Batgirl III's Character Thread (I'm BAAACK)

Please, tell us about your character! This section is custom-made just for your heroes (or villains) to hang out in and strut their stuff.
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Re: Batgirl III's Character Thread (Incredibly Out-of-Date)

Postby JetstreamGW » Thu Dec 15, 2011 9:53 pm

Thorpacolypse wrote:Bump. Where for art though BGIII? 8)

That's a silly question. She's Batgirl III because she wanted to be. ;)

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The Doctor is In

Postby Batgirl III » Sun Oct 07, 2012 12:42 pm

Doctor Marvel
Original Character
Power Level 10 (150pp)
Doctor Marvel #0 (Feb. 2009) wrote:Doctor Marvel: I wear this symbol out or respect to your family, Mary Marvel, but I didn't seek your permission and I don't need your approval. No wizard told me the power of a magic word. No long lost brother shared his strength with me. Through the power of science and the strength of my own mind, I made myself. I summoned the lightning and made it tangible. I can hold it in my hands.
Doctor Marvel: Do you think you can control the power of the Gods?
Doctor Marvel: The power of the Gods? No. Schrödinger. Halley. Archimedes. von Zach. Aristotle. Mendeleev. I have reached higher, only because I stand on the shoulders of giants.

Strength 0 (10, Lifting: 20), Stamina 1 (7), Agility 3, Dexterity 2, Fighting 2 (6), Intellect 4 (Skills: 12), Awareness 2 (10), Presence 2

Ring of Wonder #1 (Array; 35 PP Base) (Flaws: Quirk [Both rings can only activate seperate Effects, -1] Removable [-1 per 5]) [ 27 PP Total ]
Ring of Wonder #2 (Array; 35 PP Base) (Flaws: Quirk [Both rings can only activate seperate Effects, -1] Removable [-1 per 5]) [ 27 PP Total ]

Wisdom of Solomon ( 30 PP)
Comprehend Languages 3 (Speak One at a Time, Understand All, Read All) [6 PP]
Enhanced Advantages 4 (Assessment, Beginner’s Luck, Eidetic Memory, Improvised Tools) [4 PP]
Enhanced Awareness 8 [16 PP]
Enhanced Intellect 8 (Flaw: Limited to Skills) [4 PP]

Strength of Hercules (1 PP)
Enhanced Strength 20 (Partial Flaw: Limited to Lifting [10 ranks]) [30 PP]

Stamina of Atlas (1 PP)
Enhanced Advantage 1 (Great Endurance) [1 PP]
Enhanced Stamina 6 [12 PP]
Immunity 2 (Hunger and Thirst, Need for Sleep; Flaw: Half-Effect) [1 PP]
Impervious Toughness 10 [10 PP]
Protection 6 [6 PP]

Power of Zeus (1 PP)
Blast (Ranged Damage) 8 (Extras: Affects Insubtantial [Half, +1], Area [Line] Indirect 4 [Any Direction], Penetrating, Variable Descriptor [Thunder or Lightning]; Flaws: Activation [Move Action]) [30 PP]

Courage of Achilles (1 PP)
Enhanced Fighting 4 [8 PP]
Enhanced Will 8 [8 PP]
Impervious Will 10 [10 PP]
Enhanced Advantage 6 (Close Attack [2], Fearless, Improved Defense) [6 PP]

Speed of Mercury (1 PP)
Flight 15 (Partial Flaw: Distracting [1 Rank]) [29 PP]
Alternate Power: Ground Speed [1 PP]
• • Enhanced Advantage 8 (Improved Initiative) [8 PP]
• • Quickness 9 [8 PP]
• • Speed 12 [12 PP]

Accurate Attack; Agile Fient; All-Out Attack; Attractive (1); Benefit (Wealth 1); Defensive Roll (2); Equipment (2); Improved Disarm; Improved Grab; Improved Hold; Improved Trip; Interpose; Inventor; Jack-of-all-Trades; Power Attack; Well Informed

Acrobatics 3 (+6); Athletics 2 (+2 / +12); Deception 1 (+3); Expertise [Business] 4 (+8 / +16); Expertise [Law] 4 (+8 / +16); Expertise [Medicine] 7 (+11 / +19); Expertise [Mythology] 6 (+10 / +18); Expertise [Psychiatry] 6 (+10 / +18); Expertise [Science] 8 (+12 / +20); Expertise [Sociology] 6 (+10 / +18); Insight 5 (+15); Investigation 2 (+6 / +14); Perception 5 (+15); Persuasion 2 (+4); Stealth 1 (+4); Technology 6 (+10 / +18); Treatment 5 (+9 / +17); Vehicles 1 (+3)

Dodge (5) Base 2
Fortitude: (4 / 10) Base 3
Parry: (6 / 10) Base 4
Toughness: (1 / 13) Base - (+2 if Defensive Roll Active)
Will: (2 / 10) Base 0

Initiative: +3 / +35
Unarmed: +2 / +8; Close, Damage 0 / 10
Power of Zeus: +2; Ranged, Damage 8

Fame: Doctor Marvel maintains no secret identity and is fairly well-known to the public.
Nemesis: The sociopath sorceress, Black Eve, is a recurring opponent.
Relationships: Doctor Marvel has had some romantic entanglements, but nothing long-lasting as yet.
Responsibility: Doctor Marvel feels a strong sense of responsibility to live up to the example of Captain Marvel and her ideals of the "Heroic Age."

Frank Miller wrote:"The fundament of a superhero is the guy in tights saving innocent people from bad things. It's amazing how infrequently that seems to happen in superhero comics these days."

Real Name: Maureen June Bromfield, D.E.Sc ., Psy.D., D.O.
Occupation: Adventurer (High School Science teacher)
Education: Doctor of Engineering - Gotham University (D.E.Sc.), Doctor of Psychology - Gotham University (Psy.D.) Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.) University of New England
Base of Operations: Gotham City, NJ
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 190 lbs.
Eyes: Green
Hair: Blonde
Race: Human
Identity: Public
Legal Status: Citizen of the United States with no criminal record.

Dr. Maureen Bromfield, better known to her friends and family by her middle name, June, has always been a fan of superheroes. As a kid growing up in Fawcett City, she idolized the local heroes - the Marvel Family. Her parents' bitter divorce when she was ten years old began to shake her childhood faith in heroism, and so did the long and messy custody battle that followed. Custody matters were finally settled the week of her eleventh birthday, with sole custody of June given to her engineer father, who promptly packed up June and her younger brothers (twins Tommy and Jake) and relocated the entire family to Gotham City. Needless to say, Gotham City did not suit June at all. The city was dark, gloomy, and grey; her father spent most of his time at work, and paid little attention to June or her younger brothers. June took it upon herself to replace their mother -- she did most of the cooking, helped the boys with their schoolwork, and kept them entertained for hours by spinning tall tales of the great adventures of the superheroes she so loved: Superman, Wonder Woman, and (of course) Captain Marvel.

Eventually her younger brothers grew up, and so did she. June pursued her interests in science -- possibly chasing after her father -- and her brothers pursued their own interests; enlisting in the Marine Corps -- possibly still chasing the tales of heroes their big sister had told them all their lives. Despite her standoffish relationship with her father, June inheireted his knack for electrical engineering and advanced technology. She did very well in school, and was accepted to many of the best colleges. She eventually earned her firest doctorate ar age 26, and was offered many promising jobs in R&D by Lex Corp, Wayne Tech, and other high tech firms. On her brothers' advice, she turned them all down, hoping to make the workld a better place as a humble high school science teacher.

Tommy and Jake were sent to Iraq, which caused the rift between June and her father to grow ever wider. During one argument with her father, shortly after the twins deployment, her father let slip that he hadn't been working for Wayne Tech at all during their time in gotham, but instead of one of the leading weapons engineers at a small and ultra-secretice branch of Lex Corps. Father and daught would speak again for over a year, not until Jake's funeral in 2007. Father and daughter reconciled on that day - he revealed that he was dying of an inoperable cancer and she told him about her great secret desire, to truly make a difference in the world.

Feeling that things had grown to dark during the year long disappearnce of Superman, Wonder Woman, and even the Batman, in the wake of yet another crisis, and vowing to make a difference in the lives of her students and her city, June returned to Gotham City and with the help of her father created one of the most powerful weapons the world has ever seen: a pair of rings which grant its wearer incredible powers almost rivaling that of the Marvel Family.

Doctor Marvel debuted shortly after the return of Superman, Wonder Woman, and the Batman; She operated throughout the American North East in addition to her native Gotham City. She rarely came into contact with the Batman or his close allies, but her activities were mostly limited to rescue, emergency response, and direct intervention in supervillain crimes -- Doctor Marvel very rarely "patrols" -- and a sort of mutal agreement to stay out of each others way developed between Marvel and the Batman.

Doctor Marvel has been operating as a hero for nearly five years, and has grown into an experienced and confident hero.

:D Hey guys, remember me?

:arrow: Doctor Marvel was a character I originally built under M&M2e rules, both as an initial PL8 and then advanced to PL10. It's been a looong time since I got to play Mutants & Masterminds, but a new game might be starting soon so I have tried to update her for the new rules. I hope I've done okay and would appreciate any feedback you all can give. I used to pride myself on my mastery of the M&M2e rules, but having only played one game of 3e just after it launched -- and barely having a chance to really read the book or follow these forums -- I admit to being way behind the curve.

:idea: The concept is still pretty simple: Ultra-Boy meets Captain Marvel by way of Green Lantern. Each of the two "Rings of Wonder" is an array with seven alternate powers -- each coorsponding to one of the magical traits that Captain Marvel gains from the wizard Shazam -- but Doctor Marvel can only use two powers at a time, one from each ring, and they cannot overlap.
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Re: Batgirl III's Character Thread (I'm BAAACK)

Postby JoshuaDunlow » Sun Oct 07, 2012 12:54 pm

Hey BG!! Welcome Back hun!! And with a Bang it would seem :)

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Re: Batgirl III's Character Thread (I'm BAAACK)

Postby catsi563 » Sun Oct 07, 2012 1:09 pm

=^_^= Hihi, welcome back!
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Re: Batgirl III's Character Thread (I'm BAAACK)

Postby Woodclaw » Sun Oct 07, 2012 1:40 pm

Welcome back, even if I see that you turned to the dark side of building (3E for me).
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Re: Batgirl III's Character Thread (I'm BAAACK)

Postby Thorpacolypse » Sun Oct 07, 2012 7:05 pm

Woodclaw wrote:Welcome back, even if I see that you turned to the dark side of building (3E for me).

In my deepest baritone; "if you only knew the POWER of the Dark side..."

Welcome back BGIII! I didn't see anything off on the Doctor Marvel except for the Speed of Mercury Flight. Distracting Flaw should make the cost 15 pts, not 29, unless I am reading your mechanic wrong.
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Re: Batgirl III's Character Thread (I'm BAAACK)

Postby Earth-Two_Kenn » Sun Oct 07, 2012 8:47 pm

The Flight only has distracting on one rank. Presumably if she's using up to 14 ranks, it's not distracting. If she uses that 15th rank, the flight is distracting.

Greetings, Batgirl.
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Re: Batgirl III's Character Thread (I'm BAAACK)

Postby Batgirl III » Sun Oct 07, 2012 9:28 pm

Earth-Two_Kenn wrote:The Flight only has distracting on one rank. Presumably if she's using up to 14 ranks, it's not distracting. If she uses that 15th rank, the flight is distracting.

Correct, or at least that's the intent. Perhaps my notation was a little unclear, but I pretty much just typed it up the way I would have for my other 300+ builds from back in day: Flight 15 (Partial Flaw: Distracting [1 Rank]) [29 PP].

If I've done my math right, Doctor Marvel can fly at up to 32,000 MPH without any hinderance or can tack on that extra rank for speeds up yo 64,000 MPH at the cost of becoming a lot less manuverable and much easier to hit. Since her basic flight speed is already ~Mach 42, I figured that was fast enough and was perfectly happy with her much lower ground speed (8,000 MPH)... But, I wound up with an extra point to spare. Since I couldn't come up with any other Alternate Effects that made sense (Teleportation or Dimensonal Travel are too magical, Vibrating through objects is the Flash's thing, etc) I just decided to tack on the turbo-charger.

I see a lot of builds of Superman and similar paragons who have both super-speed Flight and super-speed Ground based movement that keep the two values equal or very similar. This never made much sense to me. In the comics, Superman and his peers pretty much always fly when they need to get anywhere fast and very rarely do they make much use of ground-based superspeed. Doctor Marvel's Speed of Mercury is built to reflect that personal bias...
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Re: Batgirl III's Character Thread (I'm BAAACK)

Postby mactavish » Sat Nov 17, 2012 6:34 pm

Welcome back, Batgirl. It's been a while. :)

mactavish out.

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