Edge case: Healing and Deflect

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Edge case: Healing and Deflect

Post by Spectrum » Tue Jan 14, 2014 5:18 pm

I ran across an odd edge case between two of the stranger powers in my Gameroom game today. Hopefully, I made a good call on it, but I'm curious about a more 'right' call.

Scenario: A rather sneaky villain (Krug) has one of the heroes in close and tight, expecting to use his new 'friend' as a meat shield. My party is pretty heavy on aoe attacks, so Meatshieldboy (Vermithrax) would be caught on them. Further, to do some extra evil, my badguy was going to use Deflect to turn all attacks against Meatshieldboy, hopefully breaking morale. However, one of my players was very sneaky and power stunted for a touch healing check instead. This broke my little GM brain.

My call and thinking:
p 95 wrote:Close: The effect can target anyone or anything you touch. Touching an unwilling subject requires an unarmed attack check against the subject’s Parry.
p. 111, under Healing wrote:Ranged: Ranged Healing requires an attack check to “touch” the subject with the Healing effect. The GM may waive the check for a willing subject holding completely still, but the subject is defenseless that round, making it an unwise decision in the midst of combat.
Extrapolating, in a combat scene- particularly one as close and frantic as between Krug and Vermithrax, a touch attack, to make sure that you're hitting the right one and long enough, would require a to hit roll. That is, unless Vermithrax wants to be defenseless. :twisted:

Taking it to the next step..

(I had Krug make an insight check to see if it was a trap)

Krug is taking an action to deflect:
p. 105 wrote:You can actively defend for characters other than yourself, deflecting or diverting attacks against them at a distance, and may be able to more effectively defend yourself, depending on your rank....Redirect: You can redirect attacks you successfully deflect at any target within the attack’s normal range, as Reflect, above.
and Krug ended up reflecting it into himself.
Is that anywhere near correct?


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Re: Edge case: Healing and Deflect

Post by Laughingcrow » Wed Jan 15, 2014 3:40 am

1) Healing

Healing requires no Close Attack check unless the target isn't willing (see page 95). Verm was alerted to the incoming heal through the empathic link the clutch shares, so could choose to accept the heal. This wouldn't make her defenseless against other attacks.

The line about ranged healing requiring a ranged attack check is because this is necessary if you don't also add Perception, which means that you go from not needing an attack roll to needing one suddenly.

If you rule that combat requires an attack check for healing, that would be a house rule. This also makes healing significantly more dangerous and fault-prone, so it's a campaign changer.

2) Deflect

Deflect substitutes itself for your Active Defenses. If Krug uses Deflect he needs Reflect and Redirect to be able to direct an attack from anyone in close range to anyone in close range - as long as he uses the Defend action on his turn for himself.

If he uses it on another character, that character gains his Deflect bonus instead. If Krug did this, he'd also give Verm an immense (if PL capped) bonus to Dodge and Parry to all other attacks, unless he had Selective.

3) Add together

So if he had deflected attacks from Verm (Defending her) and he had Reflect and Redirect extras, and Healing requires an Attack roll, then he would get to deflect the healing off and possibly redirect it onto himself.

Also keep in mind that when he would do this (so all of the above is true) he'd also need an attack roll:
Redirect: You can redirect attacks you successfully deflect at any target within the attack’s normal range, as Reflect, above. You must have the Reflect extra to take this one. +1 cost per rank.
To reflect the attack on himself, he in addition to all of the above needs to roll a successful Close Attack check on himself (as the attack's normal range is Close). He could of course opt, just like Verm would for my healing, to allow himself to be hit by this (so whatever ruling for Healing goes both ways here).

Do get the result you want to achieve, you could simply give Krug the Interpose advantage (allows you to put yourself in harm's way of an attack) even though that normally works only for allies. Or, you could make some form of Selective Deflect Attack out of it, although that would prove a bit wonky.