House Rule: Healing Surges

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House Rule: Healing Surges

Postby grayhame » Wed Mar 28, 2012 10:14 am

Another house rule I'm toying with is importing healing surges from D&D4E into M&M. I realize that this adds an element of bookkeeping otherwise absent from the basic rules, but it may be worth it. I have not playtesting these rules yet, and any feedback is most welcome! Here are the healing surge rules:

Each character gets a number of healing surges equal to his Fortitude rank (minimum of 1). Once per conflict, a character can spend a Recovery action to spend a healing surge. Spending a healing surge removes one damage condition, starting with the most severe condition and working back. After combat, a character can spend as many healing surges as he likes by taking a short rest (1 minute per healing surge spent). Healing surges are replenished after taking an extended rest (8 hours (time rank 12) but limited to one extended rest per 24 hours period).

If a character with no remaining healing surges loses a healing surge, he loses 1 rank of Stamina instead. This will reduce a character's Toughness! When a character recovers his healing surges, he can use them to remove lost Stamina ranks on a 1-to-1 basis.

Using this house rule does away with fatigue conditions. Anything that causes a character to gain a level of fatigue, causes the character to lose a healing surge instead.

Regeneration Revision: Regeneration should cost 3pp per rank. Characters with Regeneration can add their Regeneration rank to the number of healing surges they have. In addition, a character with Regeneration can use the Recovery action a number of additional times per conflict equal to their Regeneration rank. A character with Regeneration 5 can take a Recovery action as a move action rather than a standard action (although still only once per turn), but gets no defense bonus when doing so. A character with Regeneration 10 or higher can take a Recovery action as a free action (still limited to once per turn), but gets no defense bonus when doing so.

Healing Revision: Each damage condition removed requires the target to spend a healing surge. If a target has no remaining healing surges, the character doing the healing can spend his own healing surges to remove the target's damage conditions. A character cannot use healing to recover healing surges.

Extra Effort Revision: Once per conflict, a character can spend a healing surge to use extra effort. If a character wants to try and use extra effort an additional time during the conflict, he must first make a DC 10 Will check. Success means he can spend a healing surge and use extra effort. Failure means he cannot, but may retry on his next turn. The DC of the Will check increases by +5 for each successful use of extra effort in the conflict. At any time during his turn, a character can spend a hero point to use extra effort without spending a healing surge. A character with no healing surges remaining cannot use extra effort, except by spending a hero point.

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