Secret Wars: DC vs Marvel

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Secret Wars: DC vs Marvel

Post by crashmurdoch » Thu Jun 27, 2013 11:52 am

Hey gang

So I had this fun idea for an event in my campaign, and I need some feedback to fill in the blanks. Feel free to steal it as well. :wink:

Two Entities, One from DC and one from Marvel decide to have a contest. I'm thinking Grandmaster for Marvel Universe, but I'm not sure who to use for DC. There is no world shattering reason for the contest, they just want to see who can come up with the better team from their own Universe.

I should mention that my players each have two characters on two separate teams, one on the east coast (Liberty Prime), and one on the west coast (I'm calling them DC West for the moment).

So both groups will find themselves abducted and forced to fight an equally powered group of villains. Assuming that the PCs come out on top, they will learn that they are to join a larger team that will move onto the main contest. So the heroes team will consist of all the PC characters plus their associated NPC teammates. On the other side will be a team made of Marvel Villains. Beings that they have never encountered before.

If the characters manage to win, I'm contemplating going into a brief Amalgam storyline before finally bringing the players back to reality. (To avoid too much confusion the players will play a couple sessions with each of the teams, trying to set the mixed up Universe right, rather than having the PCs try to Amalgamize their two characters).

So any thoughts on things to add to this?

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Re: Secret Wars: DC vs Marvel

Post by Dr. Mysterion » Fri Jul 05, 2013 8:54 am

I suggest you find yourself a copy of the JLA-Avengers corossover series from a couple or three years back.

IIRC, it involves the Grandmaster, and I think it might provice some useful inspiriation as to tone, etc.

And, besides, it's a pretty good book.
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