Some recent Green Ronin announcements you may have missed

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Some recent Green Ronin announcements you may have missed

Post by Nikchick » Tue Dec 03, 2013 6:31 pm

If you head straight over here to the forums and bypass the Green Ronin front page you may have missed some of our recent announcements. Since some of these announcements include limited time offers, I'm making this a sticky topic and linking a few things here:

Green Ronin Gift Cards!
We are pleased to now be able to offer gift cards in our Green Ronin Online Store! This is a brand-new feature in the store platform we use, and it works a bit differently than, say, giant online retailers named after South American rivers. Here's the scoop:
1) You don't know what your friend / grandpa / daughter / boss already has, but you know they like our stuff. Hey, how about a gift card!
2) Go to the Green Ronin Online Store and get them a gift card. You can pick from $10, $25, $50, $75, and $100 denominations.
3) Check out. Once all the bookkeeping is out of the way, the store will present you with a nice gift card image with the magic code. You can email it to your friend from there, or print it out. You will also receive an email with a link to the gift card.
4) Once your friend / grandpa / daughter / boss gets the code in their email inbox, or when you hand it to them, or when they find it under a tree or in a sock, they can come shop in our online store and use the code on the Payment page during checkout.

Shopify tells us they're working on more gift card features, like the ability to enter a different email address than yours as a "shipping" address.

Green Ronin Online Store: Wishlists
Do you know what you'd like from our Green Ronin Online Store, but would rather receive it as a gift? Are you worried Grandma might get overwhelmed sifting through Mutants & Masterminds PDFs to find the one you asked for? Or do you have your eye on something we sell but would rather add it to a list to remember once you are armed with holiday doubloons? We have now added a Wishlist feature to our online store!

On any product page in our store you can click the Add to Wishlist button, and then you can share the direct link to your wishlist with anyone you like. You can even wish for one of our t-shirts in just your size, or for a Green Ronin Gift Card--just pick a size or denomination before you click "Add to wishlist."

Other great gift ideas:
The DC Adventures Bundle (All four print books for $125: Save $54.80!)
The 100 Best Books (Available in print, PDF, epub, and mobi!)
Walk the Plank Card Game ($9.95, regularly $14.95!)
May all your wishes come true!

Free / Discounted Shipping!
For the month of December 2013, we've got some shipping deals for you.

For orders shipping to United States addresses, you can enter the code 2013FreeShipping during checkout to reduce your shipping costs to $0.00! If you're shipping outside of the U.S., we've reduced our default shipping amount for orders weighing 20 pounds or less to just $12 from $20.

Thank you for your support, and we hope you have a terrific rest of the year, full of fun and games.
Nicole Lindroos
Green Ronin Publishing