House rules?

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House rules?

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Don't get me wrong, I love Mutants & Masterminds, but I'm never perfectly satisfied with any system and M&M is no different. I've seen a few common complaints among my players having tackled the new system and made some changes accordingly. The two most popular are:
-Skill costs: Non-combat skills (Close/Ranged Combat skills take the place of the Attack Specialization feats from 2E) now cost 1/3 of a pp instead of 1/2, which, while not an exact or calculated figure, makes high-skill characters much more viable.
-2E Impervious: of all the problems balancing high-toughness characters with high-defense characters 2E had, this was the least egregious of them. I returned it to its old way of functioning, including points cost. 1-for-1, ignore anything with a damage rank lower than your impervious ranks, which can't be higher than your toughness bonus.

What about you guys? Any interesting/effective/important house rules you've come up with?

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Re: House rules?

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Re: House rules?

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Here's the ones I'm so far considering if I ever run a game in the future. Some of them aren't because I think the system needs them but exist because I'm more comfortable when they're in play.

Attack and Defense
Attack and Defense (referred to as Dodge) become 1pp/rank traits. There is no division into Close and Ranged.

Fighting is no longer used.
Dodge is based off Agility. Attack is based off Dexterity.

Slowed: Halve speed ranks (round down), to a minimum reduction of -1 to speed rank. Replaces Hindered (because I keep renaming it "Hampered".)
Fatigued: -1 speed rank and attack/skill checks, cannot run or charge.
Prone: Also includes a -2 ranged penalty.
Vulnerable: -5 rather than half.

Confidence Boost: Make a Confidence (Presence + ranks in Drive feat) check against DC 10 + 5 per previous check this adventure. Success allows emulate Heroic Feat, Instant Counter, Recover functions of a Hero Point.

Toughness bonus: May be bought directly.

Freeform: "Skills" are bought as descriptor-less ratings at a cost of 1pp/2 ranks. Players assign descriptors to these ratings denoting any kind of training such as professions, studies, styles, etc. Whenever a skill check is required players may add the rating of any one skill to the roll if they can come up with a reasonable reason the skill grants them an advantage. (The individual skill uses in the Skills chapter still determine how tests and DCs work.)

Defensive Roll: Not used.
Luck: Also allows Edit Scene.
Languages: I don't bother with languages.
New Feat: Drive: You gain +1 per rank on Confidence Boost checks.

"Limited to Vision" is a Quirk rather than a full -1 pp/rank Flaw. However limiting to a certain specific type of vision (such as Infravision) may be allowed at full.
Blending adapts at 1/2 or -1 speed rank whichever is higher.
Environment (Impede Movement): 1pp/rank version reduces speed by half ranks or -1 whichever is higher. 2pp/rank version reduces speed by 1/4 rank or -2.
Flight is now rank - 2.
Growth and Shrinking without modifiers may be taken as Features, up to two ranks of size change per rank of Feature.
You do not need to take Immunity (aging) to represent immunity to normal aging.
Take Immunity 20 (biologic effects) rather than Immunity 30 (Fortitude) + No Stamina to represent being non-living.
Any being that can self-control cannot have Immunity (Will).
Morph rank 1 starts with "narrow group" and goes up from there.
Environmental Adaptation goes back to being 1 pp/rank.
You can raise the DC on the Attack extra separate from the power's rank.
Impervious now works as follows: your Impervious + 10 is the lowest total result you can get on any Toughness check.
Perception range is not allowed on any effect with a descriptor of originating from the character unless they are also Sense-Dependent. (i.e. "Psychic blast": no, "strobe laser": yes, "fortunate accident happens to enemy": yes.)
Affects Insubstantial rank 1 can EITHER cause 1/2 effect OR affect only rank 1 and 2 Insubstantial at full.