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Re: Fell's Fellas

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A submission for Shadow of the Hawk. The GM, John Snow, put the game on hold indefinitely and disappeared. I believe that John Snow is one of several avatars of a single person who has started several games, and then disappeared.
Concept Musings

Tyffani Porche Forbes grew up sheltered in every sense of the word. Wealthy parents, posh private school, she is truly the poster child for "first world problems."

Her life was fairly typical and uneventful for a a girl of her background. At the moment, her biggest concerns involve going to prom, figuring out which boy is likely to be Prom King (since she's going to be Prom Queen, duh). Also, whether to spend a year abroad before going to college, and which college she should go to.

...but she isn't quite as shallow as a mirror. She created an online profile to meet people anonymously. To talk about her actual (few) insecurities, and talk about some of the deeper issues that are too uncool to talk to her friends about. This profile, on local site "Friend Trend" also seemed to draw a fair number of sexual predators. She was far too savvy for these sweaty mouth-breathers. She lead them along a garden path, gathered enough evidence, and sent an email to the local Internet Crimes Enforcement. She was good at it, and rather enjoyed it... even going so far as to create a profile specifically for this purpose (named "Gail B8," lol).

The other thing she shared with her online community was the emergence of her superhuman abilities. She needed to share this development with someone, and she just didn't trust her friends and family not to freak out about it. Most of the people she talked to online weren't very helpful. Most were skeptical, or gave her impractical advice. There was one particular exception, however.

Empire City's premier vigilante, Nighthawk, was intrigued by both her amateur detective work, and her revelation of superhuman abilities. He had no trouble tracking down her real identity through her profile. Of course, he only knew her through her more thoughtful online personality, not her more public personality.

Personality & Motivation:
Tyffani is of the upper echelon of popular girls, and for the most part, conforms to the stereotypes. She talks about celebrities as if she knows them, and the minutia and gossip of their lives is actually important to her. She is a card-carrying member of the Cell-Phone Generation; she will answer a text while talking face-to-face with a real person, and she will L.O.L. without a hint of self consciousness.

Her motivation for becoming a superhero are tied to a completely unrealistic world view. Because she is... who she is... it seems perfectly natural to her that she would have special gifts, or super powers. And since she is special, it is only appropriate that a mentor would approach her, to guide her towards some greater destiny. She doesn't have any particular appreciation for justice, or a sense of personal responsibility. She just thinks this is the way things are supposed to be.

Tyffani is in for some huge reality cheques, and she might not have enough in the bank to cover them.

Cute Puppy Syndrome: Tyffani started cute and grew up hot (hot-ot-ot-ot-tt-tt) and her parents are rich. As a rule, this means that she gets whatever she wants, and never has to take responsibility for her actions. Whenever her grades were less than stellar, she didn't have to study harder, her parents phoned the school. She is spoiled, self absorbed, and badly in need of behavour modification with a leash and a rolled up newspaper.
Master of Deception: Tyffani can tell a bald faced lie with such conviction, she can easily beat a polygraph. A huge part of her success is that when she takes it upon herself to prevaricate, her commitment to her falsehood is so great that she sometimes believes it herself. Whenever she lies, especially when she uses Ultimate Effort: Deception, there is a possibility that she changes her own remembrance of events. When appropriate, she ought to make a Will Save vs. DC 15.
Family Obligations Tyffani is the baby of the family. Her brother Ferrari Jacob Jr. still lives at home. Her mom Amber Lynn Stafford-Forbes is a stay at home mom, or more accurately socialite. Her dad Jacob Wyman Forbes is an executive with some sort of company. Maybe law, or something? He isn't around all the time, but he can jet into town at a moments notice.
Star of Her Own Show: Her upbringing has lead to a dangerously self-centered world view. At the moment, Bubblepop can't see past the idea that she's a superhero... which means that she wins. Because that's the way it is.

She is blonde, visibly self-absorbed, and has enormous blue eyes. A dash of freckles across her nose works like an accent to draw attention to the beauty of her face. Her body problematic. She has inherited the curves her trophy-wife mom has, and an active lifestyle (cheerleading, raquet ball) has refined it to weapons grade hawtness. She is the Penultimate Jailbait.

Her costume is a cross between a Catholic Highschool Girl and Cheerleader's uniform, all in white and hot pink. She also wears a utility belt, domino mask, and padded, utilitarian gloves -also in pink and white.

Alternate Identity: Tyffani Porche Forbes
Age: 17
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 100
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue

PL4 PP60

Abilities [16]
Strength 0
Stamina 0
Agility 1
Dexterity 2
Fighting 0
Intellect 1
Awareness 1
Presence 3

Combat: [9]
Initiative 1
Dodge 3 (+5 while Bouncing)
Parry 3
Toughness 0 (2 Normally, +4 Impervious Forcefield (+5 Total)
Fortitude 2
Will 3

Advantages: [10]
Attractive 2
Benefit: Rich Parents
Defensive Roll 1
Ranged Combat 2
Skill Mastery (Deception)
Throwing Mastery 1
Ultimate Effort (Deception)

Equipment 1 (5ep)
*Lead balls coated with pink rubber (throwable damage 1)
*Costume (a polyurethane vest covered in a pierce-resistant polyamide (protection 1))
*Comm link
*Bubblegum (0ep)

Skills: [13]
Acrobatics 7 (+8)
Athletics 1 (+1)
Expertise: Computers 2 (+3)
Expertise: Pop Culture 2 (+3)
Deception 7 (+10)
Perception 2 (+3)
Insight 4 (+5)
Vehicle 1 (+3)

Powers: [12]
Bouncing Bubble Leaping 8 (Flaw: Requires Acrobatics, Drawback: Activation; Linked to: Immunity: Falling Damage; Enhanced Feats: Agile Feint, Dodge 2, Evasion 2) 10
This power is more "bouncing" than actual "leaping." She cannot just leap -she has to "trampoline" herself to get some altitude before she can start bouncing (leaping)... or jump off something high. Finally, bouncing isn't the most precise form of movement. Normally, the Acrobatics check dictates the highest Leaping Rank that she can use, in this case the Acrobatics dictates accuracy. If she is making a Distance 8 leap, the DC is 18, and if she fails, she is "off target" by a distance of 1 for every point the check is failed by.

AP: Force Bubble (Protection 4; Extra: Impervious, Flaw: Sustained; Linked - Immunity Suffocation)
Bubblepop can surround herself in a semi-transparent pink bubble. It is sealed against gas and liquid. However, the air supply is limited to what's already inside the bubble, so the immunity to suffocation comes with a time limit (a Complication).

AP: Bubble Shot (Ranged Damage 4, Feat: Richochet 2)
Bubblepop can create and throw palm-sized balls of pink force, which she can bounce of walls to strike enemies with surprising accuracy
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Re: Fell's Fellas

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Madame Le Chat
A character for Guild of the Bat, an Active Game run by Coyotzin. I left the game do to increasing apathy towards it.


Kyle Pendergast was a journeyman chimney sweep. He was also a single father. All things considered, he was pretty jolly for a young man who's wife had died of the Consumption. He took his young daughter Selina with him on his rounds. He'd bundle her up, and tuck her in the eaves while he swept. When she was a toddler, he'd set her on the roof and sing to her while he worked. Once she was old enough to help, she would sweep the hearth and tidy the great rooms of her father's clients. It worked wonderfully, Kyle's customers were thrilled, his business expanded, and there were more pence in their pockets.

As a young woman, Selina continued to help her father. Since she was nearing full growth, and he was starting to get on, she started pushing for them to switch roles. He didn't fancy the notion of his daughter traipsing about on the roof, possibly to fall. She had no concerns, having spent her infancy on the roofs, yet she remained his ground-floor partner. In any case... Selina had started a bad habit... after her work was done, she'd help herself to a tip. First it was as simple as finding a few coins in the couch. Then she started to feel entitled to a little extra, and she would generally find something she fancied and pocket it.

The first time she got caught, the gentleman was "gracious" about it, and content to let the little indiscretion slide, if only she would help him with an indiscretion of his own. Selina was intrigued and almost eagerly accepted... and picked up a few more tips for her time, effort and enthusiasm. The next time she was caught, the gentleman who caught her suggested a similar arrangement. Guided by insights she didn't understand, Selina slapped him across the face. The she told him to get down on his knees and ask for another. Ultimately, what Selina gave this man was different than what she gave the first man to catch her thieving, but something that he perhaps wanted more. Not only did this man ask to expand their arrangement, he put her in touch with other gentlemen, even ladies and couples who had similar needs. Selina (or Lady Belinda as she started to call herself) started to grow a new client base. Selina had done all her and her dad's tailoring and mending, she used these talents to make herself costumes for this new occupation.

Meanwhile, her father continued about his work, most often solo, as his daughter was increasingly busy. Then, one night he didn't come home. In turn, she found that he had fallen from the roof and cracked open his noggin. She was highly skeptical, and almost immediately suspected foul play. But who would harm The Singing Chimney Sweep? She asked some questions, and even climbed the roof to have a look around. She came to realize that her father's vantage point on the roof gave him an excellent vantage point of a "Jack the Ripper style" murder that happened the next street up. Her conclusion was that he was killed to silence a potential witness. The local bobbies weren't entirely interested in pursuing the issue... but she was.

Personality & Motivation:
Selina is a complicated and frequently contrary character.

She delights in her amoral lifestyle, and the freedom it brings her. At the same time, she has a very strict sense of order. Although her initial motivation was vengeance, her quest frequently brought her into situations she found herself championing the cause of justice.

Her father meant everything to her, and she put him on a pedestal. Her blind deification of the man makes it impossible for another man to take his place in her life. At the same time, her investigations are turning up tidbits that are painting a picture of her father as less saintly than she thought (which has on occasion caused her to disregard evidence).

...and at the same time, she craves a man who's worthy of her in her life.

Kleptomania Selina won't take everything that she can... but she almost has to take one thing. This is a Compulsion that she needs to resist with a Will save, as appropriate.
Sister Sister At her father's memorial, there were only two guests. Selina, and a young Nun named Magdelene. Magdalene claimed to be the daughter of Kyle Prendergast as well. It seemed that after Selina's mother passed on, Kyle had a brief affair with the neglected wife of one of his customers, Cameron Falconer. Falconer's wife became pregnant, and gave the baby, Magdalene, up to a Nunnery. Kyle still kept in touch with his second daughter -now Selina's only family. Sister Magdelene fancies herself something of a social crusader, and her Faith makes her fearless. She's likely to charge into danger and make enemies.
A Mask over a Facade While still in her late teens, Selina started operating as a dominatrix, and started using the name Belinda Barr (Lady Belinda) to protect her identity. Selina hasn't solved her father's murder. She is certain he was murdered, and has a few theories as to why. Her first is that he witnessed a murder, and was killed to silence him. Beyond that possibility, her inquiries have revealed to her that there were several residences in that neighbourhood that were home to powerful men with underworld connections. Her father might have seen or heard something he shouldn't have. Selina also learned that Magdelene's father was something of a crime boss; if he knew about the afair... If her father had fallen afoul bad men, Selina needed to protect herself, which is why she started using his first name (Kyle) as her surname. When her nocturnal habits took a vigilante turn, she found that she needed yet another persona, which she named Madame Le Chat. Her identities are starting to tangle like a skein with a kitten in it.
Love hate relationship Selina has an ardent admirer in a former client named Thomas R. Blake. To impress her, Thomas created most of her steam-powered gear. But to her, he was still a client, and her clients frequently gave her tribute. Young Blake, however, is desperate to have "more" from his association with "Lady Belinda," and may yet do something drastic to get it. Blake is a gentleman hunter as well as an inventor, and has absolutely nothing useful to do with his time.
Wrath of the Righteous In her pursuit of clues to solve her father's murder, she has come across assorted low-lifes, and even interrupted crimes in progress. She hadn't had a lot of use for bobbies so far, so she didn't see a need to bother with them now. She just dealt with miscreants her own way. Stopping a mugging with the liberal application of a bullwhip was something she found rather satisfying... in fact, she loved it.

Selina Pendergast is a tall, statuesque raven haired beauty.

Come on people. You know what she looks like!

Alternate Identity: Selina Pendergast
AKA: Selina Kyle, Belinda Barr
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 135#
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green

PL7 PP105

Abilities [36]
Strength 2
Stamina 2
Agility 3
Dexterity 0
Fighting 3
Intellect 1
Awareness 3
Presence 4

Combat: [19]
Initiative 7
Dodge 8
Parry 8
Toughness 6
Fortitude 6
Will 8

Advantages: [16]
Agile Feint
Attractive 2
Defensive Roll 2
Fascinate (Persuasion)
Favoured Environment (Rooftops)
Hide in Plain Sight
Improved Critical: Whip 2
Improved Initiative
Theatrics (Custom) The Art of the Dominatrix is finding the perfect place where Sexy intersects with Scary. Selina can Demoralize with Persuasion, rather than Intimidation
Well Informed

Equipment 3
"Masterwork" Whip (Strength Based Damage 3, Extended Reach 3, Improved Disarm, Improved Trip) 8ep
Binoculars 1ep (Extended Vision)
Lock-pick Set 1ep (+2 Circumstance Bonus)
Manacles 1ep (Toughness 9, DC 20 Escape)
Still Camera (B&W Photographs)

Headquarters 3ep
Size: Small, Toughness 6, Features: Concealed, "Dungeon"

Skills: [21]
Acrobatics 7 (+10)
Combat - Close (Whip): 6 (+9)
Combat - Close (Unarmed) 2 (+5)
Expertise: Security 5 (+6)
Insight 7 (+10)
Investigation 5 (+6)
Persuasion 6 (+10)
Stealth 4 (+7)

Powers: [13]
Sensitive Selina is a latent psionic. [5]
Awareness (Psionics), Empathy (Second Chance: Insight -Evaluation), Danger Sense (Mental, 6th Sense), Comprehend 2 (Speak to and Understand Animals, Flaw: Limited to Cats)

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof The rooftops of London have been Selina's playground since she was a toddler [3]
Movement 2 (Swinging, Safe-Fall; Flaw: Requires Whip), Speed 2 (Flaw: Limited to Swinging)

Clockwork Catsuit (Removable Device) [5]
Leather and Brass Pinion Construction (Protection 2)
Phosphur Goggles (Dark Vision; Flaw: Noticeable)
Parabolic Auricles (Senses 2, Extended, Ultra Hearing)
Steam-Core Component
A network of steam-pipes, valves, diodes and vacuum tubes is sewn into the leather and bolted to the brass frame-work of the suit. Occasionally, this equipment can be channeled to miraculous feats of technology
Once per Act, Selina can stunt an Alternate Power of her device. The power must be consistent of that of a Steam-powered/Clockwork Suit. After using this makeshift device, Selina must take a Standard Action to reset her suit, and should be considered Fatigued until she does so.
Some Example Powers:
* Steam Jet (Flight 5, Flaw: Fades)
* Empowered Exoskeleton (Enhanced Strength 5, Flaw: Side Effect 1 -Damage 5)
* Caterwaul (Environment 2 Impede Movement 1, Visibility 1 (Distraction); Extra: Selective, Feat: Medium is Cats)
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Re: Fell's Fellas

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Incarnations: OOC an Active Game run by Baixiwei.

The background for Paramour is stolen whole-cloth from my previous character, Seraphina, and changed to fit this campaign.

March 23, 2012
Alright, so I'm drunk. Parental Advisory and all that crap. I'm really disappointed in you people. I'm trying to make a living here, and I'm not getting enough clicks to count. You all tell me how much you love my insights, you're all smoochy smoochy on my pale white ass... and I'm eating damn ramen out of the pot. The only time I ever get my click count into triple digits is when I confess some stupid sexcapade. Like It Went Up My Nose. Or that time I made out with that girl at that club... and it turns out she was serious about it. Hey, I'll come clean about that, it'll probably get my click count all the way to 200... I did go home with her. Once you've hooked a fish, might as well reel it in, am I right? Besides she paid for my drinks. Don't judge me until you pay my credit cards.

Anyways. This blog thing isn't working out. You just don't love me enough. Bastards.
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March 27, 2012
I'm still paying for hosting, so whatever. I'll post if I want to. I got myself a "real" job, so I won't starve to death while figuring out what the hell to do next. I've got a Masters Degree, people. That, and a couple of bucks will get me coffee. So, sure. I guess I don't have a lot of what you'd call marketable skills. I write, and I drink. Usually at the same time. Apparently that qualifies me to work in a liquor store. Anyways. Employee discount is nice, I might see if alcohol poisoning is everything I've always dreamed it could be.
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April 1, 2012
So, I'm marrying my cat. April Fools. I had to get that out of the way, because I have actual news, that sounds like April Fools, but it's not. Last night I had the strangest dream. I was in a glade filled with flowers and marble statues, and I'm sitting in a throne like a prissy bitch. Lines of people were all waiting to come and kneel before me, give me presents, and profess their eternal love to me. Not just guys, but chicks and and animals and hybrids of people and beasts. You know what a Chimaera looks like? I do. I mean, I really know what a Chimaera looks like. I do remember telling all the people and creatures repeatedly "Today is My Day." That seemed significant.

So, strange dreams... so what? Not so what. I get up, went to the bathroom to sort out my shit, and... I look different. Not like, "I got a haircut" different, I mean... my eyes used to be dark brown, now they're mauve. I used to have straight black hair, now it's wavy blonde. I used to have an OK body, but now I might need to get myself a niqab to keep people from randomly groping me. I need to do something to keep myself from groping me -I'm that hot. I don't look a damn thing like my driver's license anymore, but who cares?
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April 3, 2012
So... more weird dreams. Moments of deja vu. Looking different doesn't seem to be a passing phase, the mauve eyes, blonde hair, breathtaking face and unstoppable curves haven't gone away. So, I'm getting this idea. I don't really have details to give you, because I don't know what they are... but I'm Venus. Roman Goddess of Love, look it up. That. Her. Me.

It's not just looks, I have powers now, as well. I can do... things. But, if you've been following the news, you probably know I'm not a unique case -there's people with amazing powers springing up all over the place. And I think, maybe, these guys are gods too. Things are getting a little crazy out there. A couple blocks from where I work, someone ripped an armoured car in half and ran off with a crate full of money.

I have these powers now. Maybe I can do something about what's going on out there. You guys never seemed to care much about the blog of a wannabe writer... how do you feel about the blog of a wannabe superhero?
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Personality & Motivation:
Veronica Pisani is a bit of a lost child... of 25. She has a Masters Degree in Liberal Arts, and would like to make a career for herself as a writer. She has been unable to find a stable job in the field, her freelance work is usually rejected or not well paid. She also blogs, but it is not a popular thing.

She's basically a slacker. Her professional life isn't really working out, but rather than take steps to redesign her career, or do something different, she would rather ignore the problem by going out with the girls, and coming home with a hazy memory of the evening.

"Ronni" has an enormous student loan, nothing even close to a five year plan, and frequently jokes about sticking her head in the oven.

Poor: Veronica is not living up to her earning potential. Her credit cards maxed out, and her bill-stuffed mailbox is her greatest fear.
Curse of Dionysus: Veronica is a lush. Her new, divinely infused self is immune to toxins such as alcohol, but she has a mental dependency on booze. Yes, she can do something about the rampaging Hecatonchire... but she could really use a Jager Bomb first.
Curse of Vanity: Venus is the most beautiful of the Immortals. She does not experience jealousy towards other women who are pretty... but she will always be poorly disposed to anyone who fails to acknowledge that her beauty is greatest. To Venus, true blasphemy is to opine that someone else is more beauteous than she is.

Everyone that looks at the Incarnation of Venus will see something just a little bit different. The truest, most objective description is that she is a blonde woman of medium height, with mauve coloured eyes.

Someone who thinks tall women are more attractive than short women would immediately describe her as tall. Vice versa. Men who favour slim women would say she is slim, those who prefer curvy would say she is curvy.

At the moment, she has no "super heroine outfit" to speak of, she merely wears jeans and a logo T-Shirt. Again, people will tend to describe her clothing in a manner that reflects their ideals, rather than what she was actually wearing.

Alternate Identity: Veronica Pisani
Incarnation: Venus
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 135
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Mauve

PL10 PP150

Abilities [40]
Stamina 5
Intellect 3
Awareness 3
Presence 9

Combat: [12]
Initiative 4
Dodge 15
Parry 15
Toughness 5
Fortitude 5 (+10)
Will 7 (+10)

Advantages: [2]
Divine Languages: Latin, Italian (free)
Divine Presence: Animal Empathy, Attractive 2, Daze (Persuasion), Fascinate(Persuasion) (free)
Equipment: (Smart-phone, Crappy Apartment)
Improved Initiative

Skills: [10]
Expertise: Behavioural Science 2 (+5)
Expertise: Pop Culture 2 (+5)
Expertise: Writing 3 (+6)
Persuasion 11 (+20)
Deception 1 (+10)
Intimidation 1 (+10)

Powers: [86]
Immortality Lite [6]
Immunity: Aging, Poison, Disease
Immortality 1 (2 weeks, Flaw: Unless her Heart is destroyed)
Persistent Regeneration 1 (Every 10 rounds, can heal Incurable effects)

Fairest of the Flowers [7]
Immunity: Any effect with Plants or Flowers as a descriptor
Comprehend 2 (Speak to and Understand Plants)
Floral Network: Well Informed (Enhanced Feat)

Fortune Favours the Gorgeous [41]
Enhanced Active Defenses: Dodge 15, Parry 15 (Sustained)
Luck Control 2 (Spend Luck or Hero Points on behalf of Another, Force another to Reroll and accept the Worse of Two Results; Feat: Luck 5)

Her Weapons are Crystal Light [32]
Create 10 (Extra: Movable) [30 +2 AP]
AE: Love Conquers All (Affliction 10, Resisted by Will, Extra: Perception, Entranced/Compelled/Controlled)
AE: Unerring Arrows of Eros (Affliction 10, Resisted by Fortitude, Extra: Perception, Dazed/Exhausted/Incapacitated)

Affliction (vs. Will or Fortitude) Perception/DC20
Create as Area Attack: DC25
Create as Snare: +0/DC20
Melee +0/DC15

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Re: Fell's Fellas

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The Terror Twins
The Sentinels, an Active Game run by Millennium. This game was clearly cursed, and despite Millennium's willingness to continue, the players lacked the enthusiasm to continue.

The specifics of the build was decided with Millennium via PM. Their final point totals were ball-parked by taking the PL12, 180pp base character and "selling" a PL for 15pp. We determined that buying a side-kick, I could have a 178pp base character with a 170pp sidekick with a "feedback disadvantage." This was roughly averaged out to PL11, 175pp. Neither of the Twins is a sidekick, both are full-fledged characters under my control... but they do share their Damage Condition and also their Hero Points.

Gervais L'Hirondelle and Miriam Shapiro were two investigators that worked for the Simon Wisenthal Institute in Paris. Gervais claims a distant kinship to The Great Man (de Gaul) and more direct links to the French Resistance. Miriam is a aramaic Jew, raised in the kibbutz of Israel. Both are quite passionate about hunting Nazis. Of course, even the very youngest of the original Third Reich are now in their 90s, but the two focused their investigation on Nazi Ubermensch programs and modern-day Fourth Reich Nazis. Although from widely different backgrounds, Gervais and Miriam worked quite well together, making a well-oiled professional team.

They had followed an obscure lead regarding one of Mengele's assistants or perhaps correspondent, a Swiss man named Alphonse Mueller. On a spool of yellowed Morse Code teletype -transmissions between the two, Miriam found a reference to a project called Mjolnir VII. References to mythology in the Nazi hierarchy almost always meant super science or mysticism; likely another Ubermensch program.

A few short weeks later, Miriam and Gervais found themselves in a tiny cave in the Swiss Alps. A door concealed behind a fake snowbank lead them to a sterile vault; half natural cave and half steel construction. Inside, they found several banker's boxes full of files, and a heavy, double-walled steel canister. Miriam started on the files, sorting and translating. Gervais started on the canister, checking it for markings and booby-traps.While he was X-Raying the canister, it burst filling the cave with irradiated gas. The two Nazi Hunters were overcome, and collapsed.

Hours, or perhaps even days later they awoke. Miriam and Gervais had been transformed by the contents of the canister combined with the X-Rays. They were distraught by their new appearances, towering physically perfect forms... but blond and blue eyed "Aryan Perfection." Super Nazis. Both of them were horrified, but their feelings were magnified, as each of them could feel the others' emotions.

They spent several days in the cave, deciding what to do, and bonding. They did not want anyone thinking that they would subject themselves to, or benefit from Nazi science. A side-effect of their transformation was a certain behavioural shift towards arrogance and poor impulse control. Combined with their general sense of distress, naturally they embarked on a path of recklessness. Using their superhuman powers, and their ability to instantly know each others' thoughts they embarked on a series of daring robberies. The proceeds from their crimes they gave to various charitable causes. The only thing The Terror Twins (as they were called, as they looked so alike) gained for themselves was notoriety... and popularity. The two beautiful, charismatic, and flamboyant bankrobbers gained a massive fan-base.

Of course, it was well known that they would never harm anyone while committing their crimes. This actually lead to their capture; a determined bank guard, who knew their reputation closed a vault on them. It was too thick for them to break out of, save through the door, but the guard stood right behind the door; they could only force the door if they were willing to seriously harm the guard. They were not, and were captured. At trial, they threw themselves on the mercy of the court. A fan-funded defense provided superior lawyers and the two repentant criminals managed to get off very lightly, with only probation and community service.

The Terror Twins turned their popularity into a fairly lucrative endorsement gig, and turned their attentions and fame to supporting causes, but they missed the excitement of their adventurous first months. They spoke with their parole officer, and the probate judge, and received permission to transfer their community service and parole to The Sentinels.

Personality & Motivation:
The personalities of the Twins are rather similar. As normal humans, they were both dedicated researchers and dedicated Nazi hunters. Both would have been described by friends as thoughtful and practical.

Being transformed into powered individuals comes with a certain mind-shift. They are relatively certain that the process they underwent had side-effects affecting their behavioural patterns, specifically arrogance and impulse control, although no propensity towards violence such as steroids might cause. Part of their shift in emotions has to do with their mental link they have shared. Each of them is in tune with the others wants and needs, and their mental link provides a positive feedback loop. When one twin does something that makes the other twin happy, that literally makes them happy, which makes the other happy, and so on. Negative emotions are similarly shared and amplified. Not surprisingly, the Twins spend a great deal of time catering to each others wants.

Since their inception, including their incarceration and subsequent parole and counseling the Twins have learned to better deal with their co-dependant emotional feedback, and dampen the effects... at least to more socially appropriate and moderate degrees.

Secret: The Twins feel it is of paramount importance that their previous identities remain "dead." They also feel a great deal of shame that Nazi super-science has turned them into superhumans. It's not just bitter irony, their powers came from the subjugation of France and the deaths of six million Jews.
Forbidden Love: Because of their similar features, Media coverage of their first criminal exploits dubbed them twins, and later made Terror Twins a title. Since they were dedicated to hiding their true origins, they did not correct this assumption. However, they worked closely as normal humans, and their shared experiences (not to mention their mental link) has made them extremely close. Lovers in fact. They try to keep their relationship on the down-low, but comments have already been made noting how "close" the Twins seem. During their trial they reluctantly admitted their new identities weren't the ones they were born with, but they refused to identify their actual names and countries of origin.
Conviction Their legal defense was exceptional, the jury was extremely sympathetic... but they are still the perpetrators of a massive (benign) crime spree. They do have a parole officer Sergeant Stronghold (a potent superhuman who works as an international Marshal with ties to Interpol and The Hague). Their movements my be restricted, and they may be called to give accounts of their where-abouts and activities at any given time.
At the Hip Bicep and Torrid have a continuous mental link, which cannot be turned off. In that context, they can be "used against" each other.

Gervais was a stocky, bearded frenchman, just starting to go grey. Miriam was a petite, olive-skinned girl with the look of eagles (which is a polite way of saying she had a prodigious shnozz). After their transformation (a similar process to Casanova Frankenstein's psychofraculation) they are both tall, blond, blue-eyed... essentially, mega-Aryans.

Their new appearance initially filled them both with a certain amount of loathing, and they both dyed their hair, and adopted punk looks. Since their arrest and parole, they've toned their looks down slightly... less Mad Max, more "euro trash." They both have mastered something of a generic European accent.

Bicep Van Boom

Alternate Identity: Gervais L'Hirondelle
Height: 6'8"
Weight: 295
Hair: Blonde (but dyed something else)
Eyes: Blue

PL11 PP175

Abilities [76]
Strength 13
Stamina 13
Agility 0
Dexterity 0
Fighting 4
Intellect 4
Awareness 2
Presence 2

Combat: [12]
Initiative 0
Dodge 9
Parry 9
Toughness 13
Fortitude 13
Will 9

Advantages: [14]
Attractive 2
Benefit 2 (Wealth, Fame)
Languages 3 (English, French, Hebrew, Finnish, German, Hindi, Japanese, Spanish)
Fascinate (Intimidate)
Accurate Attack
Defensive Attack
Fast Grab
Improved Grab
Improved Hold

Skills: [27]
Combat: Unarmed 5 (+9)
Insight: 8 (+10)
Intimidation: 8 (+10)
Knowledge: Civics 1 (+5)
Knowledge: Current Events 1 (+5)
Knowledge: Theology and Mythology 6 (+10)
Perform: Sing 4 (+6)
Perform: Keyboard 4 (+6)
Perception: 8 (+10)
Technology: 6 (+10)
Treatment: 1 (+5)

Powers: [46]
Communication Link (Torrid, Extra: Sensory Link) [2]

Invulnerability: Impervious 11

Super Strength [14]
Power Lifting 11
AP: Leaping 11
AP: Shockwave (Affliction 11; Resisted by Fortitude, Extra: Cone Area, Flaw: Limited Degree)
AP: Ground Stomp (Apply Burst Area to Strength Damage 11 of 13)

Electricity & Weather Control [19]
Environment 8 (Storm Control, Extra: Selective)
AP: Flight 8
AP: Flight 4 (Extra: Effects Others, Shapable Area)
AP: Chain Lightning (Damage 8, Extra: Shapable Area)

Torrid Van Boom

Alternate Identity: Miriam Shapiro
Height: 6'4" (Torrid usually wears 4" heals)
Weight: 210
Hair: Blonde (but dyed something else)
Eyes: Blue

PL11 PP175

Abilities [72]
Strength 8
Stamina 9
Agility 0
Dexterity 0
Fighting 11
Intellect 4
Awareness 2
Presence 2

Combat: [26]
Initiative 16
Dodge 13
Parry 13
Toughness 9
Fortitude 9
Will 13

Advantages: [9]
Attractive 2
Benefit 2 (Wealth, Fame)
Languages 3 (English, Hebrew, Arabic, French, Chinese, German, Italian, Russian)
All-Out Attack
Power Attack

Skills: [20]
Combat: Unarmed 3 (+14)
Insight 3 (+5)
Investigation 6 (+10)
Knowledge: History 6 (+10)
Knowledge: Cryptography 6 (+10)
Knowledge: Science 6 (+10)
Perception 3 (+5)
Persuasion 3 (+5)
Perform: Guitar 4 (+6)

Powers: [48]
Communication Link (Bicep Van Boom, Extra: Sensory Link) [2]

Speedster [35]
Speed 11; Super Movement: Run on Water, Wall-Crawling 2 (Only while moving)
Speed Feats: Agile Feint, Evasion 2, Improved Improved Initiative 4, Move-By Action, Redirect, Uncanny Dodge
Super Sense: Rapid Vision
Quickness 8
AP: Apply Multi-Attack to Strength Damage 8 of 8
AP: Apply Shapable Area to Strength Damage 8 of 8

Earth & Gravity Control [11]
Earth Shapes (Create 6; Flaw: Proportional, Feats: Precise, Tether)
AP: Burrowing 8
AP: Move Object 8 (Flaw: Levitation Only)
AP: Anti-Gravity (Power Lifting 8)
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Re: Fell's Fellas

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American Amazon
Character for Paradigm Shift an Active Game run by Bladewind. Dropped the game due to waning interest and a decrease in available time.
Concept Musings.

Diana Renfield was the daughter of a big time, big money Texas Republican, the kind of man who had the latest Bush Scion's personal numbers in his rolodex. He wanted a son, of course... but his wife was a dainty, east coast type, poor constitution... having one child nearly killed her. So... just a daughter. That would have to do, the girl's mother would groom her properly and get her married to a man of influence -maybe a Vanderbilt, a Rockerfeller, or maybe even a Kennedy.

Actually, Diana didn't much disappoint a man hoping for sons; she took to the shooting range and usually managed to wriggle out of being entered into the pageants. Wasn't much at all for girly things; she showed up to her own debut (debutante ball) in muddy boots. She also declined to date the fine gentleman her parents arranged as suitors. She stood up the blind dates her parents arranged, the Cattle Baron from Montana, the Rail Tycoon from Colarado, the Real-Estate Magnate from California, even the slick Lawyer from Boston -she wouldn't even meet most of them.

Her parents had expected Diana would enroll in a southern, Christian university and take something like Political Science, or possibly Journalism -or dare they hope for Home Economics? Instead, Diana enrolled in West Point. With a certain amount of cynical foresight, she used her maternal grandmother's name, Prinz instead of Renfield -although a clerical error changed her to Prince. She didn't enlighten her parents of the change.

From West Point, she entered the Navy as an officer, and served on a carrier as a pilot. She flew a stealth fighter in combat and reconnaisance missions. She was highly decorated and earned the rank of Major. Her military star was on the rise, and there was some talk of fast-tracking her for a Command position. Much to the surprise of her patrons in the Navy, she instead mustered out. The simple truth was she was tired of the closet, and wanted to be Out.

Her parents had been reluctantly proud of their daughter as a venerated Navy Pilot, but... one of them? They disowned her immediately. Diana had, actually, anticipated this would happen, hence the name change to Prince. As ex-Military with excellent credentials, Diana had some interesting offers from NASA and Star Labs as well as some "Private Security" firms, but surprisingly took a job as a Detective with Gotham PD. Diana chose Gotham to be closer to her partner, Olive Marston -a social worker.

As it turns out, Diana just didn't have the right temperament for Gotham. It's a hard town, and it takes a particular mind-set to thrive there. With her military record, and excellent record as a Detective, her application to the FBI was very well received. Sadly, Olive refused to come with her when she left Gotham. Perhaps it was for the best, as the Augment program only accepted single agents without strong family ties.

Personality & Motivation:
The early motivation for Diana was self determination. Partly this was inspired by rebellion; her parents wanted her to be a Stepford Wife, and that was the least acceptable identity she could imagine. But a lot of her drive had to do with a "higher calling" the idea of really achieving her potential, which is why a military life appealed. In her apartment, there is a large framed portrait of her in her dress whites, captioned: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Excellence.

Dating Olive opened her eyes to a new interest (not girls, she new she was gay by the time she was 11), but rather the Pursuit of Justice. Social Justice was a huge concern to Olive, the struggle for civil rights and an ethical and effective strategy against Poverty. After many long talks with Olive, Diana was left asking herself whether she was fighting a Just war; she couldn't be sure. Was it fair that she had to conceal her sexuality? She was a bit clearer on that one, and started to make plans to leave the Service. Police work was a bit more cut and dried.

Diana is still having a lot of personal conflict. She left the Military so that she could be Out, and she would like for her costumed identity to be a strong symbol of the American Way... but a way that accepts strong, feminist, lesbian rolemodels. A lot of her handlers are continuing to tell her to keep all that on the down low, don't rock the boat.

It's Complicated: Diana went into police work to simplify her situation. Unfortunately, her ambition got her into the Augment project, which has made everything all complicated again. She needs to protect her private identity from some people in her public life, and her public identity from some people in her private life. She is nominally keeping her sexuality a secret, but she doesn't want to... and if her Asshole Republican Dad tracks her down, or recognizes her, he will surely make problems.
The Caged Bird: This is truly inexplicable. It might be some sort of mental block, or perhaps some sort of voodoo curse, but Diana always does poorly with any sort of captivity. When breaking out of a grapple or snare, her first attempt is at -5, and her second attempt is at -2; all subsequent attempts are without penalty. She always suffers a -2 to escape from any sort of physical restraints, although she can kick down a locked door just fine.
Orders & Obligations Diana is an Agent of the Federal Government, and has orders to follow. Above and beyond that, she took an Oath as an Officer of the United States Navy to protect and serve her country; although she has left the Navy, she has not forsaken her Oath. She does, however, occasionally feel conflict between her orders and her obligations.

Diana was always of average height and very fit, with clear blue eyes and short black hair. Being Augmented pushed her height over six feet, and packed superhuman muscle onto her frame. Everything else is mostly the same, but her federally appointed image consultant wanted her to grow her hair long -it would provide a more dramatic, feminine look.

Concept Art: Iconic Costume, An American Hero, Texas Tomboy, Hi-Tech Woman, and Modern Woman

Alternate Identity: Diana Prince
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 210
Hair: Black (press releases would describe it as Raven)
Eyes: Blue

PL10 PP150

Abilities [80]
Strength 12
Stamina 12
Agility 0
Dexterity 1
Fighting 8
Intellect 3
Awareness 2
Presence 2

Combat: [14]
Initiative 4
Dodge 8
Parry 8
Toughness 12
Fortitude 12
Will 8

Advantages: [12]
Benefit: Security Clearance; Federal Agent
Languages 2: English (Native), Arabic, Greek, Spanish
Improved Initiative
Accurate Attack
Defensive Attack
Take Down 2
Favoured Paradigm: Greek Mythos (GM Freebie)

Skills: [20]
Close Combat: Lariat 2 (+10)
Computers: 5 (+8)
Knowledge: Civics 2 (+5)
Knowledge: Current Events 2 (+5)
Knowledge: Strategy 5 (+8)
Insight: 5 (+7)
Intimidation: 3 (+5)
Investigation: 5 (+8)
Perception: 3 (+5)
Ranged Combat: Small Arms 4 (+5)
Vehicles: 4 (+5)

Powers: [24]
Dimensional Anchor GM Freebie
A variable 5pp Pool that adjusts to either a visited paradigm or incursion. This is essentially an unremovable device, in the form of a stylized golden eagle "tattoo" over the lumbar region.
Yes. This incarnation of Wonder Woman has a tramp stamp

Enhanced Physiology 5pp
Immunity: Aging, Disease, Poison, Environmental Cold, Heat & Radiation (Flaw: Half Effect)
Speed 2

Coronet and Gauntlets Hard to Remove Device 4pp
Feature: Data Link, Infravision, Ultravision, Radio Sense (Extra: Broadcast)

Cyber Coil Easy to Remove Device 15pp
Affliction 10 (Physical, Feat: Extended Reach 2; Quirk: Can be Resisted by better of Dodge or Fortitude, Hindered/Immobile/Paralyzed) {Linked}
Mind Reading 10 (Extra: Easy, Feat: Extended Reach 2, Flaw: Reduced Range -Close)
Remote Visual Sensing 1 (Flaw: Requires Medium -Lasso must travel to viewed location) [1pp]
Movement: Swinging
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Re: Fell's Fellas

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Since I'm currently playing versions of both Catwoman & Wonder Woman, I thought I'd add this.
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Re: Fell's Fellas

Postby RedBstrd » Sat Oct 13, 2012 4:20 am

You should look up images of the female characters from Morning Glories for Bubblepop.

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Re: Fell's Fellas

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Myron Frost, Lord of Brass
World Moved On, an active game run by RedBstrd. Myron is a late entry to the game.
This is a redesign of the character. Original incarnation of Myron can be found here.

For the past 300 years, the Lord Frost served as the Court Sorcerer to the Kings of Gulzaar, one of the many autonomous "kingdoms" within the stagnating and ever decentralizing Imperii Totius (the Mabelodim empire). Gulzaar would be an idyllic fief of picturesque beaches and the swamps could have been drained into fertile farmlands, were the rulers not a line of petty, brutal men. The kings of Gulzaar - descendants of the first Mabelodim generals stationed in the region - enslaved their populace, and paid tribute to Lord Frost (the elder, and then the younger) in goods and slaves. When Frost the Younger died, and his heir Myron ascended the basalt throne in the Tower of Frost... he shocked the kingdom when he announced that he would not assume the traditional mantle of Court Sorcerer.

When Myron set forth to pursue his own goals, his departure engulfed the kingdom in civil war. The withdrawal of the Court Sorcerer's support emboldened the populace against the King. However, the fate of a Republic of Gulzaar is precarious. The bulk of the Mabelodim empire had long since fragmented, but there is no shortage of contenders for its successor state in Gulzaar.

Personality & Motivation
On the surface, Myron is cold and calculating. He is certainly reserved, and knows how to be brutally pragmatic. This is purely defensive; he grew up "behind enemy lines," and isn't used to trusting anyone. To him, Family and Enemy were synonyms. Those who Myron learns to trust, will find that he has an untapped reserve of warmth and love. These rare individuals will find in Myron a ferocious loyalty. Although Myron wants to follow a new path, he spent his childhood surrounded by the darkest of lore, and horrific rituals, he can be inaccessible at times... and does not possess much of a sense of humour.

Myron is a man of average height, he is slim of build with long limbs and fingers. He has naturally pale skin, which some human nobles have been resorting to powder to emulate.He wears his golden-red hair in a long, intricate coif that spills over the collars of his shirt, coat or cloak. Like many gingers, his eyes are green, but his skin is unfreckled. Myron wears rich clothes, primarily in black but with gold-trimmed, red accent pieces. At his neck, he wears a heavy amulet of a dark (almost bloody) red metal, in the shape of a single, churning gear.

In addition to his Melnibonean heritage, Myron's bloodline is darkly tainted. His heritage may be noticeable to mystics, and will almost certainly draw the attention of Old Ones or them from Outside.
With his magic, Myron is able to shape his body the way he wants -for the most part his appearance is exactly the same. However, his left leg is crippled and malformed -in any situation where he is unable to cast spells, he suffers a -2 circumstance check to Athletic and Acrobatic checks.
Myron's heritage lets him control magic more easily. Unlike a wizard that is powerless without a staff, Myron can still control magic without any focus... but without his amulet, increase the casting time of any of his spells by one stage.
Myron grew up in a home with a dark reputation, which it more than deserved. His father, and grandfather used the blackest of magic to prop up a petty warlord as a brutal tyrant. Myron feels only disdain for the twisted self interest of his king, instead finding admiration for the line of Pendragon. This enlightened world view, can lead Myron down a road of self-loathing. Given the opportunity, he may choose absolution and oblivion in a single blaze of glory.

PL:7 PP:117/117

Abilities (38pp)
Strength 0
Stamina 4
Agility 0
Dexterity 0
Fighting 0
Intellect 7
Awareness 4
Presence 4

Combat (16pp)
Dodge 5
Parry 5
Will 5 (+9)
Fortitude 1 (+5)
Toughness 4
Initiative 4

Skills (16pp)
Close Combat: Swords +4
Ranged Combat: Magic +7
Expertise (Magic) 8 (+15)
Intimidation 6 (+10)
Insight 3 (+7)
Technology 3 (+10)
Treatment 1 (+8)

Advantages (14pp)
Benefit (Lord)
Fascinate (Intimidation)
Improved Initiative
Languages 2 (Common, High Speech, Old One)
Tech Familiarity (Old Ones)
Equipment 1 (Runed Blade; Strike 3, Descriptor: Magic; Gear 2)
Minion (Construct: Brass Engine) 4

Powers (33pp)
Mage Sight Senses 3 (Awareness: Magic, Dimensional, Tracking) [3]
Master Arcanist Speed 2 (Flaw: Limited to Artificer & Ritualist) [1]
Mind over Body (Immunity 2; Sleep, Starvation & Thirst; Flaw: Linked to Trance, requires Check) [1]

Gift of the Serpents (Enhanced Dodge 2, Enhanced Parry 2, Protection 3, Swiftness, Startle, Immunity: Poison; Flaws: Limited Use, Side Effect; Quirks: Noticeable) [5]
Myron can only invoke Gift of Serpents three times daily, and it lasts 10 rounds. While it is active, his body is wreathed with glowing, gold, spectral snakes. The snakes slither about his body, hissing and biting him. At the end of the duration, Myron is Afflicted with Poison 2 (Fortitude; Lethargy/Seizure/Paralysis) for which the Immunity: Poison is no longer applicable

Magic Array [16 +7 AP]
Whispers from Unknown Kadath Affliction 7 (Extra: Ranged; Feats: Insidious, Incurable; Will Save: Dazed/Defenseless/Controlled)
*Caress of Abhoth Affliction 7 (Extra: Ranged; Feats: Homing, Reversible; Fortitude Save: Fatigued/Disabled/Transformed)
*Dance of Fthaggua Damage 7 (Fire, Magic; Extra: Ranged, Feats: Takedown 2) A flickering ball of blue flame that can leap from target to target at Myron's direction.
*Window into Dylath-Leen Environment 3 (Extras: Additional Condition, Intense, Selective, Variable Effect; Extra: Extended Range)
*Shroud of Tindalos Concealment 8 (All Visual, Hearing, Magic, Mental and Smell; Extra: Affects Others, Flaw: Passive )
*A Euclidean Solution to Cyclopean Geometry Nullify 7 (Extra: Broad Category Magic; Feats: Precise, Triggered)
*Contemplations of Distant R'lyeh Remote Sensing 14 (Vision, Hearing, Feats: Dimensional 2 current spoke of the Dark Tower hub, Flaw: Concentration, Feedback)
*The Yellow King's Raiment Morph 4 (Any creature, person or object of similar mass; Feat: Increased (decreased) Mass; Flaw: Activation, Custom Flaw*)
*Myself, My Enemy: When Myron shifts into a specific person's form, that person may sense that they have been duplicated. Make an Insight check for that person against DC 14. When he shifts into the shape of a sentient, but non-specific creature (a dog, for example), any similar creature nearby should also make this check.
Failure by 10 or more: The person or creature senses nothing.
Failure by 5 to 9: The person or creature has a sense of being watched, and will likely become agitated and upset.
Failure by 1 to 4: The person knows they have been duplicated, and has a general sense of direction. Copied creatures will be alert and hostile.
Success: Not only does the person know they have been duplicated, and have a good sense of where the imposter is, the original can see through Myron's eyes for one round per number they made their roll by.

A compendium of other-wordly things and places

Brass Engine IV
PL 4 Minion
STR: 2 (6) STA:- AGL:0 DEX:0 FGT:1 INT:-2 AWE:2 PRE:-2 (-8)
Dodge 2 Parry 2 Will 4 Fortitude - Toughness 2 (6) Initiative 0 (9)
Advantages: Fearless, Form Follows Function, Improvised Tools, Interpose, Teamwork (5)
Powers: Immune: Fortitude, Growth 4 (Permanent), Power Lifting 1, Speed 6 (AP: Flight 3) (46)
Skills: Combat: Unarmed 1 (+2), Athletics 1 (+7), Expertise: Magic 8 (+6), Intimidate 4 (+4) Perception 2 (+4) (8)
The Brass Engine, in its most elemental configuration is something of a cross between the steam-engine of a train, and a gargoyle. A mass of moving pistons, churning gears, and what might be a pair of contented, lamp-light eyes.The Brass Engine will clank into a new configuration suitable to its current task, depending on its configuration, it can be about 10 feet across and weighs about 3,000 pounds. The construct is made entirely out of a deep, reddish metal, and embossed with potent runes. Bound Fire Sprites and Water Sprites provide the creatures potency, however these elementals are in conflict with each other, and subservient to an overmind -the necromantically raised spirit of a well trained, even-tempered mastiff.
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Re: Fell's Fellas

Postby Lord Fell » Fri Oct 19, 2012 4:47 pm

Dr. Zero's Last Hurrah

Out of Character Thread
In Character Thread

When my friend, Darren R. Zenko, was dying of cancer he expressed a desire to sit down once again at a game table. I drafted some help from the folks in the ATT Game Room to design characters to play in an adventure. Darren became too ill, too quickly to leave palliative care and game with his friends. Instead, the folks here at the Think Tank who rallied to help my cause played in his honour.
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Re: Fell's Fellas

Postby Lord Fell » Thu Nov 01, 2012 10:08 pm

League of Extraordinary Persons

Out of Character Thread
In Character Thread

Roguescribner posited a game based on an updated League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. The update was to bring the League forward in time to the 80s and 90s. The nostalgia inherent in the concept really appealed to me, and I had a whole lot of ideas for the game. However, when Roguescribner suggested he needed a Co-GM for the game, that felt like the right solution for me... helping to run the game let me bring in all the aspects of that era I loved, without being restricted to a single concept.

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