How to stat this ?

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How to stat this ?

Postby Dingo » Thu Jul 16, 2009 1:59 am

In a freeform superhero game I'm playing in, I am trying to stat one of the storyteller characters.

She's the McGuffin in that she's powerful enough to unleash her power with the equivalent of a small nuclear explosion.

Besides that her powers are like Telekinesis, however, they are also in a way minions that perform their created tasks ( and based on her subconscious can also do things she 'doesn't' want).

In effect she 'summons' her hoverboard (for flight), then more 'telekinetic construct minions' for any other task.

But the most important thing is they don't always 'exactly' do what she wants.

Anyone any idea how to stat powers like that ?

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