Bleach anime inspired campaign

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Bleach anime inspired campaign

Post by ChaiGuy » Thu Feb 13, 2014 11:20 am

Hello everyone, I’m currently working on starting a Mutants and Masterminds 2nd edition game set in the anime Bleach. I suppose that here I’ll look for ways to bring the themes of the anime to life, rather than an extensive discussion about the anime setting. In general I would describe the premise of a Bleach inspired setting would be “good ghosts VS evil ghosts”.

There are plenty of excellent sites for additional information concerning Bleach, but most of them contain images probably protected by copyright so I will chose not to link to them in this thread, also some of them have advertisements that may not be work or child friendly.

A more detailed analysis of this is that there are evil ghosts that in many ways are like vampires, in that their “condition”, if you will, can be spread and that when done so they gain control over their victims. As for these evil ghosts, they generally come about in 3 ways:
1. They are spirits of evil people.
2. They are the spirits of people who have been “eaten” by evil spirits.
3. They are spirits that have stayed to long in the world of the living without “passing on” or going to the Soul Society, the place where souls go.

The good ghost not only fight these evil ghost, but also guide souls to the Soul Society, and maintain the balance of souls between the world of the living and the Soul Society. The balance of souls is important because if it’s not maintained the two worlds will crash into each other and destroy each other.
In addition to all of this there will be another element, in that the good ghosts have human allies, one organization that they will know of and another that they will not. There will be a conflict between the good ghosts and one of these, since this human group uses a method that destroys the soul of the evil soul monsters. The destruction of souls threatens to balance of souls, so it threatens to destroy two worlds. To complicate things, the soul of these humans differs from the souls of other people in that they cannot become evil ghosts, instead they are destroyed when eaten. This means that when an evil ghost attacks one of these humans and a good ghost in not there to intervene then a soul will be destroyed.

The conflict between good souls and evil souls will be simple black and white, which will give a break to more complex moral dilemmas involving the human group. Handling this aspect will probably be rather challenging, I would like the PCs to have a chance to stop a possible war between these factions while still having a chance at failing to prevent it as well.

One of the easiest solutions would be for the good ghost to teach the technique of not destroying souls to the humans. This isn’t as easy as it seems, since it took the good ghost, from what I can tell, about 1000 years to perfect it and it would probably not work for humans. They would need their own method of soul purification that might take just as long to develop and with the rate the human group is growing and destroying souls that’s not permissible. Helping develop this could be a way to diffuse the situation, but it shouldn’t be done with a few good die rolls IMO. Perhaps multiple magical devices would need to be constructed, each requiring quests for rare and exotic materials and research into new magical spells.
Other methods to end the hostilities could be used too, for example since these humans can basically cast spells, maybe they could learn magic that restrains the evil ghosts until the good ghosts can arrive to purify it. There was a group of these people who basically suggested this in the anime. This could also bridge the gap while their soul cleansing technique can be perfected.

One roadblock to a peaceful resolution to the conflict would be humans who have had family and loved ones souls destroyed by evil ghosts having a vengeful attitude, seeing the destruction of evil ghost with an eye for an eye style of justice who might not even use soul purification methods even if they became available.

I’m interest in hearing other ways to highlight this conflict and ways to resolve it mechanically and otherwise. I am also open to all suggestions about making this a better Bleach inspired M&M game.