I need Silver-Ageish Cold War Soviet Villain Names

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Re: I need Silver-Ageish Cold War Soviet Villain Names

Post by Sn4tcH » Wed Jun 02, 2010 9:52 am

In my campaign I'm making I'm creating Super-Powered KGB team. This thread has been very helpful. Anyway, we have a Powerhouse character called:

The Cossack.

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Re: I need Silver-Ageish Cold War Soviet Villain Names

Post by Doug McCrae » Fri Jun 04, 2010 11:22 am

There was a player in my last campaign whose PC was a former Soviet superhero from the 80s. He came up with the team he used to be in, the Collective -

Crimson Hammer
Red Sickle
Iron Curtain
People's Will - a mentalist
Russian Bear

My Silver Age Soviets included -
Red Lightning
Comrade Bloom - was to plants, what Marvel's Red Ghost was to apes

And from the modern period -
Alkonost (a mythical Russian bird)
The Gymnast
Katyusha (WW2 rocket system)
Sirin (Russian banshee)
Rarog (Slavic hawk/fire dwarf who turns into a whirlwind! Is that a superhero or what?)
Lady Midday (Slavic noonday heat demon)
Vodianik (water sprite)
Bogatyr (Russian knight)
Farkhad the Mason (Uzbekistan legend)
Golden Bowman

Other names I had in my notes but didn't use -
Chessman, Volga, Mink, Tunguska, T-34, Turbine, Domovoi, Mora (dream spirit), Ovinnik (threshing spirit), Zduhac (hero spirit), Tamerlane, Vostok (rocket)

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Re: I need Silver-Ageish Cold War Soviet Villain Names

Post by TedLeBeau » Tue Jun 08, 2010 9:40 am

Rusalka i think are ghosts from russian myth... intangible character?
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Re: I need Silver-Ageish Cold War Soviet Villain Names

Post by Bladewind » Thu Jun 10, 2010 7:41 pm

DC had a villain from World War II in Firestorm... Stalnoivolk. Steel Wolf (You got me if ít's an actial translation or a made up word.)

Firestorm also introduced the Russian Teen Heroes "Soyuz." They were:

Firebird - Serafina Arkadin (also referred to as Arkadina) is the team's leader. Serafina is a powerful telepath and a minor telekinetic. She can communicate mentally with others, and place hypnotic suggestions, scramble sensory information, or even alter their memories. She also has demonstrated eidetic memory. Her codename comes the Russian myth of the Firebird.
Morozko - Igor Medviedenko is a cryokinetic, who can mentally create bitter cold by absorbing environmental heat. Named after a Russian ice demon named Morozko.
Perun - Ilya Trepilov Perun is an electrokinetic, who can mentally control electricity, he can draw it into himself and then release it at will, but he is incapable of internally generating electricity. His codename comes from the Russian thunder god Perun.
Rusalka - Mashenka Medviedenko is a hydrokinetic, who can mentally control environmental water or the water present in her own body. It was more difficult for her to manipulate frozen water and snow. A rusalka is a type of water nymph from Slavic folklore.
Vikhor - Feodor Piotrovich Sorin is a gravitakinetic and aerokinetic, who appears to rotate air around his lower body rapidly while reducing his specific gravity. Thus he can create a whirlwind and float in the center of it. His codename comes from a mythical demonic spirit named the dukh-vikhor.[1]

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Re: I need Silver-Ageish Cold War Soviet Villain Names

Post by WanderingNephilim » Mon Jun 21, 2010 12:27 pm

If I overlooked this one and it's already been mentioned, I'm sorry.

Marxman - soviet archer

In my next game, I'm using a retired Marxman as a mentor to the new heroes my player's are going to create.
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Re: I need Silver-Ageish Cold War Soviet Villain Names

Post by danelsan » Wed Jul 21, 2010 5:04 pm

- Crimson Cosmonaut: Cosmonaut that received power in a space exploration accident
- Scarlet Scorpion: soldier participating in a cyborg experiment (including cybernetic scorpion tail)
- Kodiak: Savage brick
- Red Czar: Powerful mind controller
- Siberian: Cold Control Powers
- Vodka: capable of intoxicating opponents
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Re: I need Silver-Ageish Cold War Soviet Villain Names

Post by Bombaatu » Wed Aug 04, 2010 10:03 am

From the Freedom Force computer game: Nuclear Winter! (oh-ooohhh-oh!) "Get them, my chilly minions!"