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Postby CJ » Sat Feb 28, 2004 9:15 am

The Black Book is in my thread actually, now a part of the Chaotic Continuum Im making :D The basic gist is that he's a former CIA manipulator with the callsign "Shadow Soldier" who was the biggest factor in preventing alien shapeshifters from taking over all seats of government power in the Doppleganger Wars, a series of secret events that happened during the 80's. After these secret Wars were over, the FBI, CIA, and other agencies all had massive reorganizations, and sometime during that restructuring Shadow Soldier was either cut loose or left. But he is still playing the game, influencing america in the direction he wants by impersonating high ranking officials and top agents in the CIA masterfully when it's required, contacting agents under the auspices of being there control, and recruiting a few likeminded types, including not a few jaded and cynical Cold Warriors, to his side. At this point in time he has changed his callsign from Shadow Soldier, to the Black Book.

I dont have a fully fleshed idea for Rowdy Raider yet, but my idea is a Texan and airforce pilot, the proud son of a army helicopter pilot who fought in the 'nam. This son of a soldier never had much aspirations other than becoming just like his father, and fighting in a war. Despite meeting the bare mininum intellet requirements (academics never a strong point for him), his excellent reflexes and commitment helped him go far. When the first war on Iraq occured under the presidency of George Bush senior, he knew he was destined to fight in it. However, thanks to an incident where he broke an officer's nose with an angry movement of his arm, he spent Desert Storm cleaning the base's toilets and floors.
When his time in the airforce was up, he packed his bags and left, bitter and seething over what had happened. It was at a dinky little diner, drinking a milkshake while his blood boiled over the injustice done to him, and the disgrace he would be for never fighting in a war like his father, that he saw a mutt outside, in the rain. One second it was just the shaggy dog getting soaked, staring at him, the next there was a man there, for a few seconds, a man in all black. Then he was gone again.
Things like this kept happening to him, until one morning (one oclock in the morning, to be precise) someone busted the door and came into his trashed apartment, himself drunk and near passed out on the couch. The man didnt say a word, but from under that black fedora he showed for the breifest moments one pulsating green eye, and suddenly this dishelved former pilot knew everything that this man was about. In a few seconds of mental comprehension of unspoken words, transcribed in his mind, he shook the man's gloved hand, and sealed the deal.
After that day he was able to fly again, but not in any airforce jet, he was his own WMD, a human fighter-jet. And he could finally go to war- not flying in the service of the US government, but for the good of America as he saw it.
The Rowdy Raider is a one trick pony, a airborn opponent with superstrength that either engages in "dogfights" or just sonicbooms or throws things at the ground until "the enemy" has been devestated. He has no desire to do anything more creative with his powers, and his superstrength only works when he is off the ground. He spends most of his villainous career attacking "unamerican" groups and targets in a foolish attempt to recreate his father's experiences in Vietnam.
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Postby Padre » Sat Feb 28, 2004 9:44 am

Very Nice CJ! I especially liked Rowdy Raider.

And thanks ShadowPavement. I only really like battlesuit characters if I can come up with something unique for them. Otherwise, I tend to stray from them as well.
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Postby ShadowPavement » Sun Feb 29, 2004 6:28 am

You're quite welcome Padre :-)

Nice work CJ, These two will definately be making an appearance in my game at some point.
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Postby SheliakBob » Sun Feb 29, 2004 5:45 pm

Well. Fairly new here and all that. But this thread looked just too fun to pass up!
If no one minds, I'd like to call dibs on:

Kommander Kranium
Platinum Blonde

Kommander Kranium is awfully close to an old V&V character of mine, Dr. Cranium, so the temptation is too much to pass up. Thinking about an Atomic Brain tie in.
Wizzzard has GOT to be a character combining Super-Speed and Sorcery (both expensive powers so probably not at enormously high levels)--I see a purple body suit with stars and crescents on it.
Platinum Blond: I'm looking at one of those "Medusa" type characters with prehensile hair--only in this case it's made of metal.

Be back as soon as the stating is done!

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Postby Padre » Sun Feb 29, 2004 7:13 pm

Go for it SheliakBob. This is, at least in my opinion, a very fun thread. Have fun with those characters and we look forward to seeing them in all their glory.

I have Dew Drop all stated out, but I don't know if I'll be able to get her up in the next couple days or not (a little busy), but I'll start working on Don Juan Valdez, the Coffee Achiever tonight or tommorrow.
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Postby Padre » Wed Mar 03, 2004 9:06 am

Dew Drop

At the age of 20, Penelope Harlin was on her way to becoming one of the premeire gymnists in the world. She was attending college through a full ride scholarship based on her ability and she even had a bid to try out for the upcoming Olympic Team. Things could not have seemed to be going more right for her.

When the time came for her Olympic debut, she amazed both those who had never heard of her before and those who had diligently followed her every footstep. There was no doubt in anyone's mind that Penelope would win the gold medal. And she did.

Before she boarded her plane home, she called her parents to tell them when she would be arriving at the airport. She would never make it.

As the plane was heading over the country of Greenland, they hit a rough patch of turbluence. The plane shook violently as the pilots struggled to keep it on coarse. All thrity people on that small private jet were praying to the god(s) of their various beliefs for a safe passage home. But in the end, it would make no difference.

It was either a bird or a chunk of ice, no one will ever know for sure, but something flew into one of the engines, effectively destroying it. Seconds later, the engine stationed just inches away, started to give out. The oil pressure had become too much, it was only a matter of time before it burst.

The pilots, knowing what they had to do, informed the passengers that they would have to make an immediate crash landing. As they made their decent, the pilots sent out a frantic SOS to anyone who could hear them.

Due to the severe storm, it came out nothing more than a few jumbled words and static came through to anyone.

Needless to say, it was a bumpy landing. When Penelope came to her senses, she looked around. Despite her blurred vision from a concussion, it appeared that the plane was stranded somewhere on an artic basin. Everyone appeared to be alright, suffering from only minor injuries. The only casulty being the electrical components of the plane.

There they were, stranded in the middle of no where with no means of reaching anyone. The temperature was well below freezing and the gusting winds made travel all but impossible. A signal flare was shot into the air, but aside from that, all they could do was sit and wait.

And wait they did.

As the second day was drawing to a close, it was becoming more and more appearant that help would never arise.

Some hysterical screaming took erupted from a couple of the other females on board, but something inside Penelope made her stay strong. That hope inside her would not die.

It was the middle of the third day when things took a turn for the worst. Everyone was getting hungry. No one had eaten anything since before the flight took off. People started talking about options, about what little choice they had given the current circumstances. After a long and heated discussion, IT was decided by the majority. To survive, they would have to turn to cannibalism. The one with the short straw would be killed and eaten.

The first round came. The loser turned out to be a young lady name Honey Woods. She was approximately the same age as Penelope. In fact, Penelope and Honey had become somewhat of friends during their stint on the Olympic Team.

Obviously Honey had her objections. But the hungry majority took matters into their own hand. Within minutes, Honey was dead and in the process of being "served."

Penelope ran to the far side of the plane, crying for the loss of her friend.

But as she sat there crying, her eyes kept making their way to all that food. Finally, under duress, she caved in and joined in the feast.

Over the next couple of days, Penelope found it was easier and easier to do what she was doing. Her survival mode kicked in.

However, with all things based on luck, it was only a matter of time until her's ran out. Seven days after she took a bite out of Honey, she drew the short straw.

As the hungry crowd closed in on Penelope, panic kicked in. Not wanting to have the same fate as her friends before her, she ran into the barren winter wasteland perferring to freeze to death rather than be carved up like a filet.

And so she ran. The freezing wind and snow could not keep her from trugging on. For she knew that if she went back, it would be certain death for her. At least here she had a slight chance for survival.

After what seemed like an eternity of running, Penelope dropped to her knees, exhausted, and waiting for death to arrive. As she laid in the snow, staring up at the sky, she saw a shooting star. "A shooting star," she exclaimed, "Time to make a wish!" Knowing her time was near, Penelope wished that she be spared by any means possible.

While someone did answer her calls, it was not her god like she had hoped for. Instead it was an soul caught in limbo. It offered her survival in exchange for use of her body to extract its revenge on those who took its life. A deal was made.

And so, the souls of both Penelope and this ghost fused into one. Both losing exactly half of what there were before. Half of their memories, half of their abilities, half of their skills--all gone. But Penelope also gained much more. It turns out this soul belonged to a superhero who had been framed by his arch-nemisis and sentenced to death. Being wrongfully executed, sentenced his soul to limbo until his death was justified. She also gained his powers. While it took "them" a while to learn how to correctly manipulate his powers again, they have regained complete control over them and use them to hunt down the villain who responsible for his death.

Knowing that they could not go into battle without a proper name, Penelope decided on the name Dew Drop after the small dew drops that form under her feet as she walks. While this tortured soul (he can't remember his name) doesn't particularly care for the name, he realizes he is stuck inside a woman's body and can't exactly have a masiculine name. Oh well.

Dew Drop PL 12

STR 10
DEX 16
CON 13
INT 12
WIS 14
CHA 15

Damage +1
Fortitude +1
Reflex +3
Will +2

Defense 22 / 19
BDB +9

BAB +10
melee +10
ranged +13

Initiative +3
Hero Points 6
Speed 30ft.

Acrobatics +8
Balance +8

Darkvision, Immunity (Cold), Point Blank Shot, Power Immunity, Precise Shot, Rapid Shot, Talented (Acrobatics & Balance)

Energy Field (Cold) [Extra: Area Flaw:Permanent 3pp] +1
Energy Control (Cold) [Extra: Energy Blast, Slow, Triggered (Slow Triggered by EB), Fatigue, Triggered (Fatigue Triggered by EB) 7pp] +12
Freezing Touch [Effect:Disentigration Extra: Continuous, Disruption Flaw: Range (Touch), Full Effect 2pp] +8
Amazing Save (Damage) [1pp] +9

Susceptible (Items of faith)--being part tortured soul and all
Vulnerable (Mystical powers)
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Postby ShadowPavement » Fri Mar 12, 2004 8:08 am

Here is a new one RAILGUN

Rodger Gunn spent his entire youth fascinated by trains. He grew up near the rail yards watching trains pull in and out every day and fell asleep to the sounds of locomotives every night.

Once he was in highschool he managed to get a summer job working on the passenger trains as a porter and janator so he could be around the one thing he loved the most.

Un fortunately he had to leave his little piece of heven when he graduated and went off to college for civil and transportation engenering. He was studying to help make the rail system better than it had ever had been before, but was dissapointed to find out that the rail sustem was slowly drindeling with the increased use of air and sea freight.

Once leaving college he bairly managed to get a job working at a run down set of train yards in a depressed area of the city. He would spend long hours doing hard and unapreciated work on the train engins and cars, but he didn’t care. He was doing what he loved and was happy where he was.

One day while working late by himself Rodger stumbled across a group of several men offloading crates from some traincars in a little used section of the yards. The smugglers were using he beloved trains to transport experimental weaponry accross state lines.

The smugglers chased Rodger down and, in a pulp villan mood, tied him to the train tracks.

Struggling for his life, as an engine closed in on where he was tied, Rodger managed to free his hands, but wasn’t quick enough to free his legs before they were run over and severed.

He was found the next morning nearly dead from blood loss, but managed to pull through once being taken to the hospital by his co-workers.

The owner of the yards, a wealthy industrialst quickly wishing to get rid of any speculation of his involvment with the smugglers paid for all of Rodgers medical bills and offered the chance for some experimental cybertechnological surgery to replace Rodgers legs.

While brooding over his bad luck in the hospital recovering from his accident and surgery Rodger decided that something needed to be done so that others wouldn’t suffer from the weapons that were smuggled from (what he considdered to be) his train yards.

Using his engenering knowledge, the materials available at the train yards, and the money given to him by the yards owner he managed to construct himself a battle suit of armor that would protect him as he fights against the arms dealers who use his trains for evil. He disigned the suit to integrate directly with his spinal cord through the interface provided for his new cybernetic legs so that the suit is an extension of his own body.

Rodger now patrols the train yards and industrial compexes as Railgun.


Real Name: Rodger Gunn
Gender: male
Age: 28
Height: 5'9"
Hair: brown
Eyes: hazel

PL: 10
HP: 5

STR 14 +2
DEX 14 +2
CON 12 +1
INT 18 +4
WIS 16 +3
CHA 10 0

DMG +3
REF +2

BASE SPD 45/90/180

DEF 21


Computers* [5/1]
Craft-armor [5/1]
Knowledge-trains [5/1]
Science-enginering [5/1]

Toughness (+2 to damage saves)
Headquarters (base of operations)
Dodge (+1 def, or +2 def to one opponent)
Point Blank Shot (+1 to hit/dmg ranged attacks in 30 ft)
Precise Shot (no penalty attacking targets in melee )
Move-By Attack (move before & after attack)

Armor (1/level) [+10]
Extra - Super strength (+3/lev)
Extra - Flight (+1/lev)
Extra - Energy Blast (+1/lev)
Stunt - Dual Damage
Stunt - Durability
Stunt - Radio Hearing
Stunt - Darkvision

Running [+3] (cybernetic legs)

abilities [24]
base att [24]
base def [16]
skills [4]
feats [12]
powers [70]
weakness [0]
total [150]
unspent [0][/b]
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Postby Padre » Fri Mar 12, 2004 5:40 pm

Pretty cool shadow!

I have Don Juan Valdez, The Coffee Achiever and his small private super army all stated out, I just have been extremelly swamped with work lately I havn't gotten around to completely fleshing out all of their backgrounds. But at last, its the weekend, so hopefully I can get it done soon.
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Postby ShadowPavement » Sun Mar 14, 2004 10:41 am

Yay for the weekend. I've been thinking about putting in a proposal to the powers that be to increase the week to 8 days long that way we can always have 3 day weekend :-P
Some people would complain if you hanged them with a brand new rope.

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Postby CJ » Sun Mar 14, 2004 10:59 am

The Disabler and Super-Collapse

Dr.Dismantler was an evil genius minding his own bussiness. He had a nice one story home with a built on lab (came at a real bargain price too), a teenage daughter, and a pet golden retreiver. It was a shame that the girl wasnt as simple as the retreiver.
It wasnt that he wasnt a good father, it was just that he was a much better evil scientist. Whenever he was messing up in life he could just go to his lab and spend countless hours in there. He didnt need to ever worry about anything else when his wife was still alive. She was great- beautifull, smart (smarter than he would admit she was), and self relient. When their daughter was younger she would take care of her while he spent his weeks perfecting his current deathmachine. However, with her gone, traggically (she ran off with one of those hero types...), it was up to him to try to make more time for his daughter. And of course she hated him for it with all the angst of a teenage girl.
Dissafected from lack of attention, consumed by spitefull feelings for her ineffectual failing villain father, it shouldnt of been any suprise when the teenage girl stole her father's custom Dismantle-Gun, brought along their pet golden retreiver (who was long ago given custom cybernetic modifications by her father when he was worried about his daughter's safety) and went out into the world. Dubbing herself The Disabler, and the herculean canine Super-Collapse, they became an infamous duo, especially against technological heroes. Disabler will usually not expect her foes to actually attack her (a vulnerable seeming teenage girl) and will then zap their devices and weapons, turning them to useless junk temporarily. Thats when she sicks the dog on them.
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Postby Padre » Tue Mar 16, 2004 8:00 am

Don Juan Valdez, The Coffee Achiever

Don Valdez was a young lad growing up in the country of Columbia. His charisma was unheard of; it was almost as if he had an invisible aura surrounding him in which affected just about any living thing.

When puberty hit, Don Valdez became the stud of his town. Every girl from the age of 12 to 27 stared at him as if he was nothing more than a piece of meat for their pleasure. And they often treated him as such—despite his above average intelligence.

But that mattered little to Don Valdez. He loved the ladies. He even nicked himself, “Don Juan Valdez, The Lady Slayer” for his ability to wrap women around his fingers.

Things couldn’t have seemed to be any better for Don Valdez, until one day he was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Kidnapping, for the purposes of ransom, is a vastly common occurrence in Columbia, and Don Valdez fell victim to it. He was snatched from a street corner while on his way to meet the one woman who he would always love—his mother.

Unfortunately, Don Valdez’s family was not able to pay the ransom. Don’s fate was sealed. As the zero hour approached, Don grew desperate.

When his captives came to take him away, Don fought back. With a couple of swift kicks to the groin, Don incapacitated the guard and ran off into the night.

Minutes later he was caught and beat.

He was then taken to boss in charge of the hired thugs, the Don of a large cocaine ring. As Don Valdez lay bleeding and exhausted on the floor, the guards reported what had happened.

Fortunately for Don Valdez, his fighting attitude and charisma spared him is life. The drug lord saw something in this boy that was worth saving.

He took Don Valdez in and showed him a life he could only of dreamed about—money, power, beautiful women—they were literally at his fingertips. Completely awed by what laid before him, Don Valdez followed in these footsteps.

Over the years, Don Juan Valdez became one of the most powerful drug lords in the entire western hemisphere—and both he and the United States government knew it.

Days before he was to be apprehended in a “surprise raid” that was to take place. He was tipped off by one of his informants in the DEA. He simply disappeared.

For the next couple of years no one had heard from or seen Don Juan Valdez. Then four years, to the day, of his disappearance he was spotted in various Eastern European countries, once again up to his drug trade, this time with a new product.

Being a wise drug lord, Don Juan Valdez used his time laying low and perfecting a new drug—Magic Coffee. The ingredients of Magic Coffee are unknown, but the effects are not. Magic Coffee has the capability to greatly increase the user’s physical abilities to an astronomical degree, but then is often followed by severe fatigue when it wears off. It is slipped into coffee and is most often used when the consumer wishes to be taken to the next level in a short amount of time. Very popular among ravers.

Unfortunately for law enforcement, another discovery of Valdez’s is super-powered bodyguards. Don Juan Valdez now surrounds himself with a group of hired thugs he calls 5Forces, who do his bidding, often without question (because the payout is so great).

Using 5Forces to their utmost potential, anyone who simply looks at Don Juan Valdez wrong is likely to get an unpleasant visit from one, if not all, of them. Stats for 5Forces, see Padre's Cadre in the Roll Call Thread.

Don Juan Valdez, The Coffee Achiever PL 9

STR 10
DEX 10
CON 14
INT 13
WIS 15
CHA 18

Damage +2
Fortitude +2
Reflex +0
Will +3

Defense 15 / 15
BDB +5

BAB +3
Melee +3
Ranged +3

Initiative +0
Villain Points 9
Speed 30 ft.

Bluff +18
Diplomacy +20
Gather Information +15
Innuendo +15
Intimidate +20
Profession (Drug Lord) +6
Sense Motive +6

Above The Law, Assessment, Attractive, Connected, Evaluate, Infamy, Leadership, Minions (Loyalty—25), Tainted Network, Villain’s Luck (x4)

Super-Charisma [Extra: Super-Skill (Intimidate) 3pp] +6
Magic Coffee [Effect: Super-Speed Extra: Affect Others, Fatigue, Triggered (Fatigue activated when Super-Speed equals 0) Flaws: Limited (Super-Speed does not give a bonus to routine tasks), Degrades, Restricted (Requires a Villain Point to create), Device 5pp] +7

Gadgets [1pp] +8

Quirk (Fanatically Vindictive)—If Don Juan Valdez feels that he has been dishonored in any way, shape, or form, he will stop at absolutely nothing to make sure those who offended are taken care of. Of course he will never get his hands dirty himself.

I think I'll give Man O' Man a shot next.
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Postby tallyrand » Sat Mar 27, 2004 5:58 pm

At the request of a friend, I submit :

Hepatitis Bee

And for myself:

Holy Moley!
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Postby CJ » Wed Mar 31, 2004 9:03 am

Considered a joke by the entire supers community, Barrel Boy is a "proffesional sidekick" who contracts out to heroes and teams that need a boy blunder to say things like "gee whiz!" and to get in trouble. An ordinary teenager, Barrel boy's only "power" is the wooden barrel that he wears around himself as part of his coustume. Amazingly it has never been broken, though it proves to just be ordinary wood, and he often is pushed/knocked down/trips and ends up rolling into mooks and henchmen, providing a distraction for the real heroes to get bussiness done. He is currently looking for new work after a single adventure with the Liberty Folks, a team of elderly golden age superheroes, that ended up with him (temporarily) becoming imbued with the power of Thor. Besides looking for another job to pay the rent, he would severely like to get that power back, and would jump at the chance to work on a team with a god or powerfull mystic that could maybe be exploited to accomplish this.
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As an intoduction, here are some names that I humbly submit.

Postby El Humidor » Wed Mar 31, 2004 12:43 pm

Yakkity Yak
Captain Canepe
The Iron Lungfish
The Amish Avenger
The Quantum Loop Garou

And, though I know it is horrible to mention:
The Autistic Four
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Postby Mitchell » Wed Mar 31, 2004 1:19 pm

Holy Moley!

I might try this one.

One day, the Freedom Leauge was fighting with the Mole People, when Lady Liberty got lost in the tunnels. In the tunnels, she found a bunch of Mole People, who were all dead, attacked by some strange creature. The only survivor was a single child.

Of course, Lady Liberty adopted it. She brought it to the freedom league headquarters, and they all tried to raise it. (See Freedom League: #47, (# of people in Freedom Leauge) and a baby.)

After Dr. Sin attacked, and the baby was nearly killed, but luckily saved by a pulse-pounding game of "Toss the baby", Lady Liberty gave it too a church, sad to see him go.

The baby grew up, and trained to become a priest later in life. During his teen years, he discovered that he possessed some unique abilities, such as a powerful claw strike, and the ability to dig at high speed. In addition he had an enchanced constitution, Darkvision, and enchanced hearing, and other senses.

He became a SuperHero, Holey Moley, defender of the Innocent. His Unshakable Faith is matched only by his fighitng abilities. Oh, and he can strike you underground...

Powers: Super-Constitution, Natural Weapon, Darkvision, Ultra-Hearing, Super-Senses, and a special power. Digging, which is Teleport, with a flaw, and Strike added to it, with Trigger, Teleport Through A person. (He can teleport AND make an attack at the same time.)
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