Skills on average?

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Re: Skills on average?

Postby Jhyarelle » Sun Apr 06, 2014 5:40 pm

I take the Ability Benchmark chart on pg 55 in PHB to consideration when I face this problem. So INT 0 is average human score and all skills at Rank 0 is average. I consider even putting 1 CP divided to two skills would make an INT 0 PC have "Above Average" experience with the skills they put points into.

Joe Shmoe PL X
Intelligence 0: average human
Fight 0: average human

1 CP = 2 SP

1 Rank Expertise (Drawing) at INT 0 Joe is consider an above average artist as he put the time to draw well
1 Rank Close Combat (Unarmed) "..." cause he got tired of getting mugged

I take it this way, your Ability (up to PL) is a measure of what you can do naturally or enhanced by powers you're blessed/cursed with and your Skills are the things you invest in either to improve you existing abilities because they're lacking or want to go over you natural/supernatural limit.

Agility 7: top human ("you're the best... around"")

3 Ranks Acrobatics (+10 [you just cracked moderate superhuman]): you put more time in you agility that you can perform acrobatic feats that make Olympic gymnasts look twice.

This why I don't worry about skills much. Your ability and skill together shows what you're capable of hence its the bonus to your d20 roll. See last example.

Agility 7 + 3 Ranks Acrobatics = Acrobatics +10 (before the d20 roll)

1) This PC can practically do any DC 10-11 Agility based check with out even rolling the d20, as even on a nat 1 they beat DC 10.
2) Acrobatics +10 is what the PC is capable of and the roll of the d20 is just a test to see how far this PC can go if they push their limits give the situation.

I don't know if this helps but this make me see skills to abilities in perspective.
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