PL 6-7 online street game. (2e or 3e GM choice)

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PL 6-7 online street game. (2e or 3e GM choice)

Postby sdeligar » Tue Feb 05, 2013 10:17 pm

I'm looking for a GM that would be interested in doing a street level game. I'm hoping PL7 but will do 6 or 8 if everyone else pushes for it but no higher at least not at first. Maybe later the GM could introduce a team mentor or something so long as it's not some kind of Justice League I think it would be interesting to see where it could end up.

I already have my character done I just need what pl and system we are using so I can adjust as needed. I do have plenty of books from both systems so I'm open to either though I do lean more toward 2e since I haven't done a 3e game. Also I haven't done an online game in a while so I don't have any programs but I'm willing to use anything that's free and doesn't require voice or video. Maps or anything like that is completely up to the GM. As for times right now I would say that Wednesday is out but that should be about it.

Below is the background for my character Marcus, he doesn't yet have a hero name. Mainly posted him for the potential GM but I figure everyone can use this to get an idea for the type of game, and characters, I have in mind for this. I think that covers about everything I have in mind but feel free to ask questions.

Character Background:

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Jordan grew up knowing he was different and by middle school his families one chance to get out of the slums. At fifteen he was well on his way with two inventions which drew a great deal of attention from two competing companies starting a bidding war for the patent.

Following the sell of his patents what started out as the best day of his life quickly became a nightmare when on the way home from celebrating with his older brother they were jumped by a gang that his brother had refused to join. Jordan would spend his sixteenth birthday in rehab his brother died soon after.

Nearing his seventeenth birthday and again strong enough to live on his own he started the process of moving his family to one of the safest parts of the city and setting up his own apparent travels overseas. Now using the assumed name Marcus ,the name of his younger brother that had died immediately after birth, he soon bought out an abandoned apartment building and remodeled it for his personal use. Using a series of fake businesses he was able to get a contractor to do most of the work but when it reached the point where someone might get suspicious he ended the job claiming the company had gone bankrupt. He then did the rest of the job with the help of his newest invention. With a new workshop and safe house he started making contacts in the community. The most important being distant relationship with the Detective who was forced to stop investigating his brothers death for reasons neither understands, the other includes a large group of local homeless and 'troubled teens' living in the area that he regularly keeps feed and clothed in exchange for information on everything going on in the area. He's also allows his most trusted contacts to set up shelters in the first to floors of the build, using this and the careful camouflage hiding his various improvements the place appears abandoned.

Using his equipment he's recently started hunting down the various gangs in the area. His primary purpose is to find out which gang attacked them and more importantly why. On a few occasions he has gone after other criminals in the area.
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