attractiveness and sex appeal has shot through the roof. Unfortunately, she’s still completely oblivious to this fact. To some degree, this increase in physical beauty was certainly due to the softening of angles in some places and the filling out of existing curves in others, but for the most part the source of her enhanced beauty is very subtle and almost seems to be external. The light always seems to hit her just right, her hair always seems to fall just right, makeup just doesn’t seem necessary, and both her clothes and her person almost always appear to be absolutely immaculate. The combined effect can, at times, seem surreal but mostly it just looks really good.

Personality: While Lori’s physical grace is without equal, socially she can be a bit stiff and awkward – especially around boys – and is really quite shy. She is aware of her shyness and struggles daily to overcome it and not let others see, but her utter lack of insight into the minds of boys means that her efforts in this regard frequently go awry. When interacting with boys she thinks of as friends she frequently (and quite unwittingly) behaves in ways that make them think she's interested, while her best efforts at winning the attention of boys she likes usually end up making her seem standoffish or aloof.

Her natural grace and poise show in almost every movement Lori makes, as does her growing femininity, leading others who have only really observed her from a distance to the erroneous belief that she is an extremely confident and self-assured young woman, very much in touch with her physicality and burgeoning sexuality. In reality, she’s oblivious to her sexuality and so – not knowing it’s even there – does nothing to try and hide or downplay it (should she ever become aware of this about herself she would be mortified with embarrassment).

Though Lorelai experiences fewer "body issues" than most girls, she does have them occasionally, and she is very self-conscious about her perceived shortcomings as a person. Secretly, she wishes she had more in common with girls like Katie Shepherd with her social grace and poise, or Gail Sherlock with her obvious intelligence, creativity, and personal strength. In most respects, Lori is simply naïve to the ways of the world and most particularly to the mysterious interactions that take place between boys and girls. When Lori does feel comfortable enough to relax around others her personality reveals itself to be sweet, good-natured, goofily funny, often silly and (as the old expression goes) hopelessly romantic. What Lori has yet to realize is that, were she to ever let it truly shine, her personality would be the most attractive part about her.

Power Theme: Increased mass with a corresponding increase in strength, durability and mobility, as well as adaptability to external threats or changes in environment.

Too Hot to Touch: (not in effect until after the "event") Lorelai's increased weight has resulted in a corresponding increase in body temperature. Her current normal body temp is 112 F. This is nowhere near hot enough to burn someone or cause actual damage, but it is uncomfortably hot.

Oblivious: Lori remains completely unaware of the effect she has on boys (or anyone else who might be attracted to her). As such, she routinely misinterprets their behaviors - often wildly.

Motivation (Acceptance): Like so many other teenagers, Lori remains unaware of all she has to offer, leaving her feeling that she is 'different', 'dull', or any of a dozen other uncomplimentary descriptors. This feeling only increases after the "event", when she finds herself trapped in a body weighing several hundred pounds and uncomfortably hot to the touch. As a result, Lori struggles far harder than she needs to for acceptance and this periodically puts her in difficult situations and leads her to make less than wise decisions.

Motivation (Doing Good): (not in effect - fully - until after the "event") Lorelai is now stronger, faster and tougher than almost anyone. The more she learns about her new body and powers the more she comes to understand this. Having possessed a genuinely kind-hearted nature long before any of the recent and incredible events in her life, Lori can only arrive at the conclusion that she now has a responsibility to place herself between those weaker or frailer than herself (which is just about everyone now) and any danger or threat that might harm them.

Background: Lori’s father walked out on his family a little less than a month before Lori’s tenth birthday. Lori has always blamed herself for this, even though she knows – from a purely objective standpoint – that it’s really not her fault. But the heart is not a logical thing, and the feelings of guilt and abandonment that this event engendered in Lori are the root cause behind her inability to see herself as someone that is desirable or has something significant to offer to those around her. It also has a much to do with her decision to throw herself so completely into both gymnastics and dance. Through both she can interact with the world around her without having to get too close to people and risk them being disappointed in what they find.

Whether or not her decision was a good or a bad one, it has paid off in some measure, because Lori’s talents in both gymnastics and dance have reached a level that has her trainers talking about things like the Olympic tryouts and scholarships to exclusive dancing academies and good colleges all over the country. It’s reached the point where it’s almost more of a curse than a blessing for Lori, because she’s beginning to feel like there is a lot of pressure on her to choose between her dancing or her gymnastics and put the majority of her time and focus on whichever she chooses, leaving the other as “just a hobby”. The problem is that Lori loves both equally and can’t imagine setting either discipline aside.

Lori’s gym coach is a woman named Miranda Spencer. She runs Coyote Fall’s one and only gymnastics school and is, for such a small town, a very good coach all things considered. Miranda has taken a very personal interest in Lori’s career as a gymnast and is the one pushing her the hardest to start making some serious decisions about what she will be doing with her life (and of course, in Miranda’s mind the only right decision is one that involves gymnastics). The small town coach has dreams of seeing Lori performing at the Olympic level sometime in the near future and she wants to be the one who takes her there. That isn’t very realistic of her and is more than a little selfish, but the aging coach sees in her star pupil one last chance to do something truly memorable with her career and she isn’t willing to pass it up.

Standing in the proverbial ring’s opposite corner is Lorelai’s dancing instructor, Robert Arnoldson. Arnoldson doesn’t run the town’s only dancing school, but he does run the best. Unlike Coach Spencer, Arnoldson has no dreams of riding his star pupil’s coattails to greatness. His family has been in Coyote Falls for generations, he’s built a successful business that he is very proud of, and he has no intention of leaving any of it behind. He does want to see Lori put her obvious talents on the dance floor to good use, however, and has been encouraging her strongly to apply to a number of different academies and colleges where he feels she could really blossom and come into her own as a dancer.

Now that it’s down to the final few weeks of high school before her graduation, the pressure being placed on Lorelai by her mother and her two trainers to make some decisions has reached a boiling point. For her part, Lori has no idea which course to pursue and would prefer not to have to make any choices at all. On the one hand, gymnastics is the more prestigious – and potentially more lucrative – career, but that’s only if she can manage to routinely medal in major championships. On other hand, dancing is less prestigious (unless she were to pursue ballet, perhaps) and would be riskier as a source of reliable income, but – even at a professional level – it would involve much less rigid discipline and pressure than would a career in gymnastics.

At the moment, however, Lori’s attention is caught up in other, smaller concerns. She still has to actually graduate, and that includes getting a passing grade in Physics. As far as Lori’s concerned, Mr. Walsh seems like a good guy and a great teacher, but if there’s one thing she’s learned after taking his class, it’s that physics is not her best subject!

Lorelai (normal human)

STR: -1 (8), DEX: +4 (18), CON: +3 (16), INT: +0 (10), WIS: +1 (12), CHA: +1 (12)

Tough: +3, Fort: +5, Ref: +6, Will: +4

Skills: Acrobatics 10 (+14), Diplomacy 2 (+3), Gather Information 4 (+5), Notice 5 (+6), Perform (dance) 9 (+10), Sense Motive 5 (+6), Stealth 4 (+8)

Move Ya Body: (Acrobatic Bluff, Dodge Focus 5, Improved Initiative, Move-by Action) – Lori’s body is finely toned, finely honed and ready to move, and it shows! She’s extremely quick on her feet, so much so that most people can’t keep up.
Local Hottie: (Attractive) – She may not be Katie Shepherd, but she’s still a looker!
Omigodgetaway, you perv! (Evasive Retreat, Slap Silly) – Lori may not be much of a fighter, but she’s fast, has quick reflexes, and she’s ready to prove to it to any pervy guys who try and get all gropy!
Hometown Celebrity: (Well-Known) - Lori has been winning medals in gymnastics competitions for years now, the past three at a regional level. Lori currently competes at the tier 8 level, which is the lowest of the 'advanced' levels of skills (it goes up to 10, after which are the 'Elite' levels of the international and Olympic competitions). Additionally, Lori has won a few dance and talent competitions all the way up to the state level. In a small town like Coyote Falls, this has made her a minor celebrity.

Attack Bonus: +4 (Ranged: +3, Melee: +3, Grapple: +2)

Attacks: Unarmed Attack, +3 (DC 14)

Defense: +6 (Flat-footed: +1), Knockback: -1

Initiative: +8

Languages: Native Language

Totals: Abilities 16 + Skills 10 (40 ranks) + Feats 10 + Powers 0 + Combat 18 + Saves 8 + Drawbacks 0 = 62

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Power Level: 8; Power Points Spent: 120/120

STR: +8 (26), DEX: +4 (18), CON: +4 (18), INT: +0 (10), WIS: +1 (12), CHA: +1 (12)

Tough: +8 (Imp. +4/+8), Fort: +6/+9, Ref: +9, Will: +6

Skills: Acrobatics 10 (+14), Diplomacy 2 (+3), Gather Information 4 (+5), Notice 8 (+9), Perform (dance) 9 (+10), Sense Motive 5 (+6), Stealth 6 (+10)

Move Ya Body (Upgrades!): (Acrobatic Bluff, Attack Specialization 2 (Unarmed Attack), Challenge - Improved Feint, Dodge Focus 7, Evasion 1, Improved Initiative, Interpose, Move-by Action, Up The Wall) – Becoming a mutated super-teen has done nothing but improve Lori’s ability to move with both grace and speed!
Super-Hottie (Upgrades!): (Attractive 3*, Feature (Immaculate)*) – Lori’s become – quite literally – superhumanly good-looking. This is a very subtle effect; for the most part her appearance remains unchanged (i.e. people who knew her before the “event” can easily recognize her afterwards), but her skin tone is better, her hair is even silkier than before, her curves have filled out somewhat and she has no unfeminine angles, etc. Moreover, Lori’s appearance is always amazingly, even preternaturally immaculate. It’s as though nothing can stop her from looking her best. Knock her through a wall and she’ll come out of the impact hole looking like she just stepped out of a fashion salon. Any dirt and dust on her clothes or skin left from said wall falling on her can be brushed off with but a moment’s attention. Even if she is injured, any visible signs of the cuts or bruises fade within seconds (but not the actual injuries or the penalties they inflict) and should her clothing suffer any visible damage it never does so in a way that looks ridiculous.
Omigodgetaway, you perv! (Evasive Retreat, Slap Silly) Lori may not be much of a fighter, but she’s fast, has quick reflexes, and she’s ready to prove to it to any pervy guys who try and get all gropy!
Girly Scream: (Challenge - Improved Distract, Distract (Bluff)) – As mentioned above, Lori’s femininity has been accentuated beyond normal levels and, also as mentioned above, she’s not a natural fighter. But she can use this to her advantage to deceive opponents who are natural fighters (the male ones, at least) in order to gain the upper hand or pull herself out of a tight spot. All it takes is a shrill scream, a girly squeal, or just shouting “please don’t hit me!” while cringing in apparent fear (and a successful Bluff check, of course), and even the most unfeeling bastards will hesitate just long enough for Lori to turn things to her advantage. (Note that her natural Bluff score is really low, so this only works in conjunction with the benefits from her Attractive feats - which means this trick usually only works on men.)
She is just that Tough: (Withstand Damage) – Lori’s still learning just how strong, fast and tough she really is, but she’s already begun to realize that she’s tougher than most of those around her and that, combined with her naturally good-hearted nature, has caused her to learn how to simply stand firm and take the punishment so that her friends don’t have to (note that she usually uses this in conjunction with Interpose, and only when Girly Scream or shouting something like "run away" or "duck" to her teammate wouldn't work).
Hometown Celebrity: (Well-Known) - Lori has been winning medals in gymnastics competitions for years now, the past three at a regional level. Lori currently competes at the tier 8 level, which is the lowest of the 'advanced' levels of skills (it goes up to 10, after which are the 'Elite' levels of the international and Olympic competitions). Additionally, Lori has won a few dance and talent competitions all the way up to the state level. In a small town like Coyote Falls, this has made her a minor celebrity.

* - The feats marked with ‘*’ are actually coming from the Powers lists, below (Enhanced Trait and Features). I’ll also mention here, her ‘Attractive’ feats really are supposed to be quite subtle in effect and her ‘Immaculate’ feature could also be named ‘Benefit (always looks fresh/clean)’, so if my colorful prose up there makes it sound like they do more than that then please forgive me.

((I’ll leave any creative naming and/or descriptions for these powers until later, as per Bluecross’s request.))

Adaptation 1
Density 8 (+16 STR, +4 Toughness, Weight Multiplier: x5, Adds: Immovable 2, Super-Strength 2; Permanent; Innate, Subtle (subtle))
. . Immovable 2 (Resist Movement: +8, Resist Knockback: -2)
. . Super-Strength 2 (+10 STR carry capacity, heavy load: 3.7k lbs; +2 STR to some checks)
Enhanced Trait 2 (Feats: Attractive 2)
Immaculate (Features 1)
Super-Senses 2 (Extended: Vision 1 (x10), Extended: Hearing 1 (x10))
Super-Strength 4 (+20 STR carry capacity, heavy load: 29.4 tons (including Super-Strength from Density); +4 STR to some checks; Duration (sustained); Groundstrike (Radius: 80 ft., DC 18), Shockwave (+8, Cone: 80 ft., DC 18), Subtle (subtle))
. . Alternate Power 1
. . . . (Saving Throw) Protection 4 (Linked; saving throw: toughness; Impervious)
. . . . Enhanced Trait 3 (Linked; Traits: Fortitude +3 (+9))
. . Alternate Power 2
. . . . Leaping 3 (Alternate; Jumping distance: x10)
. . . . Speed 4 (Alternate; Speed: 100 mph, 880 ft./rnd)

Attack Bonus: +3 (Ranged: +3, Melee: +3, Grapple: +11/+17)

Attacks: Unarmed Attacks, +7 (DC 23)

Defense: +8 (Flat-footed: +1), Knockback: -8/-10

Initiative: +8

Jumping: Running jump: 180 ft.; standing jump: 90 ft.; high jump: 45 ft.

Speed: Normal: 100mph, 880 ft./rnd; Accelerated: 200mph, 1760 ft./rnd

Throw: Throw 29.4 tons 5 ft.; throw 100 lbs 5000 ft.; throw 10 lbs 4.7 miles

Languages: Native Language

Totals: Abilities 20 + Skills 10 (40 ranks) + Feats 19 + Powers 46 + Combat 18 + Saves 7 + Drawbacks 0 = 120

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Re: Ophion's Character Portfolio

Postby Ophion » Thu Mar 24, 2011 7:07 am

John Walker (A Brave New World campaign): Ah, Walker. I've played him before, in other game systems. He's not a bad guy, but he's really not a particularly nice guy, either. He just doesn't have the morals for it. Basically, he's a killer. He's not a nice killer, but he is a good killer! ;)

(Wait... that didn't really make him sound any better, did it?)
Character Writeup

Name: John William Walker
AKA: ‘Walker’
Occupation: Merc
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 145 lbs.
DoB: 07/03/1979
Place of birth: Seattle, Washington
Marital Status: single
Gender: male
Ethnic Background: Caucasian
Nationality: American
Eye Color: pale blue, with irises like a goat’s or a horse’s
Hair Color: dark brown (almost black)
Handedness: right
Appearance: At first glance John Walker looks almost frail. He is slender of build and looks as though he possesses below-average strength. Closer examination reveals a potent vitality that lurks just beneath his frail-seeming and slender form, and anyone who has seen him in motion and has been paying attention can tell that he is nowhere near as delicate as he appears to be. Except for his eyes, Walker’s physical looks are otherwise very average and he prefers the kind of casual, utilitarian clothing that puts an emphasis on durability and comfort over style. For obvious reasons, he usually wears sunglasses in public to hide his eyes, and he favors long-sleeved shirts when appropriate, as they make his arms less conspicuous when using his powers.

Those who knew Walker before his breakout – or have seen photos – will know that he wasn’t always so frail in appearance. Before his breakout Walker was a fit, if average-sized, young man.

Notable Features: Walker’s eyes are a pale, ghostly blue with horizontal “square” irises like those found in goats and horses (and octopuses, oddly enough). Also, due to an injury suffered during the course of his mercenary career, Walker’s voice is little more than a rasping whisper, though he can “raise” it to the level of a dry croak if need be.

Personality: Quiet and withdrawn. Walker doesn’t normally speak unless it’s necessary, though this might be because of the rasping whisper that is his voice. He has always been a bit of a loner, and events since his breakout have only encouraged this tendency. Though he is a loyal friend, he can be a ruthless and utterly merciless enemy, and has already shown a willingness to kill without compunction if it is absolutely necessary.

Walker is not an amoral or bad man, however, nor is he a ruthless killer. But then neither is he a nice guy, and he is a true soldier. Give him a job and a set of orders and he will go and follow those orders through to the end and he will get that job done. Period. Things like mercy have no place on a battlefield, nor do second thoughts or second-guessing oneself. Walker is also a true professional; things like excessive force (or lethal force, for that matter), are methods that should only be used where required and only after other options have failed. Walker takes this especially to heart due to his background doing deep reconnaissance work for the US military. To him, revealing his position or firing on an enemy without cause is an embarrassment.

Power Theme: Significant transformation and enhancement of the musculoskeletal system; the ability to warp, bend and other wise control space; other poorly understood enhancements to his physical form.

Walker’s entire skeleton, and a significant portion of his musculature have all transformed into a material comprised mostly of complex carbon molecules that are ultra-durable and light, and can be reshaped and restructured to a remarkable degree at Walker’s conscious direction. This grants him a wide range of abilities, most notably a marked increase in physical strength and the ability to literally “grow” weapons from his own limbs. He has also demonstrated the ability to fire flechette-like carbon projectiles from his limbs using a method of projection very similar to that used by a coilgun – effectively turning his limbs into small mass drivers – which implies some ability to generate directed electric currents. Using any of these abilities causes his limbs to become charcoal-black in color and take on a vaguely metallic appearance.

Additionally, Walker can bend space to an alarming degree, allowing him to teleport himself across significant distances without crossing any intervening space. At the upper end of this ability, Walker can open actual portals connecting two remote points, which he can keep open for an indefinite period of time and through which others can pass without ill effect. At the lower end of this ability, Walker can somehow alter space around himself in such a way that gravity’s effects on him are altered and/or nullified, allowing him to move at phenomenal speeds and essentially ignore such concepts as “up” or “down”. An additional application of this particular power is Walker’s ability to warp space around himself so that light actually bends around him, effectively making him invisible to sight.

Background: John William Walker was born in Seattle to Jacob and Cecilia Walker. He was raised in a typical white, middle-class environment, and there is no indication of significant tensions at home or at school during his childhood. John fared well in school, though not remarkably so, and was active in many sports, particularly track and field.

John unexpectedly joined the United States Navy immediately following his graduation, and soon after that he volunteered for, and was accepted into, the United States Navy Seals. Records of Walker’s time as a Navy Seal have since been sealed, as he was shortly recruited into DEVGRU (United States Naval Special Warfare Development Group), also referred to as “Seal Team 6”. Throughout this time John participated in a wide variety of covert military operations, though nothing too out of the ordinary (certainly nothing to leave him mentally prepared for a global outbreak of “paragons”). In 2003 Walker left the military behind, having been somewhat soured on it after a series of highly unpleasant missions. To this day, he refrains from speaking of his time in the Navy.

After leaving the Navy, John held down a number of odd jobs, in different areas of the country. After a few years he found himself working as a whitewater rafting guide on the Talkeetna River in Alaska, and it was there he experienced his own “breakout”. During a trip down the river that went very, very bad, his raft was overturned and he and all those in the raft with him were forced to battle their way to the river’s shore. This in itself was traumatic and difficult and not everyone made it out of the river, but for John the real trouble began when one of the brown bears they’d been seeing along the side of the river all day became provoked by the sudden emergence of Walker and his group from the river and attacked them (ironically, the chance to see brown bears in action as they drifted down the river was one of the big draws for most tourists taking this trip).

Walker, and the middle-aged couple from Milwaukee who were among the tourists in John’s boat and who’d managed to crawl out of the river closest to him, found themselves on the wrong end of a fifteen-hundred-pound mass of fur, teeth and claws, all of it bearing down on them at more than twenty miles an hour. It was at that moment, as the car-sized predator bore down on him, that Walker experienced his breakout. When the bear reached its targets, it was met with a rude shock as Walker met it with a force and ferocity equaling its own. The battle between them was brutal but short, and Walker was still alive when it was over.

Initially, the other survivors from the sunk raft were terrified of Walker and there were initial attempts to flee made by some, but the fact that they were stuck without transportation in the Alaskan wilderness, in brown bear territory, was enough to offset their fears – at least in the sense that they decided that Walker was less of a threat than the bears were. Walker, meanwhile, used his newfound abilities and his survival skills to lead his ungrateful wards back to civilization. Once there all hell broke loose.

The accounts of virtually every survivor of the incident varied from every other, many of them flatly contradictory. The accounts ranged from accusations that Walker was directly responsible for the overturning of the raft and the subsequent deaths of some of the passengers, to accusations that he had actually threatened the survivors after killing the bear. The only things that were certain were that Walker had lost some of the people in his boat when it overturned, that he’d saved the survivors from a bear attack afterwards, and that he’d displayed abilities no normal human should possess.

Things were looking very bleak for John – not only in terms of his career but in terms of his personal freedom – and a trial was already in the preliminary stages when some of his old military contacts came calling. It turned out that a group of freelance security consultants, going by the name “Foregone Conclusions”, wanted to hire him. The group’s founder, James Andersen, was actively recruiting any and every suitable paragon he could find and Walker, with his already extensive military background, was about as “suitable” as they came. Though leery of working for another military group – even a paramilitary one – Foregone Conclusions promised to make all of the pending legal actions against John go away and take care of any other problems that had come about as a result of his breakout. Walker reluctantly agreed to join FC as a “freelance consultant”.

His time there was short-lived and very rocky. As Andersen had expected, Walker’s military experience stood him in good stead and he performed exceptionally in the field, but “The Colonel’s” (as Andersen was sometimes called) complete lack of any sort of moral compass did not agree with Walker’s own morals, resulting in immediate tension between the two. Still, while Walker might not be a natural born killer (like many of FC’s paragons…), he is a natural born soldier. So he knuckled down and followed orders and got the job done, every time.

After six months of jobs that left him feeling soiled and dirty, however, Walker left the company. He’d worked off his debts to Forgone Conclusions – and they’d paid off his debts to everyone else – and he wanted out. In his brief time with FC, Walker had already managed to make more than a few enemies, both within and without FC itself, and had come far closer to death far too many times than he’d ever wanted to, while performing the kinds of black ops that had caused him to leave the Navy in the first place. Perhaps it was no coincidence that it was about this time that he was approached by a group from New York offering him a different kind of mercenary work – the kind that wouldn’t leave him unable to sleep at night – or so he hoped anyway.


Disability (damaged vocal chords): Walker suffered many injuries during the course of his work for Foregone Conclusions, but most of them were minor and all of them healed quickly due to his regenerative abilities. During one especially bad operation in Cambodia, however, Walker suffered some fairly severe injuries, one of which was to the throat. Any normal man would have died almost instantly, but Walker survived and was “only” left with damaged vocal chords that prevent him from speaking normally. He now talks in rasping whispers and dry croaks. Usually this just makes him sound odd, but in some operational circumstances it can pose problems.

Enemies (merc rivals): Walker’s time as a parahuman mercenary has left him with many enemies. Most of them are dangerous and some of them even work for his former employers at Foregone Conclusions. Since these individuals are (mostly) professionals, they don’t go hunting him down as part of some personal vendetta – for the most part – but they can and will take jobs and contracts that will hurt Walker in some way. Preferably in a lethal way.

Motivation (responsibility): Walker is tired of doing other people’s dirty work. He feels like that’s all he’s done since gaining paranormal abilities and it’s starting to get to him. What he wants most is the opportunity to go back to living a nice, normal, quiet life where no one will bother him, but he knows this is a pipe-dream. The next best thing would be a chance to use his abilities to, in some way, make a difference in the world for the better. That, at least, would be a fair trade for the inconvenience of getting stuck as a “paragon”.

Prejudice (paragon): Walker is a paragon and he suffers all of the expected prejudice from those around him that one would expect.

Character Build
John William Walker - PL 10

Strength -1, Stamina 7, Agility 11, Dexterity 2, Fighting 10, Intellect 0, Awareness 10, Presence -1

Tough: Diehard, Fearless
Dangerous: Takedown 2
Cautious: Evasion, Uncanny Dodge

Physical: Acrobatics 2 (+13), Stealth 4 (+15)
Combat: Ranged Combat (Coilgun: Blast 8 ) 8 (+10)
Sensory: Insight 2 (+12), Perception 5 (+15),
Professional: Expertise (AWE) (Survival) 1 (+11), Expertise (tactics) 4 (+4)

Carbon Nano-Fiber Endoskeleton
. . Condensed "All-Purpose" Structure
. . . . Carbon-Reinforced Musculature: Power-lifting 6 (+6 STR for lifting; Increased Action (free))
. . . . Defensive Reflex Memory: Enhanced Trait 1 (Advantages: Improved Defense)
. . . . Immunity: Immunity 3 (Environmental Condition: heat, Suffocation (All))
. . . . Nanoscale Immune System: Regeneration 3 (Every 3.33 rounds; Subtle (subtle))
. . . . Ossified Weaponry: Damage 6 (DC 21; Accurate 2 (+4))
. . Long-Range Combat Structure
. . . . Coilgun: Blast 8 (Alternate; DC 23; Accurate (+2), Subtle (subtle), Extended Range)
. . Dynamic Mid-Range Combat Structure
. . . . Aggressive Response: Enhanced Trait 6 (Advantages: Agile Feint, All-out Attack, Improved Critical 4)
. . . . Hyper-Elastic Attack: Elongation 3 (Elongation: 60 feet)
. . . . Metamorphic Weaponry: Damage 10 (DC 25)
. . All-Range Heximane Grappling Combat Structure
. . . . Hyper-Elastic Attack: Elongation 4 (Elongation: 120 feet)
. . . . Incapacitating Attack: Enhanced Trait 5 (Traits: Close Combat (grab) +2 (+12), Advantages: Chokehold, Fast Grab, Grabbing Finesse, Improved Hold)
. . . . Tendril Whips: Damage 6 (DC 25)
. . . . Tendrils: Extra Limbs 4 (4 extra limbs, Advantages: Improved Grab)
Eyes of Pan
. . Senses 10 (Counters All Concealment: sight, Extended: sight 1 (x10), Penetrates Concealment: sight; Noticeable (eyes look like a goat's and the corneas are a very pale blue))
Spatial Manipulation
. . Jumping
. . . . Teleport Attack (+self) 6 (1800 feet in a move action, carrying 50 lbs., DC 16; Change Direction, Change Velocity, Turnabout, Attack (+self) (Parry))
. . Gating
. . . . Teleport 3 (Alternate; Portal, Accurate, Extended (8 miles in 2 move actions); Limited to Extended)
. . Vectoring
. . . . Cloaking: Concealment 2 (Sense - Sight; Blending)
. . . . Spatial Distortions: Flight 5 (Speed: 60 miles/hour, 900 feet/round; Aquatic, Subtle 2 (undetectable))
. . . . Subtle Warp: Enhanced Trait 1 (Advantages: Move-by Action)

Initiative +11
Coilgun: Blast 8, +12 (DC 23)
Damage 6, +14 (DC 21)
Damage 6, +12 (DC 21)
Damage 10, +10 (DC 25)
Grab, +12 (DC Spec 25)
Teleport Attack (+self) 6, +10 (DC Dog 16)
Throw, +2 (DC 14)
Unarmed, +10 (DC 14)


Dodge 13, Parry 13, Fortitude 7, Toughness 7, Will 11

Power Points
Abilities 76 + Powers 49 + Advantages 6 + Skills 13 (26 ranks) + Defenses 6 = 150

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Re: Ophion's Character Portfolio

Postby Ophion » Thu Mar 24, 2011 7:13 am

Alice Monahan/Cheshire (Winter Academy campaign): I like this build rather a lot. I first got the idea from watching the Darker than Black anime series, in which the character Mao is also stuck inhabiting the bodies of animals he possesses, having lost his original human body. Obviously, Alice is a very different sort of person, and occupies a very different setting, but the similarities between the two are certainly there.

Character Writeup

Name: Alice Monahan
AKA: Cheshire
Height: varies
Weight: varies
DoB: 07/14/1995
Place of birth: Atlanta, Georgia
Marital Status: too young to be (married)
Gender: female
Ethnic Background: Caucasian
Nationality: American
Eye Color: varies
Hair Color: varies
Handedness: N/A
Appearance: Alice’s appearance tends to vary, depending on what kind of animal she’s currently inhabiting (see Power Theme, below), but as she most commonly resides within the body of Misty (her Pet/Companion, see writeup, below) she usually appears as a large “Russian Blue” cat with green eyes and the breed’s characteristic gray-blue fur. Crows and sparrows are a favorite alternate when she is not residing within Misty.

Notable Features: Her lack of a physical body and, consequently, the fact that she normally appears to be a talking animal. Alice no longer has a body of her own and must maintain possession of an animal at all times, though it does not have to be the same animal from one day to the next.

Personality: Alice is a very lively young girl, energetic and somewhat mischievous. She is witty (some would say her humor is a bit “catty” though ;) ) and intelligent, with a naturally curious and adventurous disposition. Despite her condition, she normally maintains a relatively positive attitude and optimistic outlook about life. This positivity on the outside masks a close-held sadness and loneliness within Alice that is only too understandable, given her condition.

Power Theme: Psionic powers, specializing in communication with and control over animals, though the full scope of her abilities is much broader than this.

Background: Alice began life as a very normal girl born in Atlanta, Georgia to two middle class parents. Other than her high intelligence and somewhat precocious nature, nothing about her home life, or about Alice herself, was especially noteworthy for the first thirteen years after her birth. That changed a few months after her thirteenth birthday, when her latent psionic abilities began to kick in. At first these occurrences were very minor – answering people’s questions before they’d had a chance to ask them, not understanding why it troubled others when she seemed to intuitively understand what animals around her wanted – that sort of thing. Even so, her parents had already started to become unsettled around their daughter several months before their lives were all changed radically.

The Monahan family had owned a pet cat – a tabby – by the name of Tigger, since before Alice had been born and so, needless to say, it was already quite old by the time she’d turned thirteen. Tigger finally died a few months before Alice’s fourteenth birthday, which was a blow to the family as a whole and to Alice in particular (who had already begun to be able to communicate with Tigger before he had died). To help their daughter find solace (and, to a lesser degree, to solace themselves), her parents went out and bought a kitten, a tiny little Russian Blue kitten, and brought it home to Alice.

Upon seeing the adorable creature, Alice was immediately ecstatic and - in a fit of pique – lunged out with her mind and her burgeoning mental abilities in an attempt to greet the kitten as enthusiastically as possible. Instead, she found her mind was literally merging with that of the tiny kitten’s, leaving her body behind.

Whether or not what happened was the result of an overreaching and lack of control on her part, or simply a tragic consequence of her abilities that would have happened regardless of the circumstances under which she’d first attempted such a thing, the result was that Alice’s body immediately began shutting down and, within moments, was quite dead.

Her parents watched in horror as their daughter apparently died of happiness right in front of them. Alice, meanwhile, was also watching in horror – only she was watching out of eyes that were not her own and belonged to a terrified and struggling infant kitten. Alice-as-a-kitten was dropped immediately, and all but forgotten, as her parents rushed to what they thought was their daughter’s side and attempted to keep her from expiring. Beginning to panic, Alice-as-a-kitten began to cry and scream, begging her parents to help her; to fix things.

Being suddenly confronted with a tiny kitten crying and screaming in one’s dying daughter’s voice would be traumatic for anyone, and Alice’s parents were no exception. The tenseness and chaos of the situation escalated rapidly, nearly resulted in the death of Alice-as-a-kitten, and was incredibly emotionally damaging for everyone involved. To this day, though her relations with her parents are nominally good, the tension between them is palpable and Alice’s current “condition” is the ever present “Elephant in the Room that no one wants to talk about” whenever they are together.

Having no idea at all how to deal with their daughter’s situation, Alice’s parents reached out to IBS for help and the global UN agency gladly took on the troubled young girl, enrolling her in one of their new and prestigious Academies.


Gonna go eat worms: Well, not necessarily worms, but the principal is the same. As Alice must always inhabit the body of animal or another, she must also consume food appropriate to the animal in question. Sometimes this is not so bad, but most of the time it’s really bad. (For one thing, a mouse is way too cute to have to eat, let alone raw!)

Tense Relations: Alice’s relationship with her parents is strained, to say the least. To put if very bluntly, Alice scares them. While they do want to love their daughter, she’s a cat (most of the time) with frightening and difficult to understand psychic powers! Parents’ Day at school is always an awkward time for Alice.

No Pets Allowed: Being stuck in the body of an animal has numerous and very obvious drawbacks, not least of which is that it can be very difficult for Alice to gain access to or even be able to enjoy many of the events and places that other kids her age can. Add to this the fact that simply making and keeping friends (human ones, at least) is no easy matter when everyone seems to find it more natural to pet you behind the ears than take you seriously, and it’s easy to understand why Alice’s condition is can be difficult to bear at times.

Character Sheet
Power Level: 8; Power Points Spent: 120/120

STR: +0 (-), DEX: +0 (-), CON: +0 (-), INT: +4 (18), WIS: +5 (20), CHA: +3/+8 (16/26)

Tough: +0, Fort: +0, Ref: +0, Will: +13

Skills: Bluff 7 (+10/+15), Concentration 3 (+8), Diplomacy 12 (+15/+20), Gather Information 11 (+14/+19), Handle Animal 6 (+9/+14), Intimidate 8 (+11/+16), Knowledge (life sciences) 4 (+8), Navigate 7 (+11), Notice 11 (+16), Search 10 (+14), Sense Motive 7 (+12), Survival 6 (+11)

Feats: Eidetic Memory, Improved Pin (applies to Mental Grapples)

Psychic Comprehension
. . Comprehend 6
. . . . animals: speak to, understand
. . . . languages: understand all
. . . . plants speak to, understand
. . . . spirits: speak to/understand
Animal Empathy
. . Enhanced Trait 16 (Traits: Charisma +10 (26, +8), Feats: Heroic Companions, Pet 4; Limited (only with animals) [10 ranks only – applies to Enhanced Charisma])
Animal Possession
. . Possession 6 (DC 16, Feats: Benefit (can speak in a human voice); Range 2 (perception), Conscious, No Saving Throw, Duration (continuous); Limited (animals only), Sense-Dependent (vision))
Psionic Array
. . Telepathy 8 (DC 18, Adds: Communication 8, Mind Reading 8; Subtle (subtle), Dimensional 3 (any dimension), Rapid)
. . Psionic Illusions
. . . . Invisibility 4 (Alternate; Total concealment from all visual senses)
. . . . Morph 6 (Alternate; morph: broad group - animals, +30 Disguise; Phantasm)
. . . . Teleport 4 (Alternate; 400 ft. as move action, DC 14; Short-Range; Turnabout, Change Direction, Change Velocity)
. . Psionic Empowerment
. . . . Empowerment 1 (Alternate; DC 11; Limited (only on possessed subject), Limited (only strike power); Subtle (subtle))
. . . . Enhanced Trait 17 (Alternate; Traits: Reflex +5 (+5), Feats: Attack Focus (melee) 5, Defensive Roll 5, Improved Initiative 1; Affects Others (Only))
. . Telelocation
. . . . Quickness 6 (Alternate; Perform routine tasks at 100x speed; One Type (mental); Subtle (subtle))
. . . . Telelocation 6 (Alternate; DC 16; Duration (sustained); Dimensional 3 (any dimension), Subtle 2 (unnoticable))
. . Remote Viewing
. . . . ESP 8 (Alternate; affects: visual senses; Subtle 2 (unnoticable), Dimensional 3 (any dimension))
. . Psychic Healing
. . . . Healing 8 (Alternate; DC 18; Persistent, Stabilize, Subtle 2 (unnoticable), Extended Reach (5 ft.))
. . Mind Hammer
. . . . Mental Blast 5 (Alternate; DC 20; Reversible)
. . Apportation
. . . . Teleport 8 (Alternate; 800 ft. as move action, 2000 miles as full action, DC 18; Change Velocity, Dimensional 3 (any dimension), Easy)

Attack Bonus: +0 (Ranged: +0, Melee: +0, Grapple: +0)

Attacks: Mental Blast 5 (DC Will 20), Mind Reading 8 (DC Will 18), Possession 6 (DC Will 16), Telepathy 8 (DC Will 18), Unarmed Attack, +0 (DC 15)

Defense: +0 (Flat-footed: +0), Knockback: +0

Initiative: +0

Languages: English

Totals: Abilities -6 + Skills 23 (92 ranks) + Feats 2 + Powers 93 + Combat 0 + Saves 8 + Drawbacks 0 = 120

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Pet Writeup
Name: Misty
Height: 9.6 in
Weight: 9 lb 2 oz
Age: almost 3
Place of birth: Atlanta, Georgia
Gender: female
Breed: Russian Blue
Eye Color: green
Fur Color: gray-blue
Handedness: N/A
Appearance: Misty’s appearance is fairly typical for a cat of her breed. She is about average height and average build for a cat, with a sleek and athletic form. All in all, she is a fine example of her breed.

Notable Features: For the most part Misty is a typical cat, but her eyes seem especially intelligent and observant – for a cat at least.

Personality: At not quite three years of age, Misty is still a very energetic and adventurous young cat. Still, she is much wiser and more clever than most cats are – whether as a result of her having spent most of her life with a young human girl living inside of her head or simply as a result of good genetics – and is, in some ways, more mature and responsible than many of the teenage humans she spends so much of her time around.

Misty has spent nearly her entire life with the mind of a teenaged human girl living inside of her. Though this was an initially terrifying experience, Misty and Alice have become fast friends in the years since, with Misty viewing Alice as something between a wise and powerful mentor and a guardian angel or the cat equivalent of a minor deity. As a result of this incredibly close association between herself and a human being, Misty has grown up to be an extraordinarily intelligent and clever cat

Pet Build
Pet -- Misty the Russian Blue (cat)

STR: -4 (3), DEX: +5 (20), CON: +0 (10), INT: -3 (4), WIS: +1 (12), CHA: +0 (10)

Tough: -2, Fort: +3, Ref: +8, Will: +5

Skills: Acrobatics 10 (+15), Climb 10 (+15), Notice 13 (+14), Search 10 (+7), Stealth 1 (+14)

Feats: Attack Focus (melee) 2, Benefit (substitue Dex for Str for skill checks), Cat's Feet, Dodge Focus 7, Elusive Target, Evasion 2, Fearless, Improved Initiative, Ninja Run, Swift, Tiger Leap, Uncanny Dodge (auditory)

Shrinking 8 (-8 STR, -2 Toughness, -2 size categories, 1/2 movement speed; Permanent; Innate)
Super-Senses 3 (low-light vision, tracking: smell 1 (half speed), ultra-hearing)

Attack Bonus: +2 (Ranged: +2, Melee: +4, Grapple: -10)

Attacks: Unarmed Attack, +4 (DC 11)

Defense: +9 (Flat-footed: +1), Size: Tiny, Knockback: +4

Initiative: +9

Languages: N/A

Totals: Abilities 7 + Skills 11 (44 ranks) + Feats 20 + Powers 12 + Combat 0 + Saves 10 + Drawbacks 0 = 60

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Re: Ophion's Character Portfolio

Postby Ophion » Thu Mar 24, 2011 8:19 am

Kazuo Kanai (Central City Saga): Ah yes, Kazuo f#%*in' Kanai. One of my oldest creations, long predating my discovery of MnM. I've always enjoyed writing Kazuo, because he basically writes himself - he just has that kind of personality.

In his earliest incarnation, Kazuo was made up of roughly equal parts Mugen (from Samurai Champloo) and Manji (from Blade of the Immortal - the manga, not the anime - and hence the facial scars), along with a tiny dash of more mainstream characters like Wolverine. The result was Kazuo Kanai. He's matured a lot since then and is quite a bit more complicated now.

Though it's easy to label Kazuo as "just another antihero", that's a little like calling a brutal hangover "just another headache". The analogy I like to use is that, "pitting Kazuo against the bad guys is like fighting fire with super-heated plasma".

Having said all that, I think what I enjoy the most about Kazuo is how cool and tough he always tries to be and how big a fool he inevitably winds up making of himself because of it.

Personal Information:
Birth Name: Kanai Kazuo (Kanai is his surname, Kazuo his birth name)
Nick Name: Kurusu (the Edo Period way of saying ‘cross’ in Japan, used in reference to the cross-shaped scar on his face)
Identity: Semi-public
Occupation: Car thief
Legal Status: Has an extensive criminal record in Tokyo, Japan and is implicated in several crimes within various cities of the USA. Crimes he is accused of in Japan include (but are not limited to) Assault and Battery, Destruction of Private Property, Attempted Manslaughter, and Resisting Arrest. He is also suspected of - but police have not been able to link him to - many other crimes, including suspicion of murder. He is implicated in multiple counts of Grand Theft Auto within the USA, as well as a few other burglary-related criminal offenses.
Aliases: None
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Mother (estranged)
Concept: The nail that cannot be hammered down. Ever.
Origin: Because the majority of Kazuo's mutant characteristics are extremely subtle, it is difficult to say when they first began to manifest. However his powers did not develop to their current levels until after he awoke from a two month long coma, as a result of attempting to prevent members of a Yakuza gang from committing sexual assault on a young woman of his acquaintance.

Physical Traits:
Weight: 175lbs.
Height: 6’1”
Age (apparent age): 18 (19-21)
Gender: Male
Ethnic Background: Japanese
Nationality (place of origin): Japanese
Eye Color: Dark brown
Hair Color: Black
Handedness: Right

Distinguishing Marks: From the waist up, Kazuo's body sports an astonishingly large number of very serious-looking scars. But the most notable are the two that cross each other at right angles on his face, one running horizontally across his forehead, and the other vertically down over his right eye. After these, perhaps the most notable scar is one that runs part-way along his neck, and that looks like it was probably life-threatening when first inflicted.

In addition to the scars on his face and neck, part of Kazuo's right ear is missing, and his torso and forearms also sport a myriad of scars, ranging from long slashing scars, to what appear to be stab wounds, and even two little round scars just below his left shoulder blade that look for all the world like bullet wounds. Because the scars that run across his forehead and over his eye look like a cross, some of Kazuo's acquaintances have taken to calling him "Kurusu" (the Edo period way of saying "crucifix").

General Appearance: Badly scarred former pretty boy. Before Kazuo's "encounter" with four Yakuza thugs, he possessed the pretty-boy good looks of a future J-Pop star. These days he's still got the looks, but they're now overshadowed by the scars running across his face.

Even with the scars, or perhaps because of them, Kazuo presents a striking figure. Standing more than six feet in height, Kazuo possesses the kind of lupine physical grace normally only seen in Anime heartthrobs, the kind of swagger possessed by Shinjuku gurentai and New York rappers, and the confidence of someone who's been in a fistfight with Death and is still around to talk about it.

Powers, Skills, and Personality:
Known Powers: Kazuo possesses a limited ability to regenerate from wounds, as well as physical traits that are generally at peak or super-human levels.

An interesting aspect of his regenerative powers is that they seem to work based off of a “template”, or “memory”, of his body when it is in good health. This appears to be why none of the considerable number of scars across his body have faded over time. Because his regenerative capabilities first manifested only after he had already sustained severe injuries to much of his body – including a large gash through the middle of his right eye – they were not able to fully repair the damage, having no “memory” of a time before those injuries. Instead, his powers simply closed off the wounds, which was enough to largely restore the functionality of injured muscle and bone (for the most part), but not enough to repair the much more complicated structure of his eye.

All wounds that Kazuo has sustained since his powers first manifested have faded, usually in only minutes but occasionally much longer, always leaving no scars or loss of functionality once healing is complete.

Kazuo’s physical traits are all enhanced beyond the human norm to varying degrees. Kazuo’s strength is much greater than a normal human’s and, as a result, he is capable of prodigious leaps. Because of his regenerative abilities, his body is almost always in the peak of physical health, and his resilience to harm and physical hardship is also significantly greater than human norm.

Abilities/Special Skills: Kazuo is highly capable in most areas of physical endeavor, including close-quarters combat. Also of special note are his street skills. Kazuo is very much at home when operating amongst the seedier elements of Society, and there is little in the way of illicit goods or information that he cannot find or acquire with enough time and money. Though he does not make a point of advertising it, Kazuo is also a relatively skilled B&E artist; specializing in auto theft, but more than capable of entering homes and other facilities through means other than using the front door and a key.

Personality: Kazuo is brash, crude, bold, and rude. The Japanese say that the nail that sticks up will get hammered down, but Kazuo Kanai couldn’t care less. He’s been hammered down by this world more times than he can count, but he just keeps getting back up again. Even when no one would blame him for backing down or giving up, and even when doing anything else seems like pure insanity, Kazuo still won’t back down or show any sign of weakness. These qualities make him brave, courageous, and uncompromising. They also make him a huge asshole.

Spending most of his life on the streets has left Kazuo a hardened and cynical young man, and he shows a marked lack of respect for the traditional Japanese values of conformism, politeness, and discipline. Instead he has embraced the brash and flamboyant attitude of the gurentai and bososoku gangs, swaggering through life like he owns it. Kazuo smokes, drinks, parties far too hard, and he also engages in any number of minor (and a few major) criminal activities as a means of bringing in the yen. He's been lucky so far, and none of his criminal activities in the US have come back to haunt him - though he has had a few close calls. Already, his name is known and (mostly) respected within certain circles of Central City's criminal element.

Interests: Parties, tail, alcohol and drugs. Not necessarily in that order, either.

Background: Kazuo’s father died when he was quite young, leaving his mother a decent amount of money, and Kazuo all alone. Kazuo’s mother recovered from the death of her husband with remarkable speed, and was soon seeing other men. Lots of them, in fact, and Kazuo was only getting in the way. As a way of resolving this, and certain other familial tensions, Kazuo has been more or less living on the streets since before his balls dropped. His mother used to pay for his clothes, his food, and his schooling, but ever since Kazuo started turning a profit from his not-entirely-legal activities he made it a point not to take money for anything other than school - and the only reason he lets her pay for that is because it’s school - why the hell would he pay for that if he doesn’t have to?

Kazuo’s illicit activities inevitably brought him into contact with the Japanese underworld. First with the bososoku motorcycle gangs of Tokyo, and later with the lower levels of the Yakuza itself, the so-called gurentai. By the age of sixteen Kazuo had already begun to earn himself a reputation as a reliable thief and a dangerous street tough.

Manifestation of Kazuo’s Meta-Human Traits: Kazuo’s life changed the night he stumbled out the back door of a night club towards the end of a night of hard partying, only to stumble (almost literally) into four men in the process of sexually assaulting a young woman by the name of Ryoko Mendo. Now, Kazuo had entertained a mild crush on Ryoko since he was still young and naïve enough to actually believe in the possibility of finding a good woman and living a happy life with her. He’d never have admitted as much, of course, but it was still true.

So when he saw those four men raping her (who, it turned out later, were all Yakuza), a fuse blew inside of Kazuo and he suddenly found himself feeling something he’d never felt before: righteous anger. Kazuo proceeded to lay into the four men with a vengeance, and for a few moments it seemed like he might even come out on top and emerge as the ‘hero’ rescuing the ‘damsel in distress’. Sadly, it was not meant to be. Kazuo may have been an extraordinarily tough sixteen year old, and a talented fighter, but he was up against four street- and prison-hardened yakuza thugs.

But Kazuo being Kazuo, he refused to go down or give up, until finally things got ugly when one of the yaks pulled a knife and tried to use on him. Kazuo managed to take the knife from the guy and cut him pretty good, but this only served to provoke the other three yakuza into drawing their own blades. The knife fight that followed was quick, and extremely brutal, but it didn’t actually end until one of them pulled a gun and used it on the crazed teen.

Displaying the first glimmerings of his mutant fortitude, Kazuo had quite simply refused to go down. Even after suffering multiple stab wounds and slash wounds, including one that destroyed his right eye, the boy just would not give up or stop fighting, let alone fall down and die. Only after one of the yaks finally shot him twice in the shoulder did Kazuo’s resilience at last give out, and he collapsed to the ground unconscious. By that time, the yakuza were so disturbed by what they’d just witnessed that they lost all interest in the ravaged and bloodied Ryoko, and quickly slunk away from the scene of the crime, leaving the two teens bleeding in the alley to die.

However, both of the youths were discovered before that happened and were quickly hospitalized. Ryoko healed quickly enough – physically, at least – but Kazuo remained comatose from his injuries for nearly two months. During that time Ryoko waited by his bed as often as possible, having been deeply moved upon discovering what Kazuo had done for her (or at least tried to do for her). And then one day Kazuo simply woke up and those wounds which hadn’t already healed naturally simply closed up before the amazed eyes of Ryoko and the gathered hospital staff.

After that, everything changed. It was immediately apparent – even before the doctors began running their tests – that Kazuo was “different”. His already distant mother practically disowned him on the spot, and Ryoko’s parents refused to let her associate with him anymore (not that they’d been happy that she was spending time next to the hospital bed of a known juvenile delinquent anyway). By the time that Kazuo was cleared to leave the hospital early the next day, he had little left to him other than his desire for revenge and his scars to help him remember why he wanted it.

Over the next few weeks, Kazuo went on a rampage throughout the Shinjuku district of Tokyo as he tracked down each of the yakuza thugs responsible for what had happened to Ryoko and him. It was as he did so that he became fully aware of his burgeoning meta-human abilities that had lain dormant in him for so long. By the end of two weeks, three of the four yakuza thugs would never be heard from again, and Kazuo still refuses to go into any details about what happened to them to this day. By the end of the third week, Kazuo was able to track down the fourth and final yakuza thug, a man by the name of Ryo Tendo, and corner him inside of the very same club Kazuo had been partying at the night he’d been beaten near to death.

Unfortunately, Kazuo’s efforts to exact the last of his revenge was stymied when the Genyosha showed up (Genyosha was the name of a secret ultranationalist organization in the late 19th century – their name means Dark Ocean Society - and it is from this group that the modern Genyosha have taken their name). The Genyosha are a notorious Japanese gang, rumored to possess strange abilities and have access to extensive resources, though no one knows just who they work for (if anyone). It turned out that Ryo was the older brother of one of the Society’s founding members, and he was not about to allow Kazuo to lay one finger on him. Needless to say, a fight broke out between Kazuo and the band of meta-human gangsters. And, needless to say, the young and inexperienced Kazuo Kanai barely escaped with his life – again.

In the aftermath of Kazuo’s failed quest for revenge, Tokyo police managed to link him to a small fortune’s worth of property damage, not to mention several counts of Assault and Battery, Attempted Manslaughter (and suspicion of actual manslaughter), and a wide range of assorted misdemeanors. Facing certain arrest and jail time, Kazuo used the few street connections he had left in Tokyo to flee the country. He wound up in New York city, with false papers and few prospects. Since then he has spent time in several US cities, always living as a low-level street thug and car-thief.

Motivation: Revenge: Kazuo still wants revenge against the last surviving member of the four Yakuza who ruined his life; Ryo Tendo. He also wants revenge against the Genyosha gang who prevented him from extracting that revenge in the first place. Though he’s stuck in America now, and is a wanted criminal in Japan, Kazuo still entertains a desire to return to his homeland one day and make Ryo and the Genyosha pay.

Enemies: Kazuo has enemies. Kind of a lot of them, in fact. The Genyosha’s arm, in turns out, is quite long and they attempted to track Kazuo down on more than one occasion to finish the job they started back in Shinjuku. Beyond that, Kazuo has recently managed to attract the attention of some sort of US “black operations” group. Good times…

Relationship: Ryoko Mendo’s godfather – an American man by the name of Mark Ridley – was instrumental in helping Kazuo secure passage out of Japan when he fled. Mark continues to try to help Kazuo out, offering him guidance and financial support. Or attempting to, anyway. Kazuo has come to suspect the man of possibly being involved in some fashion with the US black ops group that seems to be tracking him. The old gaijin is just a little too well connected and seems to know just a little too much about things that most people don’t know anything about.

Additionally (and unbeknownst to both Kazuo and Mark), Ryoko Mendo has recently come to Central City in search of Kazuo. She’s discovered that this is where he’s fled and is intent on finding him. What will happen if and when she finally does find him is anyone’s guess.

Character Build
Kazuo Kanai - PL 8

Strength 8, Stamina 8, Agility 6, Dexterity 0, Fighting 8, Intellect 4, Awareness 4, Presence 3

Gonna F#@% You Up: All-out Attack, Evasion, Power Attack, Takedown
Not Gonna Go Down: Diehard, Great Endurance, Fearless, Withstand Damage (works as the feat described on pg. 44 of Mecha & Manga)
Tools of the Trade: Attractive, Benefit, Alternate Identity: fake documents showing US Citizenship, Contacts, Jack-of-all-trades, Languages 1

Street Tough: Deception 5 (+8), Expertise (AWE): Streetwise 5 (+9), Intimidation 5 (+8)
Ears to the Ground: Insight 1 (+5), Investigation 2 (+6), Perception 2 (+6), Persuasion 2 (+5)
Criminiminal: Technology 4 (+8), Expertise: Criminal 4 (+8)

Back for More
. . Regeneration 2 (Every 5 rounds)
Death from Above/Sucker Punch
. . Strength Effect
. . . . Leaping: Leaping 6 (Alternate; Leap 500 feet at 120 miles/hour)
. . . . Stunning Blow: Affliction 8 (Alternate; 1st degree: Vulnerable, 2nd degree: Defenseless, 3rd degree: Incapacitated, Resisted by: Fortitude, DC 18)

Initiative +6
Grab, +8 (DC Spec 18)
Stunning Blow: Affliction 8, +8 (DC Fort 18)
Throw, +0 (DC 23)
Unarmed, +8 (DC 23)

English, Japanese

Dodge 8, Parry 8, Fortitude 8, Toughness 8, Will 8

Power Points
Abilities 82 + Powers 3 + Advantages 14 + Skills 15 (30 ranks) + Defenses 6 = 120

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Re: Ophion's Character Portfolio

Postby Ophion » Mon Mar 28, 2011 7:37 am

James Winston/Aurelius (The Protectorate): Just came up with this guy. I like him a lot, though I don't know, as of this posting, whether or not he'll actually be accepted into the game I created him for. Writing his background took forever, and I still skimped on some of the details just to save on time! Still, it was a lot of fun and with such a rich back history, there's a lot of potential story hooks here.

Even though the character is brand new, I painted the image I used for his pic way back in 2005. I rarely ever draw or paint anything anymore, which is a shame. Looking at this pic makes me want to start again...

EDIT: And he was accepted! :D

Personal Information:
Birth Name: James Allen Winston
AKA: Aurelius
Identity: public
Occupation: Public Defender
Legal Status: Legal citizen of the United States of America
Marital Status: single
Known Relatives: estranged son; three grandchildren plus spouses; seven great-grandchildren
Concept: Man out of time

Physical Traits:
Weight: 215 lbs.
Height: 6’3”
Age (apparent age): 90’s (twenty-something)
Gender: Male
Ethnic Background: Caucasian
Nationality (place of origin): America
Eye Color: translucent, crystalline cloud-blue
Hair Color: shimmering gold
Handedness: right

Distinguishing Marks: James’ skin is a semi-translucent crystalline gold in color. It gives the impression of being comprised of a thin layer of pure crystal overlaying a deeper layer of equally pure gold underneath it. His hair appears as though it’s made of glittering, spun gold and has the same crystalline quality as his skin. The net effect is quite beautiful.

Additionally, James has a “third eye” that sits on his forehead in the shape of a large, pearl-like structure. Both this and his two normal eyes also possess a semi-translucent crystalline appearance, only they are cloud-blue in color, rather than gold, and frequently give off a faint light that seems to come from within.

General Appearance: Very striking. In his youth, James could “shut off” his golden shell and return to a normal appearance, but his indestructible golden skin is now quite permanent, as are the changes to his eyes, and this leaves him with an appearance that is eye-catching to say the least and that is noticeable even from a great distance. Also striking is the fact that, despite being nearly a century old, James still looks to be in his early twenties.

Powers, Skills, and Personality:
Known Powers: The current powers of the mutant Aurelius are still largely open to speculation as far as the general public is concerned, though the powers he possessed during the Second World War are a matter of public record. Back then, Winston was known to have the ability to transform his skin into a virtually indestructible golden “shell”, as well as possessing extreme physical strength, superhuman speed, superhuman senses, and the unconfirmed abilities of “energy projection” and flight.

The present-day Aurelius does not seem to be able to shut off his golden shell, and it is widely known that he can fly at tremendous speeds, possesses equally tremendous physical strength, and can definitely project energy blasts of some kind from his eyes. What powers he might possess beyond this are a matter of some debate.

Abilities/Special Skills: Though it is not known to the general public at this time, James’ vision is so acute that his eyes can pick out minute details with perfect clarity at distances of almost 200,000 miles (189,393.93 miles, to be exact), and even doubling or even tripling this distance only reduces the clarity of his vision by a small amount; while at the other end of the spectrum he is capable of perceiving microscopic details down to the level of molecules. Moreover, he can see well past the normal spectrum of visible light, and can even see past or through nearly any sort of obstacle, from interstellar dust clouds to brick walls.

Personality: In his youth James was a charismatic and confident individual, naturally given to leading and supporting others, hence his position as Team Two’s captain when he served in Enelysion Company. Six decades spent largely alone in space have made him both more taciturn and… stranger. These days he is a very quiet individual, not exactly ‘grim’, but not especially given to conversation or laughter. After so much time without human contact, even the simple act of having a normal conversation with someone else is difficult for him. Perhaps most importantly, the modern-day world is a strange and difficult to understand place for James, who left behind a world for which something as mundane as radar was an advanced technology, and even something as simple as a cell phone seems like a piece of science fiction to him.

Beyond all of this, there is the plain fact that James is now an old man, from whom Time has stolen virtually everything he once held dear and replaced it with people, things, and values (and even several countries) that he doesn’t recognize or understand and which don’t seem especially eager to understand him. James is doing everything he can to adapt to these new circumstances, but the going has been slow so far.

Legendary Beginnings:
[Excerpt from ‘Lightning Strikes! Mutants and the Second World War’, pg. 63 – 64, published in 2008 by Bantam Books:]
The Enelysion. In a modern world where super-heroes are commonplace and their exploits the stuff of legend and Hollywood remakes, the name Enelysion conjures up fantastic images of a Golden Age in Earth’s history, one still largely shrouded in mystery and exoticism, when things were simpler and the world was a much bigger – and stranger – place. The names of the ‘lightning-struck’ (enelysion, translated into English) are now synonymous with the retroactively-designated ‘First Age’ of true super-heroes in the Modern Age. 1

Seven in number, none of the Enelysion would, ironically, seem very powerful when compared to the paragons of today’s world, but at the time they were veritable gods striding across the landscape, smiting Axis Evil wherever they found it. Commanding their unit was Tom “Blackberry Summer” Kerry (usually referred to as simply “Blackberry”), whose skills as a battlefield tactician made him far more dangerous than his meteorological abilities ever would have alone. Serving under this legend of the Era were the following brave individuals: Freddy “Ferrier” McHenry, Samuel “Kilo” Harris, Martin “The Howler” Glenhaven, Steve “Glass Man” Dennings and, of course, the two most famous of them all, the tragic and star-crossed lovers, Francine “Mnemosyne” O’Hara and James “Aurelius” Winston. Early on, Kerry instituted the innovative technique of dividing his team into two three-man units he called “fire teams”, each capable of operating independently of the other half of the team. Glenhaven was in charge of team one, while Winston ran team two.

Taking their name from the ultra-Top Secret US military project that first trained them 2, Enelysion Company (also known simply as ‘The Enelysion’) was initially attached to no particular arm of the US military, though they worked most extensively with the Navy and the Marines prior to the onset of the Second World War, performing numerous operations throughout Asia and the Pacific Rim. With America’s declaration of War against the Axis powers, however, Enelysion was officially folded into the 2nd Marine Raiders Battalion, under the famed Marine Major Carlson, as an ‘unlisted’ rifle platoon within its sixth rifle company. During this time they were engaged almost exclusively in operations against the kokuryukai and qinglong secret societies of Japan and China, respectively. The team’s first casualty, Steve Dennings ‘the Glass Man’, was incurred during these engagements. The blockbuster ‘Eastern Dragons’ trilogy, released internationally to good reviews and huge profits between 1998 and 2005, were based in part on the Company’s battles with the nefarious kingpin of the Chinese underworld, the Pubianlong, and the original Silverfish Knight of Japan.

The six surviving members of Enelysion Company were transferred from the 2nd Marine Raiders Battalion in early 1943, after the power-bases of the kokuryukai and qinglong had been seriously undermined and were believed at the time to have been irreparably damaged 3, and their major theatre of operations from then on was Europe. Their adventures and exploits there are, if anything, even more famous than those they undertook in Asia, with their most infamous enemy being the mad doctor Von Gottlieb – a name now virtually synonymous with evil and the Nazi menace. Their two most famous battles were both waged against the mad doctor and his forces; the first in the Thuringian forests of Central Germany, against Gottlieb’s metachanical zombie hordes 4, and the second on that haven of Nazi-era techno-mysticism, the island of Riigen.

As everyone now knows, ‘The Howler’ fell while the Enelysion did battle with the techno-mystic zombie hordes in Thuringia and ‘Aurelius’ – also called ‘Golden Child’ for reasons which should be obvious – ‘Ferrier’ and ‘Kilo’ all fell on Riigen in the team’s final (and arguably, greatest) battle against the mad Von Gottlieb. Winston, Harris and McHenry all died while attempting to disarm the vilest of Von Gottlieb’s creations, his so-called ‘dark energy bomb’ 5. The world was shocked when the sealed War Records detailing Enelysion Company’s exploits were made public and it was revealed just how close the Nazis had come to deploying weapons even more devastating than the atom bomb against its enemies.

In the aftermath of the War, only Tom Kerry and Francine O’Hara remained of the Enelysion’s original seven. Tom Kerry died in 1950 while doing battle with the supermen of the Red Army during the Korean War. It was only a short while thereafter that the existence of “mutants” was revealed to a shocked world and everything changed almost overnight. Francine O’Hara, the only remaining member of Enelysion Company, soon became one of the most famous people on the planet – this even though most of the exploits she and her unit undertook during the war were still classified at that time. The public became enamored of her story and the tragic romance she had shared with James Winston.

Throughout the 1950’s and into the 1960’s, Francine O’Hara became steadily more involved in the Civil Rights of mutants and other minorities, both in...
[End Excerpt]
Editor’s Notes wrote:1-- This is now hotly contested, as the truth concerning mutants – that their presence on this planet and their impact on its history extends back several centuries at the least – makes the title ‘First Age’, as applied to the activities of supermen and women during WWII, seem more than a little inaccurate.

2-- Project Lightning Strike; still largely classified to this day, it was possibly the first project undertaken by the American government with the specific purpose of recruiting and training men and women with mutant capabilities for use in combat against America’s enemies (though see Mutants at the Turn of the Century, chapter 4, for a discussion of the so-called ‘Project Archangel’ as a possible WWI precursor to Project Lightning Strike). It has never yet been made clear just how many meta-humans were trained under the Project’s aegis, but it is evident that the number was relatively large (larger, at least, than the seven mutants who comprised the two “fire teams” that made up the famed Enelysion Company), and popular opinion maintains that a majority of America’s ‘First Generation’ of superheroes were in some way associated with it.

3-- This was revealed to be untrue decades later, of course, as the activities of the current Silverfish Knight in Japan and the Unseen Dragon in China so readily demonstrate. Still, there is no denying that Enelysion Company’s victories against the kokuryukai and qinglong societies during the war played a major role in the Allies’ own victories throughout the Pacific theatre of the War.

4-- The techno-mystic zombie horde that Enelysion Company defeated in Thuringia were estimated to number in the tens of thousands. Marcus Dweyer, in his book, The Badly Written Finale, makes the argument that – were it not for Enelysion Company’s timely discovery, and destruction, of the Terrene Element that Von Gottlieb was using to control the metachanical hordes – the entire course of the War may well have been altered in Hitler’s favor. While this claim is, in the opinion of this author, a somewhat fantastical one, it is undeniably true that the Enelysion’s stopping of Von Gottlieb’s terrible hordes saved many thousands of lives, if not more.

5-- There is still significant debate in the scientific community today as to the precise nature of this ‘dark energy’ weapon. The resulting explosion was witnessed and testified to by one Hans Zinsser, a German test pilot, whose description of the blast sounds suspiciously like the detonation of a nuclear warhead. It is entirely possible that Winston and his Team Two were not killed by the detonation of some as-yet-unknown Nazi super-tech, but rather by a standard atomic bomb. This does not, however, make their sacrifice any less noble, or the horrific possibilities the weapon would have presented, had the Enelysion failed in their mission, any less frightening.

Mysterious Resurrection:
[Excerpt from a news report broadcast during the Centauri invasion of 2010:]
...have definite confirmation that the golden hero who has been engaging the Centauri forces in the skies over the City for the past several hours is in fact the famous World War 2 era hero ‘Aurelius’, believed until now to have died in an explosion while attempting to disarm a Nazi super-weapon! Now, we do not yet have any information on where exactly Aurelius has been since he disappeared in 1944, but we do now know that...
[End Excerpt]

The Truth:
James Allen Winston, aka ‘Aurelius’, was not one of Earth’s first public mutants – but only because the span of his career (brief though it was) predated the revelation to the general public of the existence of his kind by several years.

Born in the (then tiny) town of Richmond, California in 1918, James grew up on the waters of the San Francisco Bay and the boat-building industry that was the town’s chief source of income was a constant reminder to him of the wider world that waited out there for anyone willing to go out and see it. It was no surprise to any of his fellow townsfolk when he left to join the Marines as soon as he was out of high school. What would have surprised them all – had they known – was that he had already begun to develop the beginnings of his mutant powers by that time and that this was the true reason behind his decision to sign up for service in the military.

The first World War had ended less than two decades previously, and the political situation throughout much of the world was leaving the American government feeling none too comfortable. Having long-since become aware of the existence of so-called “meta-humans”, “mutants”, “exotics”, or “supermen”, the various governments of the world had been quietly scouring their respective populations for any and every man and woman they could find who seemed “more than human” - and James qualified. The small town boy had been recruited by the government before he’d turned seventeen, and his parents had signed contracts swearing themselves to secrecy. As soon as he was old enough, James was shipped off to a top-secret military facility, where he trained with others of his kind as part of the mysterious ‘Project Lightning Strike’, for service in the American military in its ongoing fight for Democracy.

In the many decades since, the entire world has learned the story of the seven mutant supermen (and one superwoman) who fought against the Axis on behalf of the Allies and of Democracy and helped ensure that the world remained free of the tyranny of evil men like Adolf Hitler and the threat his Nazi forces represented. The Enelysion – the Lightning-Struck – hold a place in the public imagination that is almost mythological. Everyone knows that they were not the most powerful superheroes to have ever lived, nor were they ever the most popular (nearly the entire team had died before the very existence of superhumans was even revealed to the public), but they occupy a place in Super-heroic “Prehistory” that captures the heart and the imagination of virtually anyone who has heard their story. Moreover, they fought during the Second World War, a time that was fraught with peril and intrigue, action and adventure, and larger-than-life people fighting the good fight against larger-than-life evil. No conflict before or since was waged on such an epic scale until the invasion of the Centauri fleet less than one year ago. Understandably, this has transformed the Enelysion into equally larger-than-life heroes who, in the eyes of many Americans throughout the Twentieth Century, could Do No Wrong.

So one can easily imagine the uproar that followed the return of ‘Aurelius’, the Golden Child, the tragic hero, the star-crossed lover of Francine O’Hara who was America’s premier Mutant-Rights activist during the Civil Unrest period. Tom “Blackberry Summer” Kerry was generally depicted as the “purest” hero of the group, but James “Aurelius” Winston – the golden-skinned all-American Adonis – captured the public’s imagination in a way none of the other Enelysions – and few heroes since then – ever have (though in recent years Samuel “Kilo” Harris, who was African-American and one of the few to actually see combat during the War, has gained great popularity and has always been something of a symbol for many African-Americans). The clamoring questions concerning just where the presumed-dead hero has been during all the more than six decades since his disappearance have largely gone unanswered since his reemergence during the Centauri invasion a year ago, however.

The reason for this is simple: like his very existence during the War Years, the truth behind Aurelius’ disappearance is a highly classified and closely guarded secret that the governments of the world do not feel their citizens are yet ready to know of. More than that, the ‘truth’ in question is so fantastic that many within those governments are not, in all honesty, certain that they believe Mr. Winston when he tells it, even if he is the famed, golden-skinned hero of myth and legend.

According to Winston, when he and Enelysion’s Team Two were caught in the blast generated by Von Gottlieb’s “dark energy bomb”, he wasn’t killed, but rather was transported through space (and possibly time as well) and deposited in the midst of the cold, dark void of outer space. But it was not merely the void between planets or even stars that he found himself floating in, but rather that immense and starless void that stretches like a black abyss between the very galaxies themselves. Specifically, James was left stranded more than 200 million light years from the Milky Way and some 50 million light years outside of the Andromeda Galaxy. Though this experience was understandably traumatic and stressful for him, what James has the most trouble speaking of when recounting this experience, is that both Fred McHenry and Samuel Harris were dropped into that endless void with him, only their powers, unlike his own, did nothing to protect them in such a harsh environment and so he was forced to watch two of his closest friends die a horrible death while he floated helplessly nearby. The thought that two of the bravest men he’s ever known are still floating dead, billions of miles away from their homes and families or anything else at all, is something that still haunts him today.

Something that was (it can be argued, deliberately) glossed over in the unsealed military records that first revealed the exploits of Enelysion Company to an enthralled American public back in the 1950’s were the real facts concerning Winston’s powers and their development. Early in his career, Winston’s still-developing powers were largely limited to superhuman strength, speed, and resilience, though his senses were always especially acute as well. But as the War progressed, those abilities had developed progressively with each passing year and in the months before his last mission on Riigen island James’ powers had developed to a point where even his fellow mutants had begun to wonder if there were any limits on what their teammate was capable of, and he had already displayed limited flight capabilities and the power to project “energy bolts” from his eyes.

These still-growing powers were what allowed James to survive in the empty vastnesses of transgalactic space, though it took years before they had grown to a point where they were of any use to him in his current circumstances, beyond simple survival. What allowed him to actually find his way back home over such incomprehensibly enormous distances had nothing at all to do with his own powers, but rather those of his lost love, Francine O’Hara. A powerful psychic, Francine’s love for James had forged a potent mental link between the two of them that, it turned out, transcended time or distance and allowed them to remain in contact – tenuous and fragile though that contact was – despite the immense distances that separated them. Aurelius was able to follow that thread of connection back across the void and to use it as a guiding light that would lead him back to earth.

It took the golden-skinned mutant most of the first five decades of his absence from Earth to make it across the millions of light years of empty space separating him from the Milky Way (and possibly longer, there is no good way of knowing precisely how long James was out there, or how much any relativistic effects may have influenced his perception of time), and then the remaining decade to work his way back to Earth itself. During this last stage of his strange and lonely journey he encountered many strange stars and worlds and more than one alien civilization, and found himself partaking in more than a few adventures out among the stars. Francine finally died (of simple old age) in 2008 and Winston not only almost lost the trail back to Earth at that point, he nearly gave up the journey as well. In the end, he pressed on anyway, being unwilling to give up or give in after so long and feeling that to do so would be to dishonor Francine’s memory.

As luck or fate would have it, James Winston finally made it back to Earth in the midst of the Centauri invasion, a development which initially caught him completely off guard. And then left him completely enraged. After traveling alone through the blackness of space for the vast majority of his life, all so that he could be reunited with his true love and the people of his birth, James had first lost the woman he loved and now he’d finally reunited with his own kind only to find them in danger of being wiped out by an alien menace. The hero Aurelius did not even stop to long enough to find someone in authority for him to report to; he simply leapt into the fray and began attacking the alien invaders wherever he found them, both in orbit over the Earth and down on the ground. The golden-skinned mutant was seemingly everywhere, blazing as brightly as a star as he flew through the heavens decimating the aliens’ forces.

He was surprised – pleasantly so – to discover the sheer number of other mutants who were already waging war against the aliens, and was even more surprised at the level of power so many of them displayed. It had never occurred to him just how powerful he himself had grown on his journey back to earth, and “back in his day” one rarely heard of a mutant who could fly, let alone one that could do battle in orbit, and yet here they were, doing battle alongside of him. It made James’ heart glad to know that the planet of his birth had such men and women to protect it.

The events of the War with the Centauri and the events that immediately followed it swept James up within them, and when it was all over he found that he was, yet again, a member of a team of supermen and heroes, only this time their power was greater and so was the scale on which they operated. The world is no longer the one that James remembers from his youth, but it’s still his planet, the place of his birth, and humanity are his people and he’s both happy and honored to be able to defend them from anything that would threaten their safety.

The Enemies of My Enemies are still - mostly - My Enemies: Despite having been gone for more than six decades, Aurelius has lots of enemies. It's just that most of them have never even met the man. The kokuryukai and qinglong secret societies are still quite active in the modern world, and neither group has any love for the man who helped to nearly wipe them out so many years ago. Both groups feel, rightly or wrongly, that their respective quests to dominate the globe would have long since come to fruition had it not been for the Enelysion's intervention. Then of course, there are the persistent rumors that Dr. Von Gottlieb is still alive. If true, the mad doctor would no doubt be seeking vengeance against Aurelius.

Fame: Aurelius is, arguably, one of the most famous and instantly recognizable mutants on the planet at this point. A legend since long before his "triumphant return", James' actions during the Centauri War have only bolstered his reputation, and his highly unique and iconic appearance have further served to cement his image in the public eye.

A Soldier's Work is Never Done: Aurelius feels a weight of responsibility for this world. When his team failed to disarm Von Gottlieb's "dark energy bomb", Aurelius feels like he somehow failed the Earth as a whole, and Francine in particular. His failure left him cut off from Francine, the child she bore him in his absence, and the world that had raised him. By the time he'd managed to make it back home, his woman was dead, his son an old man he didn't know, and his world was under attack from an alien threat. Aurelius hopes to never make another mistake with such dire consequences again, and with that objective in mind he works all the harder in his roll as a defender of the Earth.

Extended Family: Francine O'Hara gave birth to a healthy son less than nine months after the love of her life, James Winston, vanished in the explosion caused Von Gottlieb's bomb. Now in his mid-sixties, Francine's son James O'Hara has three children of his own, along with seven grandchildren. These are all James Winston's descendants, and he hardly knows any of them. To make things more difficult, James still looks to be in his early twenties, meaning he looks young enough to be his own son's child, younger even than any of his grandchildren.

Secret: Not his own secret, technically, but one that involves him anyway, and it's a big one too. Francine O'Hara maintained a weak mental connection with James Winston for more than six decades and knew without a doubt that he was still alive. Naturally, she informed her superiors in the American government, who were inclined to at least consider the possibility that she was telling the truth. This means that the US government has known since 1944 that the mutant Aurelius was not only alive, but was traveling through space to reach Earth. There is good reason to question why this was never made known, either publicly or to any other nation's government.

Again, this is not James' secret, but it affects him directly, and should it ever be revealed, the consequences are likely to affect him as well.

Character Build
Power Level: 12; Power Points Spent: 180/180

Strength 17, Stamina 12, Agility 0, Dexterity 0, Fighting 7, Intellect 0, Awareness 3, Presence 1

Living Legend: Benefit, Status: Legendary Hero
An Old Dog's Tricks: All-out Attack, Move-by Action, Power Attack, Takedown
Indestructible: Ultimate Effort: Toughness checks

Athletics 0 (+17), Insight 6 (+9), Perception 8 (+11), Persuasion 6 (+7)

. . Flight 11 (light, mutant, quantum forces; Speed: 4000 miles/hour, 8 miles/round; Aquatic; Quirk: applies a +20 difficulty penalty to Stealth checks when used)
. . . . Flight 3 (Speed: 16 miles/hour, 250 feet/round)
. . . . Movement 8 (Alternate Power; light, mutant, quantum forces; Environmental Adaptation: zero gravity, Permeate 2: speed rank -1, Space Travel 3: other galaxies, Wall-crawling 2: full speed)
Immeasurable Strength
. . Enhanced Strength 17 (biological, mutant, quantum forces; +17 STR)
. . Power-lifting 5 (biological, mutant, quantum forces; +5 STR for lifting; 100 ktons load limit)
. . . . Oculus Dei: Energy Control 12 (Alternate; plasma, light, mutant, quantum forces, DC 27; Accurate 6: +12, Extended Range 10 (307,200/614,400/1,228,800 ft); Quirk: applies a +20 difficulty penalty to Stealth checks when used)
. . . . Oculus Exitium: Weaken 12 (Alternate; plasma, light, mutant, quantum forces, Affects: Toughness, Resisted by: Fortitude, DC 22; Affects Objects Only, Increased Range (307,200/614,400/1,228,800 ft): ranged, Extended Range 10, Accurate 6: +12; Quirk: applies a +20 difficulty penalty to Stealth checks when used)
. . Enhanced Stamina 10 (biological, mutant; +10 STA; Permanent)
. . Immunity 14 (biological, mutant, quantum forces; Aging, Critical Hits, Life Support, Sleep)
. . Protection 5 (biological, mutant, quantum forces; +5 Toughness; Noticeable: gold-crystalline skin)
Oculus Infinitum
. . Oculus Infinitum: Senses 19 (Counters All Concealment: vision, Extended: vision 9: x1bn, Penetrates Concealment: vision, Ultravision; Noticeable: eyes are crystalline in appearance and cloud-blue of color)
. . . . Oculus Omnibus: Senses 19 (Alternate; Counters All Concealment: vision, Extended: vision 5: x100k, Infravision, Microscopic Vision 3: molecule-size, Penetrates Concealment: vision, Ultravision; Noticeable: eyes are crystalline in appearance and cloud-blue in color)
. . Regeneration 1 (biological, mutant; Every 10 rounds)

Initiative +0
Grab, +7 (DC Spec 27)
Oculus Dei: Energy Control 12 (DC 27)
Oculus Exitium: Weaken 12 (DC Fort 22)
Throw, +0 (DC 32)
Unarmed, +7 (DC 32)


Dodge 7, Parry 7, Fortitude 12, Toughness 17, Will 12

Power Points
Abilities 30 + Powers 119 + Advantages 7 + Skills 10 (20 ranks) + Defenses 14 = 180

Created With Hero Lab® - try it for free at http://www.wolflair.com!

Character Notes
Flight, Oculus Dei, and Oculus Exitium Powers: These all have, effectively, a "Noticeable 2" effect on them (even though I didn't bother actually taking it for Oculus Exitium), or if you prefer "Extremely Noticeable".

When he uses Flight, he is surrounded by an intense glow that is visible even in broad daylight. At night, or out in space, this glow is positively brilliant. When he uses either of his Oculus attack powers his eyes (all three of them) glow so brightly as to almost qualify as a Dazzle attack (though not quite, obviously), and they both also produce a low-pitched humming or buzzing sound that is quite distinctive. Even during daytime the brightness of these attacks stands out dramatically and at night, or out in space, they blaze with coronal brightness.

Space Flight Power: As per the description, he can travel anywhere in space, up to and including between galaxies. However, I see this travel as being slowed significantly when moving through the "crowded" spaces within galaxies themselves. So traveling any significant distance within the Milky Way for instance takes a fair amount of time, simply because he has to adjust his course so much due to all of the stars and their gravitational fields interfering with his travels. Moving through the voids between galaxies, on the other hand, is much simpler because he can really cut loose and pick up the speed. Regardless, this is another power that takes "as much time as the GM needs it to".

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Re: Ophion's Character Portfolio

Postby Ophion » Thu Apr 21, 2011 6:35 pm

Amanda Oshiro/Dropkick (Infinite New Vindicators): This build is somehow even more out-of-the-ordinary to me than Cheshire's build is. As will become apparent to anyone who reads on, Amanda is a super-powered, incredibly beautiful double-amputee.... Yup. Pretty strange.

Still, I like her. I've always enjoyed reading about and writing for characters who are scarred or damaged in some way and who fight to overcome that (though usually that scarring is something emotional or mental), but I think this is the most literal I've gotten with that theme. I'm really looking forward to learning to write for her. :)

Character Writeup:
Personal Information:
Birth Name: Amanda Oshiro
Nick Names: Legs, Manda, Manda-panda, Panda (you get the idea...)
Identity: public
Occupation: student
Legal Status: wanted
Codename: Dropkick
Marital Status: single
Known Relatives: parents
Concept: Disabled, but still highly capable and very dangerous.

Physical Traits:
Weight: 108 lbs. (but proportionate to a girl weighing around 120 lbs.)
Height: 5’5”
Age: 17
Gender: female
Ethnic Background: Japanese
Nationality (place of origin): American
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: black
Handedness: N/A

Distinguishing Marks: Aside from her stunning good looks, by far the most striking thing about Amanda, for better or for worse, is that both of her arms come to a sudden stop a few inches above where her elbows should be. The scars where her arms were amputated have mostly faded now, but it is still obvious that she wasn’t born this way and that something must have happened to her to have caused their loss.

General Appearance: Amanda is incredibly beautiful, possessing the good looks and expressive face of a movie star, though her beauty is now somewhat marred (or at least marked) by the loss of both of her arms. Despite being third generation American, she is still almost 100% Japanese by blood (with a little bit of Korean thrown in for good measure), and this shows in her features. By Western standards, Manda’s beauty is as exotic as it is remarkable.

Manda prefers clothing that is as comfortable as it is cute, and that allows for as much freedom of movement as possible. This is due as much to the nature of her powers as it is to her disability; clothing that restricts motion or that will chafe is completely counterproductive for a girl whose primary abilities involve movement at superhuman speeds. In the same way, Manda leaves her hair long and sticks to simple methods of styling it. Aside from the fact that there’s no sense in spending an hour carefully teasing her hair into some amazing new style only to have it destroyed the instant she cuts loose with her powers, not having any arms means that even simple hair styles are a real trick to pull off.

Despite preferring simple styles over high-maintenance ones, Manda likes to dress up when the opportunity arises and she’s certainly no tomboy, as she almost always attires herself in as feminine a manner as possible.

Powers, Skills, and Personality:
Known Powers: Manda’s powers all revolve around the motions of her own body, and her physical reflexes and dexterity are far into the superhuman range, as is her speed.

Manda’s powers go beyond simple speed or reaction time, however. She can move over and across virtually any surface or obstacle – including air and water – with both grace and ease. This ability is somewhat unique in that, functionally, it’s the same as flying, however - unlike most flyers - Manda literally “runs” on thin air, up buildings and other obstacles, and across the surface of liquids in the same way as a normal person would run across the ground.

Amanda’s powers are essentially a highly focused form of control over kinetic energy, inertia, and relative mass, especially (almost entirely, in fact) within her own body. Before Manda lost her arms, she was able to use this ability to mimic the effects of super-strength to a degree, and was capable of lifting and moving enormously heavy objects as well as striking with superhuman force. With the loss of her arms, Amanda’s ability to utilize her powers for feats of strength has been limited enough that she no longer focuses on this aspect of them, instead focusing on her ability to move at tremendous speeds and to land blows with her legs and feet that possess far more kinetic force than should be possible for a slight young woman such as herself.

Abilities/Special Skills: Because of the loss of her arms, Manda has learned to use her toes and feet to accomplish nearly everything that most people accomplish with their hands. There are limits, of course, but for the most part her toes and feet are, if anything, more dexterous than the fingers and hands of the average person, due to her superhuman physical acumen (which acumen is also what enabled her to learn to use her feet with such skill so quickly). She has even recently gotten her driver’s license and, as with most endeavors that rely on “hand”/eye coordination, Manda has proven to be an exceptionally good driver despite her lack of hands (though manual shift vehicles are beyond her ability to manage, superhuman coordination or no).

Before her accident, Manda had been learning to both draw and paint. Losing her arms nearly put a stop to that, but Manda has rallied back and is now relearning her former artistic skills using her feet instead of her hands. It’s slow going, but she’s been getting steadily better and her enhanced physical coordination gives her a definite advantage.

Personality: Manda is a lively and vivacious girl, with strong opinions and a passionate and creative mind. She’s not quite as smart as she thinks she is, but she’s no dummy either. Her formerly carefree spirit has been somewhat dimmed due to the accident that left her without arms or hands however (an accident that she knows was her own fault), and she is slowly learning to temper her natural impetuousness and behave responsibly.

Manda doesn’t like losing or giving up, and she doesn’t deal with failure well either. As a result she constantly pushes herself to be better and to do better. Her handicap has only reinforced this tendency, and Manda takes a special pride in her ability to accomplish so many everyday tasks that most would believe require the use of hands she doesn’t have. Secretly, she worries that she might never be able to live up to the expectations of her teachers and classmates (even though her own expectations for herself are far higher than theirs will ever be), and she hates to think that others might see her as being somehow “broken”.

Background: Amanda Oshiro grew up in Redondo Beach, CA, one of the three Beach Cities of Los Angeles’ South Bay area. In most ways her life would have seemed idyllic; a home near the beach in an upscale community, beautiful weather almost all year round, friends, sun, and sand. Hardly anything to complain about.

And for the most part this was true, except for one thing. Manda’s mother was a Neo-Sapien and she had passed that genetic distinction down to her daughter as well. While her mother was only a relatively weak telekinetic with limited abilities, making her powers of limited application and easy to hide, Manda’s powers manifested early and developed quickly, and it was apparent early on that she would far outstrip her mother in terms of raw power.

Though her parents tried to train their daughter to keep her abilities a secret from the rest of the world, Manda was still young and impetuous and though she tried to heed her parents, the opportunity to run through the clouds and leap over buildings was simply too much of a temptation for the teenager. Inevitably, this lack of discipline on Manda’s part led to serious consequences for the young girl, though if she’d known how serious she might have acted differently.

During one of her clandestine nighttime adventures in which she experimented with her newfound powers, back when it was still easier for her to leap high through the air than it was for her to run on it, Manda misjudged her angle of descent and came down on some electrical power lines. She managed to catch herself so that she didn’t fall bodily onto multiple wires at once, but she still managed to brush against one of the electrical pole’s grounded transformers with one hand while grabbing onto a power line itself with the other. This instant of contact with the transformer was all it took for Manda’s body to become the connection completing what should have been a lethal circuit.

Amanda got lucky though. She survived and “only” had to have both of her arms amputated above the elbow due the extensive damage caused by electrical burns, along with a cast on one foot where she’d fractured a few bones after the electric jolt she’d received had sent her flying through the air to land unconscious in the middle of the street down below. She’d been found some time later by neighbors.

Manda was devastated, as were her parents, but they were given hardly any time to cope or adjust to the catastrophe, as the teenager’s indiscretions had not quite finished coming back to haunt her. Redondo Beach is a close-knit community – especially in the Northern section where Amanda and her parents lived – and even before her tragic accident, people in Manda’s neighborhood had begun to notice strange goings-on at night. Manda being found unconscious in the middle of the street after having somehow come into contact with an electrical power line far overhead had caused quite a stir in the neighborhood, which the Oshiro family were forced to realize when they found themselves being questioned by polite, but very insistent neighbors long before Amanda was officially released from the hospital’s care. Though most folk were polite, if nosy, a few were asking some very pointed questions that came far too close to the truth of the matter for the Oshiros’ comfort.

Fearing for her daughter’s safety, Mrs. Oshiro immediately called upon what few contacts she had in the Neo-Sapien community and, fortunately, it was enough. In no time at all, individuals representing the interests of a certain “unusual” private school showed up and offered Amanda and her parents a way out. The choice presented was not an ideal one, but it was much, much better than the alternative that Black Box represented.

Officially, Amanda is going to a specialized school that is not only equipped to handle a child with her particular needs, but one that will also provide her with the kind of first rate education that every parent wants for their child. In reality, she is now one of the Infinite Possibilities private school’s many Neo-Sapien students. There she has learned to overcome her physical handicap through determination and ingenious application of her inborn powers, and has become a valued and useful member in the school’s efforts to defend the earth against an ancient evil.
Character Build

Amanda Oshiro - Power Level: 9; Power Points Spent: 135/135

STR: -1 (8), DEX: +12 (24/34), CON: +4 (18), INT: +1 (12), WIS: +2 (14), CHA: +3 (16)

Physical: Acrobatics 4 (+16/+20), Drive 1 (+13), Stealth 4 (+16/+20)
Social: Bluff 4 (+7), Diplomacy 5 (+8), Sense Motive 6 (+8), Notice 9 (+11)
Intellectual: Craft (artistic) 2 (+3), Knowledge (popular culture) 1 (+2)

Combat Training: Attack Focus (melee) 10, Dodge Focus 12,
Kinesia: Acrobatic Bluff, Challenge - Improved Feint, Elusive Target, Endurance, Evasion 2, Improved Initiative (1/3), Move-by Action, Prehensile Feet, Uncanny Dodge (mental)
Bellikinesia: All-Out Attack, Damaging Escape, Defensive Strike, Grappling Finesse, Power Attack, Improved Critical 3 (Damage 8 ), Prone Fighting, Stunning Attack, Takedown Attack 2
Beauty: Attractive 2
Gear: Equipment 1
(Blue feats are Enhanced Traits or Power Feats)

Climbing Kick 8 (DC 23, Feats: Prone Fighting; Up in the Air, Subtle (subtle))
. . Damage 8 (Alternate; DC 23, Feats: Improved Critical 3 (Damage 8 ), Stunning Attack; Penetrating [6 ranks only]; Subtle (subtle), Split Attack (2 targets))
Parakinesia (Array 12)
. . Enhanced Trait 9 (Feats: Acrobatic Bluff, Challenge - Improved Feint, Damaging Escape, Elusive Target, Improved Initiative 2, Move-by Action, Takedown Attack 2)
. . Flight 7 (Speed: 1000 mph, 8800 ft./rnd; Subtle 2 (unnoticable); Power Loss (must have use of legs to "run" or "leap" with))
Superhuman Reflexes
. . Enhanced Dexterity 10 (+10 DEX)
. . Enhanced Trait 5 (Traits: Acrobatics +4 (+20), Stealth +4 (+20), Feats: Evasion 2, Uncanny Dodge (mental))

Infinite Possibilities Uniform
. . Immunity 2 (heat, cold)
. . Protection 2 (+2 Toughness)

Attack Bonus: +0 (Ranged: +0, Melee: +10, Grapple: +22)

Initiative: +24
Climbing Kick 8, +10 (DC Stability/Tou )
Damage 8, +10 (DC Staged/Tou )
Unarmed Attack, +10 (DC 14)

Defense: +12 (Flat-footed: +0), Knockback: -3

Tough: +4/+6, Fort: +6, Ref: +12, Will: +7

Drawbacks: Disability, very common, major, no arms

Languages: English

Totals: Abilities 32 + Skills 9 (36 ranks) + Feats 32 + Powers 60 + Combat 0 + Saves 7 - Drawbacks 5 = 135

Created With Hero Lab® - try it for free at http://www.wolflair.com!

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Re: Ophion's Character Portfolio

Postby Ophion » Thu Jun 09, 2011 9:21 pm

Randall 'Randy' Urianhai/The Dragon (X-League Campaign): I dig this guy, and I'm looking forward to writing for him. Also, I totally ripped off Sojobo's character formatting for his character build. Hey, at least I'm honest about it. ;)

Character Writeup:
Personal Information:
Birth Name: Randall "Randy" Urianhai
Nick Names: The Dragon
Identity: public
Occupation: Professor of Philosophy and Law and Personal Defense Instructor, Xavier’s Institute of Higher Learning
Courses Taught: Philosophy, Law; Specialized Courses: Ethics and Law as applied to Metahumans
Legal Status: registered mutant
Marital Status: single
Concept: man-monster caught between worlds

Physical Traits:
Weight: varies
Height: varies (usually over 6’ when in humanoid form)
Age: late 30’s
Gender: male
Ethnic Background: Mongolian
Nationality (place of origin): American (Mongolia)
Eye Color: varies (usually dark brown in human form)
Hair Color: varies (usually black in human form)
Handedness: right

General Appearance: When wearing his “standard” face, Randy is good-looking in a wild, somewhat rough-around-the-edges kind of way. He is tall, slender of build, fine of feature, and he carries himself with a grace and poise that is at once easygoing and aloof. Randy leaves his hair long and his beard scruffy, and has an oddball sense of personal style, but it is a tribute to his mellow, relaxed, and confident personality that he makes it work for him. When wearing other faces and forms his grooming and fashion habits vary depending on the needs of the situation.

For all his easygoing and friendly manners, there is something inherently predatorial about Randall Urianhai, even when in his human form, which puts some ill at ease.

Few have seen Urianhai in his form as “The Dragon”, but those who have can attest that it is a form of pure lethality and unequaled predatorial grace. The Dragon stands more than six feet at the shoulder, with a body clearly designed for speed and agility. Its form is all sleek muscle and deadly-looking spines, with a graceful, serpentine neck as long as the body it’s attached to and capped with a horned and majestic head whose maw is filled with long, needle-sharp teeth of fearsome design. The Dragon measures more than forty feet long from the tip of its whip-like tail to the end of its horned snout.

Powers, Skills, and Personality:
Known Powers: Randall Urianhai’s powers are not well known or understood by most of Xavier’s student body or faculty for the simple reason that he never really seems to use them (though it’s a sure bet that Bruce Wayne, at the least, knows most, if not all, of Urianhai’s secrets).

What is common knowledge is that – even in his human form – Urianhai is a lot heavier than he looks and that this has apparently granted him some degree of enhanced strength and resistance to physical harm. Of course everyone knows he can transform into a terrifying reptilian monstrosity, even if hardly anyone has seen this power in action, but it's rumored that he can take on other shapes and forms as well, though the full extent of Randall’s abilities remain largely in the realm of rumor and conjecture.

Abilities/Special Skills: Randy possesses a doctorate in Philosophy and a Scientiae Juridicae Doctor in Law, and he is a master of several different styles of kung fu, notably Tai chi chuan and Bagua Zhang. He is also a highly astute individual and is far more observant than his laidback and carefree demeanor would seem to indicate.

Urianhai's metahuman origins and his advanced degrees in Law and Philosophy have combined to make him one of the leading authorities in the still-nascent fields dealing with how laws and ethics can be applied to the superhuman abilities of the world's metahuman population, and what the ramifications of their misuse might (or should) be.

Personality: Randall Urianhai is not a Zen master, but he could probably fool most people into believing differently if he wanted to. Few things seem to worry Urianhai and it is doubtful he knows the meaning of the word “panic”. He has a genuinely kind-hearted and generous nature and he seldom resorts to threats or shows of force if it can be avoided and is always quick to lend a helping hand to those in need.

Urianhai is a romantic at heart and believes that the world could – and should – be a better place than it is and, furthermore, he believes that it is the responsibility of individuals like himself to make it so. He prefers to see the best in people rather than the worst and is quite tolerant and patient of people’s shortcomings. The same perspective that grants Urianhai such generosity of spirit can also make him into a truly ruthless enemy once that patience wears thin, however. Indeed, those few who have been unfortunate enough to earn Urianhai’s enmity have discovered that underneath his kind and easygoing exterior lurks a truly relentless foe, devoid of any mercy for his enemies and fully capable of the kind of cool (some might say cold) and calculated acts of violence and aggression that a man like Mr. Wayne looks for in his school’s Self-defense and Combat Instructor.

Most people forget that every day that Urianhai walks among them as a normal-seeming human being is a day that he holds the vast majority of his true power in check, treading on eggshells lest he break the relatively fragile creatures all around him. All it takes is a simple relaxing of his will and he can effortlessly shed his human skin, becoming the apex predator to end all apex predators, and with the killer instincts to match. Urianhai is the reformed wolf, the gentle grizzly bear, the pacifist shark in a sea full of minnows, and anyone who insists on behaving in a manner that would make him forget this does so at their own peril.

Background: Randall Urianhai is of Mongolian descent, and in fact he was born there – in the northern province of Khovsgol – but he and his mother came to America when he was still a child and he remembers little of the land of his birth. Randy is not only of Mongolian descent, though. His father came from... somewhere else.

Randy knows little of his father’s origin or past, and his mother will not speak of the man, but it is clear that his metahuman traits are paternal in origin, and Randy would dearly love to know the truth of the matter. Regardless of what that truth is, Randy was not born normal, and his childhood was largely spent in isolation while his poor overwrought mother helped him learn how to control his burgeoning powers and to control his shape enough that he could eventually pass as a normal human. Most metahumans retain an outwardly normal human appearance, but a few are not so “lucky” and Randall Urianhai is one of those few. His natural form is that of a humanoid reptilian creature that roughly resembles an anthropomorphic dragon, and the normal-seeming human face that he wears from day to day is merely a mask that allows him to go unremarked in mundane society.

By his early teens Randy had sufficiently mastered his strange powers – which include the ability to take on the appearance of virtually anyone or anything – for his mother to feel safe about letting her little boy interact with the outside world. Randy immediately fell in love with the almost overwhelming number of new sights and sounds and people that had become available to him, and he threw himself into school, friendship, and exploration. While still in high school he took particular enjoyment in his studies of the law, and solace in the world’s philosophical and religious systems, finding within them many thoughts, notions, and beliefs that helped him make some sense of his own, seemingly divided nature.

Though he was careful not to advertise himself as something more than just a regular teenage boy, Randy eventually garnered the attention of those who made it their business to keep an eye out for individuals like himself. Shortly before he was due to graduate from high school he was contacted by a representative from the then-newly-formed Xavier’s Institute of Higher Learning, and Randall Urianhai became part of what would become that school’s first graduating class. Urianhai’s interest in philosophy and law persisted throughout his time there and he graduated with doctorates in both fields. While there the young superhuman was also introduced to the martial arts, particularly those – like Tai chi chuan and Bagua Zhang – that incorporate many elements of certain religious and/or philosophical theories into their frameworks, and Urianhai had soon transformed himself into a master of multiple styles of personal combat as well.

As a member or Wayne’s first graduating class, Urianhai was called upon numerous times to help the crippled former caped crusader in his efforts to keep the world safe and curtail the efforts of those mutants and metahumans whose goals were not so noble. Because of this, by the time that he was offered a teaching position at Xavier’s, Urianhai was a veteran in the application of the very skills that Bruce Wayne and his associates had been striving to teach their students, making him the perfect candidate for both the position of the Professor of Philosophy and of Law, and as the school’s chief Personal Defense Instructor.

While it might seem to some that Urianhai hides behind his human-looking mask, rather than proudly displaying his true form for all to see, the truth is something different. Randy has often wondered if his father had (has?) powers like his and, if so, what could the man have taught him? Whatever the answer, the reality was that Randy had no one to teach him how to use any of his abilities, and so learning to successfully duplicate even a single human form – let alone a myriad of them – was a process that took years to master, and Randy wears his chosen “face” with the pride of a master craftsmen showcasing some of his finest work.

Motivation: Doing Good: Urianhai is a romantic at heart and believes that the world could - and should - be a better place than it is and, furthermore, he believes that it is the responsibility of individuals like himself to make it so.
Responsibility: As a Teacher. Urianhai has a triple-load of classes, teaching courses in Philosophy, Law, and Personal Defense and Combat, and his Special Elective course, Ethics and Law as applied to Metahumans, has (somewhat to his surprise) become one of the school's most popular classes. It's a good thing that he doesn't need to sleep.
Weakness: Dragon's Bane: A rare leafy herb, indigenous to certain valleys in China, Tibet, and Mongolia, is known to cause Urianhai to suffer adverse affects as though he were being subjected to potent sleeping gas, or some similar agent. Simply being in the plant's presence is sufficient for Urianhai to suffer its effects, though why the plant affects him thus is not known. This acts as a powerful Affliction effect against him that can leave him dazed, stunned or even incapacitated.

Character Build
Randall Urianhai (Base Form) - PL 10

Strength 10, Stamina 10, Agility 8, Dexterity 0, Fighting 10, Intellect 0, Awareness 5, Presence 4/2

Physical: Acrobatics 2 (+10), Deception 2 (+6), Expertise (FGT): Martial Arts 1 (+11), Stealth 3 (+10/+7)
Social: Insight 5 (+10), Intimidation 2 (+8), Persuasion 2 (+6)
Mental: Expertise: Law 9 (+9), Expertise (AWE): Philosophy 3 (+7), Investigation 6 (+6), Perception 10 (+15)

All-out Attack, Evasion, Fast Grab, Fearless, Improved Critical: Unarmed 3, Improved Grab, Improved Initiative(2), Improved Trip, Languages 1, Move-by Action, Power Attack, Takedown 2, Withstand Damage*
(Blue feats are enhanced feats or power feats; '*' -- "Withstand Damage" works as the Feat described in Mecha & Manga, pg. 44)

Dragon Form: Multiple Effects • 37pp
    Neck & Tail: Extra Limbs 2 Advantages: Improved Grab • 2pp
    Elongation 1: 30 feet, Advantages: Improved Trip; Flaws: Quirk: Applies only to his tail • 1pp
    Growth 10: +10 STR, +10 STA, +2 Intimidate, -5 Stealth, -4 active defenses, +1 size category; Extras: Density [5 ranks only] • 20pp
    Morph 4: +20 Deception checks to disguise; Any form; Extras: Metamorph; Flaws: Check Required 2: DC 12 - Will, Increased Action 2: standard • 14pp
    • Blazing Acid Mist 10 Alternate Power; Damage Effect (DC 25); Extras: Cone Area: 60 feet cone; Flaws: Distracting • 10pp
    • Enhanced Trait 11: Alternate Power; Traits: Dodge +2 (+8), Stealth +4 (+10), Presence +2 (+4), Parry -2 (+8), Advantages (Improved Critical 3, Improved Initiative, Withstand Damage) • 11pp
    • Regeneration 5: Alternate Power; Every 2 rounds, Advantages: Diehard, Extras: Persistent • 11pp
Flight 8: Speed: 500 miles/hour, 1 mile/round; Extras: Aquatic; Flaws: Wings • 9pp
    Predator's Agility: Alternate Power; Multiple Effects • 9pp
    • Leaping 3: Leap 60 feet at 16 miles/hour; Advantages: Skill Mastery (Athletics) • 4pp
    • Speed 5: 60 miles/hour, 900 feet/round • 5pp
Immunity 11: Aging, Life Support; Flaws: Half Effect: Aging, Hunger & Thirst • 10pp

Initiative +16
Blazing Acid Mist: Cone Area Damage 10 (DC 25)
Grab, +10 (DC Spec 20)
Throw, +0 (DC 25)
Unarmed, +10 (DC 25)

Dodge 8, Parry 8, Fortitude 10, Toughness 10, Will 10

English, Mongolian

Abilities 50 + Powers 57 + Advantages 10 + Skills 22 (44 ranks) + Defenses 11 = 150
Metamorph Build wrote:Randall Urianhai (Human-sized Form) - PL 10

Strength 7, Stamina 8, Agility 8, Dexterity 0, Fighting 13, Intellect 0, Awareness 5, Presence 4/3

Physical: Acrobatics 2 (+10), Expertise (FGT): Martial Arts 1 (+14), Stealth 3 (+10/+7)
Social: Deception 2 (+6), Insight 5 (+10), Intimidation 2 (+6), Persuasion 2 (+6)
Mental: Expertise (AWE): Philosophy 3 (+7), Expertise: Law 9 (+9), Investigation 6 (+6), Perception 10 (+15)

Lethal: All-out Attack, Evasion 2, Fast Grab, Fearless, Improved Initiative, Languages 1, Move-by Action, Power Attack, Takedown
(Blue feats are enhanced feats or power feats)

Enhanced Trait 4: Traits: Dodge +1 (+10), Parry -2 (+10), Presence +1 (+4), Advantages (Evasion 2, Takedown) • 1pp

Immunity 11: Aging, Life Support; Flaw: Half Effect: Aging, Hunger & Thirst • 10pp

Increased Density and Toughness: Multiple Effects • 11pp
    Density Growth 3: +3 STR, +3 STA, -1 active defenses; Extras: Density • 6pp
    Regeneration 2: Every 5 rounds • 2pp
    • Blazing Acid Mist 8: Alternate Power; Damage 8 (DC 23); Extras: Cone Area: 60 feet cone; Flaws: Distracting • 8pp
    • Regeneration 5: Alternate Power; Every 2 rounds, Advantages: Diehard • 6pp
    • Fast & Agile: Alternate Power; Multiple Effects • 8pp
        Leaping 3: Leap 60 feet at 16 miles/hour; Advantages: Skill Mastery (Athletics) • 4pp
        Speed 4: Speed: 30 miles/hour, 500 feet/round • 4pp
Morph 4: +20 Deception checks to disguise; Any form; Extras: Metamorph; Flaws: Check Required 2: DC 12 - Will, Increased Action 2: standard • 11pp

Initiative +12
Cone Area Damage 8 (DC 23)
Grab, +13 (DC Spec 17)
Throw, +0 (DC 22)
Unarmed, +13 (DC 22)

Dodge 10, Parry 10/13, Fortitude 10, Toughness 8, Will 10

Abilities 76 + Powers 36 + Advantages 7 + Skills 22 (44 ranks) + Defenses 9 = 150

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