Charicter Builder Permission

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Charicter Builder Permission

Postby quu » Wed Jun 11, 2008 1:22 pm

I am working on a character builder for M&M, mainly for my own gaming group. It is about 40% done, work being my largest block. For some reason, they expect me to actually... work. I tried the spreadsheet that is hosted on the yahoo group, and while I acknowledge that it is a very well written spread sheet, I wanted more.

The app is written with GWT (I am a java dev), and right now uses a rather simple web back end for storage and authentications (hard coded user accounts). I am waiting for GWT 1.5 before I spend to much polish on things, but it is functional. I wanted to make the back end integrate into my phpBB2 for user authentication and stuff, but I will deal with that after the UI is done.

Anyway, does anybody know if there is any license restrictions if I felt like releasing the character builder? It is not a stand alone program, but a web app. It is meant to be integrated into a forum for a GM to discuss and keep track of things. And right now it is still in the baby stages.

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