Michigan GM Seeking Group OR Internet Play

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Michigan GM Seeking Group OR Internet Play

Postby GothicSilencer » Thu Nov 04, 2010 4:41 pm

I've GM'd several (read: 20+) 2e games with live parties, and am looking to either try out DCA/3e or continue the 2e fun (not picky).

We could do it over the internet via Skype, Play-by-Post, AIM/Yahoo/MSN, or what-have-you, but if interested people are (miraculously) somewhere near Ann Arbor/Lansing (I live between the two of them), I prefer live groups.

I have a setting/story in mind (of my own creation), so it wouldn't be DCU, even if we use the DCA books. Standard Super Hero type game (my 2e games have gotten kind of weird, lately, setting/genre wise) with Power Sources more or less open, but I'd like to discuss character creation with individual players before they commit to a particular concept.

If interested, post in the thread and we'll work out a way to contact one another (probably one of the ideas up above) to discuss more.

Also, please add if you'd want to try the 3e rules set as given in DCA, or stick to 2e. I'll make a final decision as to which one I'm using after interested parties make their preferences known.
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