Bwahahahaha, Let the Mists take them all! Suggesstiosn?

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Bwahahahaha, Let the Mists take them all! Suggesstiosn?

Postby cobalt-blue » Tue Sep 03, 2013 7:27 am

I am currently running a PL 10 Supernatural style game based on the concept that the PC "break the rules". That is each of them got to pick something about their character that breaks the normal rules for the supernatural- The summoner can summon certain creatures without the need of a circle (turns out he's the son of the King of Hell), the enchanter can enchant items with moving parts (he's the son of Maab), the half vampire character's other half is half angel, the water manipulator has no idea about anything from his past from before he signed up at MEPS for a six year stint in the Navy- he got out because he took an arrow to the knee.

Well, they just put a stop to a witch who had murdered the school's headmaster's "tame vampire" because if she couldn't have him nobody could. (Based on Drew from Vampire High and turns out to be the only son of Lilith). However,in doing so the witch managed kill upwards of fifty people, and lead the police on a car chase across three states when she stole a bus full of people. Then they stopped two rampaging "Bigger Foots" (60' tall sasquatches) on national television when the public is supposed to have no idea of things mystical.

So I've decided to let them REALLY break the rules and have the witch's action have attracted the attention of the Dark Powers of the Realm of Dread and give her a domain of her own. The heroes get pulled into it with her along with the reincarnated version of the vampire she slew.

Any suggestions? Comments? Ideas?

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Re: Bwahahahaha, Let the Mists take them all! Suggesstiosn?

Postby Crazyivan777 » Mon Sep 23, 2013 12:25 am

Off the top of my head, if her 'crime' is being visible, put her in an Orwellian nightmare where everything she does is watched, questioned, and scrutinized. Then have the secret police make her friends 'disappear' and (after re-programming) turn on her. If you want to twist the knife, have her best friends rat her out because they were hauled in and 'interrogated' for 'having dealings with the witch'. Only if she bends herself to secrecy (and learns what it -really- is to be hunted) can she make her way out of it.

Alternately (and again, off the top of my head) put her in a world where -something- is a secret everyone knows but her. Not wholly sure where to go with that, but it's an idea.

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