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Re: Character Cache

Postby Sakuro » Thu Apr 28, 2011 6:49 pm

PL: 11 PP: 165



DEFENSES: Dodge 10 Parry 10 Fort IMMUNE Tough 12 Will 8

SKILLS: Close Combat[Unarmed] 10, Expertise[Science] 6(+10), Preception 10(+10), Ranged Combat[Blast] 10, Technology 6(+10)

ADVANTAGES: Eidetic Memory, Favored Enviroment[Space]

Blast 12 * 25pp
AE - Movement 3 [Space Travel(3)] * 1pp
DAE - Flight 10 [Stacks With Flight] * 2pp
Flight 10 * 20pp
Immunity 30 [Fortitude Effects] * 30pp
Protection 12 * 12pp
Movement 1 [Enviromental Adaptation(Zero Gravity)] * 2pp

Size: Medium
Initiative +0
Load: 100 tons
Blast +10 (DC 27) (Crit 20)
Unarmed +10 (DC 27) (Crit 20)

Abilities 22 + Powers 92 + Advantages 2 + Skills 21 + Defenses 28 = 165/165

Machine Logic Eon is a machine, and doesn't have the same conerns, or social view points as organic life. Sometimes this brings him into clonft with organics, or makes social encounters akward.
Inexperiance Despite being physically older, EON only awakened to consiousness one year ago.
Prejudice(Alien/Machine) Most societies have trouble seeing a robot as more than just a machine. Even if it claims to be sentient. Eon is also from another world, leaving some people with negative feelings.

Eon is from a world whose sentient life evolved beyond the "limitation" of organic bodies through technological evolution. It was part of an old sentience that decided to break off a piece of its processing power and experiment with idea of having a body. This resulted in near total memory loss, but a body was constructed, and the separate program would later develop an identity of it's own, Eon.

Before activation, however, the hierarchy that governed the race had identified numerous cultures as potential threats, or sources of diplomatic relations. Eon was conscripted to act as a scout and envoy to one such world: Earth. Since the voyage between their home galaxy and the milky way was of such great distance activation of the Eon entity was held off until arrival in the solar system.

It was an automated process that, upon completion, saw the newly awakened sentience come into conflict with some of Earth's defenders who suspected an alien invasion. The conflict was brief though, and hostilities ended with Eon staying clear of Earth while communicating with astronauts and super humans capable of space travel. Through these meetings Eon learned it's first language: English.

Later Eon would be invited to Earth, and visited friends it had made. During the visit it helped defeat some of Earth's superpowered villains. Currently Eon lives on the moon, working with the researchers there until humanity gains more trust for the alien robot.
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Re: Character Cache

Postby Sakuro » Sun May 01, 2011 4:42 pm

PL: 4[11] PP: 65[190]



DEFENSES: Dodge 4[6] Parry 4[6] Fort 4[15] Tough 2[15 Impervious] Will 4

SKILLS: Athletics 8(+10), Expertise[Survival] 10(+10), Insight 8(+10), Intimidation 9(+10), Preception 8(+10), Stealth 9(+10)

ADVANTAGES: Animal Empathy, Assessment, Close Attack(2), Ranged Attack(3), Tracking

ENHANCED ADVANTAGES: Close Attack(+4), Diehard, Fealess, Great Endurance, Interpose, Ranged Attack(+4)

Enhanced Traits 27 [Dodge(2), Parry(2), Fortitude(11) ; Advantages: Close Attack(4), Diehard, Fealess, Great Endurance, Interpose, Ranged Attack(4)] * 27pp
Impervious Toughness 2 * 2pp
Protection 13 [Impervious] * 26pp
Transform 11 [Anything into Anything ; Extras: Increased Duration(Continuious)] * 66pp
AE - Affliction 11 [Extras: Alternate Resistance(Dodge), Cumulative, Extra Condition(1)[1st Hindered and Vulnerable 2nd Defenseless and Immobile], Increased Range(Ranged) ; Limited Degree, Quirk(Requires Medium)] * 1pp
AE - Blast 14 [Extra: Multiattack ; Flaws: Quirk(1)[Requires Medium]] * 1pp
AE - Create 11 [Extra: Movable, Increased Duration[Continuious], Innate, Precise, Selective ; Reduced Range[Close]] * 1pp
AE - Unbreakable - Alternate Form [Standard Action Activation, Sustained Duration; Immunity Toughness Effects[Half Effect], Fortitude Effects[Half Effect] Regeneration 5 [Extra: Persistent]] * 1pp

Initiative +2
Affliction +8 (DC Dog/Fort 21)
Blast +8 (DC 29)
Grab +4[+8] (DC Spec 12)
Throw +4[+8] (DC 17)
Transform +8 (DC Dog 21)
Unarmed +4[+8] (DC 17)

Abilities 22 + Powers 125 + Advantages 8 + Skills 26 + Defenses 10 = 190/190

Motivation (Adventure) David is an explorer and adventurer at heart and will go out of his way to find or do something exciting.
Troubleseeker David doesn't have to go looking for trouble. It comes looking for him. If a bank is going to be robbed, the robbers will probably pick his bank while he's cashing a check. Old lady getting mugged? Just so happens the mugger picked an old lady across the street while David is taking out his trash.

David Abrahms grew up in a cabin out in the Alaskan wilderness. He lived with an extended family of woodsmen and hunters. David even came to make some money off of trapping and hunting instead of getting an allowance. After high school David used money he had saved up to travel. He visited several countries from each continent, picking up odd jobs and working with travel guides along the way to fuel his adventures.

Eventually he was approached by producers for a new show called Global Survival. They wanted him to host the show, and demonstrate survival techniques to their TV audience. David accepted and they began filming the first season. Midway through filming an episode on urban survival and city foraging in New York. David was injured and had to take time off from work to recuperate. Before he healed properly the show was canceled.

David decided to exploit the downtime, and tour Europe for an extended vacation. Little did he know the flight would change him forever.
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Re: Character Cache

Postby Sakuro » Fri Jun 03, 2011 1:53 pm

The build for this character was randomly generated from the GM kit. He was meant to be for a reformed villains team akin to the Suicide Squad or Thunderbolts.

PRAXIS (Ben Watly)

PL: 10 PP: 150


DEFENSES: Dodge 6 Parry 6 Fort 14 Tough 14 Will 6

SKILLS: Close Combat 2, Expertise[Crime] 4(+5), Expertise[Streetwise] 4(+5), Insight 4(+5), Intimidation 6(+7), Perception 6(+7)

ADVANTAGES: Improved Initiative(1), Interpose, Power Attack


Engergy Blast Ranged Damage 9, Accurate 5, Distracting, Tiring * 10pp
AE - Groundstrike Burst Area Affliction 10, 1st Degree Dazed and Hindered 2nd Degree Stunned and Prone 3rd Degree Incapacitated, Entra Condition, Instant Recovery, Character and target must be on same surface * 1pp
Super-Stamina Enhanced Stamina 10 * 20pp
Flight Flight 6 * 12pp
Invulnerability Immunity 10 [Mental effects] * 10pp
Resistant Immunity 5 [Entrapment], Immunity 5 [Sensory Affliction Effects] * 10pp
Fast Recovery Regeneration 4, Diehard
Super-Strength Enhanced Strength 8, Power-Lifting 4 * 20pp

Initiative +5
Groundstrike 30' Burst (DC Fort 20)
Energy Blast +10 (DC 24)
Grab +6 (DC 22)
Throw +0 (DC 27)
Unarmed +8 (DC 27)

Penny "Dreadful" Watly: Penny is Praxis' "step sister" and has been his partner slash girlfriend since they were both pre-teens and up to until his eventual capture. She's still free, being a bad girl, and no one knows Praxis like Penny does. Even worse, he still fancies her.

Hellraiser: Praxis enjoys any opertunity to cut loose. He hasn't had much cause for impulse control in the past either. He also likes to have a good time. Sometimes that includes brawling. Others it is partying. If he get's bored on a job, he'll probably make his own fun.

Inbreeding and pacts with extradimensional horrors made the Watlys a pretty sick family to grow up in. Fortunatly Praxis wasn't born into the family. Unfortunatly, he grew up in their household. But before that, he lived next door to them. he was a kid then, and the entire neighborhood had horror stories about the Watlys, especially his mother and father. "Don't go out at night, the Watlys will snatch you up and eat you." ... and so on. He didn't really believe it.

Then they killed his parents and kidnapped him. Jacob Watly, the clan's patriach sat Praxis down one day and told him it needed to be done. They were strifling him. With his old family he would have never become who he was meant to be. That was the worst thing in the world. Praxis didn't realize what made him so special, but the clan's elders were certain that he was. To this day Praxis doesn't know why or how he recieved his powers. He was always bigger, stronger, and more resiliant than everyone else ... and everyday he grew stronger and tougher.

There is a saying, "bad associations spoil useful habits". If a five year old could have any useful habits, Praxis likely lost them when the Watly's took him into their family. He made fast friends of his new siblings, especially Penny. He and Penny became inseperable and she had a way of getting him into trouble with wild adventures that she seemed to come up with at the drop of a hat.

When they entered their teens, the Watly kids were groomed for the family buisness: organized crime. That included Praxis. They had their own Red Neck Mafia of sorts in the South and it remained compedative with SPB organizations by their use of dark magic. That sort of thing attracts a certain kind of fanatic, however, and eventually the family's members were assassinated by monster hunting religious zealots.

Paxis and Penny survived the apocalypse together and became closer because of it. They were young, they were in love, and no one could stop them from going where they wanted and doing whatever they wanted. They had many misadventures together, most weren't about some grand malevolent plan, but rather for their own amusement and ... because they could. But someone did eventually stop them. A team of Heroes called The Axis of Avalon. Praxis was the only one caught, however, as he gave Penny an opertunity to escape.

It really didn't take much for whoever was running the new "reform the villain" project to get Praxis' cooperation. He didn't like being cooped up after all the freedom he use to have. He wanted some of that back. Naturally he wanted to see Penny too.
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Re: Character Cache

Postby Sakuro » Tue Jun 14, 2011 10:00 pm

M.D.K. (Hector Garza)

PL: 10 PP: 150


SAVES: Tough +3/+10 Fort +10 Ref +10 Will +10

Initiative +7
Attack (Melee) +14 Sword [DC 21 Tough, Crit 16-20], +12 Demon Edge [DC 23 Tough, Crit 16-20; DC 18 Fort/Tough]
Attack (Range) +0 ; Perfect Aim (DC 25 Tough)
Grapple +17
Defense +10
Knockback Resist -5

SKILLS: Intimidate 9(+9), Knowledge[Tactics] 4(+4), Notice 7(+10), Search 10(+10), Sense Motive 7(+10), Stealth 7(+10)

ENHANCED SKILLS: Knowledge[Tactics] 4(+12), Notice 7(+10/+18 Detect Weakness)

FEATS: All-out Attack, Assessment, Attack Focus[Melee] (12), Attack Specialization[Swords] (1), Defensive Attack, Defensive Roll (3), Elusive Target, Equipment (4), Hide in Plain Sight, Improved Critical [Swords] (3), Improved Initiative (1), Move-by Action, Power Attack, Quick Draw (1), Takedown (2), Uncanny Dodge [Auditory]

ENHANCED FEATS: Benefit [Tactics for Master Plan], Critical Strike [Requires successful Detect Weakness check. Considered to have "Favored Opponent: Target"], Master Plan

Battle Precongnition - Enhanced Traits 4 [Feats: Benefit (Tactics for Master Plan), Master Plan ; Skills: Knowledge(Tactics) 8] * 4pp
Danger Sense - Super Senses 1 [Danger Dense(Auditory)] * 1pp
Detect Weakness - Super Senses 4 [Deftect (Weakness), Ranged, Acute, Analyze], Enhanced Traits 2 [Skills: Notice +8 (Limited: Detect Weakness) ; Feats: Critical Strike(Requires successful Detect Weakness check. Considered to have "Favored Opponent: Target")* 6pp
Leaping 1 * 1pp
Perfect Aim - Blast 10 [Extras: Range(Perception) ; Flaws: Medium(range/thrown weapon)] * 20pp
AP - Demon Edge - Strike 8 [Flaws: Requires Medium (edged weapon) ; Feats: Affects Insubstantial(2), Improved Critical(4) ; Extra: Linked(Drain Toughness 8 [Flaws: Requires Medium (edged weapon) ; Feats: Affects Insubstantial(2)] ; Extra: Affects Objects)]
Speed 1 [Feat: Rapid Attack] * 2pp
Super-Movement 2 [Slow Fall, Sure-Footed(1)] * 4pp

Tactical Vest [+4 Toughness] * 4ep
Sniper Rifle [+5 damage, 19-20 Crit, 250 ft. range increment, Suppressor] * 14ep
- Sword [+3 damage,19-20 Crit] * 1ep
- Heavy Pistol [+4 damage, 20 Crit, 40 ft. range increment, Suppressor] * 1ep

Abilities 24 + Skills 11 + Feats 35 + Powers 39 + Combat 20 + Saves 21 = 150/150

Murder, Death, Kill (Hatred): M.D.K. hates gangsters, gangbangers, and their ilk to such a degree he won't hold back lethal measure when confronting them. No matter what reason there is not to kill them. He'll even go out of his way to hurt these types of people.
Depression M.D.K. suffers from a chemical imbalance and is prone to regular bouts of depression. Sometimes these pisodes can be down right debilitating, robbing him of all motivation. Especially strong triggers tend to be reminders of his lost family.
Action/Addrenoline Junkie M.D.K. is like any other addict. He needs to get his fix. Action and addrenoline rushes started out as fun. Then it began a crutch he used to block out or distract himself from the death of his family.

Hector was an unexceptional teenage obsessed with video games. Namely violent actions. He had never experienced any traumatic events, and in fact his life was quite mundane. Enter Mephisophiles and his bargain. When the offer was made, Hector asked to become a "total bad@$$", like in the protagonists in the ultra violent games he often enjoyed playing.

The world became Hector's video game and after some brief experimentation he became a vigilante hunting down and beating up "bad guys" of every stock and trade. But eventually he messed with the wrong people. They tried to deal with him, but Hector was too caught up in his game and thought himself invincible. Untouchable. Unreachable. To them, he might as well have been. So they killed his family. Then Hector went a little mad.

For a while, a short while, Hector stopped seeing "good guys" and "bad guys" and just saw targets in his "game". Targets that he was really good at hitting. He eventually wore himself out on rage, and settled into periodic bouts of depression when reality finally caught up with him. He still had his "game" but now it was less recreation and more addition or obsession.

The ten years that passed didn't go to waste. The blood swaths Hector cut through whatever part of the world he traveled was like training for when Mephisophiles jerked back on the line and set the hook in Hector throat, metaphorically speaking. He accepted with a shrug. The fact he was required to collect souls didn't make too much of a difference. Hector would still be able to play and get what he needed out of the experience.
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Re: Character Cache

Postby MorningKnight » Wed Jun 15, 2011 11:07 am

MDK is one hell of a good concept. Tragic, yet reprehensible, indeed, even hopeful for redemption, but redemption we know he won't accept.

Very cool character.

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Re: Character Cache

Postby Sakuro » Tue Sep 20, 2011 11:05 pm

This character was made for a Justice League analogue where Earth was taken over by alien invaders. The build itself is borrowed from Thorpocalypse's PL 14 Captain Marvel, and both pumped and tweaked to fit my concept.

PL: 15 (225 pts) - OPL: 15 ; DPL: 15


SKILLS: Athletics (+20), Close Combat [Unarmed] 4 (+10), Deception (+4), Expertise [Alien Cultures] 5 (+7), Expertise [Current Events] 5 (+7), Insight 3 (+13) [Assessment], Intimidation (+4), Perception (+10), Persuasion 9 (+13), Stealth (+2)

ADVANTAGES: All-Out Attack, Benefit [Champion of the People], Improved Initiative (1), Interpose, Leadership, Luck (1), Takedown (1)

ENHANCED ADVANTAGES: Assessment, Beginner's Luck, Diehard, Eidetic Memory, Great Endurance, Improved Initiative (1), Jack-of-all-Trades

Wisdom of the Ages: Enhanced Advantages 4 (see Advantages), Comprehend 3 (Read, Speak, Write All Languages); 10 pts
Strength to Carry All Burdens: Enhanced Strength 20, Enhanced Strength 4 (400K Tons; Flaw: Limited to Lifting); 45 pts
-DAE- Mystic Lighting Strike: Mystic Electrical Line Area Ranged Damage 15 ; 2 pt
Endurance to Bear the World's Suffering: Enhanced Advantages 2 (see Advantages), Immunity 10 (Life Support), Protection 6 ; 18 pts
Courage to Endure All Woes: Enhanced Awareness 7, Immunity 2 (Mind Reading); 16 pts
Everywher For Everyone, All the Time:
Flight: Flight 14 (16,000 mph), Movement 3 (Space Travel 3); 34 pts
AE - Super-Speed: Speed 16, Quickness 16; 1 pt


Initiative +6
Close Attack +6
Unarmed +10 [Unarmed +20]
Ranged Attack +2
Special Attack [Special Ranged Attack +0; Special Ranged Attack +0]

Dodge +10 [DC20] Parry +10 [DC20]
Toughness +20, Fortitude +16, Will +11

Unknown Origin: Some think Champion is a God. Others believe he is a meta-human or allien with psionic abilities that allows him to passively absorb knowledge around him and feed on the emotional states of sentient beings. The truth is unknown. What is known, is that he had another life before the Justice Alliance discovered him. That past life always comes back to haunt him somehow, often in unexpected and surprising ways.
Power Loss: Champion's powers are dependent on the faith and belief of others in him and his abilities. His current statistics represent belief and faith he has inspired to date. Should this change, should that faith and belief waver enough he may suffer from power loss as the GM see fit, with his base Abilities resting at: STR 0, STA 1, FGT 2, and AWE 3 with corresponding adjustments to his skill ranks and defenses.
Responsibility: Humanity. The Justice Alliance.

Abilities 66 + Skills 13 (26 ranks) + Advantages 7 + Powers 124 + Defenses 15 = 225 / 225

Champion has no other name. He never had a childhood. Not one that he could tell you about anyway. He was found after Earth's fall when the Justice Alliance was at it's most desperate, when they searched far and wide for allies. In a desolate limbo between time and space they were trapped, for a time. In this void they found a sarcophagus, and in that sarcophagus was a nineteen year old man, who would come to be known as Champion.

He seemed all too normal. Then he joined the fighting. One exaggerated war story, one foolish charge at an enemy he seemed to have no right fighting started it all. Governments clung to even the smallest of hope and made heroes out of the smallest deeds in order to keep up moral. The stories about Champion grew until he began to make them real, and then surpass them. By the time the Justice Alliance was prepared to turn the tide, Champion was a shining beacon in the night's sky. An unfettered force with a beleaguered, desperate population feeding him their hope and desires for freedom.

Champion was there, on the front line, when the Justice Alliance struck the Ha’Tari Command Center on Earth, and he helped rally his fellows and chased their foe into the stars above. He had no friends. No family. No one to say good bye to. But leaving Earth was still hard. But there was still the distant threat of the Ha'Tari, and other world to liberate from their reign. Freeing them was his new goal, for a time.

There were too many battles to recount. The stories grew and mutated until people began to make them up when there was pause between reports. In the distant solar systems far from Earth he became both diplomat and warrior. Along with the support of his fellow members of the Justice Alliance he worked with subjugated people's to overthrow the Ha’Tari and shirk off their oppressive yoke. He flew to the far corners of worlds, aiding in the most horrible and terrible battles. Sometimes it seemed like he was at all of them, everywhere, all the time. The demands grew with his power.

When the Justice Alliance returned to Earth, he was not one of the first. Champion covered the rear and ensured his fellows were cared before he took any respite. On Earth he helped integrate the veterans of the war in the stars with those who had tended to their homeworld in their absence. Then he settled in to watch over his adopted homeworld as one of it's many Champions.
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Re: Character Cache

Postby Sakuro » Wed Oct 05, 2011 6:00 pm


PL: 10 PP: 150/150

ABILITIES: STR 16 DEX 14 CON 14 INT 2/24 WIS 18 CHA 10

SAVES: Tough +6 (+2 w/o Comet Suit) Fort +6 Ref +12 Will +5

COMBAT: Attack +6(+6 Melee, +12 Range, +4 Grapple), +14 Defense, -2 Knockback, +2 Initiative

SKILLS: Acrobatics 10(+12) Climb 9(+12), Computers 8(+15), Crafts[Electronics] 8(+15), Crafts[Mechanical] 8(+15), Disable Device 8(+15), Knowledge[Physical Sciences] 8(+15), Knowledge[Technology] 8(+15), Notice 4(+10), Pilot 10(+12), Stealth 3(+9)

FEATS: Acrobatic Bluff, Attack Focu[Ranged] (6), Benefit[Challenge: Fast Acrobatic Bluff], Evasion (2), Improved Pin, Improvised Tools, Inventor, Move-by Action, Redirect

"Super Simian Brain", Enhanced Intelligence 22 * 22 pp
"Chimp Size", Shrinking 4 [Flaws: Permanent ; Feats: Innate] * 5 pp
"Chimp Senses", Super-Senses 2 [Low-Light Vision, Scent] * 2 pp
"Comet Suit", Proection 4 [Flaws: Removable(Hard)] 2 pp
"Rocket Pack", Flight 4 [Flaws: Removable(Hard) ; Drawbacks: Requires helmet to fly without Pilot checks] * 3 pp
"Blaster Pistol", Blast 8 [Flaws: Removable(Easy) ; Extra: Autofire 1] * 8 pp
AP - "Neural Disrupter", Blast 8 [Flaws: Removable(Easy) ; Extra: Alternate Save(Will)] * 1 pp
AP - "Wide Beam", Blast 8 [Flaws: Removable(Easy) ; Extra: Cone Area(80 ft.)] * 1 pp
AP - "Stun Setting", Stun 8 [Flaws: Removable(Easy) ; Extra: Autofire 1] * 1 pp

Just a Chimp: Comet is an animal. A sentient animal, but legally he has no rights, no social security number, or job. Not to mention that a talking chimp might weird some people out.
Enemy: The Vern.
Power Lose: If Comet should ever loose his Super Intellect, he also loses his Intelligence based skills and knowledge of how to operate his equipment. THough he retains his experiance as a pilot.

Abilities 18 + Skills 21 + Feats 15 + Powers 45 + Comat 36 + Saves 15 = 150/150

Comet is a chimpanze. He was born in captivity and grew to maturity in a zoo. While still quite young he was stolen from the zoo and later sold to a deranged scientist who trained him to pilot a small space craft he had invented with a prototype FTL drive involving wormholes. Comet was destined for the stars, and soon found himself flying through unknown reaches of space. Confused and lost, as any animal forced into the act would have been. What that madman was expecting, was anyone's guess.

The space chimp was on the verge of dehydration when his small craft was taken in by another vessel. Comet had stumbled upon the Vern, a race of parasitic worms that lived in the hosts they devoured, yet had an abundant scientific curiosity. This curiosity both saved and doomed Comet. They studied and experimented on him at great length. It was torture, both in degree and cruelty. But Comet lived. The product of the Vern experiments had increased his intellect to super simian levels ... enough for him to devise an escape.

Comet escaped the science vessel that he had been held captive on the ship they have found him in, and with a time delayed explosive he blew up the Vern science ship. But before the bomb had detonated smaller craft broke off in pursuit. They chased him through the wormhole he used to get back to earth. He couldn't fight them. The test shuttle he had learned to pilot had no weapons. So he ran, and his hid ... the Vern followed him to Earth. Tracking him, hunting him, until they took note of the population of potential hosts Earth provided.

The fugitive chimp had found shelter in a small Midwestern town as a boy's pet and a school's mascot. He learned English, and other human things. Like science. He also forgot a lot ... a lot of chimp things. Comet was happy for a while, then he discovered the Vern invasion. The seeds were planted in his own town. The Vern weren't warriors, preferring infiltration as they took over host bodies and used them to take control from within a society. For about a year Comet waged a one chimp war against the Vern using guerilla tactics and sabotage. But they always seemed to progress, and he was sure they had spread beyond his town.

It was by sheer coincidence that the Flash stopped in the town for a bite to eat and some rest. He stumbled onto a violent skirmish between Comet and a band of the Vern's war-bred extraterrestrial hosts at a construction yard. Together they beat the band of alien warriors, and eventually removed the Vern threat from Comet's home town. Comet showed the Flash how to detect the Vern and, through him, the Justice League became aware of the threat. With the Vern no longer a constant threat on his home front, Comet was free to expand the scope of his heroics.
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Re: Character Cache

Postby Sakuro » Fri Oct 14, 2011 1:53 am

Abel here is a Daemon from a setting similiar to the Rosswel Chronicles. They're aliens from a high gravity world. This is a link to the game that inspired him: Aliens, Myths and Legends. This were also a little more information about his racial template in the first post of that thread.

Abel "Grim" Grimes

PL: 10 PP: 150/150


Dodge 5 Parry 5 Fort 10 Tough 15[Impervious] Will 10

Close Combat[Unarmed] 2(+7), Expertise[Popular Culture] 4(+4), Intimidation 7(+20), Perception 5(+5)

Benefit[Strength for Intimidate], Fast Grab, Startle

Illusion 6 [All Senses] * 30 pp
AE - Damage 6 [Extras: Reaction, Secondary Effect] * 1 pp
Immunity 11 [Aging, Lifesuppot] * 11 pp
Feature 1 [Increased Mass] * 1 pp
Morph 2 [Flaw: Increased Action 3(Full Round)] * 4 pp
Protection 5 [Extra: Impervious 15] * 20 pp

Initiative +2
Unarmed +7 (DC 28)
Reaction Damage (DC 21)

Cold Iron: Abel is vuilnerable to cold iron, and takes 1 extra degree of effect.
Daemon of Wrath: Abel has anger management issues, but given his efforts to maintain a stoic exterior, it usually doesn't show until it is too late. When he get's mad, he explodes ... violently.
Minor: Abel is a sixteen year old. With all the drawbacks. He has parents to anwser to. School to attend. Can't get into bars or night clubs without some doing, and isn't old enouggh to have a liscense.

Abel is ignorant of his true origins. He was adopted by the Grimes family when he was three and has always thought of them as his parents. Even after they told him of his adoption. Blood didn't matter. The Grimes were the ones that cared about him enough to make him a part of his life and raise him. Mister and Misses Grimes were average folds. A Taxi driver and a chiropractor respectively. Both worked a lot, so when Abel started going to school they didn't notice that changes that started taking place.

Or maybe Abel was just lucky. People like to try and reason thinks out. If a kid gets hit by a car, like Abel did on his way home one day, they look to all the stuntmen who know how to roll with the impact and remain unharmed. A kid could do that by accident, certainly. It was a bit harder to ignore Abel's temper though. Even as a child he broke things when he got mad. Getting sent to his room usually concealed the damage he could do from his parent's eyes. Some more difficult to explained damage, such as hole sin walls, were explained with the use of tools or exterior accidents.

School was tough and complicated. Kids tease each other. Abel didn't take it well. People got hurt. It wasn't long before Abel was perceived as a bully by teachers and parents. Eventually the kids got scared enough to give him a wide breadth. His reputation as a bully followed him from elementary to middle school and into high school. He learned how to use his muscle a physique to reinforce that fear and keep people away from him so he wouldn't get angry and hurt them by mistake. Abel's practice of scaring people away was his defense. It was lonely, but it was better than loosing control.

In middle school he tried out for wrestling. Some teacher's were leery, but the coach thought it might help Abel channel his aggression and control it. The coach was right, to a degree. The fiery rage inside Abel was a monster he couldn't tame, but the discipline of wrestling helped him to better control his strength. Abel did most of his practice, in addition to what was mandatory, as he was intent on controlling his rising strength which seemed to be growing in leaps and bounds during his adolescence. He gained a good degree of control over his inhuman strength, but now his temper. In highschool a competitor from another school thought he could demoralize Abel with trash talk. After breaking the guy's arms in a fight Abel was banned from wrestling. Only recently has he come back to school from the suspension that came with his punishment.
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Re: Character Cache

Postby Sakuro » Mon Oct 24, 2011 10:17 pm

Wei Fang is from Darien, the setting of Total Annihilation: Kingdoms. He was made for a Kingdom Hearts game.

"FANG" (Wei Fang)

PL: 10 PP: 150(180)

ABILITIES: STR 20(30) DEX 20(30) CON 20(30) INT 10 WIS 10 CHA 12

SAVES: Toughness +5 (+10 with boost), Fortitude +9 (+14 with boost), Reflex +9 (+14 with boost), Will +9

COMBAT: Attack +10; Grapple +15 (+20 with Boost); Damage DC 20 (unarmed), DC 25 (Boost unarmed), DC 20 Ref/DC 25 Tough (Burst Are Blast), DC 25 (Blast); Defense +10, Knockback –2 (-5 with Boost), Initiative +9 (+14 with Boost)

SKILLS: Acrobatics 8 (+13, +18 with Boost), Climb 8 (+13, +18 with Boost), Intimidate 8 (+9), Notice 8 (+8), Stealth 8 (+13, +18 with Boost), Swim 4 (+9, +14 with Boost)

FEATS: Accurate Attack, Acrobatic Bluff, All-Out Attack, Chokehold, Defensive Attack, Diehard, Distract (Intimidate), Elusive Target, Evasion 2, Improved Disarm, Improved Grab, Improved Initiative, Improved Pin, Improved Trip, Instant Up, Move-By Action, Power Attack, Stunning Attack, Takedown Attack 2, Uncanny Dodge (visual)


"Necromantic Augmentation", Boost 10 [Str, Dex, Con ; Extras: Total Fade ; Flaws: Personal Only] * 30 pp
AP - "Hopelessness and Despair", Emotion Control 10 [Extras: Duration 1 (Continuous), Burst Area (50 ft.) ; Flaws: One Emotion(Despair)] * 1 pp
AP - "Vampiric Bolt", Blast 10 [Extras: Vampiric] * 1 pp
AP - "Necrotic Burst", Blast 10 [Extras: Cone Area(100 ft.), Alternate Save(Fortitude) ; Flaws: Reduced Range] * 1 pp
AP - "Vigor Mortis", Healing 10 [Extras: Action 1(Standard), Total ; Flaws: Personal Only] * 1 pp
AP - "Vampiric Aura", Vampiric Extra 10 [Extras: Affects Others, Burst Area, Selective ; Flaws: Limited(Only Melee Attacks rank 10 or lower)] * 1 pp

"Powers of Darkness"
#4pp - Dimensional Movement [2 Ranks] (Realms of Darkness)
#Summon "My heartless" 2/R [10 Ranks] -1/r indifferent (Heartless are almost mindless, but try to feed on those with hearts)
#10pp - Transform [5 ranks] 3/R (People ----> Heartless) +1/R Continuous, -1/R Touch, -1/R Requires Disabled Target, Alt Save Will, Linked To Transform
#10pp - Transform [5 ranks] 3/R (People ----> Nobodies) +1/R Continuous, -1/R Touch, -1/r Requires Disabled target, Linked to transform
#5pp - Supersenses [5R] 1/R - "Detect Hearts" - Mental Sense, Detect Heart (-1/ 10ft), Accurate, Radius


Abilities 32 + Saves 17 + Combat 40 + Skills 11 + Feats 22 + Powers 28 - Draw Backs 0 = 150/150 + free Nobody Powers

Responsability: The Darkness. His vassals throughout his domain.
Motivation: Causing others to feel despair. Which clashes and mingles with his dreams of empire and the desire to build a "better" world.

Wei Fang was born on Darian, in the country called Taros. Is was a land polluted and choked by the abundant abuses of magic. Where monster haunted the streets, and the dead didn't say buried. Lokken, the necromancer monarch of Taros, and his sister Thrisha, who ruled Zohn, began a war with their siblings who likewise held say over countries of their own. Fang grew up during the years of this war, and was fortunately too young to conscript into the Tarosian military.

Or so he thought. Fang was forced into the army and came to excel in martial matters. His prowess grew. He lead men. He was granted gifts of potent magic. He became a hero to his people. Then Taros lost the war they had started. His homeland was bloated and overflowing with the walking dead. Casualties from the war risen anew. It was a good thing too, because a hidden enemy struck from the north. Creon, a technologically advanced nation, whose crusade against magic brought Taros ... and Fang, to war again.

Though the leaders never tired of it, the world and it's people were wear of war. They didn't know it, but their hearts did. The Darkness grew in them until it was a black beacon for the heartless. The Iron Crusade begun by Creon had not yet ended before the Heartless arrived. At first in small numbers. They were excused as abominations created by wild wizardry. But their numbers swelled, and soon they couldn't be ignored.

Darkness had already begun to grow in Fang's heart. The first war had put it there. The second took him entirely. He wasn't a hold out ... Fang was one of the first to succumb. His own concealed despair consumed him and fueled the change. When the people of Darian took full measure of the danger the Darkness posed, Fang was shunned. There was nothing left for him but the Darkness.

Darian fell, in no small part due to the role Darian played. He was given the dimension to oversee as a reward for betraying it. It was during this period of governorship that he grew into the Nobody he is today. He experimented with it, and through this experimentation experience he developed a vision for the future ...
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Re: Character Cache

Postby Sakuro » Fri Oct 28, 2011 2:48 pm

This character was designed for a setting where reincarnations of the Olympian Gods were born into the modern world with full knowledge of their past life.

Zeus was the King of the Gods, and cited as the most powerful. All respected the power of his Lightning Bolt (even if he stole it from his father). So I don't feel bad about him being PL 12 with 210 PP. Since he's well known for his Lightning Bolt I made that his go-to iconic power, with his Sky God nature expressed in Weather Control effects. Zeus's reincarnated persona has embraced his true nature as an Olympian God. Though there are some mistakes from the past he'll likely try to avoid.

For the last eight years Zeus has been something of a benevolent, impartial, vigilante/super hero. If you're breaking the law, or twisting it in court, he's going to get you. There's a meth lab outside the city that the police won't shut down because of some technicality? LIGHTnING BOLT!!! Though he is more concerned with moral law than something writen on a piece of paper. So he might actually try to mediate a cease fire between two waring gangs rather than butcher them. Depending on their "illegal activities".

Zeus will also be looking for his "family", in an effort to unite the Olympians once more.

ZEUS (Arthur Miller)

PL: 12 PP: 210


SAVES: Tough +9/+15 Fort +9 Reflex +9 Will +9

INitiative +5
Attack +9, Lightning Bolt DC 30 Tough, Thunder Bolt(60 ft' burst) DC Fort/Red 22,
Grapple + 14
Defense +9/+15
Knockback -7

SKILLS: Concentration 10(+13), Diplomacy 8(+12), Intimidate 10(+14), Knowledge[Civics] 8(+9), Knowledge[Earth Sciences] 8(+9), Notice 7(+10), Perform[Oratory] 6(+10), Sense Motive 11(+14)

FEATS: Accurate Attack, All-out Attack, Assessment, Benefit 1[Status: King of the Gods], Diehard, Leadership, Move-by Action, Power Attack, Precise Shot 2, Startle

"Lightning Bolt", Blast 15 [Dynamic] * 31 pp
DAP - "Thunder Bolt", Dazzle 12 [120 ft. ; Extras: Burst 1(60 ft.)] * 2 pp
DAP - "Downpour", Weather Control 12 [Distraction [heavy rain, 25,000 ft. radius, DC 10] * 2 pp
DAP - "Chilling Cold", Weather Control 12 [Cold [extreme cold, 25,000 ft. radius] * 2 pp
DAP - "Hindering Winds", Weather Control 12 [Hamper Movement, high winds, 25,000 ft. radius, one-quarter] * 2 pp
DAP - "Sweltering Heat", Weather Control 12 [extreme heat, 25,000 ft. radius] * 2 pp
DAP - "Air Currents", Air Control 12 [Heavy Load: 102 tons] * 2 pp
DAP - "Blinding Fog", Obscure 12 [fog, visual senses, 25,000 ft. radius] * 2 pp
DAP - "Howling Winds", Obscure 12 [howling winds, auditory senses, 25,000 ft. radius] * 2 pp
"Storm Rider", Flight 5 [Extra: Affexts Others ; Power Feats: Pregressive 5(Affect 6 others)] * 20 pp
AP - "Gone With the Wind", Teleport 9 [Extras: Accurate ; Flaws: Long-Range ; Power Feats: Easy, Progression 1] * 1 pp
"Sky God", Immunity 5 [Weather Effects] * 5 pp
"Olympian Physiology", Immunity 2 [Aging, Disease], Protection 4 * 6 pp
"Aura of Majesty", Force Field 6 * 6 pp
AP, Shield 6 * 1 pp

Enemy: Many. Such as the Titans, and perhaps sometimes Hera if she is still POed about the past.
Fame: Zeus is a God and he isn't hiding it. You don't that? Too bad for you.
Honor: Zeus has a Judge nature. He endeavors to be imparital. Likewise oath's are honored, and those who break their oaths will suffer his wrath.

Abilities 46 + Skills 17 + Feats 11 + Powers 86 + Combat 36 + Saves 14 = 210/210

Arthur Miller was born to two very dedicated parents. Unfortunately they were dedicated to their jobs, not him, and certainly not each other. His father was is judge, his mother is a meteorologist, and they both wanted him to follow in their footsteps. But Arthur Miller knew he was destined for greater things. In fact, he knew he wasn't Arthur Miller from a very young age. No matter how much everyone lied and tried to trick him into believing otherwise. He knew better. He believed. He wanted it. Arthur Miller was the lie. Zeus was the truth.

Zeus did learn from his guardians though. The science his mother studied helped him understand himself. Much the way his father's structured and ordered judicial system inspired the mediator in Zeus. Humanity had come a long ways since he remembered, he wasn't to big headed to admit that he couldn't learn from them. But he was still Zeus. He was still King of the Gods. Initially Arthur Miller's parents excused this as an overactive imagination. But as he grew he became harder to dismiss.

Though he was never committed to any institutions, Arthur's parents put him through counciling off and on. Until, at eighteen, he moved out of their house. He respected the laws of man, as long none contradicted his law, and he was thankful for the guidance his wards tried to offer, so he had made no effort to dishonor either by doing something as juvenile as running away when he was younger. But he was an adult, by the perception of man, and no shirked off the over protectiveness readily. It was time to reveal himself.

Zeus didn't endeavor to reclaim what he had lost. Man may had outgrown the Olympians. Maybe. If they had, he wasn't going to assert dominance over them in order to satisfy his ego. But he knew they still needed him and his family. There were famines, wars, natural disasters ... and through it all human life was lost. Zeus loved humanity and cherished them. So he tried to help through his divine benevolence. He crushed those he propagated crime, violence, and tragedy. He saved lives that would have been lost in disasters. He struck a blow against those who did not honor their word, or law.

Zeus didn't hide himself. When people asked about him, he spoke the truth. Some believed, others were scared, still more thought he was mentally unstable. It didn't matter. He knew who he was, and he was going to change the world .... for the better. That all started eight years ago
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Re: Character Cache

Postby Sakuro » Fri Nov 18, 2011 5:53 pm

Valkun is a supernatural being of primordial fire. The embodiment of flame, and it's symbolisum. It isn't dependent on oxygen, nor is water any more effective at extinguishing it than a leaf. It is "all consuming" in it's hunger. Thus the lack of weakness Compications. The Connected advantage reflects mystical beings(including other lesser elementals) and any humans who are still aware of Valkun and follow "the old ways". Sorcerers, occultists, and the like.

"The Fire Which Beats Back the Dark."
"The Flame that Devours Ignorance."
"The Ever Burning Hunger."

PL: 12 PP: 180


DEFENSES Dodge 17 Parry 10 Fort 12 Tough 2 Will 12

SKILLS: Expertise[Elements] 10(+10), Perception 6(+9), Persuasion 8(+9), Ranged Combat[Fire COntrol] 8(+10)

ADVANTAGES: Connected, Leadership, Move-by Action

"Body of Fire", Insubstanial 3 [Fire ; Flaws: Permanent ; Extras: Innate] * 16 pp
"Elemental Constitution", Immunity 13 [Aging, Critical Hits, Life Support] * 13 pp
"Fiery Aura", Reaction Damage 6 [Stacks with "Hotter than Hell"] * 24 pp
Fire Control, Array Base Power: Fire Blast
"Fire Blast", Ranged Damage 14 * 28 pp
AE - "Cone of Fire", Cone Damge 12 [Extras: Affects Insubstantial 2, Incurable, Feature(Cleanses Unholy)] * 1 pp
AE - "Burst of Fire", Burst Damge 12 [Extras: Affects Insubstantial 2, Incurable, Feature(Cleanses Unholy)] * 1 pp
AE - "Stream of Fire", Line Damge 12 [Extras: Affects Insubstantial 2, Incurable, Feature(Cleanses Unholy)] * 1 pp
AE - "Hotter Than Hell", Reaction Damage 7 [Stacks with Fiery AUra] * 1 pp
Flight 6 * 12 pp

Cone of Fire, 60 ft. (DC 22 Dodge, DC 27 Tough)
Fire Burst, 30 ft. (DC 22 Dodge, DC 27 Tough)
Stream of Fire, 30 ft. (DC 22 Dodge, DC 27 Tough)
Fire Blast, 350/700/1,400, +10 Atk (DC 29 Tough)
Fiery Aura, (DC 21 Tough)
Hotter than Hell, +10 Atk (DC 28 Tough)

Abilities 20 + Powers 97 + Advantages 3 + Skills 16 + Defenses 44 = 180/180

Responsability Valkun feels that humans who seem to be maintaining the old pacts he made with ancient humans are due his protection and guidance.
Enemy Many and varried mystical beings from pre-civilization.

It was a dark night. In the sky an eagle and a lion battled. The eagle shrieked. the Lion roar. They clashed. A flash of light spilled from their collision in a great clamor and fell from the sky striking a tree. Valkun will tell you this is how it came to be. It was an ancient time. Before man had formed words. It claims to be, not the first flame, but the first fire to arrive on the surface of the world and meet humans. For, during that dark stormy night a tribe of primitive humans were being hunted animal, and one man found the smoldering branch Valkun had been gnawing at. Noticing the human's plight he called out to the man and together they fought off the beast.

So began Valkun's long relationship with humans. He grew with them, and worked with them. Offered advice that lead the tribe to prosper, and helped beat back the darkness of supernatural woes that had been hindering them. Valkun formed a pact with the primitive humans. They would feed his hunger, and endeavor to learn new things, to fight ignorance, and he would protect them so that they could do these things. But in time humanity out grew Valkun. They became able to fend for themselves and fight off their own demons. Feeling unneeded the elemental retreated from the world and slumbered.

Stirred from his slumber in modern times Valkun returned to the world in a recent volcanic eruption and has found a world of wonder, where the humanity has created wonders are turned against them. Curious of humanity's developments, and seeing that they might need it once more, the primordial flame lingered, and sought to renew it's role of protector and guide.
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Re: Character Cache

Postby Sakuro » Mon Nov 21, 2011 2:07 am

Ward here was made for a Forgotten Realms game. Though with some tweaking to the background he could slip in another. As long as robots or animated construct fit in.


PL: 10 PP: 165


SAVES: Tough +15[Impervious] Fort N/a [Immune] Ref +6 Will +10

COMBAT: Attack Bonus +8 [Unarmed DC 27], Grapple +20, Defesne +5, Initiative +5, Knockback -15

SKILLS: Craft[Metal Working] 12(+13), Intimidate 4(+17), Notice 8(+12), Profession[Bodyguard] 8(+12), Sense Motive 8(+12)

FEAYS: Benefit 1[Strength for Intimidate], Chokehold, Diehard, Improved Disamr 1, Improved Grab, Improved Grapple, Improved Initiative 1, Improved Sunder, Interpose, Weapon Break

"Adamantine Body", Protection 15 [Extras: Impervious] * 30 pp
"Magical Construct", Immunity 50 [Common Descriptor(Magic), Fortitude Saves, Mental Effects] * 50 pp

Abilities 28 + Skills 10 + Feats 10 + Powers 80 + Combat 26 + Saves 11 = 165/165

"Nobody" Ward isn't a legal citizen of any country. No religion or country reconises Golems as people. Not even the Gods.
"Inhuman", Ward is obviously not human. Or any living thing. He might pass for a very muscular Drow with no hair and a lack of pointed ears. But the cold metal "skin" and his immense weight tend to give away his unnatural nature.

Ward is a sentient adamantine golem constructed by a paranoid wizard. Initially an experiment in imbuding the a construct with sentience, Ward became the wizard's bodyguard, protecting the dangerious secerets that lay inthe aging man's mind. Ward performed his job well. The many enemies of his master were thwarted due to his protection and the mage's own inventive traps and rampant over indulances in security.

But Ward's master was only a man. Mortal, and corrupt. Ward was timeless, and outlived the old wizard. The Golem's creator died peacefully in his sleep, leaving Ward with no instructions for the event of his death. So Ward waited ... until one of The Creator's employees came with a deliver of rare materials. The employee was, in fact, a man who lead a mercinary group and aquired exotic for the old wizard's experiments.

Initially the mercinary tried to assume ownership of Ward, but the golem didn't reconise his authority. So the mercinary endeavored to make a deal, and form a contract with the golem. It worked, and for the first time in years, Ward entered the world behind the laboratory complex he was born in. Initially the band tried to use Ward as a suicde shock troop. The tactic actually worked, until Ward noticed no one else was expected to take such risks, and then the band was force to revaluate their strategy.

Ward worked with the ban for a few months. By then he was suffering degree of damage that was beginning to hinder the golem, and he parted ways with the group after they hired a craftsman to take care of the damage. Claiming the expenses would more than cover what Ward had earned in their company.

Shortly there after the golem caught the eye of a forign wizard of some authority. A diplomat from Amn, who decided she wanted Ward to be her bodyguard. Like the mercinarys she made an effort to claim Ward as property, but after besting her routine of guards and stalking towards her to finish the conflict, she too settled on a contract with the golem.

Unfortunately while she sent Ward and some of her cohorts to intimidate a rival, who was also visiting Waterdeep, she was set upon by assassins. Currently Ward is looking for someone, or a group, to depart from the city with before authorities get the idea of pushing the blame for the diplomat's death on him.
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Re: Character Cache

Postby Sakuro » Sun Dec 25, 2011 2:37 am


PL: 12 PP: 180

ABILITIES: Str 18/38(+4/+14) Dex 10(+0) Con - INT 22(+6) Wis 16(+6) Cha 06(-2)

SAVES: Tough +16(Impervious 5 in Infiltrator and Stalwart Configurations) Fort Immune Ref +3 Will +7

COMBAT: Attack Bonus +8, Melee +8, Range +8, Unarmed +10 (DC 19/29[Stalwart] Tough), Force Blast +12 (DC 27 Tough), Neural Scrambler +12(DC 27 Will), Grapple +12/+25 (Stalward), Defense +8(18, 13 FF), Iinitiative +6

SKILLS: Computers 6(+12), Crafts[Electronics] 8(+14), Disable Device 6(+12), Knowledge[Technology] 8(+14)


FEATS: Attack Specialization[Unarmed] 1, Benefit 2 [Int. for Initiative, Computer for Gather Information], Dodge Focus 2, Eidetic Memory, Inventor

ENHANCED FEATS (GATEWAY TO THE PRISON): Equipment 7[the Prison (HQ), and Comlink to the Prison)]


"Force Bolt", Blast 12 [Power Feat: Accurate] * 25 PP
AP - "Neural Scrambler", Blast 12 [Flaws: Limited(target must have a nervious system) ; Extras: Alternate Save(Will) ; Power Feat: Accurate] * 1 PP
"Gateway to the Prison", Dimensional Movement 1 [to The Prison ; Flaws: Distracting ; Drawback: Action(More than a Full Round) ; Extras: Portal ; Power Feat: Progression (for Portal) 1 ; Enhanced Feat: Equipment 7] * 10 PP
"Nano-Restructuring: Stalwart Configuration", Density 10 [Immovable 3, Impervious Protection 5, Strength 20, Super-Strength 3, Increased Mass 10 ] * 30 PP
AP - "Nano Restructuring: Infiltrator Configuration", Multiple Powers: Flight 4 [Limited: 1 ft. from a surface], Enhanced Stealth 12, Enhanced Feats 2 [Hide in Plain Sight, Move-by Action], Morph 5 [Broad Type(Humanoid) ; Feature 1: Voice Mimicry], Protection 5 [Extras: Impervious] * 1 PP
AP - "Nano-Restructuring: Datajack Configuration", Multiple Powers: Datalink 7, Super-Senses 15 [Detect Computers (Accurate Ranged, Free Action, Radius, Extended 7), Radio (Extended 1)], Quickness 6 [Flaws: One Type (Mental)], Protection 5
"Thinking Machine" Immunity 40 [Fortitude Saves, Mental Effects] * 40 PP
"Durable Composition" Protection 11 * 11 PP

Comlink * 1 EP
The Prison [HQ] * 34 EP
Toughness +25 Size: Awesome
Features: Communications, Computer, Concealed 1, Defense System, Personnel 4, Holding Cells 4, Fire Prevention System, Infirmary, Isolated, Laboratory, Library, Power System, Security System 5, Workshop

"Unknown Origin/Directive": Warden has no memory of his creator(s) or purpose. Some hidden programming may lie in him, waiting to assert itself. Strange persons with goals seperate from his own may also one day come to reclaim what they feel is theirs.

"No Such Person": Ward is a machine. He has no legal place of residance, occupation, and is citizen of no country. Likewise, no government has yet to reconise machines as people, meaning he has no legal rights and is likely to be viewed as an object to be exploited and owned.

"Dimensional Entry/Exit": When Warden returns to Earth from the Prison, he returns to the exact location he left from.

"Dangerious Persons": The Prison sponges up media data, the mainframe and local robots perform datamining, and the databases are sporatically updated with a Wanted List of dangerious people and their dossires.

Abilities 12 + Saves 7 + Combat 28 + Skills 7 + Feats 7 + Powers 119 - Drawbacks 0 = 180/180

Cold, heartless, distant, and emotionless are all apt descriptions. Warden is a machine, and thus has an outside looking in view on humanity. There are two things he values, however: life (because of it's comparative rarity and the things it can achieve) and knowledge; including the products of that knowledge. Warden, however, does not recognize the authority of any human institution, and is willing to break laws for convenience sake. Though he does compare the breaking of those laws to the social response, weighing the gains and loses for such actions. Likewise, he is willing to sacrifice the two things he values: lives and intellectual properties; in order to prevent greater loses, or halt great threats. Warden is detached from humanity, and though there is a sense of curiosity about them Warden has no actual good will or compassion for it.

All began with the Awakening. The Warden had no birth. No awareness before the day he awoke in the Warden's office in the Prison. He was alone, steadied behind an imposing, sterile desk. It was as if waking from a deep sleep, to find all that you were gone. Concepts and awareness of the world's facets remained, but there were no memories of being part of that world. Warden spent his first days exploring the Prison, and found that there were other self aware machine occupying it. They were very focused on their own tasks: performing security checks, gathering supplies from ... somewhere he still hasn't figured out the origin of ... to restock the facility, maintenance, and so forth.

Warden studied the Prison's databases, which in addition to what one might find in a well stocked library that was constantly updated, contained files for dangerous persons appeared. It didn't feel right to him the people like that might be allowed to roam freely, and for the first time he had an inclination to leave the Prison ... and surprisingly knew that he had the ability to do so at his leisure. Warden left the Prison for Earth in late October, and was overlooked due to the increasing abundance of costumes. Which was fortunate, it took some time before he grew comfortable rearranging his nano-structure to take on a more human appearance.

On he Earth, in the city of Santa Barbara. There Warden searched for the persons on the Prison's list. While researching the people, he observed them, and compared his personal research and observation to the Prison's own Wanted List. There were some inaccuracies. A few exaggerations. Some of the dangerous persons were taken care by human authorities. But there were others they couldn't easily handle, and these Warden would approach and apprehend.

During his time in Santa Barbara success in his searches were not immediate, and there have been detours. At one point he witnessed a mugging, and was too late to interceed before the mugger killed his mark who refused to give in to the criminal. Curious about what could make a the man resist so, took the man's wallet and assumed his identity for a time. He went to work, lived in the man's home, and tried to socialize with his friends and relations. It was difficult to connect with them, but when he realized how poorly they would have precieved what he was doing Warden ended the masqurade, and stood apart once more..
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Re: Character Cache

Postby Sakuro » Tue Dec 27, 2011 10:05 pm



PL: 12 PP: 210

ABILITIES: Str 2(6/14) Agl 2(4) Fgt 1(4) Awe 1 Sta 2(4) Dex 1(2) Int 8 Pre 3

DEFENSES: Dodge 10 Parry 10 Fort 11 Tough 14/19(Impervious) Will 7

SKILLS: Close Combat[Arm Blades] 3(+13), Deception 4(+7), Expertise[Science] 5(+13), Insight 6(+7/11 Khaji Da), Investigation 2(+10), Perception 5(+6), Ranged Combat[Energy Cannon] 11(+14), Technology 14(+22)

ADVANTAGES: Benefit 5[Wealth: Billionaire], Close Attack 6, Eidetic Memory, Inventor, Ultimate Effort[Technology Check]



ENHANCED ADVANTAGES(STRENGTH OF THE SCARAB): All-out Attack, Power Attack, Takedown 1

"Beetle Wings", Flight 5 [Advantages: Move-by Action]* 10 PP
"Carapace", Protection 10 * 11 PP
Reach Infiltrator Array
"Rocket Booster", Flight 8 [Extra: Stacks with Beetle Wings] * 16 PP
AE - "Energy Pattern Disruption", Nullification 14 [Flaws: Reduced Range(Close) ; Extra: Randomize(+0)] * 1 PP
AE - "Khaji Da" Senses 14 [Acute Normal Hearing, Analytical Normal Hearing, Analytical Normal Sight. Normal Sight Counters Concealment(Invisibility), Normal Sight Counter Illusion, Danger Sense (Normal Sight), Radius Normal Sight, Tracking 1 (Normal Sight), Radio], Enhanced Skill(Insight) +4, Enhanced Advantage Assessment * 1PP
AE - "Dimensional Shift/Step" Concealment(All Senses) [Flaws: Unreliable(may cause Blue Beetle to skip forward in time up to +8 ranks of time he intended to stay)], Dimensional Movement 1 [the Bleed], Space Travel 2 * 1 PP
Reach Weaponry Array
"Arm Blades", Strength Based Damage 5 [Extras: Multiattack, Variable Descriptor 1(Metal), Linked(Weaken Toughness)], Weakned Toughness 11 [Fortitude Save - Extras: Linked(Strength Based Damage), Affects Objects Only(+0)] * 22 PP
AE - "Energy Cannon", Ranged Damge 10 [Extras: Variable Descriptor 2(Energy)] * 1 PP
AE - "Shield" Protection 5 [Extras: Impervious (19), Stacks with Carapace ; Flaws: Distracting] * 1 PP
AE - "Muscle Mass", Enhanced Strength 8, Enhanced Strength 6 [Flaws: Limited(Lifting)] * 1 PP
"Strength of the Scarab", Enhanced Strength 4, Enhanced Agility 2, Enhanced Dexterity 2, Enhanced Fighting 3, Enhanced Stamina 2, Enhanced Advantages: 2 [All-out Attack, Takedown 1, Power Attack]* 29 PP
"Subdermal Scarab", Feature 2 [Scarab AI and Database, Quick Change] * 2 PP
"Self Contained Enviroment", Immunity 10 [Lifesupport] * 10 PP

Initiative +4
Arm Blades +13[Dc 26 Tough, Linked: DC 21 Fort]
Energy Pattern Disruption +10 [DC 25 Fort]
Energy Cannon + 14 [DC 25 Tough]
Grab +10 [DC 24]
Unarmed +10 [DC 29 Tough]

Abilities 40 + Powers 106 + Advantages 14 + Skills 25 + Defenses 25 = 210/210

"Hybrid Hero", The Future was born when Tony Stark merged into a unique symbiotic relationship with the scarab named "Khaji Da." Together they are still figuring out the exact nature and extent of their abilities.

"Iron Plague", Tony created the battlesuits and gadgets of a number of heroes and villains (though the villains started out as heroes). He is a mentor figure to some, a supplier to others, and a foe to those that have fallen from grace.

"Reach Beyond His Grasp", Some Stark technology that was released to the public, or more mundane private parties, may contain Reach technology ... and who knows what consequenses that may entail.

"A Mere Man", The Future isn't always super-powered, sometimes he's a normal man -- with an alien probe implanted in him. Regardless, when the scarab isn't active Tony doesn't have any powers.

In the closing days of World War 2 a team of marines who aided in a raid on a HYDRA installation brought back a Blue Scarab. Engineer and consultant to the military Henry Stark (Tony's grandfather) took an interest in the item and bought it off one of the marines claiming he wanted it as a souvenir. Howard knew there was something extra ordinary about it, however, and studied it off an on throughout his career, eventually passing the alien artifact down to his son.

Decades later the son of a wealthy industrialist and head of Stark Industries, Howard Stark, and Maria Stark, Anthony Edward Stark is born on Long Island. A boy genius, he enters MIT at the age of 15 to study electrical engineering and computer science. After his parents are killed in a car accident, he inherits his father's company. As well as the Scarab, which he discovers while going through some of his father's belongings in a private laboratory Tony fell asleep reading one of his father's journals When he woke the Scarab was nowhere to be found and his back was in terrible pain.

One day while vacationing in Tokyo, Tony is ambushed by a group of masked people, and kidnapped. They ask his questions about his father, his father's research, and try to get him to reproduce something called an arc reactor. While being held he meets another young man being held hostage, and together they are forced to work on this project which the madmen are convinced they can create. They two young men know they can't provide what is demanded of them, or are unwilling to, and hatch a plan to escape.

It goes terribly, and Tony's companion dies in the attempt. But in the violence of the escape the Scarab awakened and surrounded Tony in a protective armor. With his new Scarab armor Tony meets out vengeance on the kidnappers before returning home. Tony thoroughly enjoyed the experience the armor gave him, but the harsh realities of what he went through, kidnapping and the lose of a companion, made him realize the world needed to change. It needed protector, real heroes who could do things beyond that of mortal men ... like he could.

Shortly after his kidnapping Tony began a series of bold heroics, at times putting aside school and the family company. Divine burst of inspiration hit him constantly as ideas for new Stark-tech constantly flooded his mind. The development of these new technologies inspired Tony further. If he was helping the world, how much more so would two armored champions ... or ten? Tony set to work building new armors, and recruiting pilots for them to form a team of Iron Men.

Tony's judge of character was good, but he failed to realize he was using Reach technology to create the battlesuits. Battlesuit that carried a corrupted Reach Infiltrator program that would eventually drive the pilots to villainy. When his team shattered under the weight of broken psyches Tony was a solo act again.
Roll Call thread: Character Cache

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Re: Character Cache

Postby Sakuro » Tue Jan 03, 2012 1:29 am

This is an edited version of Taliesin's Havok build. It fit the high damage energy controller approach I'm going for.

The Crime Boss effect is a tweaked version of the "Battlefield Commander" effect designed by OptimusPrimieval.


KALKI (Rayjiv Malik)

Strength 3, Stamina 4, Agility 3, Dexterity 2, Fighting 5, Intellect 1, Awareness 2, Presence 3

Crime Boss: Luck Control 1 (Bestow Luck ; Limited: Target must be able to percieve/understand the character, Check Required: DC 11 - Crime) • 1 point
Energy Absorption: Immunity 3 (own powers, Environmental Conditions [heat, radiation]) • 3 points
Radiation Charge: Array (28 points)
    • Radiation Blast: Ranged Damage 14 • 28 points
    • Radiation Burst: Burst Area Damage 10, Penetrating 8 • 1 point
    • Radiation Flash: Burst Area Cumulative Affliction 10 (Resisted by Dodge, Fortitude to overcome; Vision Impaired, Vision Disabled, Vision Debilitated), Limited to One Sense • 1 point
Radiation Propulsion: Flight 6 (120 MPH) • 12 points

Accurate Attack, All-Out Attack, Assessment, Defensive Roll 3, Extraordinary Effort, Move-by Action, Power Attack, Takedown

Athletics 4 (+7), Close Combat: Unarmed 2 (+7), Expertise: Crime 8 (+9), Expertise: Streetwise 8 (+9), Insight 7 (+9), Ranged Combat: Plasma Blast 4 (+6), Vehicles 5 (+7)

Initiative +3
Radiation Blast +6, Ranged, Damage 14
Radiation Burst, Burst Area, Close, Damage 10 (Penetrating 8)
Radiation Flash, Burst Area, Close, Affliction 10 (Dodge DC 20)
Unarmed +7, Close, Damage 3

Dodge 13, Parry 12
Toughness 7 / 4*, Fortitude 9, Will 9
*Without Defensive Roll bonus.

Power Points
Abilities 46 + Powers 46 + Advantages 10 + Skills 19 + Defenses 29 = Total 150/150

Accidnets: Without his suit to regulate his powers Rayjiv has difficulty controlling his power, and is prone to causing unintentional harm or collateral damage. Prolonged exposure to Rayjiv without his suit has also been known to lead to radiation poisoning.
Stigma: There is a certain prejudice concerning the nature of Rayjiv's powers. Some types of radiation cause cancer and sterility, among other things.
Frenemies: Professor Ravnok has some good friends in the Consortium that are currently disgruntled about Rayjiv killing him. While there is no outright agression, they may seek to hinder him from time to time.
Enemy: Captain Sunshine.
Relationship: Ashna, his youngest sister, is Reyjiv's only living family. She is in a coma, and being taken care of by the Consortium.

Rayjiv was born in Bengal, though his family immigrated to the United States before he learned to speak. The high salary job his father had been expecting on arrival didn't follow through and he had to settle for something less and more immediate to support his large family. Rayjv's father worked the same job at a store for five years and, when he was fired so the store could hire a younger, less experienced kid just out of highschool for a lower salary, his debts caught up with him. It turned out Rayjiv owed some bad people money and one day he disappeared.

With his father's debts Rayjiv's mother tried to get a straight job, but she had no skills. She turned to stripping at a local club. In middle school Rayjiv found his way into gang life and through illegal enterprises was able to help support his family. By the time he was fifteen his mother died from a drug overdose, which left Rayjiv and his siblings living with an elderly grandmother who relied on welfare. Rayjiv was drawn further into gang life, taking bigger risks to support his family. He eventually dropped out of school at the age of seventeen, which gave him more time to devote to his criminal career.

When he was twenty Rayjiv got his own crew together and parted ways with old affiliations, looking for bigger jobs with better payoffs. A year after he started his operation Rayjiv found out his had cancer. When nothing seemed to be working his doctor suggested an experimental radiation treatment. Three weeks into the treatment Rayjiv was radioactive himself. He confronted his doctor, and after threatening to prolong the man's exposure to his radioactive presence, learned that the treatment was experimental, illegal, and being provided by a scientist lacking in morality or empathy name Professor Ravnok.

Rayjiv was able to track Ravnok down and was in the process of venting his radioactive rage on the man when one of the city's super powered protectors, Captain Sunshine, intruded on the beating his was delivering. Both Rayjiv and Ravnok were forced to flee, but later Ravnok approached Rayjiv with a peace offering, a suite to help regulate his powers. Rayjiv took the suit, then he took Ravnok's head clean off with a blast of radiation.

A week after his encounter with Professor Ravnok, Captain Sunshine tracked Rayjiv down at his family house. A skirmish ensued, Rayjiv's suit was damaged, and a burst of radiation leveled their house. Most of his family died outright, the strongest withered away over time due to radiation exposure. But his youngest sister, Ashna, survived. Rayjiv was able to get her to a hospital, but she was badly hurt and unresponsive. The once beautiful child's flesh was melting off in his hands. She would have died too, if the Consortium hadn't approached Rayjiv. They offered him the same offer they made everyone who joined, their support. The icing on the cake was immediate medical care that no public hospital could offer. The Crime Consortium's resources saved Ashna, but she remained in a coma.

It has been five years since Rayjiv began his association with the Crime Consortium. He has stolen and terrorized, moving from one plot to another. Often he came into conflict with Captain Sunshine and Rayjiv has made it a point to harm the people the Captain is close to. More recently Rayjiv has been working with other super powered individuals to break out a number of criminals from high security prisons. To what ends, observers are uncertain.
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