New Port Richey, FL. Players Welcome

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New Port Richey, FL. Players Welcome

Postby xians_waffles » Sun Jul 04, 2010 7:23 am

hello ladies and gentlemen, my name is Christian and i will be your captain for the remainder of this flight. :lol:

anyhoo, i am looking for pretty much anyone that is willing to play or drive out here, i would like more then 4 players then i already have right now. if i could get 2 more that would be awesome. anyhoo the campaign that i am starting out is; the players do not know what powers they have, everyone gives me a list of 5 super hero's or super villains, then based on those people i make a super hero for them... what i'm trying to do is, letting the player discover who they are and what they can do... they can become anyone they wish to be, either hero or villain. the back story is still up to the player but i figured doing it this way won't make everything over powered... anyhoo, if you like my idea, let me know and if you want to play that would be great... my email is
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Re: New Port Richey, FL. Players Welcome

Postby TheSummerEvening » Tue Jul 06, 2010 1:13 pm

Ah, shoo... I'm all the way in Orlando...

It sounds like an interesting idea; I'm of the type that would more give you five "powerset" ideas rather than an existing hero or villain (considering that my last two characters included one who had a sentient teratoma, and the other, whose right hand had a blue flame inside it that could brighten or dim, and move to her chest (it had a tendency to make body parts the light fell on turn invisible), where it could be used to extract katsina dolls with varying effects (the Gadgets power with a wonky descriptor).

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