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Please, tell us about your character! This section is custom-made just for your heroes (or villains) to hang out in and strut their stuff.
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Re: Injustice Games

Postby Horsenhero » Sun Feb 23, 2014 12:50 am


PL 7 97PP

Identity: unnamed parademon
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 210lbs
Hair: None
Eyes: Black
Age: 35

Game: Injustice Gang
First Appearance: Injustice Gang #1

Strength 5 Agility 0 Fighting 7 Awareness 2

Stamina 5 Dexterity 0 Intellect 0 Presence 0


Assessment, Chokehold, Defensive Roll 2, Daze(Intimidate), Favored Environment (Bars/Taverns), Favored Foe (Drunks), Great Endurance, Improved Disarm, Improved Grab, Improved Smash, Startle


Athletics 6(+11), Deception 4, Expertise: Bartending 6, Insight 4(+6), Intimidation 8, Perception 2(+4), Ranged Combat: Power Staff 6


Power Knuckles- Str. Based Damage 2, Penetrating 7, Improved Critical 1, Removable (-2pts)

Power Staff- Ranged Damage 7, Easily Removable (-4pts)


Dodge 7 Parry 7 Fortitude 5 Toughness 7 Will 6


Initiative +0
Unarmed Attack +7 Dam 5
Power Knuckles +7 Dam 7
Power Staff +6 Dam 7


Abilities 38+ Powers 18+ Advantages 12+ Skills 18+ Defenses 11= 97pp


Prejudice (Parademon)- What more needs to be said here? Even without his Apokolips gear, he's built like a gorilla, only less attractive.

Relationships- Legs Luthor, the Injustice Gang


An anonymous parademon in the hordes of Apokolips, he was abandoned on earth during one of Darkseid's innumerable plans to capture humans to pry the secret of the Anti-Life Equation from their subconscious. After suffering a less than dramatic defeat at the hands of Vixen, he found himself laying forgotten in a ditch. Like a good soldier, he found his way back to his homeworld by persuading Mr. Miracle to send him home. Nearly immediately he was put into another squadron of parademons and dispatched to earth yet again. This time, he didn't even wait for the fight to be determined before he walked away. Trading his parademon uniform with a wino, for his clothes, he took a couple "essential weapons" and vanished into the Suicide Slums of Metropolis.

After a series of embarassing misadventures trying to fit in as a thug with several earth villains, the parademon, who now called himself "Irv" as an homage to a friendly janitor that saved him from starvation, gave up the villain game. Looking for honest employment, he stumbled into the criminal hangout, the Darkside. The owner hired him and once again, Irv found himself working for Darkside. He hit it off with the boss and before long the odd couple were dating.

Darkseid was not finished with him yet though, and he was abducted back to Apokolips, transformed into a raging monster and shipped back to earth to destroy the bar and his girlfriend. After his ramapge was ended, he and his boss, "Legs" Luthor, went to work for her "brother" as the staff of his teams' headquarters. (Injustice Gang #3)

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